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Rebuilding constitutional law; power to the people!

      The critical factor, when demanding “WE THE PEOPLE, ARE OWNERS HERE”, IS: you must know what the constitution itself says. Otherwise, you are simply representatives of an overthrow in government yourselves.  The constitution is government, just like the religious books are “government” in every religion that has ever been: because otherwise, there will never be a sustainable agreement, that this is what we represent. Written words, can survive time/ and declare a purpose that is “fundamentally and functionally human”!
      So in order to propagate a need for actions in defense of our union, there must be an opportunity to understand what that union is!  The preamble again, begins this journey; to resurrect “OUR government/ rather than accept,  employee insurrection.”         NO, you cannot, and you are not: “government”.  The constitution is.
      “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.”
      Therefrom democracy is stated as “we the people”/ of the united states adds in: an agreement formed by facts.  Those facts are: many people died, and sacrificed their own lives, families, and future/ because the failure to govern yourselves always ends in tragedy.  Or more simply: NONE can be trusted with our lives, rather we must all participate in governing ourselves.  “We control the employees by oath (bad things can happen to you too)”.
      “In order to form a more perfect union” solidifies the purpose here;  and it means, even though not perfect, we, the original citizens of this USA have added in the fact that changes will be made.  But not without true and significant cause.  Even so, the primary cause of this democracy is, as its preamble states: to become a society that lives well, in peace and harmony.  Later:   through freedom, justice, and equality are added in the amendments.
      To, “establish justice”: clearly means to construct the means, and establish the forums by which disputes in both civil and criminal content can become FAIR TO ALL.  The primary means for that is to remove the power of judges/ by adding in a jury to OVERSEE the judge and the courtroom.  Thereby proving “this is in fact, the society and the individual freedoms:   by its law, and its enforcement”;   that we the inheritors of that responsibility take as a duty to ourselves and our nation.  It is NOT a job, to do whatever the judge says.  It is a duty to ensure regardless of frivolous content, and the failure of rules: to honor both the public which fights, and the military which fights: TO BUILD and not let be destroyed;   OUR HOME.  As a nation, a state, a house, nature/ planet/ or a world.  These things are NEVER a game.
      To, “insure domestic tranquillity” IS: TO IDENTIFY AND SUPPORT, WHAT IS FAIR!   It is not more complex: what is fair to all/ is justice transported from a courtroom into humanity, society, and even world itself.  FAIR means, “without cause or responsibility, to do better/ because this is the best we could do”; with realistic acceptance of the facts that exist.  Fair means: that my punishment CANNOT be an example to make the rest fear.  Fair means: that my punishment CANNOT be deliberately more severe on one portion of society or its individuals than any other segment or portion of society.  A case in point is established by trial: wherein the very same monetary amount for a poor man (cast in the street), as a rich man (who gives a damn)/ is in fact cruel and unusual punishment to and against the poor.  A percentage of income (as is fair), is necessary. 
      To, “provide for the common defense” IS; to insure and create an absolute proven opportunity in court, and through media thereby every individual receives “their constitutional,  guaranteed legal rights”.  Proven in court by me: this has been discarded with the trash/ by refusal to acknowledge constitutional law through the judiciary.  They merely pass by all constitutional law, without a word, calling such actions or legal demands for constitutional law “frivolous, or other irrelevant rules and methods deliberately created and used to avoid the constitution itself.  In direct rebellion against the people of this UNITED STATES.  A reality clearly instituted, and established by the US supreme court: because they do directly and intentionally,  enforce that action of their inferiors. To deny the constitution itself, as both law and government.  To refuse we the people as owners, who do have certain rights: among them, first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  A legal demand instilled in the constitution for control over our employees; by investigation of the facts surrounding their sworn to us, “oath”.
      To, “promote the general welfare” IS: TO INSURE, NOTHING TRULY BAD, will happen to our lives, our state or nation, our world, our nature, our future; and even our planet.  As that would be anarchy against this democracy itself. Bringing chaos to nature.  Trying to ignite a fire “just like on the sun” HERE.  Destroying every resource.  Raping and ravaging the children’s future.  Playing god, with food, water, and oxygen.  Changing the climate.  Even destroying the money with counterfeiting;   are just some of the realities the criminal conspiracy conceived by “university knows”.  A rampaging religious cult (you can’t question them, and we won’t: proven true) not even for this entire world!  Establishes a horror of leadership, that cannot stand. 
      To, “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,” REQUIRES: that there must be world peace through law, and its enforcement as we the people of this world: DO DEMAND THIS, of our leaders.  Consequently only the leaders are involved in this/ and only the leaders (& the truly powerful) shall be tried in court.  By this method ALL the weapons of mass destruction shall be removed.  To secure liberty then means: by our decision, we build the future we deserve for ourselves.  Establishing by vote, “the law” which governs our lives; as a society bound together by OUR OWN, constitutional agreement. 
      To, “ordain” means: to sanctify, this is our purpose, this is our methods and ways, constructing our means;   to establish this constitution as our government.  There is no other, not here, not ever: as is democracy created for life first.
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