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Freedom IS, a beautiful thing!


Given that truth, then the reality of a beautiful mind, is a freedom to conceive of an eternity worth living. The prison of thought, trapped in its own hate/ is the potential of an eternity terrorized by itself. Within the boundary of these two definitions, are humanity.


So the question is:  WHY, is thought and its outreach as an interpretation of life; “both the potential for, heaven or hell”?

The answer relies upon you, the human factor. Because thought conceives of WHERE you desire to live.  HOW you desire to live. WHO you desire to be. WHAT YOU desire to surround yourself with. WHEN, according to your own design, are actions and reactions to be taken. And the summary of these things are the foundation which begets, the reality of you. Truth adds in, the intensity with which you seek the life and living you did choose.

The question of thought, then asserts:  given the truth, only three fundamentals exist to push us into a decision/ we must CHOOSE the one most desired by “I”!  Those fundamentals are again:  love, hate, or survival. Love and hate being opposites, it is impossible to desire them both/ therefore a clear choice is made.  Survival is created by the essence of value, the reality of “how much” life and living are worth to you. The body assists in that endeavor to quantify each. Unfortunately, some do have more body, than others/ but the same is not true of thought. Because the assent into thought, is based entirely upon your own passionate desire, to understand soul.

We then participate in both life and living based upon survival and its conception of value. But we rise into the potential of eternity, by accepting the journey into thought; which gains entry “to being ALIVE”; by “knocking on the door” of soul.

I AM ALIVE;  is an amazing feat! Take another look around at the rocks, and understand your participation in living:  is strictly “a gift”. We did nothing, to create the potential called “I”. We do, have an opportunity in self (a human body), to illustrate and identify the quest “to be the best we can be”. But that is in addition to our relationship with life itself. Life, is based in thought/ and thought is understood to be free;  even if, it then chooses to be less than love. It is still free, “to die in hate (by a little or a lot)”: if that is your choice. These become worthless to life/ therefore only love stands as a true choice for living.

Thought is a quest, it is never a game:  because if you are undisciplined, it can veer into places that surround you, “with chaos”.  Chaos is the consequence of disorder/ the reality which fails the potential of complexity, to reassemble itself with as “simple as possible”.  The critical task of retaining balance during times of “this stress”, so as never to veer from love. Becomes the absolute the crucial difference between life, or death. Therefrom we know, that thought leads with the freedoms you allow:  into a journey, that is your life struggling to determine WHAT participating in the reality of existence should mean.

We all fall into human simplicity from time to time, in the living of life;  because we must become strong enough to survive far greater tests. The freedom of thought, gives us a wide range of potentials, WHERE the essence of our existence is not this physical body/ but the relationship we share with soul.  So the question is asked:  WHERE is soul? The answer:  in life itself/ that critical essence of a gift, that allowed you “self”;  is soul.  Because it is “the living, in you”.

We then ask:  WHAT is the difference “between living and I”?  The answer is:  living is the difference between life or death.  But I, is the difference between who you chose to be/ and what that will become in you, as reality shifts the burden of living from a human body, into the realm of purity that is near absolute freedom. Or more critically:  what you can do in human living is “loving or hating” with all their consequences known to humanity. What you cannot do with freedom, that results from thought is:  to alter, the consequence of what you chose as your life, in either love or hate. Purity demands one way/ one direction:  OR THE OTHER! LOVE, defends itself/ and hate has no other option but “never here”. Hate has no home, but violence/ loneliness/ terror/ and fear: because that, is what you chose it to be.  On the day of your death, WHEN you physically die:  that choice, of love or hate / (and all that will come with it) HAS been made.

The question of WHO has the right to judge you, has been removed:  because it is you, that made your choice/ and caused your destiny or fate. The question of:  but these, had a life so much easier than I/ how could they choose otherwise. HOW could I, have been cheated; so as not to find love so easy as did they? The answer simply:  humanity removed itself, from   GOD.  Therefore each must reap as the reality of human life did sow/ as humanity did choose, for itself. It is that simple.

That leaves us with WHY; were we given the gift of life?  The answer, very simply:  because love desires family! Love is, an expression based upon the experiences that make life worth living. Love is, a gift from one to another, so that life is worth living. Love exists, to bring joy, and express or expand happiness. Love constructs the home we will live in, with all the grace and beauty we can find within ourselves:  because that is our gift to each other. The value of living, is then bound together “with you”;  because love needs life to be shared. Because love is caring, and its relationship to respect. Because love is greater than freedom, and it gives us a completely different venue in thought, than does “everything or anything” else.

Consequently the title of “heaven” arises, as our destiny beyond the reality known as “rocks”. While humanity is the question:  will YOU be “dust to dust/ OR LIFE, to life”?  The reality of our choice is limited to, love or hate! Because our journey into eternity starts, from what is simple, and plain.  As is the difference between what is life (composed with disciplined energy)/ and what is simply “rock (mass)”. Your choice, having received the gift of life itself as human, is to decide if survival is worth the price of an eternity?

MERCY alludes to the possibilities, as is the existence in humanity of love that cannot ascend to purity/ yet it is, still love at some measure. Therefrom mercy suggests, that distant from those who were able to “find the door” that does ascend into at least the potential for purity in love.  There should be areas set aside where that love can find peace, harmony, and justice for itself.  While hate will always be removed/ what is love, in mercy;  at least has the potential for less, “than what humanity calls,  Heaven”!

If you don’t find that mercy enough/ then you can, and will have LESS!

It is    worth noting:  that my life has been provided with significant and easy love. Every possibility for an easy life existed as well.  But my choice has also been defined by the endless question:  “BUT WHY”? Which is never answered “the easy way”. Consequently, my existence or path in living;  is measured by both. Whereas the truth defined by my love is only conceived through JESUS.  Or more simply:  whether you have life hard or easy, the path forward into thought, by its own truth and freedoms/ is forged only by work, tenacity, desire, sacrifice (what is more important than me/ comes first), and the decisions which will define and identify “me (you)”.  The value in living to achieve purity;  must be love, a love that can only be reconciled by soul. That is the teaching of   JESUS.      Believe it or not.


To understand thought, is to recognize “in a sense”; that electricity is both controlled, and not controlled;  dependent upon its environment. Therefore the question of conceptions controlled by the grace of energy itself, are dependent upon you as an environment of your own decisions. How energy binds itself to reality, is a development akin to survival in life;   therefore soul is what binds us, to the reality called thought. The question, WHAT is thought, then confronts us as:   BEYOND ourselves! The consequence of that elemental beginning, into an environment which we cannot control:  identifies the necessity called TRUST.  Truth alone, is recognized by its ability to survive within the laws granted by existence. Therefore truth creates trust. Consequently the purpose of every eternal life, must ultimately be truth. Truth participates in love, as the essence of why we care. The value, of what we seek in eternity, is then portrayed by our own binding (our own decisions):  proving truth, trust, love, care, courage (this is worth the price), desire, and purpose;  in you or me.


I will remind you once again, that if you find this work valuable; it is because of the “’marriage between what is in truth, a spiritual woman and me”. Finding NO solution in male, I opened the door to spiritual (the essence of that truth) woman:  intending ONLY to ask the question “WHAT would, or could you do”?

The apparent answer was:  “CHANGE MAN”.  I have changed, more than you would believe. IS NOT an entire world, worth changing? NOT “as savior”/ I cannot do that, nor can you.  But I can, and I have changed myself, for the purity of an answer that does give us all hope.  If you cannot not escape from your delusions and their fantasies, nothing will save you.  The difference is:  what being WRONG, truly does mean to our world, forever!  Failing LIFE COMES FIRST, means you die. Playtime, as is the constant in nearly all “university thinking” is over.

We cannot hide from our own truth/ we must confront it with reality. Because anything less is a lie, that will no longer allow this earth to survive. EVERY THREAT, and there are VERY MANY;  proves that is true. This is not a game, the fundamental reality which begins a new direction for life on earth is:  that women must lead.  Finding a new direction REQUIRES “different thinking”.  Because THIS IS, the best men did do/ and we literally by the evidence;  stand at the very edge of extinction. Believe it or not/ that is true!      NOT, women are better/ they are not.  Rather women are different, and we literally must have different than this.  Simple and plain! Women cannot do that alone, nor can men. We must join each other and provide the opportunities required for a different life on earth.  Because this one is dying, and will soon be dead forever.  Consequently I tell you the truth:  change or die! Investigate the many threats I have presented to you/ examine what it means to be wrong, and DON’T let that happen/ DECIDE, if you will live with change;  OR die without it.   Life, is no longer free. The universities have dug you a grave/ but they have also given you the option, to do better for yourselves. Understand the difference, and choose better!


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