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Rebuilding 3; US constitution article 2

      Electing a president, REQUIRES that no group shall hold power over this process.  Which deliberately means: no media source of any type or kind shall be allowed to sway or influence a vote of the people, by the people, or for the people.  Which deliberately means: no group of powerful people shall be allowed to sway or influence in any way or means: ANYTHING to do with the electoral process of a president.  Which means: NO appreciable money or influence shall be allowed to participate in the election of a president/ by any person or even group.  Rather the entire process SHALL be written (so nobody gets to play), by the people who desire the job/ wherein they answer the questions of the day/ Identify what is or is not true, regarding realities that must be addressed/ point directly to what can and cannot be done so as to address the future/ swear to uphold the constitution by creating their own understanding of that document: and functionally do so on their own.  Having established their own truth, only then are those “who call themselves the press”/ are allowed to process and participate with that knowledge, in the election process.  As is needed by most people: there shall be public spending through taxation for “meeting the public” as they provide, and decide to hear a particular candidate, in person.  The place seeking an audience with that candidate, shall also pay all costs in bringing him or her to their own venue. They shall not pay the candidate, or like matters. The candidates who survive the process; shall return to their desks, to answer any and all realistic questions or comments people present; every 3 months, or as needed;  until the election results are in. Every candidate does this at the same time: so as to give equal opportunities for a fair, justified, and real answer from each one.
      We no longer need electors, the popular vote is enough.  All concepts of an electorate to vote for the people are disbanded forever.
      A sworn oath to obey and enforce the constitution, for this nation, shall be enforced.
      Section 2; commander in chief
       Presented for the purpose of overriding military authority, by the replacement of a president through election;  thereby “military chief”.  This reality DOES NOT extend to waging war with this nation/ as that is not the job of a president or a military chief.  President is the defender of our democracy/ not its weapon, its armor: “our constitution, as is the government itself, shall decide war”.  Section 2; does not deal with war/ only, the generals shall not hold “top authority” over the military of this nation.
      It is given to the president to nominate those who serve with him, as a cabinet.  But also the members of the US supreme court. UNLIKE the desecration of the office of supreme court judge as is consistent with this day/ the office of any judge throughout the land: IS NOT, nor was it ever intended to be “a lifetime job”.  That is not in the best interest of the nation/ nor is it consistent with any other part of this constitution.  Rather every judicial position is subject to time limits, and then a successor.
      Section 3;   information regarding the state of the union is sacred/ and lies must never be included.  That would mean: no debts shall be incurred that cannot be paid.  NO COUNTERFEITING BY INFLATION shall be hidden from public view: OR ANY other deceit allowed.  Lest that president be imprisoned, and stripped of all honor and position.
      Section 4.   The failure to uphold your oath of office, to uphold and protect the constitution itself as our government: is treason.
      Article 3;    The judiciary
      section 1;       Quote, …”the judges of both the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices during GOOD BEHAVIOR…..”  There is no allowance for bad behavior/ and there is no mandate that they shall not be subjected to term or health limits.  RATHER what is “good for the nation” rules their lives; and remembers their oath: NEVER to discard or remove the constitution itself, from a courtroom.  As has been done today, and does establish both anarchy (the intent to destroy democracy) & treason, the refusal to obey the constitution, & with open rebellion against first amendment redress of grievances/ A CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, GUARANTEED TO THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES: they have betrayed the nation itself.  These things are punishable by the people themselves.
      Section 2;   the constitution is the law of this land, and in no case, nor under any circumstance shall that constitution be abandoned/ removed/ blockaded from the court/ marginaliased by rules/ changed without permission of the nation through vote/ or in any consideration of the facts called a democracy removed from its position as “the government” of this United States.  Rather the guarantees of our constitution shall be honored; therein every guarantee, every possibility identified by our constitution is a DUTY within the court, and shall be held accountable; to every judicial officer.
      Section 3;    Waging war against the US, by adhering to the enemy of our nation, as is treason.  What is war?  The answer is: ANYTHING whose reality of composition states, “IF THIS GOES WRONG/ THEN WE ALL SUFFER OR DIE”.  Constructs a terrorist act!  That means hidden within the university, and other labs directed by a university diploma: THERE ARE many threats today, that can destroy all of nature, life, and even planet:    Which the traitors, who have invaded our employment for the nation aid and abet; by giving them our resources/ our money/ our labor/ and hide their facts by destroying the free press, wherefrom we might know the facts.  Instead of constant “cult worship, of an insane religious mass; whose only god is delusion/ fantasy/ greed/ power/ pride/ corruption/ thievery/ lies/ cheating/ chaos/ hate, and all that democracy itself DOES NOT stand for.  This is an insurgency against us; and it constructs rebellion (they decide/ we have no say/ no rights/ NO informed consent/ nor anything that democracy actually guarantees): our leaders killed it! To be tyrants, in the highest levels of employment, performing acts of sabotage against the nation itself.
      HIDING the guilty from investigation to find the truth;  through redress of grievances.  Enemies of our nation, refusing:  Our legal right to question and judge our employees: thereby enforcing and creating the authority, WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE!
      Article 4; 
        We are free, and must be treated fairly.  Simple and plain.  The invasion of corruption (keep the constitution out of court/ DO NOT provide the guaranteed rights of this democracy):  is treason.  The invasion of conspiracy (keep the people blind, deaf, mute, and dumb; regarding redress of grievances; so as to keep the powerful in charge):  is treason. The invasion of collusion (let the free press be destroyed; giving control over all mass communication, to a very tiny few): is treason.  Each of these acts a deliberate invasion of our ability to govern or protect ourselves.  Each of these acts a rebellion against democracy itself.  Each of these acts a true domestic violence, particularly since a primary objective is to insure nobody knows what has happened: AS TRUTH/  to their own money, or their own government.  Democracy destroyed.
      Article 5 the people shall hold the ultimate power of amending the constitution/ as it is their government alone.  Therefore they shall vote on constitutional change.
      Article 6
      Constitutional law states:   All debts contracted   SHALL BE PAID. That is the law.  Therefore bankruptcy, nor inflation are legal options of the congress, president or any other official.  Not even the people themselves.  To return to that law:   reality must use redress of grievances to identify the truth/ and then assessments shall follow by which we confiscate all pensions etc of these public officials who spent the money.  Confiscate all counterfeit money from those who participating in the games by which OUR MONEY was stolen/  and then  divide whatsoever is left, as fairly as possible.  
      Verifying this cannot happen again: REQUIRES, that the US currency amount shall in fact be tied to the population census.  REQUIRES that no property can be sold without public consent that is owned by the nation/ particularly not to foreign individuals or states.  REQUIRES that no debts or credits shall be created with foreign partners, beyond the amount we the people specify for ourselves.  REQUIRES limited capitalism (no more billionaires/ no more workers in    Poverty)  to govern the money supply so that every person has an opportunity to participate in a fair and legitimate “we the people are equal”/ right to gain what they can; decide what they can; and do what they can for themselves. So that wealth can be created/ but power over many cannot!
      The extreme failure of leaders, whose abject cult worship of the religion called evolution; has proven to be more than a disgrace.  This religion contrary to constitutional decree has taken over the public; by invading their educational process/ removing free choice/ and overtaking with propaganda methods their communications.  Each of these represent treason, and a deliberate intent to deny religious freedoms to the rest. Leaders:  Punishable by imprisonment, for destroying a constitutional guarantee.
      Amendment one: guarantees no religion shall be established in government.  These leaders failed, establishing not only evolution by which they then created and supported acts of terrorism.  These leaders also established: “the university CANNOT be questioned”/ making them functionally a religion in and of themselves.  Because it is only a cult leader, that cannot be questioned.  It is a cult leader, that identifies and creates: HORRENDOUS ACTS against humanity itself; as does university experimentation which threatens our entire world, and every future life that could be conceived.  They are TERRORISTS, and supporters of terrorism, in direct defiance of law and country, and even world.  Bringing to this nation their DISGRACE.
      The freedom of speech does not extend to hate: a deliberate decision NOT to care about life or anything else of value. It does however fully accept anger, as a legitimate demand: WE MUST FIX THIS!
      Freedom of the press CANNOT BE SUSTAINED/ unless it belongs to everybody participates.  Therefore NO combined ownership in any form of media by law, can be allowed.  EACH location/ EACH form of media is separate, and shall never be combined: WE OWN THE AIR FOR BROADCASTING.  We own the internet, and it shall remain open/ for all but hate.  We own the right to communicate with us, as a duty to ourselves: NONE shall destroy it. Rather taxation shall arise to warrant and participate in: DO SOMETHING OF VALUE for us, and we will see you can present it, & get paid.
      Redress of grievances ARE: the most powerful words ever written.  Because they give to we the people, A LEGAL LAW, to identify and create the means to investigate/ examine/ and judge our employees for the job they did or did not do.  As we the people deem it fit and necessary to do. The petition is simple: create our courtroom for ourselves, so that we may judge you properly by our constitutional law, and your oath.  As is our right, as owners of this nation: the people who employ you, and whose future you have influenced!
      Amendment 2
      Guns or other forms of weapons, DO establish a defense against the takeover of our government by individuals who might then use our army, or any other means against us.  Weapons stop genocide/ because they insure: “we won’t be the only ones to die”.  Thereby protection for the nation/ by protection against our leaders, who fail us. A reality that never fully goes away.
       However, in terms of living in society itself: the tragedy of a gun is, “I need not care/ or even be greatly involved or upset: because this is easy”.  None of which is helpful or desirable to a nation.  The middle ground is: you may hold a gun/ but you must commit to non-lethal bullets, which will control a situation (that HURTS) that gets out of hand: but not kill innocent victims.  IT IS enough, for all but war. Caches of bullets for war/ even weapons, can be established: make your own rules.  Remembering, whatever can be used by you/ can also be used against you.
      Amendment 3
      You CANNOT take over my property, just because it is convenient, taxable, or desirable to you. That includes not letting people stay in my property without my permission: rent free/ if they must, society pays. That includes not letting people take over my property, for their demand to create “a store” or like personal investment or even job:  find your own elsewhere.  That includes not creating a tax that steals my property (within limits defined by the public), because there is no way I can pay; even though my work created what you now want.  That is stealing. What must be done for the public benefit/ CANNOT be less than obviously necessary.  Such as, it is functionally true:  the road must go here; a public park is clearly needed; and so on.  More simply:  FAIR determines reality, for all.
      Amendment 4
      Tyranny shall not be allowed, the evidence must support the action or reaction. What is fair and deliberate for justice rules, for the sake of life and democracy.
      Amendment 5
      There must be order, balance, and discipline applied to every situation, wherein justice takes a stand: and reality deserves an answer. 
       Foundations that exceed a reality of “serious or severe devastation, or casualties ”, such as terrorism and weapons of mass destruction or experimentation that threatens life or planet: shall be accounted differently.  Where being WRONG is not an option for the masses, or for the future;  stronger measures are warranted.   
      Amendment 6
      The right of trial CANNOT under any circumstances be refused in cases of liberty, freedom, or rights within the law or outside the boundaries we have applied to ourselves. The right to seek an impartial jury, “as best we can”/ is fundamental to the foundations of democracy: POWER shall not be left in the hands of an official.  There must be oversight of the judge, and the process: which is the purpose and duty of a jury.
      Amendment 7
      The right of trial to determine what is fair and what is justice in this  society.  SHALL be determined by a jury when asked: because we all live with the results.  That process SHALL NOT give power over the jury to a judge/ he or she sits, “to insure the trial is fair”.  Rather that process shall give EQUAL rights and responsibilities, over the judge to the jury.  That jury SHALL HEAR, and then decide: what the punishment shall be, within limits set by the law.  That jury shall adhere to boundaries in rewards, that only the public itself can set.  Therein every case shall be categorized to establish not more than “ten options” for the jury to consider.  They shall identify why, their choice was made:  should appeals be considered.
      Amendment 8
      Wherein the crime is violence, aided by cruelty, and a decision constructing hate:   there will be immediate trial to determine if hate is indeed evident here.  Because unlike anger, hate seeks to destroy society itself, in one form or another, by fear.  Hate will not be released/ anger can find bail, if justified, and proven to have abated, as is necessary for release.
      Amendment 9
      Freedom is a precious thing/ as is liberty.  Freedom to do, whatever an individual desires; so long as the rest are not substantially affected: MUST BE protected.  Liberty to determine as a society, what we deem to be “too far, as the boundaries & limits on freedom” should very carefully be considered.  Because rules make rulers, and democracy is about removing every ruler, and their rules:  so we can rule over ourselves. It is fundamentally in error, to create any rule, that is absolutely:  not necessary.  Keep it in mind, or be unhappy as a society/ because there are always a few, who want rules for everything, and then try to take over government; an insurrection in and of itself.
      Amendment 10
      The constitution is our government!  If, it is found to be insufficient in some area, not fully established for the sake and values of this people.  Then it is up to the people to decide whatever it is, that must be changed.  Democracy is not a tyrant (it doesn’t own, or decide  everything): we the people are its owners.
      Amendment 11
      This amendment is edited to include: that the people shall indeed have a right of trial, to bring any official into the courtroom; and thereby conduct a valid and real investigation of whatsoever affects a great proportion of the people themselves.  By examining the facts, and proving the truth, particularly as to how this will affect our future, or realities in this world/ or what happens when this goes wrong.  We defend ourselves from tyrants, failures, and fools.  There shall be a separate courtroom.  There shall be warranted compulsion to testify: based upon the reality of “cost to life”. There shall be life first/ as well as nation first:  as determined by vote among public participation.   Without approval for this purpose, by vote: it lacks substance.  But it will be put on the ballot, or held by special convention defined by the need. There shall be changes to the law, where constitutional rights or guidelines are found “not kept”.  We the people, is not free.
      Amendment 12
      shall be dissolved/ as will the electorate: no longer needed.  We the people shall now carry the entire responsibility of electing our officials.
      Amendment 13
      Slavery exists today, as is consistent with many aspects of this society.  Therefore changes must be made, which includes: limited capitalism (no one is allowed to make more than “________” per year.  No one working full time as decreed by society, receives less than “_________” for their work), so as to justify and contain any excessive wealth or property ownership!  So as to remove extreme poverty and a failure to be fair.  Therefrom, opening the door “to OUR, middle class” once again. 
      Inflation, nor excessive debts, which approximate or prove bankruptcy are against the law.  We the people own the right to control our money: demanding duty, and discipline;   shall be maintained.
      Amendment 14
      Justice is not a game.  Citizenship shall not be taken lightly, nor examined for “your acceptance or judgment”; it is, what it is. A jury is sacred (they must fight for society, by carefully understanding the consequences of their actions or reactions: before they make a mistake for life or nation), and must never be considered :  “A toy for the judge to manipulate”.
      Section 2; electors are banned/ thereby removed.
      Section 3; you cannot be an enemy, and accept or run for office/ there will be punishments to you.  An enemy extends to:  someone who deliberately seeks office for the singular purpose of creating a pension or other type of reward for themselves or their group: making the rest their slaves. If you hold office, and are influenced or rewarded by the vote being taken:   you must recuse yourself from the vote, or it will not count. And you will be removed from office, or punished accordingly. NO office, shall be used for personal gain.
      Section 4; shall be discarded, and questioning the debt shall be a deliberate act, identifying whosoever believes we the people of this state, nation, county, etc MUST BE “their slave”.  It shall not be so.  Neither shall any debt exceed the ability of the debtor to pay its bill.  That could not be more true, than for the nation itself/ or a state/ or any other organization of government: that assumes an authority to enslave WE THE PEOPLE.  That authority does not exist.  Rather as the preamble states: ALL NECESSARY ACTIONS AND REACTIONS SHALL BE ACCEPTED AS DEMOCRACY ENFORCED, to secure the people, to provide securities for their children, and to secure state and nation against itself, by not creating entanglements:   WHICH ARE THE CAUSE of rebellion by the people.  Therefore these acts against democracy by stealing with debts that cannot be paid: constitute an act of war/ by those who inflict the damage;  therein applied to the rest, as YOU, ARE THE SLAVE.  We choose, its called freedom from tyranny. No one chooses debt for the children: PAY FOR YOURSELVES/ you did it, you took it:   you pay for it!  No exceptions.
      Amendment 15
      The right to vote on the issues themselves/ the laws, and rules that are enforced upon us: SHALL NOT be delegated to: “someone who will  vote for me”.  Critical changes for, or to life:  shall be given to public vote/ or they shall not be; until an informed consent can exist. Only then after a true public vote to proceed, can such things as:  “extreme experimentation/ genetic mutilation/ military expansion/ laws/ environmental damage/ resource devastation…….etc”,  begin!
      Amendment 16
      Altered to read: the congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes: for very specific purposes.  Which shall not extend to other areas of need.  A gas tax for instance; CANNOT be used for anything other than roads.  You will categorize the tax, and identify clearly what it is used for.  The public may then establish which categories they are paying tax to support.  You will honor their request/ any failed category, shall not be funded beyond what they provide.  That shall include the salaries of the officials hired for government purposes: we are the owners, either do your job correctly/ or you will not be paid. We the people, shall hold the reigns for new debt, or any like assertion/ YOU do not.
      Amendment 17
      there shall be term limits. No exceptions, 6 years and not again.
      Amendment 18
      Freedom is sacred, do not overstep the boundaries we have laid.  Do not induce or create extreme penalties upon those who are in fact; simply pushing the boundaries or limits of a rule. Every punishment, must be fair; remembering other break rules too/ INCLUDING the court, and its judiciary.  Which means: a financial burden as punishment CANNOT create extreme consequences for one who is poor/ while virtually no punishment for another who is rich.  FAIR, AND JUSTIFIED, AND EQUAL TO ALL; or it is not justice..
      Amendment 19
      Women are equal in life and society, let it never be questioned.
      Amendment 20
      There are limits and boundaries for every official
      Amendment 21
      Whenever the righteous are allowed, to make their rules, the cost to society is high.  Even when freedom is less than desirable: life is short, you need proof that is fundamental or overwhelming to say,  “I can’t”.
      Section 2; the liberty to determine “not here” is also functionally democracy in action.  Which means:   boundaries and limits to freedom by assertions of the public can be defined.  Zoning is one such example.
      Amendment 22
      Term limits applied to the single highest office in this nation/ SHALL BE applied to every office which must be elected throughout this nation.  The law exists, and will be enforced. If the people shall not decide for a president more than twice, by this law.  Then the officials of government SHALL NOT be allowed to run more than twice, throughout the nation itself.  That is fundamental democracy, so that none achieve power or tyranny over our lives.  That functional tyranny includes:   USING THIS NATIONS RESOURCE, to take your own personal joy rides/ by spending our money, for what is clearly NOT national business or true interests.  This is merely “the emperor takes whatever he or she wants”/ and it is illegal. You have no right; there are limits.
      Amendment 23
      is discarded; as the entire electoral college, and its purpose;  is dissolved.
      Amendment 24
      You do have a right to vote, like all others:  which cannot be taken away: so long as you prove to be a citizen.
      Amendment 25
      Democracy is a demand, not simply a right: of the people of this USA.  It shall not be abandoned or destroyed.
      Amendment 26
      The young do have a responsibility to themselves!  That awareness increases dramatically, when there is no longer an electoral college interfering in democracy itself.
      Amendment 27
      WE DETERMINE THE PAY SCALE, and all benefits or lack thereof:   for those who are our employees.  If you don’t like the pay/ then don’t ask for the job.  Fail to do your job properly, and we will return your pay to the government vault.
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