time is a chain

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Time is a chain, dragging every existence, & every  single life into the future/ until they are stopped. If we question that, the critical moment becomes:  WHY, does time exist?

Discussion begins with time itself, which means to dissolve according to the realities and laws which hold existence together as an individual unit of participation. Even the essence of a rock participates with “rocks” to form a mass. So, the critical discussion becomes:  what holds existence together/ and why does it dissolve its participation with environmental or assembled unity? Or, more simply “nothing formed as a mass can last forever”.

We begin the examination of time within the understanding:  what binds every existence together as an individual unit, whether an atom or a mountain/ the reality conceived is “energy”. Energy identifies itself, as movement; whether controlled or not controlled. Energy is the foundation element that can and does provide movement. Even a mountain moves, “as the atoms inside”. So the critical question is:  HOW does discipline/ balance/ and order originate and control that energy, or its potential for a unit of mass, to move?

This is a dimensional development with spiritual overtones, that cannot be explained to you.  The failures/ tragedies/ fantasies/ and outright terrorists among human beings as “university knows”;  take any information given and try to destroy our entire world. Consistently, and without regard or respect for any life but their own. So it is a moot point, from this description onward. Provided only because it gives a look at what lies beyond the simple and plain; as an evidence of where thought can go. Thought is not an energy, it is a transformation of energy participants, that then relay both experience and expression as an interpretable value. Without value thought does not exist/ destruction is not a participant in thought; it is merely an energy released to chaos.

So the critical lesson to be gleaned, for all who desire a relationship with spirit:  the essence of what is true.  You must identify and create the value of life, and give it the essence to become “your world”;  beyond time.  Time identifies the transition of your soul, from simple to complex; as you design that to be.  Babies are born into life, without the element called why.  The question of why, is a construction conceiving of value.  When we understand why, we begin the journey that lives inside the soul;  to become our destiny. Therefore why isolates time, and alters existence by reforming the energy which moves us, into an experience that is not found outside of thought. As we grow, through the intensity of experience, and identify the creation of expression as we see fit/ alternate compositions in participation broaden that measure, and we begin to see in time:  that it is a journey. To be taken with, or without people, places, or things.

So the question is, WHY is a journey the environmental purpose of living?  The quest to understand value originates here.

The relationship begins with the element of journey itself;  by recognizing an element describes the single foundational creation upon which all that is mass originates.  Therefore your journey originates by describing within yourself, the most fundamental desire you own:  for why you are participating as you do/ or do not.  From this desire, a purpose forms!  From a purpose found, a life defines itself accordingly.

People lose their way, or become “cast adrift” by a wide variety of causes:  because they have not fully anchored themselves into a single desire within. Hate does this by revenge! Love does this, by accepting respect identifies truth, and truth understands the value of being held within thought!

That brings us to the elemental reality separating desire from life itself:  which is, truth allows only “love or hate” as your foundation of life. You cannot have both, and until you understand that/ you cannot achieve any form of spiritual ascension. As is the elevation called thought.

Function asserts, thought exists “in all levels and types of life”/ because without the freedom of a decision to be made, or the recognition of existence;  life cannot be. Life in time, is about movement; even if it is strictly a potential, the value of individuality gives life its participation. Participation is a form of freedom. So we ask, “why, is freedom, not free”? Thought assembles that question into the details of what individuality must mean to existence. The critical test is:  can you survive freedom/ and is that necessary, even for you? So the definition of survival arrives as the functional relationship, that gives mass its moments to encounter freedom, “in the sun” so to speak. But that does not answer the more complex question, why is survival necessary?

If nothing survived/ then nothing exists. Consequently survival creates a universe, where nothing “existed before”. The bond between atoms MUST exist, or there is no documented existence for energy as well. Therefore we come to the descriptions of WHAT transformed “nothing/ into something”?

The consequence here is:  without order/ discipline/ balance/ truth;  and its associated relationships within the terms of thought;  there is no substance to create! Creation means:  to conceive of time, and give it freedom to create itself!  Thereby “filling the universe” with life. Life is the elemental beginning that ascends within thought, to participate with energy.

By defining the details in energy, and creating the dimensional boundaries assembled as a destiny;  eternity is conceived.

By understanding thought is the essence of life itself, the potential for joining existence beyond time is realized. So the question is:  WHAT, kind of life could eternity provide? Though translates that question by producing the evidence of this earth and all its life;  as a miracle recognized and respected in truth. If you need more, “there is love”! If you need to understand, “created but not abandoned:  “there is JESUS”.

Foundations are laid, within whatsoever “you value most”!

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