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Lectures, a
failure and success/ with no room for error.

       People will listen “to one short
discourse of developments in knowledge or understanding/ IF it is something
which interests them, a tiny bit.” Beyond that one decision, even if they come
back asking for information:  giving them
the slightest bit of discovery beyond what they want/ WILL ALWAYS result in “DON’T
lecture” me!  It is as true as rain
consists of droplets/ not floods.

       So I ask the question to you:  in terms of a world dying “in your own sight/
if you look, a tiny bit at truth”;   then
why are you so concerned with learning more? 
The answer of course is fear, and in particular:  I DON’T WANT/ what I don’t want.  TELL ME ONLY, “what I do want/ and give me
that for free”!  even then, you don’t
want it for free;  because you want to “pay
a penny”/ so you can say, “I won this”.  Pride
gets in the way.  Pride says:  “I WON’T be defeated”/ therefore power says,
I must control the game.

       So then the critical delusion is “this is
a game, the world can’t die”/  THE WORLD
CAN’T DIE!  That, is how it is; and
nobody can take that away.  Period, end
of discussion/ I don’t care what the evidence is:  THIS WORLD CAN’T DIE!  And they all run away to hide from reality. Reality
does not care about want, truth never lies! 
The consequence of that is:  THIS relationship
of threats to our very existence;  IS NO
GAME.  So pride nor power can help you
survive:  only truth.

       When knowledge fails, even though it
delivered what was true/ the reality is, “people did not want the truth”!  They want what they want, and nothing else,
unless it benefits them or makes them feel powerful. That in itself is a
question:  why want/ when it only leads
to lies!  Why hide from truth, when that
cannot last;  so says the law governing
life, time, and reality? Why look for benefits, when you know the only possible
path to survival:  IS DO, WHAT REALITY
DEMANDS WILL BE NECESSARY? When power is simply making someone else a slave/
why not remove power, and let life be free: 

       To answer these fundamental human
decisions with understanding, requires a lecture.  But then you never listen to lectures,
because they do not let you participate in having your way too.  The religion of university lectures, and
people memorize and mimic their lectures: 
because they believe “I will benefit/ if I do this”.  Some do, in ways called human time.  But without a substantial personal reward,
people refuse information that does not let them demand:  “what I want/ regardless of truth”.

       So let’s talk truth, as a relationship to
what you want. WHAT, then do you want?

       The answer is:  “anything that truly benefits ME”!  Everything that searches for what I want life
to be “with gusto”.  Rules for everyone
else/ but NONE for me.  Sex whenever I
want it, but at no other time:  “YOU will
wait for me, YOU will do what I want you to do”/ period.  Give me everything & make me work for
nothing.  Prove I get “heaven:  the place believers say, grants all these
things without a price”!  Even though
that means others must be your slave.  Or,
you intent to sacrifice them, for your own purposes.

       So let’s investigate reality
instead:  you want everything/ in a dying
world.  Because you have taken everything
you could grab, without replacing a single “penny’s worth”!  Living on a credit card, with no intent to
pay:  “means you’re a thief”.  Making the children responsible for your debt
means:  “you are a traitor”/ to them.

       As time passes by:  the desire for everything “with gusto”, has
grown/ the reality of threat begins to sink in; 
so caution is thrown to the wind, and you fall into the abyss called
want.  Destroying yourself with lies.  Deliberately choosing to sacrifice others, so
you can play/ and pretend “Your god, the university” will save you. Even though
they brought you to all these threats….creating HELL to come.

       Rules are:   for measuring the individual/ so you can
judge them.  So you can throw away their
lives, or steal their property, or confine them to an existence beyond
yourselves:  by making them slaves to
you. Rules are for seizing control of government, to betray democracy, and
invade society with lies, cheating, stealing, whoring, fantasies, and
failure:  by becoming “rulers”.  Without a legitimate right! Which is an

       TO OWN another human being, to use them
or abuse them for your own purposes or intent: 
lives in sex, as a predominant characteristic of “the chemical man or
woman”.  As in “this is NOT for love/ it
is lust”.  Lust is the existence of a
claim:  “that I can use or abuse this
body of yours, WHENEVER AND HOWEVER I want”. 
Because that is all that is important to me. When lust expands beyond
sex as a fundamental of existence;  it
changes to a critical role of dominance. That purpose is to prove I can/ YOU
have no say.

       Gluttony and selfishness, are “partners
in the same bed”:  one fucks the
other.  Gluttony “give me everything its
mine/ all mine, you get nothing”:  is the
search within want “to be king or queen”. 
As in I OWN IT ALL/ you are nothing compared to me!  Selfishness as is the mirrored reflection of
gluttony;  construes to discover any and
all means to the end that Is   “I OWN IT
ALL/ FALL DOWN, and worship me”.  I am
god/ you owe me!

       We then come to heaven:  “WHATEVER I WANT, and nothing less than
except to serve ME”.  A reality that does
not exist!

       So then these are the things you sell
your lives for:  having examined them, “I
ask you WHY”?

       While I know it takes courage to
accomplish change/ and I know you fear the consequences of change dramatically.
The reality is without change, soon you will have absolutely nothing of value
left to live for.  Dead, even if you
remain an existence for a short time.

       So let’s talk change!

       You cannot continue multiplying the human
population:  or there will be nothing
left but war and cannibalism.  Just how
it is.  Not a game. There are answers;
but you don’t want them, even though you have no choice except to die as a

       You cannot continue to destroy, ransacking
all resources, mutilate nature, or any other facet of letting university
experimentation continue. You have no choice except to die as a world.   Nature, environment, every chain of life,
EVERYTHING will die unless you stop the insane, and their religion. Just how it
is;  like it or not.  Separate the lies/ refuse their theories/ and
identify what can and what cannot be proven true.

       You cannot continue to burn fossil fuels
as you do;  our world is in trouble.  You are burning more oxygen than the earth
can produce:  the reality of even a tiny
drop in oxygen concentration will be horrendous.  Produce a different world.

       You cannot continue to allow military or
their weapons as has been throughout history. 
WORLD LAW, and enforcement of that law on  your leaders/ your rulers:   BY WE THE PEOPLE, is an absolute
necessity.  No more weapons of mass
destruction/ no more excuses or refusal. No more destruction or we make every
leader involved pay the price we set.

       You CANNOT continue in the oceans are you
are doing:  literally killing everything
in the sea.  You will soon starve, with
no way back.

       You cannot continue to destroy the water
supplies, or make excuses for not handling this resource with care.  Or you war as in “the apocalypse:  with only three days to die, there are no
boundaries to cruelty”.

       You cannot continue to enslave animals
without respect.  Every life, WHICH MEANS
EVERY LIVING THING, has an inherent need to value living.  Without that, wholesale slaughter begins/ not
suicide directly, but the complete loss of order will come.  Don’t mutilate NOTHING/ DON’T crucify
NOTHING/ don’t genetically alter anything: 
with extremely few exceptions, UNDER direct supervision of humanity
itself.  Do use genetic information,  in aid of criminal law.  The ONLY place a genetic lab or its equipment
will be allowed/ failure to obey, is punishable by death.

       You cannot continue to discard
justice:  the judge must be judged by
society/ and removed at will of society. 
The lawyers SHALL be paid through the court:   at a wage that shall not go beyond “middle
scale, for the area wide population”.  The
cost for:  Civil cases shall be paid by
whoever loses:  to the court/ as society
decides, “there will be limits on every definable case”.  The jury SHALL remember it is there to protect
society:  establishing both punishment
and the reality of trial they would expect for themselves.

       You cannot continue the stock market or
the conglomeration of companies to control the entire economies of a nation
through the extreme failure of a monopoly. 
The stock market is a monopoly, that does absolutely nothing of value
for society:  it is merely a game/ and
all their toys, are counterfeit.  Breaking
apart every corporation into a SINGLE PIECE/ that cannot be larger than what
society accepts for itself:  shall be
done.  Agriculture/ banking/
medicine:  ALL OF IT, shall be broken
into the “bits and pieces” society believes will benefit itself.  WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE, we make the law/ and
enforce it, for ourselves. 

       You cannot continue to proclaim “let the
government pay”:  that brought you to
your knees/ and made this nation USA bankrupt, and preying upon each other.  When the price is too high, to stay in business:  THEN the price comes down, or someone else
takes your business.  No more loans for
college/ no more debts for students: 
other than, the professor gets a percentage dependent upon his or her
work, in getting you, your job.  No job/
no debt.  The state runs the college, the
hierarchy of a college:  will be
determined by laws generated by the public. 
A percentage of the money goes here/ a percentage goes there:  no mixing allowed, all is separate.

       You cannot continue to allow “medicine to
extort you”!  That means healthcare HAS
DECISIONS TO MAKE.  There is a day/ there
is a cost:  that is too high for society
to pay;  even if its “your” life. No more
games:   society will decide what it contributes
to healthcare, and there will be no more. 
Make it work, or abandon those who cannot be realistically and honestly “saved”.

       Life lives because of resources:  which means the future is dead/ UNLESS you
make the clear choices required to bring it back to life.  Your children are dead/ unless they fight for
themselves against you.  THAT IS, the
choice you made against them/ by your leaders, and their university religion. Believe
it or not, that is absolutely true!


       The world lives or dies:  because you did or did not change/ WITHOUT
making money the deciding factor.  Change
requires a clear understanding of what is at stake.  What is at stake is whether this entire
planet can remain alive/ or it all dies; 
literally EVERYTHING.  Because that,
is where your university gods led you to be. A religion of fools;  is called a cult.  I suggest you change!

       With respect/ caring/ sharing/ deliberate
decisions/ orderly restraint/ functioning justice/ honest democracy/ critical
truth/ discipline enforced/ courage/ and a purpose that includes the blessing
called love:   YOU CAN SURVIVE.

       However if that price is too high/ then
you may as well surrender now;  and just
let the planet burn.  Because “that, IS

       What part of “game”;  do you still assume to be true?  This is no game, this is reality calling
you:  with a message,    “EITHER CHANGE, or dig your grave”.  Because truth will agree:   “your choice is one, OR the other”.  There is no middle ground! 

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