march to apocalypse

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CHANGE, the march to an Apocalypse/ or the blood runs high.

      The rabble rousing, and deliberate incendiary language of media news reporting to create a mob; for their own purposes of power, by using that mob, and those who choose hate to create a story they then can sell.  IS A CRIMINAL ACT.  There is no allowance for hate speech/ nor is their an acceptable cause, for creating a national outcry, from what is clearly an individual, and local tragedy.  Those things belong in a courtroom, and it is the courtroom that determines if this should be participating as a national outcry: that something must be done.  This is not justice/ means the court failed, rather than an individual police officer/ or citizen, alone!  Court failure is:   “Where justice is not clearly proven true; WITH respect for the situation, and the reality of guns;  bring death, or mutilation, for either side”.  The need for change MUST BE ADDRESSED by the court, and throughout society: for solutions.  Until we the people perceive this has been changed sufficiently to try again.
      This is Friday, July 8, 2016;   police officers shot!  Primary cause: media inciting the fringe element, which is “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH”/ and refuse this construction of “their justice”.  By making this act, “my justice”.  People dead, without a cause; all because the inciters, with intent to create a mob/ have control over mass communications. Media actually doesn’t care what happens, good or bad: so long as you make a conversation they can sell.  “The puppeteers”, live to make you listen to them.  Even so, it is fear and hate and foreboding that combine together to remove peace.
      So lets talk peace, reminding all:   take another look at Syria, before you get your gun.  Take another look at reality, and BE SURE you want to enter eternity:   with blood on your hands. Nobody escapes death/ therefore nobody escapes the consequences of your decision:  that judge you for an eternity either.  It ain’t no game, and fear won’t save you/ cause there is no place to run or hide.
      Peace is: an acceptance by the vast majority, “that we can trust this”!  Simple as that, its not complicated.  So in terms of all policing efforts: the critical question begins, WHAT CAN we the people trust?  The critical question is: WHAT can the police trust, about us?
      WE MUST AGREE, to attain a crucial test, which then allows for the masses to believe “this was fair/ even if it did not turn out right”.  THE POLICE MUST AGREE, to a crucial test, which makes it clear: they did do, what law enforcement was given the right to do, in order to be        Safe.  When confronted with issues of pain or death: fear is a reality of the masses, and the policing forces are no different. Those who can, are disciplined.  Those who can’t face the possibilities react without warning, and do what should not be done: its called cowardice/ but since death is permanent, what is conceived as fair (in a second of panic), is not always going to be right.
      So we start with a crucial test ALL AGREE TOO!  Which is deliberate and skillful teaching through mass communication:   EXACTLY WHAT THE POLICE AND THE PUBLIC MUST DO, in every potential situation that can be expected to exist.  This teaching must be complete for the police, and it must be complete as instruction for the public: AND BOTH SIDES MUST AGREE, that this is functionally fair!  Just do it.  EVERYBODY NEEDS TO KNOW, what a proper procedure is: proper means as safe, and realistic for all sides, as possible! When that occurs, particularly with camera’s to judge proper and REALISTIC practice for life in this society.  Then whatever happens, it is much easier to accept or judge correctly.  It is not simply black or brown skin that gets profiled/ the poor are another category, which the police don’t trust, and humanity regards as less: white or black/ muslim or other, they get the same. Who gets prejudiced: simply depends upon what part of the world you live in. Because the judgment exists, before the confrontation takes place.
      Critical to this day is: the reality of a gun!  Nobody gets a second chance NOT to pull the trigger/ with a lead bullet!  Therefore only the brave, can be allowed to handle a gun, in a police uniform or situation. Not a game!  In contrast to that: are the facts of pain!  Wherein it is absolutely certain: inflict enough pain, and whatever it is someone so inflicted had been or is trying to do; WILL BE STOPPED.  Even if it is not “forever”/ pain will give the one who inflicted it, time to adjust, and identify the situation at this point.  So pain IS just as effective and more so; because it is generally, not a “can’t be undone” reality.  That means: instead of lethal bullets/ NON lethal bullets must be used, in all policing throughout the nation.  To AID AND ABET the police in more dangerous situations:   there are guns which hold 15 rounds: four first bullets are rubber/ the rest lethal.  But there better be a gun or a justifiable cause beyond four bullets fired.
      We add in another method: chemicals contained in a rubber bullet, can both mark visually and by smell (chemicals, can cause vomiting, etc): whosoever they hit/ or splatter on if close.  Making it much easier to trace, who was there.  Another method where gun violence as was seen today is used: while a bullet passes by in less than a second.  A laser light can be focused on the area of a shooter and held there, “NOT hit or miss”/ blinding him or her.  It is more effective than a gun. Strobe lights, “on a stick, or robot in front” in the dark/ so if any shooting does occur, it is not directly at you. 
      More directly: both sides need to communicate, what will or will not happen in any given situation/ and agree, this is appropriate, if it was me or mine!  Both sides need to agree: that rubber non-lethal bullets are a defensive method that works/ and accept this is, what will be sold to the public as well.  For all handguns; or more.
      Reality states: the use of defensive jewelry, that contains useful chemicals to stop a rape or whatever it is: HAS VALUE TO LIFE. And should be used.  Inventions for that purpose can be found on my sites.
      MARCH TO LIFE, instead of civil war/ where every hand holds a gun.  Do I need to tell you what happens in that day?  Or can you “think for yourselves”?  Answer the question, and do what life needs you to do.
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