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Beyond the scope of humanity, is the essence of eternity itself/ the quest, to belong where only truth can survive.


Given the realm of energy that we must inhabit, is without pause or concern for whether “you live or die”/ the reality is then fundamentally a participation within truth itself. Time is an incubator, granting the occupant an opportunity to prepare & decide if he or she can survive the critical translation of life, over death! The options are: to participate in truth/ to participate in your own destruction/ to dissipate into nothing. Declaring and proving yourself an ENEMY of  GOD;  by causing the loss “of a single child in love”, to HIM!  Is NOT optional, you have earned eternal “HADES”, the place where terror “enters its whore”!

Quest identifies the creation of a journey, the endless seas, to discover what can or cannot be. Within a journey are its participants, or more distinctly, those “things” which either enhance life and embrace truth/ or those things which defy life, thereby seeking death, and destroying truth.  At its core, these are “either love/ or hate”.  The elemental description is:  hate is a violence, that seeks chaos.  LOVE is a decision, that not only values life, but seeks its elevation into JOY. It takes purity in love, to achieve that! Making love itself, the only destiny worth achieving.

Definitions begin, with either environmental scope/ elemental dimensions/ fundamental thought/ or critical consequences;  each of which construct a vessel.  Life itself, constructs a body of truth, which then becomes the elevation of either living within (female) or living without (male).

To live within means simply:  that most important in life is the experiences that enter and secure themselves as expressions cultivating hope, love, kindness, family, happiness, friendships, and respect.  To live without, means simply:  these secure themselves to a desire, and a passion to realize and recognize the endless adventures which await all who can enter into thought as a transition of experience, which then expresses value, as courage, discipline, order, balance, thought, love, hope, and respect. To be “within and without” understands, every participant must share the meaning of life, because they care. Living with the passion of courage, needs hope. Living with the desire of love, needs discipline. Living with the purpose of kindness, requires order. Living with the elements of family can only be defended by balance. Happiness cannot be found outside of thought. Friendships cannot be formed outside of hope. Respect WILL ALWAYS remain the boundary between what can be, and what is!

Therefrom we begin the development of environmental scope;  as a lesson in the dimensional awareness of what is, or is not an element of existence! Since only thought can construct any of this, eternity resides in the essence of that thought. Therefrom the search into eternity itself, illuminates the question:  WHAT is thought, and from what does this originate?

The impediment of hate requires a very limited response/ or none at all. The horrendous disease, that is an intellectual “university brain”;  wants even the tiniest frame of understanding “to prove they are god”.  They are liars and fools, as such can never be trusted with anything.  Wherever insanity rules, thought dies. Nothing in the history of man, has been more insane than a university brain.  As is proven time and again, by those who mutilate life/ destroy all its foundations on purpose/ and literally intend to lie/ cheat/ and steal;  until the day they ignite this planet into another sun.  While media leads “the people” into believing the universities are god!  To your own eternal shame. The university brain is:  “one tiny little detail of knowledge, and now, “with nothing but a little stick”;  they believe they are gods”. Even greater than “ GOD “!

Discussion over, the cancer ladled into your soul, is too putrid.   Goodbye; because that, is what you chose.



Upon reflection, it is necessary to include in this discussion; the consequence or reality that is significant to me. The fact is, what is beyond human/ is beyond human. Which does mean a “new and different kind of spiritual experience” has been added to my life. VERY HARD to describe/ but gentle, kind, and friendly. The concepts which elevate thought into a different dimensional experience, are not allowed to humans; these can only be a gift. A thousand questions ensue, but I have no acceptable answers to you; “so they are mine alone”.  It is “a strange experience”.

Alternately, the spiritual woman inside;  seems to be making me into a physical woman/ she is not the source of this new spiritual experience. Just so its clear:  I have never had a desire to be “woman” in any sense of the word; not in any day or time.  Not my design/ not my intent, not now, never was: alternately I have lost control over the possibilities. In contrast, it is however my true desire to do whatever I can possibly, and honestly do; for the sake of this entire creation, called earth, and all its life! Therefore, whatever path that requires is literally acceptable to me:  respect for life itself, requires “such a little and limited sacrifice”/ if in fact, any possible good could come of it. Or, this could simply be a consequence of your biological tampering; as poisons beyond number/ mutilations in everything your universities can touch/ and a wide range of “we the humans, are now god”:  comes to bear “its rewards”.  I am believing no; “a billion to one or more”/ but I won’t rule it out; as of yet. What the universities have done is horrendous/ pray, you will never truly know.  In contrast, spiritual truth is a universal law of rights, and what is  female, intends purity shall rule here.

As for me, the reality of time grants us a body to use as our own tools, for experiencing and expressing life! My purpose remains, to respect that element of my own existence/ and pursue the true desire, which is to encounter “SOUL”.

AS FOR YOU;  the reality of human time, as displayed in the details of this day:  examine your truth as in danger of complete extermination. The cause is “university knows”; a religion based upon lies/ cheating/ stealing/ corruption/ fantasy/ failure to everything important that is alive/ and complete disrespect of   GOD  !  your “common religions” add in, with their own delusions of how the university is their god too. The end result is:  mutilating life/ destroying every possibility of survival/ igniting the planet itself on fire/ creating “robots” to war (which will mean, slavery and failure to life forever. Along with the intent to create biological weapons, whereby only a few can live with the antidote: to be released soon, so as to remove the masses.  Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!)

Your entire response to that reality is:  “don’t say nothing/ we may need them. Don’t do nothing/ we want to believe. Don’t question nothing, they can kill us all, or let us be killed”.  When in fact, it is the university brain (those few who really are in charge of everything) that fights to make you as dead inside, as are they. Who fights against life itself, because they are worthless to the living; “little more than lies”; and that makes them angry.        When you care about nothing/ you respect nothing. When you respect nothing/ you share nothing. When your world is hate/ you hate all those who have more “life” than you:  because they are “the evidence of your own failures”.

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