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People time; the reality of change/ NO, you cannot just have whatever you want anymore.

      As is true in Britain today/ expected in America and elsewhere, is true everywhere: “demanding your country back” from an influx of humanity that is overwhelming; is not going to happen. OVER-POPULATION, can not be combated with want! It is a human crisis, that balances on extinction for us all. What you want is absolutely irrelevant/ what we must do as a world, is all that matters IF somehow, at this late date, we could still potentially survive ourselves. It is no guarantee.  “And, everybody runs away to hide”/ as the fire consumes their house”.
      Alas, there is no place to hide anywhere on earth/ that you can expect to survive: humanity is everywhere/ leaving no place for the life we eat, to grow and survive: so that we can survive. Everything is being torn down: by those who complain “why can’t we all have everything we want”!  The answer is: our world, is no longer big enough; the very planet is in crisis.  From climate change/ food chain collapse/ water shortage/ oceans in jeopardy/ and a thousand other major consequences of the human waste: that is a “university knows” dilemma.  Or more simply “the leaders”: do their very best, through media and other methods: to insure all the rest of humanity remains BLIND/ DEAF/ DUMB/ MUTE/ STUPID/ SELFISH/ AND FOOLISH; with regard to every threat that will make us extinct.  They want us dead, believing they will escape/ but they kill themselves as well, can’t see the abyss even though they made it happen.
      So lets talk about change/ since you have already changed the world, and absolutely won’t accept the reality: until exterminated. The consequence of changing a world is: “a new world”/ or a dead world, because you aren’t god, and you cannot keep this planet alive as you are.  Does not everything point to crisis?  Does not everything point to HELL, coming very soon?  Indeed it does!
      Men brought us here, with one simple assertion: “I CAN take whatever I want/ unless you can stop me”.  Which then became WE CAN take whatever we want, by creating leaders, and then armies/ UNLESS you can stop us.  That is the (majority) man’s way for life on earth; thousands of years cannot be wrong. Its how they ruled, as tyrants create war (to remove the overload of people).  
      Today however is “majority, university knows” is leader: where pomp (we are god)/ pride (only we are experts)/ fantasy (nothing can stop us)/ failure (nothing is sacred)/ power (counterfeit the world)/ manipulation (propagate “nature is nothing”)/ control (corrupt government)/ temptation (bribe them all)/ alteration (destroy democracy)/ selfishness (let the children die)/ lust (fuck everything, even “same sex”)/ tragedy (we don’t need respect)/ disgrace (use and abuse life)/ horror (create chaos)/ betrayal (destroy peace)/ mutilation (destroy life)/ terrorism (destroy the planet itself)/ and utter stupidity (can’t believe they aren’t gods) without any sense at all (even a worm knows better); have grown what was male ego (stupidity at all costs), into what is soon to be complete chaos (no chance to survive, or rebuild: death walking)!   
      So then what are we the people suppose to do?  The answer is above:   STOP THE INSANE, from completing their destruction!  STOP THE UNIVERSITY from completing their intent to bring CHAOS!  STOP, THE MEN from believing war is an answer (kill a billion people/ STILL 7 billion more to go; and growing at over 110,000,000 more individual human mouths to feed EVERY SINGLE YEAR).  Which means population control is everything simply to survive.  Which means the end of extreme experimentation is ABSOLUTELY necessary.  Which means: NO MORE COUNTERFEITING/ because that is where the university gets its power; along with extreme disrespect for life/ therefrom terrorists.  Which means: DEAL WITH YOUR REALITY, by its truth today; or tomorrow does not exist.  It is that simple.
      In case you missed it, there will be more than another one billion more people to feed on this earth, in the next ten years. As with the current group, or last billion: for the first ten years, they don’t need a lot/ but they grow/ want a job, need resources, must have water and air and space.  Fantasy says “great” we will build them all houses, etc.  But alas, this earth spins at over one thousand miles per hours at the equator/ don’t notice it, because the atmosphere travels with us.  Primarily because trees keep that atmosphere connected to the planet itself.  So in another ten years, when there are no more forest left/ all the habitat is gone, therefore all the creatures dependent upon it are extinct.  Nothing will be left, but war!  “I know” go worship your gods at university knows; after all, they brought you here, with never a single concern for life, or a future:   and its too late to go back.  “Hell-makers”; ain’t that so?
      Fight for your world, make decisions for life first. Or the most merciful thing that can happen to us: is they do ignite atomic fire; and end our misery in a hurry.  Of course, that can happen on any given day, and at any time until that possibility ends one way or the other.
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