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Within that description, are a variety of destinies or fates; as decision allows. The word destiny refers too:  what can be accomplished with thought, and the elemental rise of truth within you. The distance called fate, is determined by what you chose regardless of truth, either known or could have been known; but was discarded.

That leads us to the question called a decision: and how these relationships interpose themselves on our personal, and even social future. We begin with, “what is a decision, & why do decisions exist”?

Elementally every decision is a “fork in the road/ or a different path presented”:  which does then present the possibility of change. Whether that change is for good or bad, is entirely dependent upon truth, and the acceptance of reality.  Decisions then exist, to present the owner of this journey “with a personal choice”:  do you, or do you not accept the future is important. Because nearly all decisions, “have an easy way out, or an immediate gratification”/ rather than a purpose that then builds, what you truly desire.

We now know, that decisions invade and invite the very foundations of your own identity, to be revealed:  as someone who cares about the future they create/ or someone who cares so much more, simply about gratifying themselves (the fundamental is called selfishness). The difference between a desirable future/ and one that is not: surfaces in the fundamentals involved that identify truth. These are the examination of details, so that nothing is missing from the choice. The investigation of truth as it is declared to be:  so that nothing is misinterpreted or lost in the translation. The proper definition of relationships involved;  so as to determine the development of what is/ what was/ or what will come.

We then ask:  WHAT is truth, because we do understand what is reality.  Truth is a vessel, that carries the law to its destination. Or more clearly, truth arrives to participate in our lives:  by the things someone or something does, which reveals a law that has been kept/ or denied. That makes law the foundation of every truth.

The ascension of humanity, is then determined by your own ability to function within, and determine what that law (every law) will or has become, within you. Value means:  within the law, my life bears fruit, and I am blessed. Consequently without law, the opposite will be true.

We then examine the details of this to identify and create, “the very essence of what is called, HEART”.  In terms of development, heart is the boundary between what is alive and what is not. Meaning ALIVE, is not so simply as “breathing in time”. Rather it does mean much more, as a relationship discovered by soul. Without heart, there is no soul. Consequently the essence of life itself, begins with your relationship to heart.

When we investigate heart, the values of friendship, compassion, courage, dignity, respect, love, happiness, and hope all arrive to be conceived as family.  Within thought, the essence of every family is the treasury we create or accept from the values we commit our lives too. Within life or eternity, the value of that family is created and accepted by the care and compassion that we share. Even if it is unwelcomed at times, value will be found. The evidence of thought, then retrieves the destiny we did intend to create.

Questions arise, when we ask:  what does family or friend fundamentally mean? The answer exists as a fundamental of bonding. In a similar sense to the way mass becomes larger:  which is very cold things passing through a very hot environment, will attach themselves to each other. Because with close enough proximity:  cold creates a path between each cold particle/ and hot (to attack) then pushes those pieces of mass together. The essence of cold is:  to invade.  When we attach that to the presence of “family or friend”; what we learn is:   identified as similar of cause and purpose, when surrounded by “other things, not kind” people will migrate and attach themselves to each other.  The interplay between those who invade, or those who befriend, or those who attack:  forms the battleground we call human. That exists, primarily because we are not mass:  we are thought, as a relationship to life.

The search of life, is both cause and consequence!  Bringing the question:  WHY, do we exist at all/ it was never accidental; therefore a cause must arise?

Development asks:  if there is a cause for life in me/ then what is the consequence of that cause, either for good or bad; as it will then influence or even control my life. Either now or when dead? What is the solution, for asking “LIFE is me”?

This very simple statement refers to existence as an option/ but it does not design a reference to death beyond self. The consequence of that fails destiny, and thereby assumes a fate.

We now begin by questioning, the very limited arena that is “the sweet spot” between cold and hot;  clearly created for us to survive upon this planet.  WHY does this exist/ WHAT is its purpose/ WHEN do we find out, what our future will be/ WHO controls destiny/ WHERE could eternity possibly be/ and WHY are we ALIVE?

CREATION exists because it was built by thought, to become an environment for life to arrive in this universe.  That purpose is obviously to make a barren universe, “happy” with the presence of “being alive”. We find our place, by truth:  when time ceases to exist in our bodies (home away from home).  The destiny we describe by our truth, is determined by trust;  love requires respect/ respect requires trust, when the law is served.

The question of where could an eternity called “life beyond time” exist.  Is a fundamental described by the core reality of life itself. At its essence, ________________________that will NOT be given to you. Simply because you are not worthy to receive it;  you’re universities in particular would only use it in their endless attempts to play god. Consequently any such answer, would only increase “the depths of your grave”. As is the primary reality of their contributions; as a consequence upon this earth.

In terms of being alive:  that is dependent upon your own individual identity/ some are merely existing, while others understand the possibilities called soul. It takes soul, to truly be ALIVE within yourself/ or shared through love, with the opposite sex. Not a game. They are:  Discoveries elevating living beyond ourselves!

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