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The postscript
of life is loneliness.  A reality
determined by the elements of existence, without true or significant

       As a resultant phenomena, the consequence
is that we must build participation for ourselves!  So the critical question is:  HOW?

       As we examine primary human responses,
the male results are:  “make someone or
something an enemy/ therefore, we don’t need permission to participate;  we take whatever we want”.  The female results are:  “make someone or something want me/ therefore
I have control over their participation in or with others;  by demanding me first”.  

       The far more serious response is:  how do we live, with life within ourselves
(the body called existence)?  The answer:  live within truth, by establishing order
through the disciplines of law.


       However logical that statement is:  it does not contend with the foundation
argument, “I am alone”!  Consequently developmental
truth argues, “the need for friendship participation is not logical/ it is
elemental, to the fabric of soul”!  Therefore
what can pacify those who gave away their soul, for revenge, or other/ can be
complacent with ridicule and hate.   BUT: Those who do own their soul, cannot
behave in the same way, or accept the same conclusions. Complacency is a grave

       The fabric of soul, is life!

       So the question is:  what can resolve the need for friendship, and
how do we participate in a relationship that binds life together, so as none
shall then be lonely?  The critical
element is love.  Without love, there are
only illusions or delusions of life beyond self.   Fabric
means: {LOVE embodies existence with the interwoven expressions, that then
experience} what can be participation with you. 
Love identifies the creation of your identity, by establishing a
framework upon which the desires of your own heart are released. That framework,
is a disciplined sense of order/ balance/ and truth:  by which we do learn to trust each other. Trust
binds us together as one, therefore trust is the element that will determine,
our eternal lives.  Therefrom love is the
answer, for all who have soul.

       Discipline asks:  WHAT is soul?  The answer replies:  I have accepted “my friend”/ MY CREATOR, as a
participant in my life through time, and beyond.

       As soul is not “human, by nature”/ the
reality of this decision exists beyond time, and even beyond self as a human
being. So the question is:  WHAT on
earth, DOES THAT mean?

       In the same way that life and body are
not functionally equal, humanity and soul are not fundamentally equal either. Or
more simply, the critical element of whether we exist or not:  is bound up within the energy that gives us
our freedom.  So with clarity, it is
energy and freedom which transposes life and living into existence:  or more simply translated, where there is
thought, there is life.

       In terms of loneliness, the question
presented by thought is:  WHAT is

       In that question comes humanity, and its
choices for the composition of intelligence: 
or more distinctly “the soiled diaper, of a university brain”.  Nothing is more delusional, than those who
choose to play god;  and then try to
prove they are god, by igniting an atomic fire/ or mutilating nature/ or
assuming evolution is anything but a joke/ etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!  Thereby we know:  no thought exists here.  Merely the delusion of details, by which
tragedy, corruption, and chaos result.

       Regarding loneliness through the elevation
of thought, into creation itself/ is a step by step process of development,
capable only to those who go beyond themselves in a search for life and living
beyond time. At its extreme edge then, thought identifies Creation, and with
it   “GOD”  ;  as a
development in truth.  Truth CANNOT fully
or functionally identify   GOD  , however it does present evidence, which
cannot be denied by truth.  The consequence
of that, solidifies trust/ and with trust, love blossoms as it was intended to
be. Therefore love participates in thought, as 
GOD  allows.  Loneliness conceives of “no one cares, about
me”.  Thought by its relationship with
soul, proves that wrong; and loneliness dissipates accordingly.

       I have lived alone, in all aspects of
both life and living in time;  searching
always for what is beyond the limits of our lives.  Demanding LIFE, and LOVE  must be RESPECTED!  The critical question is:  are you willing to abandon this world,
because you have not attained the same?  Massive
threats against our world have arisen, which will exterminate life:  only change can stop them.  Even then, no guarantee exists that you will
survive/ because thought is non-existent from a university brain.  Knowledge is neither good nor bad/ what you
do with it, by understanding the consequences does illuminate “good or bad”. The
universities have deliberately attacked every aspect of our existence on earth.
Deliberately and desperately, trying to kill LIFE itself/ and EVEN this planet,
along with its solar system;  by turning
this earth into a sun.  They have no
connection “with common sense”:  the
value of reality  which decides,  for
life!  RATHER than,
simply for self.

       Each one knows:  how to be a friend.  Each one knows, what the cost of loneliness
is.  Each one knows:  to judge is wrong/ because you DON’T know
enough.  Each one knows, that time is
precious to all who realize, “life has value”. 
Each one knows, “a friend CANNOT be disguised by a face/ color/ form/
ability/ or any other prejudice”. A friend is, 
shared existence, developed by honest truth;  because we care!


I ADD IN:  that the fundamentals of Revelation 17, are
now in view/ which means the trial has begun “with or without you”.  The elements of life that provide you with “incentives
to think” are here!  Which means the
universities who have brought you to the edge of collapse as a world/ must
defend themselves;  even though, they
were absolutely certain “they can’t be touched”.  Religion too, has decisions to make/ as the
basic relationship religion has always served is “I believe (want what I want/
regardless of the evidence)”;  now
extinct.  You must find faith (I trust
truth), or your relationship with  GOD
will be terminated.

end of time for this earth is at hand: 
MERCY which does keep us alive in this time IS COMING TO AN END.  Therefore you will make your decision:  for life and GOD/  or continue to your destruction as “the
university is our god”.  They are proven
to be “opposites”. Which means you cannot have them both.  One or the other, WILL be proven true.


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