the architecture of brain

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The question
 WHAT, is a brain?

         The answer architecturally is:  by development it is akin to the creation of
a high-rise apartment building/ let’s call it a seven story structure.  It is complete with elevators for fast
ascension or descent/ although most owners of their brain remain steadfast in
whatever apartment that they have chosen, and leave it little.

         While the architecture of a brain is
constant among all living things, the ability to rise, is only consistent with
humans.  While the ability to rise is
ultimately the creation of life beyond time, the differences between male and
female are vast.  Even though they seem
similar, as life lived/ they are not.

         What is important and shared, consists
of the elements which influence decision. 
They are:  passion/ purity/
purpose/ desire/ love or hate/ discipline/ balance/ trust/ discovery/
definition/ and belief or faith. 

These are discovered, by the measurement of life versus death,
thereby confronted with the dimension that is freedom (as is living)/ but
assaulted with the dimension that is NOT freedom (as is death):  what lies between these definitions becomes
the basis of our choice.

We begin with passion: 
the elemental time spent, that has no measurement of value/ because we
are enthralled with a relationship that participates “as if we shared, each
others’ world”.  Passion then ascends
beyond the medium, which is governed by survival, to learn existence is not to
be measured by time. Rather passion gives life, to the creation of a
relationship beyond self; regardless of time. 
Or more simply love lifts the distance between us, and we become as
one:  a reality that is only shared
between male and female adults. Or more clearly “one holds the key, while the
other holds the lock” into a shared space that can only be known by both.

The purity of our design, to be as love would give us the
freedom to be/ elevates life beyond death, and removes its existence.  Therefrom survival takes its meaning, from
our participation with each other.  Love searches
without time/ because love is a distance without measurement.  Purity however learns, that love without the
necessary truth to keep it pure, will fail. 
Therefore love must be measured in time, because time allows for
whatever survival, or its death shall bring.

Purpose belongs to the heart. 
Heart means:  I have found and
accepted, the values of friendship and hope, have meaning in me. Therefore purpose
becomes a passage, that limits what I can do: 
to the realities of what will become “heart shared” in me.  Purpose is the first within the levels of
architecture, that lets time be either way: 
for life/ or death.

The purpose of hate has its followers too;  these discard value, to find power, pride,
greed, selfishness, violence, and destruction. These consume the value of life
to lower themselves so they can accept hate. 
Lowering means:  “I see no value
in life or living, therefore I am angry others do”.

We then begin the dimensional view, of what desire can
construct.  Dimension means boundaries and
limits.  Consequently desire is at its
core, the foundations we employ to build our own world, on top of time for the
living/ or beneath time, as is consistent with the dead.  Time then becomes the element, of where we
live within ourselves.  By measurement,
it is either with freedoms, as a relationship with life/ or without; regardless
of survival.

The dimensional view of common humanity is:  with money, I then have freedoms to
appreciate life.  Whereas in contrast,
the boundaries and limits time will impose without money, shares the conception
of a death;  by the  common belief or understanding,  freedom is barred from me.  The critical construction however is not so
simple as this.  Because both life and
body assert:  “each is wealthy, as
neither can be bought”.  The elegance and
grace established by the true beauty which surrounds us:  forms a world we live in, no “rich man or
woman” can match. Therefore excused from the relationship we share with
survival, the true development here is: 
do you desire life/ or did you surrender to want?

To desire life means:  
I HAVE, accepted the relationship I share, WITH BEING    “ALIVE”! 
I have chosen heart, to express that love.  Therefrom, I will search for participation in
that life, as a participant in love; 
because it is a value enlarged or beyond “heart”.

Surrendering to want, recognizes that time (before I die) and
wealth (someone must be my slave);  are
the elements upon which everything depends. 
Therefrom, these begin their search for an opportunity “to win”.

To win forces the truth, of what is most important to you! Requiring
others to be “your slave”, forces their decision to either hate or forgive what
you    have done.  Love sets out to accomplish value/ while hate
demands, I must have these trophies, and someone will pay other than me. Therefrom
we know of love by value revealed/ whereas, we measure hate by what has been
hidden, or becomes the evidence law, by its truth:  cannot remove. Hate earns its destruction by
consuming the value of life through games. 
Love earns its value as trust elevates us both into the comprehension of
life, by sharing the distance we leave this earth and its time behind.  Love rises into participation that hate
cannot touch.  Time reflects the body as
a relationship people touch:  the
difference is human. Hate distorts and denies human, to become animal.

Disciplines seek our soul, because they relinquish the right
to choose:  as the law of value
allows.  Discarding all that is not
constructive to life and value as the trash. 
However it is here, where righteousness arises, and failure overwhelms
so many.  Disciplines ascend/
righteousness descends:  the difference
is judgment.  Therefore, whenever you
judge without the law that is justice, allowed to do that for you:  you descend yourself away from the
living.  There must be justice for the
living to survive.  There must be law, so
that truth defines what must or must not be, in order for freedoms to exist. The
freedom inherent to discipline is:  that
I have the right, to choose.  The fact I
choose for the value of living by love, is my own choice.  But because we live with time and its
destruction, the freedom to choose other than for love exists as well.  These teach what destruction means/ and warn
each one, “it is better, to be truth and life”: 
 than lies and hate.  So the boundary is:   justice learns respect, and respect decides
the limits of what your righteousness or desire can do to me, or us.  Remembering time can be friend or enemy:  by war/ or by those who fall into a cult. Be as
free, as you can be;   this is the
trademark of peace.

Balance employs the distinction of predator and prey/ or more
clearly, the distance between what can harm or help us, must be recognized and
obeyed. More simply life is a development of thought, and thought is an
understanding of truth, expanding beyond time to create,  what can be eternal. The balance between life
and death, is then critical to existence. 
The balance between thought, and its assembly as life in time, is
equally distinct;  because there are “predators”
in the spiritual world beyond the limits imposed through peace. Balance ties us
“to the space between our souls”. Because without the sharing of life, there is
no true happiness.  Hate will follow,
even if it is not chosen to be you.  Therefore
the balance of human existence even if you are isolated, relies upon   GOD  
to participate in a relationship that is “our souls, shared”.  RESPECT determines, if you can be invited to

Trust is the elemental truth, of your own identity. What or
who we trust defines our existence, by determining the direction we are willing
to go, and the distance we are willing to travel within that trust. At the
extreme edge of love, is the spiritual world. 
But it is not a game, and there is no fundamental right to survive:  liars & failures, & fools exist, as
does death.  Trust elevates life,
allowing love to perceive of greater things than time.  Trust builds an environment, from which we
begin the quest, that will become the foundation of an eternity.  Trust assigns value, and creates a path
between the doors of our heart. Therefrom trust is the essence of an invitation
“to be more” than time will allow you to be. Love is not a simple trust,
because hidden behind the door of a human life, is want.  Want is a liar, and it will take you to where
love is robbed.  Nonetheless, you chose/
therefore you contributed to your own losses, and must then rebuild
accordingly. Trust must be defined very carefully, by removing want, and
learning what is true.  Believe the
evidence proven true, or it is your own want that leads you astray, and will
cost some “their very soul”. Fight for your life, IS THAT NOT worth your effort
and time?

Discovery means:  I
have found the difference between time, body, and life!  Time is the orderly destruction of mass/ body
lifts itself above time, until destruction overtakes it/ life elevates itself
within energy, to become eternal. So the question is:  can energy be eternal/ or more distinctly,
can life be conceived beyond the boundaries of a simple,  physical world?  The quest of energy is functionally conceived
as “to be free”/ OR, to be orderly in its placement of environment.  So the question returns:  is freedom eternal, even if placed in an
environment or without? So we ask:  WHAT
is freedom, and why is it associated with life?

To define an existence, we begin with what is “the reality”!   Constructed
by conception:  the beginning of life,
belongs to a seed.  I offer nothing more,
“you are insane”.

Nonetheless, time is as an element of existence.  Body is by definition a freedom
presented.  Whereas life itself can only
be conceived by thought, as a prediction of what can, or will be possible.

We then search for faith or belief, dependent upon the
disciplines you personally use to discover:  either death or life, resides in your heart or
time.  Those who believe offer “I tried,
to be what I wanted life to be”.  Those who
have faith, trust in  GOD  “to be eternal”;  as a participant in love, with me & you.

The hierarchy of levels in the architectural struggle that is
human development:  is dependent upon
what you own as a human being.  Beyond self
is absolutely critical to the environments of love and life conceived and
owned, by an identity formed in truth.  The
middle ground or levels are shared with belief, rather than trust:  because people want what they want/ and they
are afraid of everything they don’t want. 
Which makes their time on earth impossible to rise above. The lower
levels are animal, most of these occurrences  begin with a sexual disintegration.  The demand is: I want more chemicals/
regardless of who, or what pays me.

The brain recognizes chemicals as a participant in body,
therefore a “commander in chief” so to speak. 
To gain control over that aspect of human existence, there must be
thought to articulate an existence without chemicals, is preferable and exists
as the values of love.  Love then takes
control over the chemicals, and life elevates itself to become a participant
over time. It is not uncommon, for people to get lost “one time” in their
sexual reality.  The difference between
human and animal is recognizing the shame, repenting of it immediately, and
turning to life through disciplines to regain the essence of what being human
does and must mean.  Not a game.  Sex is not the enemy/ want is!  We as human beings;  do not live by want, it is a drowning,
therefore death. Rather we live by love, as is the essence of life beyond self,
revealed in each one who belongs to the possibilities called eternity.

The animal brain cannot construct love through thought, it
recognizes shared space, common interests, useful to me, or owned by me
(regardless of reality or truth).  The animal
brain does not recognize shame/ therefore it continues in chemical bathing, and
searches for its next conquest.

Do not judge/ let the law do that.  Do remember to forgive whenever possible,
because anything less will become an isolation for you;   and that has consequences which are unkind. Do
not be owned by another, but do be loved even by  GOD  ,
when there is no one else.  Love is “a
life inside”, thereby loneliness will end: 
with soul shared.

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