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       The quest to remove stupidity, and
resolve disgrace, by applying discipline.

       The foundation of every society is:  “we can live together IF/ we do not interfere
with each other, or allow each other to take too much.”  Living together means we accept the freedoms
and responsibility to choose our own destiny or fate/ and allow the others
equal rights to do the same.  Interfering
means:  “we made rules, to control you”.  Taking too much is simply:  NOW, the resources, and the realities of
compromise are gone/ so that no one gets to be free anymore.  Failure on all sides:  is America today.  Brought about by the factions clearly on
display in this current election:  “you
can’t abandon us/ we deserve our bribes” 
& the alternative:  “we ain’t
going to be your damn slave anymore:  we
will do anything we have to ____________ instead”.  But alas both sides are wrong;  even if media coerced and committed fraud, to
lead both.  GREED/ GLUTTONY/ LUST/
FAILURE/ FANTASY/ FOOL/ AND IDIOT all arose to bring both sides to the same
conclusion:  “we must war”!  Even with the CLEAR view of Syria, Iraq, and
more plainly proving what a gun will do.

       Discipline states:  only a fool chooses to fight for pennies, by
spending all you will ever have.  Destruction
cannot be rebuilt, the world is already depleted, extinction is coming.

       So let’s view GREED:  clearly the most coercive and corrosive
reality of existence ever devised by men. 
More simply, greed is:  “you can
be the winner/ you can drive slavery, and control it/ you can own women”.  If you just control the money. The others
will follow!

       Discipline says:  if you remove the extreme trophies (I can
make you loser)/ then you remove the greed. 
Limited capitalism (we decide by vote, how much power any person shall
have) does exactly that.

       GLUTTONY:  the demand to consume “everything in sight/
and leave NOTHING for the rest or the future”. 
Because I want it all. Which does translate as “you, are worth nothing
to me/ even less”;  I want you dead.  Thereby gluttony is “fundamentally communism
(the few have all the power; because lies exist)”.

Discipline states:  the
demand to remove capitalism, which is sustaining the environment, by adjusting
the resource loss:  through limited
access. Must be returned:  as a public
reality adjusted by truth to assist and attain a future for every child possible.  No more ransacking/ raping/ and ravaging
every child:  as is the decision of
current “American leadership”.  As is the
decision of the American elders and their race, “to be winner (I MADE you lose)”.

LUST controls the world, because the chemical man, has no
functioning brain.  Thereby he chooses to
follow his penis wherever it might go, causing endless harm to life.  Lust is the demand:   I will use, abuse, control, or harm your
body;  for my purposes.  Without regard for your life.

Discipline states:   to
remove the chemical man from human existence/ there must be a reality imposed
primarily on the young:  “which illuminates,
this toy can be your own friend OR  enemy
as well”.  Therefore GET CONTROL, before
it controls you.  In a reality
associated:  those who prove they cannot
control the chemical man inside “will lose their weapon”/ so as not to endanger

FAILURE is the decision to follow and adhere life, “to your
WANT, PRIDE, by establishing power.”  The
extreme failure of each is subdivided into its basic characters “want
means:  I WILL LIE/ to stop you, from
stopping me”.  Pride means:   I will make you loser/ so I can pretend
cheating, stealing, rape, and hate:  
belong only to me.  Establishing power
conforms to enforcing slavery and compliance to any rule I make.  Each of which is the foundation for war, by
producing the participation in hate.

       Discipline states:  LIFE IS MORE THAN A GAME. When the game is
removed, reality is returned.  Not as
winners or losers or the rest:  but as
the miracle of existence/ the right of freedom/ and the ability to choose
greater things than hate or war. By understanding one simple thing:   “IF WE DIDN’T BUILD THIS BODY, of life/ THEN
no one can say eternity will not follow”. 
Because this singular great gift of life, is by its own truth an element
of thought.  More simply “if you could
not recognize life/ then the body would be worthless”.

“I WANT, WHAT I WANT;  and I will
believe anything I desire”.  The basis of
every religion/ even though clear and distinct messages from our CREATOR can be
included in that religion. The human element always corrupts with want. The most
deceptive/ corrosive/ corrupt/ and destructive religion ever conceived is “university
knows”.  More simply religion asserts:  “these are our gods (savior, worship him or
her)/ they make our lives better”.  So let’s
review “the university gods”.

1. Initially the atom bomb “is our
savior”/ this is great.  Today along with
other weapons of mass destruction, one single decision in a thousand hands;
ends our world.  “devil”.

2.  Initially evolution “built life, one piece at
a time”/ we just picked whatever we wanted, “off the shelf”, and it magically
appeared exactly as we needed it to be:  
“poof, its magic”.  Without even a
brain!   Which then opened the door to
endless genetic alteration, and the deliberate desire and intent:  to remove discipline/ balance/ order/ and
much more from nature itself.  So as “to
bring their god of evolution back”!  By
committing life itself, TO CHAOS.  Their version
of how life began.  Not even devil:  “just dead”/ except for those who crucify
called “satan”.

3.  Savior our university gods gave us antibiotics/
they are great!  But alas, not a brain
among them:  because they took
antibiotics and built the factory farm.  Employing
disease to build a completely new forms of pandemic realities that will invade
life, and the food supply itself.  Devil.  A reality human immunization is not prepared

4.  They can lead us to safety, “they are gods”.  But alas, the last fifty years plus;  have proven the university diploma only knows
how to steal, manipulate, cheat, kill, fail, fantasize, and fool the people
with massive propaganda campaign’s:   into thinking “its all free energy”.  even though WRONG, by the slightest mistake,
is an entirely exterminated world.  And their
theories in bringing atoms to fire;  are
completely wrong.  Even so:  a cult cannot function without the believers,
so the world will very soon, be extinct;  and even this solar system.  Because humanity  “worships satan” more than it admires or
respects   life.


DISCIPLINE adds, “what
greater fools could you be”!

 That leaves us with IDIOT!  
You sold your soul, for nothing more than a television set;  whose only purpose is to keep you from
recognizing “they made you slaves”.

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