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       Above and beyond most knowledge, in terms
of humanity, are the keys to happiness: 
which is simply to discard want, and let truth decide the existence of
your soul.  The value established is very
simple.  Without want, your life is your
life!  With want, your life is a body
searching for what it will never find: 
which is simply “more than you are”.

       Above and beyond most things desired, in
terms of humanity:  are the keys to
loneliness. By discarding want, there is no further need to lie/ not even to
yourself.  Therefore no true cause to
hide or run away or conceive of treachery or in any other way:  “drive people/ even all life, away”.  That does not gain friendship;  but it does eliminate the barriers to
friendship among all those who have discarded want.  Where want resides:  there is always “treachery and lies,  must be here somewhere”/ which brings gossip/
which defines judgment/ which controls the value we can be to each other.  Consequently friendship is about creating the
truth:  that I need not fear you, or you
me;  that I will participate in ways that
are plain and simple for you to understand, and expect the same.

Above and beyond most things desired, in terms of humanity:  is ability, more simply to be considered “precious”/
even more important, or valued than the rest. 
This is the basis of pride, the demand that I must win/ means you must
lose. Therefore the constant is:  if we
cannot be equals/ the competition means we cannot be friends either. The base
understanding then extends, to the decisions of power:  “to manipulate/ control/ abuse/ violate/
violence/ used/ betrayed/ destroyed/ and hated”.  Are all facets of power, and the demand “we,
WILL win/ even if I cannot”.

Above and beyond most things desired, in terms of humanity:  are sex, the existence of chemicals which you
control instead of me.  Therefore want
turns into lust, and lust is the decision to use your body for my own purposes.
The foundation is simple:  I WANT.  The reality far more complex in elements of
power/ pride/ perversion: the struggle for power over someone/ weakness:  if I surrender, it’s not my fault/  fornication: If I want this, it’s not my
fault/ homosexual:  If he wants this, it’s
not my fault/ lesbian:  if she wants
this, it’s not my fault/ various sexual fantasies, if we want this it’s not our
fault/ and sexual tragedies:  I WANT
THIS, and you are my victim.  Fault means
“there was a choice, but you failed to recognize value”.  Sex means: 
the human chemicals are controlling.  Value means: 
“I am alive, in the peace and harmony of life itself”.  While the various excuses all mean:  participation was easier, than discipline or
order.  While violence means:  even though I refused, I was used.  The critical reality is:   sex without love is “largely animal”.

 Whereas the value of intimacy between an
honest man and woman;  that creates a
dimensional awareness far beyond even being human;  answers and creates the essence where love
blossoms, and eternity beckons with hope.

Above and beyond most things desired,
in terms of humanity:  is the ability to
communicate, and entertain.  This then is
commonly, most distinctly about the desire for friendship, and the decision to
feel important within oneself.  As gathering
others to you, purports to establish this as fact.  There are other purposes for these
abilities:  NOT linked to happiness, by
any definition.  We leave them
behind.  Therefore the ability to
communicate is determined by providing or producing what the others want to
hear, see, or do. More simply “to make someone else more important than
yourself/ or what they want, something they can obtain:  becomes the price of admission.  To be a good communicator.  To be an entertainer requires, that you
release them from who they are “for a short time”/ so as to be “free” from
themselves or their situation in life, body, or time.  That is functionally, the illusion of “don’t
think/ just want, to be this”.  The fanatic
lives here too.  They entertain by
communicating an extreme behavior; that you are not allowed to correct/ which
then makes them superior, in their mind.

Above and beyond most things desired,
in terms of humanity:  are duty, and the
religious elements assigned to it.  More simply
“I CAN’T/ I CAN’T/ and I WON’T.  But I
will participate where I understand order will grant to me, a reward.  When honor is applied to duty, that reward is
a “better society/ religion/ work/ life/ marriage/ family/ friendship/ etc”.  Where honor is applied to religion:  it functions to believe, the foundation upon
which we build/ has value.  That may or
may not be true.

Above and beyond most things desired,
in terms of humanity:  is hope, the
existence of a desire, that will be fulfilled. 
Desire then becomes the essence  of hope, by its own definition.  Desire means: 
to accomplish the decision, that is intended to bring “destiny” to life.  Thereby destiny means:   whatever you believe life can attain in
you.  If you fail/ fate controls.  Consequently choose well.

Above and beyond most things desired,
in terms of humanity:  is a life worth
living.  That functionally means, to own
the freedom, that gives time its search for value. To attain that freedom, it
is necessary to have enough participation in work that has value.  To achieve work that has value, thereby the
attainment of freedom (I don’t have to do everything myself);  there will be education.  Education means:  in my time, I traded the possibilities for
fun/ to gain the potential for more.  Therefrom
a life worth living challenges each one, to make a decision, and live with the
consequences:  by discovering the
disciplines;  which establish where you
will live between work and fun.

Above and beyond most things desired,
in terms of humanity:  is the demand for
fun.  Fun is the excitation of a body or
mind, that believes I do not have to work or risk heartbreak.  Not only free, but given the power to make
someone else serve me.  This scenario of
fun, does not include work, until you design a gratification to the work being
done.  As in to succeed, proves in
me:  I am more than the rest/ OR, I am
what I knew I could be; regardless of the rest.

Above and beyond most things desired,
in terms of humanity:  are the realities
of work/  work cannot be identified
without self.  Therefore the ingredients
of selfishness are also found in work.  As
in I CAN do, what I want to do!  To the
degree you establish that as fact, you have granted work a place in your
life.  To the degree you have failed to
establish work as a “treasure you possess”/ the realities of selfishness
present.  The critical component is:  WHERE do you want to live, among people/
above people/ or regardless of people?  When
life is a participation among people, the need for selfishness is limited:  unless pride overcomes you.  If you want to live above the other people,
so as to prove they must “be in control”/ then selfishness is what you earned,
and it will be exhibited in power.  If you
want to live regardless of people, then life has collapsed around you;  and you must find an answer, that is not
limited by humanity.  People choose “either
direction” in this fact they create.

What is most things desired, in terms
of humanity:  is money/ the expectation
that being “rich” will solve every problem, and dry every tear, and make me popular
and respected:  etc!  It is not so/ but that does not stop people
from dreaming “I can be anything I want to be: 
THE EASY WAY”.  Again, not so!  Money is at best a tool, participating in
society for peace, harmony, and justice/ at worst, it is a weapon, used to
enslave and destroy.  Therefore be
careful what you wish for:  because you
are responsible for what you do to the others/ even eternally.  Money is not evil/ what people do, is either “evil
or good”/ enlarging that is not a reality most can endure.

Above and beyond most things desired,
in terms of humanity:  is the ability to “catch
the husband or wife I WANT”.  TO HAVE,
and control,  sex with anyone I choose.  This is functionally a demand to be superior
to all the rest. Again not equal, which means: 
no one wants to live with you! The methods used in dating are
erroneous:  destructively denying the
right to mingle and learn, everything I need to know about someone else, before
we decide this can be forever. Unfortunately, even those who have love for
you;  may or may not desire to live with
you forever/ and that is heartbreaking.  But
it is not true rejection/ it is simply “this is my life too/ you can’t own it,
just because you want to”.  So the
critical lesson becomes:  be the person
you are, accept your flaws and limits, don’t hide excessively, understand nobody
is perfect (and look in your mirror;  before discarding someone for their looks).  The elemental right of dating is:   I own my own body/ therefore I will make the
choices that I will live with.  It is my
right/ NOT yours!  The fundamental truth
of marriage is:  when we combine our
lives together, this is because we agree in true support and honest work for
the benefit of each other/ no one keeps a billing (we work to make each other
happy, to keep each other alive and well) 
simple as that.  For women it is
necessary for you to learn:  “boys love
their mothers/ because they choose them first, not last”.  Don’t be so proud, help your spouse/ be
gentle, kind, and forgiving.  For men, it
is necessary for you to learn:  “listen
to your wife/ together forever means, THIS AFFECTS ME TOO”.  As in I have rights/ just like yours. It is
necessary for you to learn:  DON’T be in
love with your penis/ BE IN LOVE, WITH YOUR WIFE!  The difference is, make love to her/ NOT your
penis!  She ain’t a damn rubbing stick,
or a stop watch either.  Stop doing only
what you like/ and start doing what makes her happy too!  ASK QUESTIONS, if you don’t know. 

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