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MATTER, is the realities of life, death, planet, happiness, nature, love,
personal identity and freedoms, discipline, and eternity.
  Even nation/ justice/ fair play/ and
  None of which is reported to any
acceptable degree by the propaganda arm of a university diploma called media.
  That said, the cult of “the university is
god”/ stands up to roar or laugh, because as all cult members do:
  they only believe whatever they are told, by
their gods.


        So I can functionally talk, only to
those who still have a brain.  These are
told:  “prove me wrong”!

        In the functions of a brain, the primary
value assigned:  is to measure and relate
those measurements of life, and living in time; 
to the body, so it may react.  As
well as identify what is true or false, so that life, the existence of
knowledge, understanding, and wisdom itself may act or react to assert and
define a decision.  Within the current
realities of propaganda as is the intent to entertain/ distract/ isolate/
incite/ or create fears:  all the people
are told what it is they are to think, either directly, or with subtitles
consistent with the same techniques common to the pharmaceutical industry (tell
them, but insure they don’t understand). 
Therefore to address the issues of how can communication deliver a
message, without propaganda/ requiring even the most deliberate of cult members
to pause.  The reality assembled is to prove
BEING WRONG, about what “the university gods” do.  Does have consequences for them as well.

        We begin with life, the critical essence
of construction that is thought, translated as existence.  We pause here, because artificial
intelligence a current topic of the university is god/ represents another
horror coming.  YOUR  religious “university knows ”INSANITY;  is far beyond the expected limits of anything
called thought. But here we are:  Giving
them anything to work with, is fraught with the reality:  now they can.  Even so, life on planet earth/
your life, and your child, and everything you value:  is so close to extermination as a world,
it no longer matters greatly.  Courtesy
of your “university gods”/ or more correctly the executioners of our world.

        So let us review the challenges, and
pretend the religious zealots and priests, of “University knows”/ can be
stopped. Even if they can’t, because the brain washing has been so effective.

        The university religion says:  that life was built one piece at a time/ just
an endless array of constant “trillion to one occurrences”;  that simply kept coming up with the winning
number, “every single time”.  Because
after all life is orderly:  but alas
evolution is nothing but the worship of chaos. So there is nothing in the
reality of this religion (can’t be proven) that is functionally true.  Simple as that!  The absolutely only thing evolution contends,
that is obviously true is:   that
adaption exists.  Adaption is the
ascension of thought, as in what was engineered, constructed, and delivered to
life:  needed room to change itself to
fit the environment within which it would survive.  Let the cult ask itself:  did your car, build itself, with chaos? Even
if men built it one piece at a time:  did
not thought, knowledge, understanding, and a bit of wisdom arrive first/ to
achieve through careful deliberate decision. 
Thereby creating at least a minimal complexity?  Chaos is the end of complexity, by its own
distinct definition:  thereby evolution
literally defeats itself.  Do you not
need blood with a heart, muscles to pump the blood, and a billion more literal
realities of the biological body to survive? 
EVERY SINGLE THING, all prepared and working and building itself from
genetic instruction:  which means
genetics are NATURE ITSELF!  Try thinking
for a  single second, instead of
believing fools.  Try understanding:  every single day, university geneticists and
others are attempting to bring chaos into nature by injecting garbage into
genetic instructions for the singular purpose of mutilating life.  Because they want to play god, and prove it,
by creating something different. Death is coming, for all life on earth/
because of what “university is god” does! 
Life is not a game;  just go to
the nursing home, and see what even a tiny little loss in body or mind function
can do.

        So then let’s consider death, a reality
that will not be denied:   thereby what
is true, is of absolute importance to us all. Only the greatest fools, liars,
and cheats don’t know that!

        Death is the end of the biological body
that gives us time, and the physical ability to carry through with the
decisions that we, individually make.  Or
more simply, when the body stops working, its design is:  to destroy itself, so that the valuable parts
can be recycled. That of course means: 
your freedom ends, as does your ability to change anything in time or
living itself.  So the real question is:  “what then, is left”?   Is there anything after life, in time?  So the first part of that question is:  is there anything left in time, for a body
that died? The answer is without doubt, absolutely not/ dead is dead.

        Even so: 
as directed above LIFE begins with the knowledge of existence.  That existence is created deliberately by
thought, and given substance spatially by body. The critical question then
is:  WHAT is thought, and how does
thought itself exist?  The functional
answer is:  far too deliberate even for
this day. Artificial intelligence will soon be military weapons, designed to
destroy you too, with one simple command/ from one single individual. There has
never been a day, when tyrants haven’t tried to enslave  It will take your jobs, as it has been doing
even in its simple forms.  It will
destroy your lives/ unless you take control away from the enemies of your
world.  Just like weapons of mass
destruction, “you can’t handle it”. So we will never discuss critical aspects/
not even when you achieve the hell university demands for you.

        Even so, some elements can be
discussed.  The first question is:  does a biological body work, because it is a
“battery inside”/ or not?  The answer is
without a brain, the body is useless: 
therefore It is a brain that constructs existence/ but it is a body that
illustrates and composes freedom.  That
however does not exist within the body 
itself, because freedom is an existential reality.  Or more simply freedom cannot be known by a
body, it can only be known within the elements of thought. By translating the
body as something which belongs to “I”.

        Therefore we search within the creation
of “I”, to assert where-so-ever freedom lives, “there am I”.  Consequent to that are the relationships we
assign to existence.  We begin with “what
is, I”?      Here again, the horrors of
artificial intelligence (AI) are fraught with peril, terrors, and hell for
life. Do not machines outlast you/ outwork you/ 
present competition and take over your jobs? So I am ending that
conversation here. 

        We turn instead, to the more
conservative demonstration, that is a decision. 
But here too, the translations that exist, become a participant in  the quest, that is your university
Satan.  Destroyer of a world.

        Limiting reality to the existence of a
choice, means the body will only move when that choice is made. It’s called
freedom of movement.  A choice means,
this is not a command, as is used in robotics. If a choice “runs the body”/
then the body does not own itself, which would include the brain.  Rather life owns the experience and
expressions of that choice, through a body. 
Which makes life, the owner of that body, and the element of I, a
translation of that choice, identified by its evidence.  The owner of thought, rather than body,
identifies life.  The existence of I
within that thought, identifies you. Therefore thought as a translator for
life, conceives of spirit.  While spirit
constructs the basic translation of laws as they apply to life itself. A true
law is:  the foundation upon which life
exists.  Death only exists in time.  Dissipation however is a constant, wherever
an identity cannot be formed from its composite truth.

Enough, you
aren’t worthy of the discussion.


        Nonetheless, our planet is in peril too,
as a result of your university Satans’. 
A change from religion simply because the intent is to destroy ALL LIFE,
rather than continue to let you believe anything you are told.  As even the most stupid and vile, will soon
know the horror  and hell, of “university
knows”;  when the planet itself is on
fire, just like the sun.  University  failure states:  Noah’s flood didn’t exist/ yet all the
evidence truly does establish it as a fact. 
The existence of fossil fuels (these
did not get shoved together and buried one piece at a time:  water is the only known reality)
that so, without even the question/ our world did end life, almost entirely.
The biblical prediction:  it will end in
fire, stands at our door.

        SATAN (religious or not,  fits; and you do understand)  the dead brain at university knows:  is
attempting to ignite an atomic fire here on earth.
 Satan, as is the consequence of an arrogance
so extreme they do gamble with all life on earth:  does this every single day at various places
around this world.  Their intent/ their
money/ their everything;  being protected
on every side by media, leaders, courts, and the religious zealot:  pretending “its for you”.  But in reality, the extreme arrogance is
anything and everything HORRIFYING against you: an extreme betrayal.  Because just like the sun, an atomic fire
(atoms burning) will not be extinguished. 
How can you believe anything else: 
LOOK AT THE SUN!  Everything they
claim as their proof, that “burning atoms” will just extinguish itself/ is
based upon lies.  Not one single fact of
their conclusions can withstand an investigation.
 Which means upon ignition of that atomic
fire;   which means:  THE ATOM IS THE FUEL!  Our world will be lost forever/ even this
solar system itself.  All because of your
own cult worshiping.  Investigate and
examine the truth:  FIND WHAT IT MEANS TO
BE WRONG/ and understand this ain’t no “barrel fire”.  The fire will consume this earth/ or
according to SATAN, it will just extinguish itself.  There is no middle ground.  There is no doing this over/ because the fire
cannot be put out;  EVERYTHING HERE IS
FUEL.  University claims:  the flames on the sun, are a million miles
long, at ten million degrees Fahrenheit. 
IT BURNS YOUR SKIN in summer, from 91 million miles away/ and it will
create an updraft that ejects the atmosphere at not less than one thousand miles
per hour, & growing every second. 
Satan intends to kill you, and laugh! 
Satan being an arrogance so blatant and vile:  not a single life on this planet is worth
saving.  To play god, “they gamble us
all”. How is that not clear?  THIS SATAN,
which is your insanity coupled to absolute stupidity, and a willingness to
believe ANYTHING, regardless of its betrayal to an entire planet.  Is enough to discard you as life/ if only you
were not taking a world with you, along with every living thing, now and forever
that would have known this earth.


        Discarding failure and fools, we return
to life and living, even if that is to be “short” because the future is
MURDERED.  You can stop “a thousand men”/

        Happiness is by elemental construction,
a relationship with life, even more than your own.  Therefrom we know, that functionally the
greatest challenge of life, when survival is satisfied:   that keeping or attaining friendship, is a
lifelong, even eternal struggle. The consequence of that SHOULD BE, an
education that is consistent with needs/ a reality that serves the end result
of harmony, through peace. Recognizing you cannot force a friendship, but you
can end it. Respect/ forgiveness/ freedom/ discipline/ courage when true to the
situation/ and so on are all essential.

        NATURE is the evidence of    GOD  
on earth! Without thought, there is no beginning for life. Thought
precedes life, because without order/ balance/ discipline/ courage/ and a desire
to survive;  there is no existence other
than atoms, and what those do.  Design
exists.  Thought exists.  Balance exists.  Order exists. 
Courage exists.  AND RESPECT FOR
THESE THINGS WITH    GOD   identified as the basis of all things life,
WILL EXIST, or you won’t continue on earth! 
It is that simple.  Take a look at
what you “university diploma’s did do”! 
not one true example of “we did this for life”.  Rather everything with a university stamp
is:   selfishness/ pride/ power/ greed/
lust/ want/ fantasy/  or hate. Trinkets,
trophies, and whores sum it up.  As they
sterilize and mutilate food (even
you know, throw the wrong ingredient in the food you cook, and you throw it
/ destroy water supplies/ end resources by throwing them all in
the garbage/ exterminate life in the ocean/ and do commit every conceivable
atrocity across this earth with their commitment to all things ARROGANT, and
without true value.  You worship them FOR
A  DAMN BRIBE, even though they have
bankrupted you, and failed life:  YOU
PLANET, & both life, and child; to your own eternal shame.

        LOVE which has been discarded by
most;  because want controls your
lives.  Is an alteration of our
existence, from simply life;  to the essence
shared that is life ALIVE!  Being alive means:   that you have searched, and found at least
the beginning of your own soul.  It is
soul, that shares love.  Without soul,
you cannot understand or accept true love exists:  therefore the majority simply turn away/ too
lazy, to achieve a core experience which does sustain existence itself. The
expression of love is, a value without measurement.  Which means it needs no boundaries to
protect/ only the trust,  created by truth,
and bound between us as a decision to share through respect.  Love elevates life/ therefore the lost, or
the dead inside cannot know it:  unless
repentance brings MERCY.

        Being human presents us with time,
expression, experience, and decision. 
These are the base elemental 
things which participate in your existence, as the boundary or limit of
man or woman.  The search of a man
is:   to exceed those boundaries, or at
the very least define them within the direction and the desires which he
establishes as a participant in “I”.  This is a relationship with living, rather
than life/ and it extends into the dangerous elements of what can go wrong,
when you leave that life behind.  Woman
does not significantly search “into the extremes”, as she is anchored into life
must come first.  Thereby the tie between
both man and woman is:  man reaches for a
living that meets his own passion & desire/ while woman searches for a life
that expands her own living, as is the intensity of spirit.  When bound together by trust and respect,
love illuminates her heart. While for a man, that same love identifies soul, or
the search is over!  Even if living will
not allow the experience to continue: 
time has a cost.  The experience
is, “you cannot stay”/ therefore express what it means to you, in this moment
called “LIFE, as it was intended to be”. 
A reality, simply not open to perversions.

        Discipline is the struggle to determine
what the truth is, and therefrom to abide in the laws that make peace, harmony,
and happiness possible.  Duty enters in
to replace youth, as a child enters the right and ability to become an
adult.  Discipline determines respect.
Discipline completes an identity, by allowing the transformation aided by
truth, into your own choice.

        Eternity examines that truth, aided by
law, and constricted to spirit:  until
the invitation to participate beyond judgment makes you exist again.  Once time ends, your identity is frozen.  Where-so-ever destiny (the desire you
earned)/ or fate, the distance traveled before you failed,  exists. 
So shall you be.

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