critical failures

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The critical failures of humanity itself, are as follows


The elemental pride of claiming, “just because you are human/ means you have value” fails: wherever hate arises. Because value, is a reference to what sustains and elevates life itself, into the blessings of happiness, peace, hope, love, truth, discipline, order, balance, respect, and all things life affirming. Hate does not/ it only adds destruction!

The elemental want, of believing “I have a right”; therefore I have a reason, which allows me to lie/ cheat/ steal/ commit treason/ terrorism/ or any other delusion that functionally or fundamentally destroys the ability of life, society, or self to survive in peace, happiness, harmony, hope, or respect.  Is an enemy!

The pitiful assumption called righteousness, which then grants “to its owner”:  judgment of others, without law. Assembles the assertion, that you are not only better/ but can assist or play god with life. It is a fool’s delusion.

The religious zealot asserts:  “I WILL make god rule this planet/ because I have a book”! Therefore I can kill all who stand in my way, “to be god’s weapon”. Little is more descriptive of insanity, than to believe you will “make god” do anything.  Although, there are people who steal a child from eternity, and inherent true and horrendous wrath, by their own actions.

The university idiot believes, “I have found a grain of sand (called knowledge), on a hundred mile beach”;  therefore I am god, or in many cases they believe “even greater than god”.  When that delusion threatens life or planet or both (as it clearly does today), the category called SATAN arrives.  Because arrogance so delusional as this, is worse than an enemy/ it is a traitor in our midst.

The political beast is:  a rampaging of fools, whose only purpose is to collect everything they can “right now”/ because the future truly, doesn’t matter at all!  As is the truth of all political decisions in this day. Their decision is: LET THE CHILDREN DIE! But remember this, that politics which are not overrun by military weapons;  is fundamentally run by the people themselves.  When the people are fed up, with lies, cheating, stealing and other:  things change/ or revolutions begin.

The military whore is:  all who conceive of a time or place, where weapons rule the world;  and “you, are their god”.

The disease of a judiciary is:  the corruption of life, society, and environment/ because you, are “the extra special smart one, who knows everything important”.  Thereby trashing peace, life, nation, democracy, humanity, planet, and world by removing justice in favor of fools:  is a horrendous act, worthy of prison.

The infection of money, is a tragedy to society, and every aspect of humanity itself;  because power gives fools opportunities they do not deserve. A fool is, someone who believes “life is a game/ and only winners count”. A failure is someone who believes, “life is a game that was lost”/ therefore revenge, jealousy, abuse, hatred, violence, and rage are accounted as fair.

The herd affect, is a reality of human existence granted only by the intent to avoid predators. The predatory gang is, a reality of human hatred whose only intent is to create fear. The cost of both:  “we let them/ as opposed to, they can’t stop us”.  Is a life with criminals! The ONLY resultant cure is to separate those who hate, BY LOCKING THEM:  “into their own little world”. Not simply prison, but a territory apart. Hate disassembled Syria (for instance):  therefore hate deserves to inherit its own desire. Once the fences are up, and weapons placed.

Hatred is, the disease of the dead: those who cast aside the values of life, for the dysentery:  “I will make you pay”!

Lust is, the value of life/ sacrificed to chemical addiction.  Rape adds in, the demand for power. Intentionally, Transmitting disease is the same, at times even worse! Temptation struggles to believe “life does have something to make me happy”. The end result of it all is:  YOU have stripped life of its respect, dignity, and disciplines. By making the body, rather than its life; the only thing which matters to you! That is,  an object to be controlled, manipulated, used, abused, or destroyed;  simply because you can. Which is then an act in direct betrayal of life. The end result is a punishment worthy of the crime:  destroying or intending to destroy a living creation of   GOD. By removing their own desire to live.

Humanity in society believes, “we have every right, to do anything we want/ and take anything and everything we can, leaving nothing for life.”  A reality that humanity has done since its beginning; and is the primary cause for all wars, and environmental destruction.  Today however, that reality has achieved its fundamental end:  because nature can no longer overwhelm, replace, or even keep up.  Which means the only result as proven by the evidence is:  YOUR DECISION, AS ELDERS,  to send your children to HELL.

Humanity in worship of the insane, as are all who deliberately destroy.  The critical enemy of this time/ as is the deliberate defecation of university delusions upon life and planet.  Mutilating everything they can find/ doing everything possible to make survival impossible/ and even trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun:  proves “SATAN in our midst”.  Yet the fool believes “without questioning”, and the insane believe “our gods can’t be wrong”, and the failure believes “there is nothing I can do: HIDE, HIDE, RUN AWAY AND HIDE”.  TO BELIEVE means:  I can have anything I want, because nobody can make me believe anything I don’t want, “to believe”.  IT’S MINE, all mine, and you can’t have it!  I WIN. In this case, indeed you have “hell (insanity rules)/ Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ the apocalypse (everyone is an enemy, kill them all)/ HADES, which is eternal damnation, for killing this CREATION”.  Which adds in cannibalism, starvation, and every form of extermination that IS possible.  Because that, is what the gods of humanity “down at the good ole university” led you too:  with your help, and clear support.  Congratulations, you win the curse: eternity will never forget you!


There are more tragedies of human existence on earth of course/ these are just some of the highlights. “threats all around”; what a grand exit from life, is it not?

Obviously you can’t be bothered to change, or even question reality:  not even for a world!  After all, you got money to earn/ bills to pay:  and a whole world of things to buy, even if you never pay for anything.  DEMANDING generation after generation “LET THE DAMN CHILDREN PAY”.  After all, you don’t owe them NOTHING;  now ain’t that right?



So, let’s expand the tragedies of humanity, “its so easy”, we might as well.

The elemental explanation of nearly every human life is, when asked why you don’t care, and pushed to answer; the nearly one hundred percent answer is:  “you don’t care about me/ and then, I just want what I want; and people get in my way/ and then, I don’t care about nothing else, but me, or what I want”. After all, “the planet cannot die”/ that is impossible!

Upon examination of that complaint:  we do find, that people when confronted with the reality of want; are either confronting the others with ridicule or any other form of jealousy, and the intent to control.  Or, they are being confronted by the others with ridicule, or other forms of manipulation. The most vulnerable, and influenced group being:  the very young.  This exists, as humanity searches for everything it wants; because someone else has or interferes with what you want. Or, in competition someone has won/ therefore you have lost. Which brings jealousy “I can’t compete with this”/ and the constant result which is abuse, “it’s all your fault”. Therefore since its all your fault, “the righteous decide/ then I have every reason needed to use you, for whatever I desire to gain”.

The most fundamental of all human behaviors is:  “that I want a friend/ I want to be included/ I want what I want”.  These three commonly produce society itself, which is only modulated by the demand for justice, and what the court systems actually produce in truth. The criminal component asserts “I have a cause/ you didn’t treat me right”;  or you did not give me an honest chance, therefore I have to make my own. Behavior is the expression, of what society expects me to do/ or what I believe society expects me to do:  and your decision accordingly. Some do exactly what they are told to do (don’t look at me; hide)/ some fight against anything they are told to do (look at me; fight); most reside in-between the extremes (run away, not my problem/ leave me alone).  The reality of death is:  it only happens once, so the planet dying “isn’t impossible, it just hasn’t happened yet.  When you deliberately destroy everything life and planet need to survive: you have killed it. “science” has even found a way, to destroy this solar system; by creating another sun out of this earth.  “happy yet”; isn’t that what you want:  you’re university gods say it is?

People are bullied, because they have been bullied/ or they don’t know how to interact in a way that gets them accepted.  Consequently they want others, to know what it feels like to be bullied too.  That is not an excuse, there is no excuse.  Instead it seeks to understand the basis of making someone an enemy, even though you have no cause. The foundation of that behavior is:  respect me or I won’t respect you.  Depression and other anxiety issues which do lead to the current disgrace of people turning to a gun, fire, etc. Is caused by the elevation of a certainty, “My life, will never be ok”; as in I am trapped in this reality, and there is no escape.  Being trapped without an escape, leads to insanity/ insanity is, the failure to expand beyond simply, yourself. The world is a VERY small place, if you are the only person in it, that matters.

So, let’s talk reality and the essence of believing “I am isolated, by my own choice or not;  into exclusion”.  Nobody talks or walks or cares, about me!  A situation aggravated everyday, by the constant of university delusions and media collusion to destroy life on earth.  Everyday, people are told to “be wary of others/ never talk to strangers/ predators are everywhere”. Which isolates both you, and every other person on earth; because if you listen to their advice, NOBODY should come near to you/ nor you to them!  Simple as that. The end result of that is children are not allowed to play/teenagers search for intimacy and acceptance through sex/ parents fight for separation from society (make me rich)/ humanity itself, is now drowning in its delusion “my phone is my friend”;  and so on.  Artificial intelligence in any form is almost never “a friend”/ it is an enemy coming to control and sacrifice you, whether “its your own nation, or not”. Because power NEVER produces kindness, nor any form of social betterment. These tragedies of university merely take your jobs, and destroy your democracy; with the rare exception of doing extremely dangerous work.  Not military work, because that is less than fair;  “you want to kill them/ should they not be allowed to kill you back”?  the military says HELL NO/ yet that is only because “the robots are on our side”/ until a computer takes control over them all, and now they kill anyone!

We do have to ask why, is university “your god”?  The human worship surrounds the two fundamental questions in weapons of mass destruction (we can’t have less, or they kill us instead)/ and medical care “I DON’T WANT TO DIE;  SAVE ME”.  Even though it is death by disease and other issues, that have given every single person here;  the true opportunity to live.  Without population control, there is  no future! That fact underlines the reality of nature, and its methods to then let the best, and most suited to survival;  live!  We are 8 billion people:  ANY reality, that examines the cost of that truth on nature;  which does feed us, etc.  And our future is clearly  dead;  our world exterminated, simply by human population growth. The consequent of university, by their own delusion is:  “we can play god now”.  Indeed they can and have, separating life from everything it needs to survive:  gives them the title of SATAN.  It means destroyer of a world, but is that not “a kind of god”? Every form of hate, demands “yes it is”!


The critical question, commonly placed is:  WELL THEN, what would you do? That in and of itself, is as simple as let nature choose:  making every decision strictly limited too “what is best for the planet and all its life”.  And every human says, “well that AIN’T going to happen”!  So, we simply descend into the chaos which you chose/ and that includes what will soon be the ignition of  an atomic fire “just like the sun” here on earth. Everything is ready, and it can happen on any given day, because the machine(s) have been created.  Reality then states, “there is no further purpose” in fighting for life:  not when you can’t even be lifted from the sewer of endless brainwashing by media, to insure you don’t understand anything about truth, life, or a future you could survive.  Congrats, you get to be exterminated/ you’re children burned alive with you, if not cannibalized:  because surrounded by threats, any one of which brings extinct to our world:  ONLY HELL is left!

Nonetheless, just for the sake of killing time “isn’t that a funny;  killing time (as if I was like you)”; I guarantee, I am not.  A lifetime, basically of fighting for this world and its life, DOES prove that.  The question of what to do, has nothing in or of itself, to do with me.  Rather it does have everything to do with you;  as humanity itself is the problem, and must change to survive. Even though you absolutely DON’T WANT NOTHING, that must be paid:   for life to go on. Alas you just don’t care! Oh well.

So, what must you do?

  1. Reality states, just about everything university is responsible for is tragic/ and must be changed. It is that simple. That list is so long, I have absolutely no desire to type it; so like you “I want nothing, if not truly simple”.
  2. Reality states; every fire, every motor, everything you do that consumes oxygen must be dramatically reduced/ or we all asphyxiate ourselves. To accomplish that, life will become very nearly like it used to be in the 1950’s in America.  “little self-supporting, business towns or villages”/ an affection for high-rise buildings in cities/ nobody gets hired, unless they live within ten miles or less;  and so on. So there is no excuse to drive. Which requires public transportation that does NOT expand the area so that people travel: you will work where you live, because that is required to survive.
  3. Reality states: weapons of mass destruction cannot continue to exist, or the world is exterminated. That leaves you with only one solution:  world law, and world policing over leaders.  NOT armies that invade countries/ but “policing” that brings leaders to justice through a courtroom declared for the world. By laws created through all the people fighting for justice, peace, and happiness. With world law:  70 percent of the military around this world has no purpose/ and the money, and threat;  flows away.
  4. Reality states: resources depleted assassinate the future/ killing every child, and everything else. There is no exception, “reuse/ recycle/ repair/ replant/ rebuild/ insulate/ and so on:  WITH EVERYTHING”.   Your elders stole everything they could;  leaving nothing for a child. The bill is due.
  5. Reality states: money can no longer decide!  Instead limited capitalism must rule;  thereby letting all the people decide what is fair for everyone by voting on the limits EVERYONE can attain in income or property.  Establishing “WE get a fair share too”!  Demanding the currency is created by census count/ and tied directly there too.  Removing control for debt from the politician and all others/ and giving it to constitutional law.
  6. Reality states: no society survives without an honest and fair courtroom. American courts fail, and most are found corrupt/ treasonous/ and without justice.  Judging the judge, and the lawyer is required. Limiting their power, is mandatory. Removing the lies, which grant “the judge no supervision; or, I can stay as long as I want”/ IS NOT CONSTITUTIONAL.  Establish, “fail us, and you are removed or imprisoned;  at our discretion”. That includes policing which fails, is directly the responsibility of those who live in that area. Which means:  declare yourselves separate, and hire your own.  The requirements for hire:  are then yours alone!  Then when needed;  work together as best you can. Go get the money, from those who failed.
  7. Reality states: the endless poisoning of the planet CANNOT be sustained. Which does mean:  you need more workers in the fields/ similar, but not the same; as to what was being done in the fifties.  The “factory farm, in its every conception”;  CANNOT be sustained, it lives and dies without antibiotics/ and they are failing for you too. No more: Antibiotics will make you very sad; far more than the pennies you save. The pollinators MUST be saved.
  8. Reality states: YOU CAN’T continue to deforest the earth/ the extinction of everything on land follows. YOU CAN’T continue to ransack and rape the seas/ you will soon die from starvation.  It is absolutely necessary to rebuild the oceans, and that includes feeding the creatures in it:  fail to feed them dead human bodies “whatever it takes to make it suitable food for the sea”/ or you face certain cannibalism.
  9. Reality states: INVESTIGATE THE drinking WATER, AND BE AFRAID/ because you live or die, dependent upon;   “a last thread”.
  10. Reality states: there is more work than you can handle for a decade, because the rebuilding of our world is so massive an endeavor.  After that however, the reality of human work will be so limited as to give each individual “a twenty hour work week”.  To survive that, you must identify and create the realities you are willing to surrender too.  As reality proves throughout history, a humanity with too much time on its hands, is fraught with bad choices/ deluded into believing chemical addictions are an answer/ or distinct groups will become, just plain evil. Which is why, humanity must separate itself into “love here/ hate there”, with no chance to participate with each other!  Time is either “good or bad”/ dependent upon your own desires.  CHOOSE FOR LIFE, and life will then be good!  Choose for wealth, and only war can result.
  11. Reality states: you CANNOT have air-conditioning except in very isolated situations/ because global warming is an event you will not survive.  Air-conditioning is, the primary cause/ as is lack of insulation, improper building, and most things you do.
  12. Reality states: you will accept population controls, and enforce them. You will decide on HOW MUCH, any and every person shall be entitled to receive as medical care/ before they care given up for death:  because that “is how it is”! no excuses allowed. You will recognize, that every individual who lives today/ takes the life away from someone in the future. Because resources will run out, and without resources nobody lives.
  13. Reality states: government IS THE LAW YOU CREATE, to live by! Therefore whosoever creates that law, creates and controls the government:  WHO BETTER,  “THAN WE THE PEOPLE”.  Not voting for people to vote for me; but voting on the law I must live with, and as society, or a world; for myself!
  14. Reality states: an endless list, and I am finished talking to you. You aren’t worth the work. After all, you believe whatever you want/ regardless of the evidence or its truth:  because the media owns your brain.
  15. Congratulate your universities: they earned an eternity, even though they believe the most worthless things. The end result is, for all the “leaders, who ended life on earth”.  There will be a “reward”! you should be “very proud”, after all as the saying goes, it will deepen your hole, and add more chains.  its a saying, but it means:  pride demands a game, and games create the impetus for war.  it”s no secret the universities believe “they can win a war with  GOD “.  It’s called “sewer overflow”.  But then as the university brain knows:  even surrounded by a world of engineered miracles/ a body, that gives life as absolute guarantee “of greater realities than this”;   nothing in the world of life, can penetrate their brain. “cause for many, it seeps sewage”.


Of the MANY things necessary, that of course will not happen;  is children must raise up against parent and grandparent, in order to save their own future. Anything less will fail/ because the parents and grandparents believe they are too old to start over, or lose what they depend upon. So they cannot actively defeat themselves, or their money, or their ways;  it is against human nature.  Unfortunately for everyone, reality does not care/ truth kills, when reality demands it;  regardless of want. Changing the endless tirade of “university knows”, and all their stories;  requires a commitment/ they have infected everything with their diseases. Including all forms of media, politics, education and so on:  thereby know the army is prepared!  ALAS what cannot be discounted as well is, the certainty of truth by the evidence, and its clear assertion:  NONE OF THIS(see reality has a list), can be sustained or survived. Even the planet itself is going to be destroyed. If ignited by atomic fire, even the solar system will be destroyed:  although there is a caveat. The ignition of “a million mile flame, at 10 million degrees”;  is like a jet propulsion engine/ it has thrust, enough to push this earth out of orbit. The oceans are “fluid fuels”/ which mean they will burn exceedingly fast, gaining speed.  Once the oceans are burned, the difference in temperatures, between the vast rise and falls associated with this planet; WILL cause it to explode/ sending pieces of mass on fire, throughout.  So, there is a real possibility the solar system might survive, “without earth”. Not that it matters!

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