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beautiful, begins with GOD! Even the lives of those who have beautiful bodies,
but are not “beautiful people”. Even the beautiful people, who have not
beautiful bodies. Even those who are both!

        Of all things beautiful, it is love that
is most precious. Love is not “made in a sexual act” as some suggest.  Love is the essence of life itself, exposed
as a decision based in trust, that  then becomes
the very definition of happiness itself. 
Every life has the ability to do that, even creatures less than
human.  Because life, can speak to life/
even if we cannot truly communicate, we can express “I know your life trusts
mine”, even if none believe.  Very few
understand the meaning of life is life, because want clouds your existence, as
if it were your skin.  Or more simply,
nothing gets through the want, without a spiritual wound. Spirit means:  life itself has been recognized, as separate
and different, than body or mind. Inner peace, the sign when proven to your own
life, “this existence, as a definition beyond time, is real”.  Becomes the invitation to participate, in a
search for both Creator and Creation itself. 
Inner peace is the removal of want, and all things associated with hate
or judgment. To find truth, it is only necessary to assemble the reality of
body as it truly exists:  which is a
conglomeration “of a billion parts, all working in harmony with each other”. Everything
is designed and engineered/ everything is based upon thought and the acceptance
of laws must rule.  Everything has the
opportunity to experience and express life, through its own freedoms and
choices.  Everything is faced with
survival, and death;  even if it is not
fair to each one. The absolute truth: 
which is life, and body, and time are not an accident, but a creation is
without doubt! Thought came first, to build. The decision to share love and
reality through respect, came second.

        We do learn in a sexual act of
intercourse, between male and female in love: 
the ability to communicate as life to life, by discarding the boundaries
which separate us, becomes an expression called “I am ALIVE” WITH YOU.   The
foundation of that moment, is an essence or an experience of trust, that will
not die in me or you.  Because your body
shares mine: so that we are one, whenever love exceeds the definitions called
time.  Therein even though a relationship
may in fact fall apart over time, because of a wide variety of factors;  love itself does not die/ it must be killed,
to disappear.  So the question is how,
and why would that exist? The answer, lives or dies with soul.  Soul is at its core, a relationship with  GOD  ,
that literally exists through love, truth, trust, and respect.  All four must exist in you, or you have not
accepted your soul.  If you have soul,
then love will remain.  If you do not, or
have surrendered it to hate/ then love was lost as well. It is that simple. It
is a decision that only you can make, even if others contributed to your fall.
None control the very core of  your life,
other than you by your own decision;    and GOD,   by HIS.

        So let’s be more simple, and assemble

        To elevate the existence of life within
your  body (including mind)/ there must
be a discipline which studies the experience of living.  Within that living, there is an expression
called life and body.  Within the body,
there are chemicals which form the basis of all recognition in time.  But within the life, that gives the body its
freedom:  three expressions consist of
life beyond time.  They are spirit:  the separation of body and life, as not truly
the same.  Soul:  the integration of life with its creator, as
a participation in respect, through honesty, freedom, and discipline.  Identity:  your contribution to existence as a  living  participant
in freedom;  through your own decision to
love/ OR, to hate.  Hate can exist past
the boundary of time/ but it cannot equal happiness. It’s environment is based
in tragedy, catastrophe, terrors, and horror. 
Consequently those who hate/ or more correctly those who fail to love,
end  their participation with life
here.  Along the path which descends into
this abyss (never ends):  all life will
be judged, less than I.  So ends the
discussion of hate, as it has NO value whatsoever.

        LOVE however, gives to life everything
value can be, once life and living are achieved. You must have all three, or
love will not blossom, living will not accomplish its goal (to find joy), and
life itself will fail to accept the price of this experience is worth its cost.
 Love will blossom, only when truth
builds trust, so that happiness can erupt. Happiness at its core is an
extension of freedom:  to know, that
everything I am, “is accepted”/ without judgment.  Even if I do have to adjust myself a bit (a
price). The value of living will then understand:  to experience and express the elemental
truth, “I am ALIVE”, IS the foundation of joy.

        So let’s begin with love between male
and female, as there is nothing which can compare, to the intensity of one life
sustained, for the other. The reason being: 
one is the key, which unlocks the other, through happiness unleashed. That
only happens in truth and freedom, as consistent with respect and value shared.
  So we ask what is true happiness, and how do
we unlock it/ because simple sex is certainly NOT enough to do so?  The answer begins with an assignment:  CAN you be free, together? If not, then you
will never accept the truth or trust that is absolutely necessary to become,
what is ultimately shared as a single life, bound “within each other”. A single
life means:  a piece of me, and a piece
of you will die, if we don’t succeed together. 
So then we do agree to bind our trust in each other, as shared soul. Critically,
the elements are:  without freedom
experienced and expressed in and with you, there will be no true trust.  Without trust, the boundaries and limits set
up to keep people out, and protect oneself against all other humans;  cannot be broken (leaving you, always beyond
the wall).  To be shared, as one life/
instead of two; requires  GOD.  Because discipline is not enough. Instead absolute
respect for each other must exist, so that it cannot be broken.  There must be an eternal question
raised:  can love between us,
survive?  Even if time does not allow
it.  Happiness, will decide;  because without joy for life, as is
consistent with knowing your Creator/ the passion, nor its purpose of love,  will not truly exist!

        Happiness is then a critical development
used by life to conceive of “a new birth”; 
which is a relationship formed, that must then grow or die. The birth of
love is a decision to participate, with life. The death or failure of humanity
itself, is to isolate, and refuse the dignity to participate equally.  Happiness itself, is a definition controlled
by the decision:  LIFE is good, to me/
regardless of time.  To achieve that
decision, you must accept soul, which means an eternity will exist!  Or it will not last, in you. Therefore we get
to the functional reality of love itself, which is “nothing so developed, will
form without soul. Soul expresses the value of our truth, discarding a
“significant” flaw with mercy between us.  
Unless GOD is involved, the critical essence of that respect, will not
rise!  That is not a religious statement.
Rather it binds the facts of life, with the essence of love, by creation
itself:  we can be “as GOD intended”.   To become the inheritor of these disciplines
called freedom within love; as are born from a relationship with  GOD.    
We must respect each other wholly:  as each
within the other, sharing life rather than judgment.  The law is not cast adrift, but it is given
the option called mercy when repentance is true.  True 
Love  grants:  I have shared my soul with you, and you with
me:  each retaining “a small piece of the
other”. So that loneliness will never again rise.  Which is why, at every juncture of love:  there is the potential for heartbreak
(loneliness returns).  So we ask:  WHY, does that have to happen?  But the answer is entirely human, and it does
not have to happen:  people choose
it.  Instead of love/  some will return, to want & power, even
hate. Living has a way of reducing love, to a question of what you want
most.  Therefrom love can be weak, or
strong:  dependent upon you. Death interferes
as well, but granting eternity does in fact exist:  means time has the potential, to be more “than
just us”.  

        Power is the distance placed between
heart and mind, by someone else, or over someone else.  Heart comprises  the desire and passions that are necessary to
achieve, before living as a human being, can be shared. Human being means:  what GOD did create has come to pass, in the
evidence of our time.  That is not hate,
but love bound within respect, and established by thought. Mind measures
everything, and lets the individual choose to be “judge”;  giving options in want and power, to control
that decision with facts.  The distance
between a desire to be “human (as is shared life)”/ and the reality of power
which is to separate humanity from its life. 
Defines the potential of love:   but then allows the formation of pride or want
or both.  Power expressed as pride
asserts:  you are less/ you are
worthless/ I am more/ and then “you can be discarded” as the trash.  Therefrom ridiculed, used, abused, murdered,
etc.  Power expressed as want
asserts:  you don’t matter (selfishness)/
I want yours too (greed)/ you don’t deserve me (arrogance)/ I will judge you
(no mercy)/ forgiveness cannot exist (let them die)/ etc.

        So the foundation of love then
becomes:  where there is power/ pride/
want/ and disrespect, there will not be love. 
To whatever extent these things exist, there cannot be a time when love
will blossom.  Because they are the
opposites of love. 

        In contrast:  the values of respect (I honor you, as a life
worth knowing, an existence worth sharing with me, and I with you). The values
of forgiveness (I know life can be hard, mistakes will be made/ and I shall
never choose to judge [you alone, are the
designer of your eternity, so you will choose.]
; even if the law must). The
values of discipline, wherefrom duty is formed, and life does become
trustworthy, because honor itself arises: form a life with dignity.  The value of dignity, wherein the essence of
every life, is more important than a game, or a decision that will not lead to
happiness intended for all:  constructs
harmony and peace. The value of courage: 
an essence granting the truth, we must all be honestly prepared to die/
it is not an option.  Therefore to
achieve inner peace understands, accepts, and learns:  truth is never wrong/ the law must be
respected by each one.   The essence of soul:  We are valued by  GOD! 

        In the creation of family, we see
another side to love:  even though it is
not the same as intimate choices/ the reality of another life to share, will
grow into a creation of its own.  Giving
the parent an intimate look, at their own existence:  with GOD as creator of them.  That foundation solidifies a respect, in all
who value   GOD,  and their opportunity to participate in this
life/ even this love, by a different view.

 Those who cannot
accept that respect governs love within themselves.  Then choose: 
 that love has limited value/
pride or power or want is more. The battles then begin, over life in time
itself:  within yourself, and as a body
to be exploited, versus a life to be shared. Tragedy erupts, if all discipline

What is beautiful, is then not everything life can be! But it
is everything   GOD   did make! 

        Discipline applies:  so that reality may be understood.  It is true, 
that my own family life is “less than perfect”.  I gave my life, all but a tiny bit of time;  to the exploration of possibilities  that exist to help this world survive.  NOT its savior, but clearly understood, are
the consequences of not fighting for this world, and its life/ in a time of
“endless, & extreme threats”.

 So then none, beyond
the moment I truly began, to fight for this world/ were allowed in.  I am largely isolated by choice:  simply too busy learning! Just how it
is.  The consequence, when an entire
world is threatened!  Not truly a choice/
it is a duty.  Even though “the majority”
have assumed to one degree or another, “that just cannot be so; the world
cannot die/  something is hidden”.  He is not one of us! Not true.

        Even so, it is fair to understand
mistakes are consistent with every life! 
With my mom:  she was confident
and self-assured for the first thirty years of my life or so/ until she asked,
“what would be her identity, as described by the bible”? I told her/ she
believed it:  and became afraid of dying.
A reality which did not leave her, as of this day.  I told her, because she asked.  But I expected her, to understand:  “we all need to clean house” in one form or
another, as we go through life.   Just do
that “it’s not so hard”.  She did not,
choosing fear instead.  I helped her
little, not let in (afraid):  but I had
no real time for “just one life”.

        As to my dad, the addition of wealth
made him proud/ the reality of loneliness, especially after his two primary
friends died (I want friends, everyday) made him vulnerable:  to what became a different value in his life.
 I did not have time here either. To hide
his faith, so that he could be accepted or feel accepted with the others, he
was desperate to spend time with: was his answer.  That was his choice/ I have been “busy” (even
if it did not appear so), I was. 

Unfortunately four base things went wrong: my ears were damaged;
he participated in that/ but could not accept it.  So for twenty years or so, I know he believed
when I was forced out into the night to survive the ear damage, he assumed “I
must be up to no good”. It took a demand “extreme noise is a criminal trespass”
against his friends/ for him to believe my ears were in fact damaged. (2)  I kept knocking on the courtroom door,
inviting police to pay attention, fighting with the IRS;  because of true threats against our world!  Ten-twenty policing agencies came out to
talk.  A reality which caused him grave
concerns.  And since none came to my aid,
he assumed “I must be crazy, not to stop”. 
(3)  because conversation was
difficult for him/ he began sneaking into my office to remove things he could
use:  never asking/ never once bringing
them back.  Had he simply asked, I would
have been helpful:  but he did not want
that, too much pride.  Which became
insufferable to me:  when very critical
realities, to what I was doing went missing. That created a wedge, we did not
overcome:  he could not say “sorry”.  (4): 
“I told him he was not my daddy anymore” as he approached his death
bed.  While you might consider that
harsh/ the reality is:  IF YOU ENTER
DEATH WITH PRIDE, you will be pushed out from life; in one form or
another.  GOD IS GOD, and none are
allowed to question that.  Nonetheless,
the statement “blew his mind, so to speak”. 
 I know he expected to claim:  a connection with me/ as his ticket, his
investment “to heaven”.  He did
believe:  I had proven throughout my
time, to be working for this Creation”.  
He had his tantrum, as expected:  emptying all the things he could think of at
me, or heard, or imagined as possible;  in the lawyers office.  A week or two later,  I saw at least a momentary return to the life
he once led as my dad;  in time
past.  He died a month or so later.  These things occurred, because We;  dad, mom, and I;  have 
lived together/  learning takes
time.  Time takes work. Even so, I tell
you true:  he did achieve “heaven”/ but
not as he once would have.

So the moral of the story is: 
pride is a horrendous thing. That is a reality not a judgment!  We each choose, our own eternity/ pride will
kill you.

Some are certain to assert:  I
SHOULD have done more for mom and dad, even others!  But facts are facts, and I honestly could not
give my ex-wife the time she needed either. 
Our world is in far more danger of extermination than you can even
imagine.  Therefore love, must wait:  “because first”,  life and living must survive.  It really was not a choice:  extinction looms large now.  And I am still “without significant help”/ to
your shame.  Had you helped me, by
accepting reality, the discipline of evidence, or any participation as love for
this creation would require of you/ then I would have had time, and  done much more.   That:
is Simple and true!

        The reality assembled:  it takes time to love someone as they need to
be loved.  When you cannot take that
amount of time, from what you honestly accept: 
as more important than someone else’s life.  Then love will fade, realities will change,
and the dignity or respect that was shared will largely disappear.  Loneliness is a terrible thing too, even when
by most standards “you need not be lonely”/ that makes no real difference if
you are.  To accomplish life, you must
accept the presence of every living thing which surrounds you as a participant
in this Creation called Earth:  HAS VALUE.   Therefrom you have value as well, because
you are a life equal as a life, and can share with existence in that life “among
us all”.  Even if it is not “simply human”;  the spiritual world elevates even a plant or
other represents the value  GOD  placed on life in this world.  Because it is “elementally perfect in its
design”/ as is proven true, by not only survival, but happiness and choices of
our own.  Accept your value, and
choose   GOD  with your respect.

  If not: 
then No solutions in your mind that fit the situation confronting you:  leaves reality to be whatever it will be.  Insanity is the presence of a trap, which you
believe will not be escaped:  therefore
discipline erodes, “thinking subsides”, and behaviors collapse. 

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