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Reality deems it true, that a vast number of people suffer from “being adrift” in their lives. Or more simply: they are without a plan (to choose destiny) or purpose (to conceive of value) or desire (to accept love) assembled by passion (to achieve the treasury known), or love (shared, because we care, “I and you”) without end. The consequence of this, is an adherence to want; because it is at least “something besides the loneliness in me”. Want brings with it pride, when you win the game life now is.  Pride brings revenge (replacing loneliness with hate), when you lose. Arrogance adds into pride, the assumption of superiority, which grants “you believe; I, can be god”.  Society suffers, as does environment, and all other living things; because hate never cares, “it is a lie, when that seems untrue”.

The question is:  HOW, does this vast number of people become anchored into LIFE HAS VALUE/ even without a game?

The answer biblically is:  to accept  GOD  has not abandoned you! That all these miracles of life and planet that exist, are evidence of love/ realities of care/ destinies which conceive of “unimaginable beauty and life”.  Even eternity, when added into the life and promises of JESUS himself.

The answer non-biblically is:  life is not a game/ sex is not a game, the body is not a toy/ people are not a game/ work is not a game/ environment must be respected/ and society is a teeming sea of humanity, whose only real purpose is to remain alive.

Between these two answers, is a reality constructed by the consequence of who you choose to be. Life is a choice between love or hate/ everything else is simply survival. Therefore the essence of your own personal journey, and its every decision is either:  love or hate.  These are complete opposites of each other, and cannot be combined in any form;  even if the essence of law, requires the power to enforce it. Love requires justice, and fair play!

We then examine the reality of an anchor in life, as the critical choice, and your acceptance of that choice:  to be either “every decision for love”/ or every decision will be for hate, by whatsoever degree you choose.  Alternate anchors exist, as discipline/ order/ balance/ truth/ trust/ respect/ law/ courage/ and destiny.  Each of these are formed within love.  In defiance of those anchors are the elements of hate:  which exist to destroy someone else by ripping apart their world of “personal decisions”. That purpose which is the anchor of their lives:  is to insure you DON’T have a better life than me.  Even better, when fear consumes you, so that I have proven to be your “god”.

The question then presents:  WHAT IS YOUR CHOICE?  But the answer is less clear in you, than in me:  because you want, what you want/ and you don’t want, what you don’t want; and there is nothing else in this world, or it’s future that matters to your life. Consequently want lies, and you accept its fate;  because you do want to hate, from time to time/ as people prove to be “intolerable” to you.

We then do have to ask, what does this intolerable mean/ and why does this exist:  because it has no real reward other than your acceptance of hate?  We begin with “reward”; because the majority are willing to surrender their lives, “for the right trophy”. Consequently a reward has power!

Power is, the critical existence of force, applied for the purpose of change; in someone else. Consequently power is rarely used in the conveyance of justice by humanity/ and nearly always used to prove “I, CAN”/ & you CAN’T.  This reality of human existence in society or behind closed doors;  gives us intolerance. Which means nothing I want/ need/ desire/ worked for, etc:  matters to you. THAT gives me the right, to say, nothing you want/ need/ desire/ worked for, etc; matters to me.

The clear fundamental involved in considerable tragedies of life, is then “I don’t care”. So the question is:  WHY don’t people care about “anything”? WHAT went wrong in their lives, to create this moment of failure?

To achieve this understanding, you must investigate the path they have taken to get to this point in their own lives. Having done that, it is clear the majority did not in fact, “follow a path” to get here/ but instead chose a road cleared out by the majority: and simply agree to be “with the mob”. Or, I will accept anything you say is alright with me! Now we have a herd, or a pack of predators.

The consequence of a herd, or “I DON’T need no damn information/ knowledge is worthless/ evidence be damned/ and respect is for fools:  is an admission, you don’t like your life. But you do like your time, power, or pride and therefrom want to play the game.

The consequence of a pack is:  each believes, they can inflict damage to become superior.

We then again ask:  WHY, don’t you care/ or more clearly:  WHY, is life not precious to you?

This is where reality meets truth, and those who want, fail to accept their own lies. We then ask:  WHAT is a lie? The answer is:  covering up, the purpose of your decision to avoid what is true. So the critical question is:  WHY, are you avoiding truth? The answer always is:  “I don’t want my reality, as it is:  so I attempt to change it, or cover it up; with lies”.

We then examine reality, as a foundation that gives hope. Because where there is truth, combined with honest thought;  alternatives can change the outcome of our own decisions, and give us back a future we can survive with happiness.

In contrast to that, are the elements of society which refuse truth:  demanding instead of consequences from our decisions/ WE CAN have fantasies instead. BY Discarding all the evidence that is true, “we can then play god, with life, and planet”, with our own delusions, imagination, and assumptions without merit.  After all:   if truth doesn’t prove us wrong immediately/ then we don’t care! TO HELL, with it. A reality of American society and government in this very day.

So, let’s examine for a moment what happens when you are wrong:  becomes extermination for a world. That begins with: this cannot be done alone/ there must be participants, there must be leaders to create a mob. Therefrom we know a mob exists. Mob means:  I DON’T CARE/ let them die!

Participants in a mob come from religion:  WE have rules/ WE are right/ WE must act or react, “for god”. Therefore we DO, have the power and the responsibility to take lives in protection of our purpose.  The difference between a mob and a religion is:  we can remove the rules for society/ by simply being focused upon the right, and the desire to play god.  Consequently religion is mute/ because every religion that has value is formed from “rules for living, and for society”. The mob does not employ that:  it WANTS, to play god.

Therefore we know, many participants in this society, “want to play god”/ it is no secret. You want what you want, and that is all that you want/ and to hell with anyone who gets in the way of what you want!  Simple as that. Alas, you can’t be god of life/ which leaves only the god of destruction:  but hey “god is god” right! Another lie, except destruction does exist, and falling into BEING WRONG/ will prove that beyond any doubt. This is where throughout history, all of humanity then states:  “why is GOD, punishing us/ or, we did nothing wrong, this is unfair”. While the all the rest tell these to shut up, so we can find mercy back. Mercy is then nature heals, because humanity has lost the power to inflict it with damage: this place won’t support us anymore/ we have to leave. Or more simply so much damage has been done/ people cannot take anymore from nature, so they leave it alone. Alas, that won’t work anymore;  just too many people/ so its HELL instead. Hell means:  insanity (we are trapped, with no way to survive) has been unleashed.

The critical element of human misery, is then a lack of caring. Which presents hate. Which forms itself  in all the maladies attributed to violence in every form. Which then becomes a mob. Which then violates the sanctity of society, and turns “nobody cares about us”/ into war.


The question of anchors in love, are the difference between human catastrophe growing into chaos/  or human love, growing into a family sharing the joy of being ALIVE, while respecting life itself. Cherishing this planet. And forming the distance we must travel, to achieve our own future by the choices we will make.  “choice matters”! every human being defines a reality, that is participating in love/ dying in hate:  or simply avoiding life.  To play games so you alone can survive; “winner”.  The common refrain: After all, “If I die”/ then nothing matters to me?

While that is true in a physical world, the consequence of miracles DOES ESTABLISH the potential and possibilities of an eternal world. The question of self here, changes to examine:  WHAT did or did you not do, “that mattered to life”? because if you don’t care/ then we don’t need you, or desire to share eternity with you. Which means “GOODBYE”.

SO THE QUESTION IS:  ARE YOU, willing to gamble with your eternity?  This is actually, a VERY simple question!

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