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CONVERSATION, a most critical element in the nature of man, woman, and child.

If we don’t talk to each other, listening equally as well:  then we miss out on a lot of life’s passion and purpose.  Consequently learning how to have a conversation with someone else is absolutely necessary for a balanced life, in society.

Critical to that balance are the structures associated with purpose and detail. I begin by telling you:  that conversation has left me/ because the reality of a world in danger, removed all lesser issues. Therefore I will attempt to remember what I was once able to do; with a wide variety of people. Whenever I wished.

We begin with the singular purpose of conversation which is:  to initiate and sustain moments by which we as human beings can define ourselves and create the opportunities for participation among a group of individuals. This is important, because if you do not complete the task of being able to participate, without being rejected/ life WILL be lonely. That leads to consequences as well, including overweight/ insanity of various kinds/ the potential for hate/ failed relationships, and so forth.

Initiating a conversation, begins with either joining the conversation in progress:  therefore you must be able to recognize that topic, and you must be able to identify what might interest the others, if you join in.  OR, if the conversation is lacking/ then you may offer a topic of conversation which you hold as interesting to you. In either situation, listening is required to sustain a healthy interaction:  because if you are simply talking/ and others are not listening, that detracts from you both, and people will then avoid you.

To sustain a conversation:  it is critical that at least some of the topic generated be central to you all. Or more simply, everyone can join in or be happy enough, if they “feel associated” with the subject matter. As in “I too, have something to contribute here”. Respect assesses the potential for a relationship to bloom from participation within the group:  when another person has clearly decided you, are more important to me:  than the rest. That happens frequently, and may or may not lead to friendship or other. What you need to know, to be the one that initiates this type of interaction is:  to prove interested as the potential of a friend, YOU must listen.  Responding when appropriate, if the opportunity presents:  don’t force it/ rather invite another time, so as to try.

Conversation as well as participation relies upon the opportunity to participate. That functionally means:  we need something to do together, that interests us both.  Without that, it is very hard to approach people/ because trust barely exists in this America. “fear everyone” is a constant of media and entertainment. Let your phone be “your best friend”, is a constant particularly in the young. Methods for ridiculing each other is a constant in advertising and so on.  Therefrom we get to the reality:  “can’t meet people/ because they have walled themselves off from the world”.

Combatting this fear generated by “our leaders”, and forced onto the public by media: is very difficult. You cannot be friends with someone who believes you might be their enemy. It does not happen. Therefore it is essential for the possibilities of friendship to create “I am safe”. Women generally do this by only dating people who have entered within their specific little circle of known associates. The consequence of that is:  then you have to get by their associates and be considered “safe”;  or you fail.

In terms of dating and any form of commitment therefrom:  are the realities of sexually transmitted disease (without penalties)/ women who use men for sex, and claim a baby; which can easily mean:  NOW I have to pay for the next twenty years! And losing half your possessions, even though that was NEVER fair. The consequence of these things is an array of failing relationships that never formed properly.

Even so, conversation initiates the widest possible chances for beginning the search for friend or lover; that we have. So it is essential to participate and learn how; for your own benefits.

The structure of a conversation never really changes:  the object is to get attention, as best you can/ whether with words or actions or other, is not fundamentally an issue.  The others simply want to be entertained:  which means do something I find to be “interesting, and can use in my own conversations later”. It is that simple.

So the real question is:  what can I do or say, that you will find to be interesting inside yourself? The more interesting you find me, the more I will intend and try to communicate with you: that too, is simply true.

Listening  first (what do they want to hear), or talking (what do I want to say) and watching for the reaction; are the two primary methods of producing a useful bit of information. But it will not help you unless you are actually knowledgeable in that topic; “doesn’t usually matter how”, most anything will do.  Or, you have to contribute by making a joke, that someone else will appreciate.  Jokes exist by producing the forethought:  to analyze what can expand a topic/ change a topic/ create a side topic/ cause people to look inside themselves for fun or realities that have been bottled up.  These things are helped by the simple realization:  “we don’t have to be serious, most of the time: we can play”. That is not true of every conversation: keep it in mind. To contribute to the basic understanding of a joke:  simply consider this, “funny, is a moment that takes my serious disposition away”.  Therefore I am free of it, “for a moment or two”.  People are often stressed:  because they are in such a hurry to get whatever they can get/ as fast as possible. To remove that game, which rules their lives:  is a blessing people do appreciate when trying to relax.

Unfortunately the very easiest form of conversation is ridicule and disrespect/ thereby bullying (using you, as their joke). Unfortunately we all have to choose when in a group:  if we accept another one/ then the group loses its stronger connection to each other:  because there is one more to share communication with.  Consequently if you are a good communicator, you will be accepted easily: because everyone likes to be entertained, when that time is allotted.

To be knowledgeable about topics of communication requires an understanding of the basic participants:  good conversation includes us all. Bad conversation includes only you. To be knowledgeable requires work (I will participate in other things) and learning (I have the ability to listen and conceive of detail).  Thereby details come into view as the things most people fail to recognize in their own work or lives. Consequently details can be delivered with humor/ and people can be generally appreciative of the polite education, to their own lives.

Knowledgeable about work or money is an opportunity to expand your own work or money/ but unless the group or person you are talking too, wants to participate in that work or money; they will not be listening. They may disagree.

Knowledgeable about religion is an opportunity to express “what you want to believe about life or self”. But unless the group or person you are talking too, wants to learn about you or what you believe:  they will leave, discarding whatever you say. Or, they may disagree.

Knowledge about politics is an opportunity to express what you want from society itself. But unless the group or person you are talking too, wants the same thing:  they are likely to disagree.

Then begins a very wide array of topics from which knowledge can originate;  proving that you are educated/ rather than simply working with your life.  That subject matter will interest few, but they are likely to be the ones who actually may become your friends. Dependent upon whether you can share the education; which means leave room for them to participate or even disagree politely or “with less than hate”.

The foundation of all childhood friendship is:  “you didn’t hurt me”. The foundation of all grade school friendship is:  “you didn’t use me, or abuse me”.  The foundation of all teenage friendships are:  “you chose to spend time with me”. The foundation of all young adult friendships are: “we like each other”. The foundation of all “twenty something” friendship is:  “we have something in common”. The foundation of all “thirty something” friendship is:  “we shared this moment”.  The foundation of all “forty something” friendship is:  “I found some of my own happiness with you”.  The foundation for fifty something is:  “we walked this journey together”. The foundation at sixty is:  “time has pasted, it is now or never”. The foundation beyond is:  without these moments, there is no life left to live.

The thing you give to the rich is, quite simply “conversation they can use or discuss”:  because they do have “everything else”. Besides, the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation or happy one;  overrules most all other trinkets or trophies, and gives the potential for happiness to exist. Loneliness is tragic, when you feel there is nothing else you can do. Therefore choose to be a friend, and friends will be found:  even if, they may or may not be “exactly as you expected”.

Participate if you are lonely:  FIND SOMETHING or some place where you can go:  don’t be shy. The price is too high. Go ahead and be ridiculed a bit “for simple things if not harsh”:  if you can adjust.  Characters are the basis for every tv sitcom:  because those who are a bit different, add conversation to everyone else. Being different is then not all bad; but you must be able to accept and let slide; some degree of “talk”. Expand your knowledge, and go beyond what you commonly use for conversation. Be interested:  its like being a fan, if you want to be interested/ then you can be; if not for anything else but conversation.

In romance, the conversation is simple:  “don’t leave me for long”. In marriage the conversation is complex:  “even if I tell you/ this is just between you and me”. In dating, the conversation is:  “how can I make you happy”/ if you use sex for that, the relationship will never develop fully, or with true commitment.  Time builds trust/ trust commits for life. Without truth there is no future. Without respect there is no relationship; if that seems not so/ there is a lie buried underneath what exists.

Want is a liar:  no one lies, unless they want something/ or want to hide something. Therefore want is the foundation for every lie.

Pride is a traitor:  the desire for a trophy (winner), can outweigh even your life.


The value assigned by living is very simple:  do the best you can/ because every decision will remain forever, as a testimony to what you chose, or refused to do.  Think about that, before you believe “this is just a little thing”/ and fail life.

I should mention with regard to dating:  that some women are extremely subtle, and give only slight clues that they want a relationship with you. Some women are the opposite of that. Regardless, if you are interested;  simply understand beyond the first encounter, is everything possible. If you want only sex, or can stay only a little while (life calls me in a different direction) and nothing more: make that clear/ or tears will fall. Even tragedies can occur.

Men can be extremely afraid of contacting women;  because pretty women learn quickly, to discard every man except the ones they want to keep. And can become rather callus and uncaring;  because the line can be long. Men want what women want:  the most attractive woman they can find; generally speaking. Men demand they only want a woman they cannot have:  because that removes them from the trial and error of meeting anyone else. As in they are hiding.

Dating relationships are determined by:  how you listen, and how you think. Or more simply, if you are talking and making it clear:  “I have no time, or other in my life”. Then you are saying you have no time for me either; to someone who is listening. Bear it in mind, because that tiny bit of information many times takes an opportunity away. Listen and ask questions:  “its ok”.  .  When dating remember simply this:  “you, are asking for the rest of my life/ or I am asking for yours”. How is that not, a very important decision which takes time; and ultimately the desire that will not end. That desire is simply:  we can share this walk, in time; because the purpose of our desire is the same direction within our souls.  . DO, remember this as well:  no one is looking for someone to share time with, who is plainly unhappy. There is enough unhappiness already, for almost everyone. Don’t need more; is that not so? Consequently, pull together enough truth in your life, to accept the value of living is your greatest asset. Respect that, and it will be enough: to create a friend. If given the opportunity! Life is not fair, but you can still be happy: “you are a true miracle”. Be honest is that not “special to you/ a gift that can never be appreciated enough”. We cannot build ourselves; we can only use what we get!

It is fair to understand to simple things:   men only take an intentional hit to the testicles, if they are experiencing shame in accordance with that “business”: it is a punishment. An attempt to get control/ an ERROR in judgment.  So if you want to control a penis:  then cause it to rise/ then force it down as necessary to simply say and prove to yourself:  “I AM in control/ not this”.  when men get a vasectomy:  that removes the chemicals of sex from their bodies. It is the chemicals that give the reward for sex/ making all sex thereafter, “even though the desire is considered never to leave”;  just hot sticky work>   a test proven by simply disallowing sperm to be ejected.  Don’t have a vasectomy:  both husband and wife will be very disappointed in their new realities of life.  Proponents are: just Another “university/ leadership, lie”.  Think about it:  what happens without your testicles?

Conversation in media and politics, are about controversy;  if there is no controversy/ then there is nothing to talk about, that people who are participating in work will listen too. Workers are the money/ in recognition of the resources they use. Solutions destroy conversations in both politics and media;  problem solved, no longer interested. Mobs form around the simple ingredient:  WE CAN, call this group an enemy/ therefore we have the right, to take whatever action we deem necessary.  It does not take much/ just someone like hitler, to say “we are the superior ones”. Common as history itself. Identifying what matters, is the search for a solution/ the potential of a purpose in others, that makes them more important than media or politics:  again, that functionally destroys the need for media, and politics. Propaganda on the other hand keeps everything in place, just like it has been.

The reality of everything is fundamentally the same:  those in media want power and pride as is consistent with getting people to “listen to me”:  they protect their jobs.  Just like those in genetics or physics or trades, etc;  are all going to lie, cheat, steal, betray or whatever it takes to retain their jobs/ their pride/ their money/ and everything else they want.  EVEN IF, the consequences are horrific, they will still nearly everyone:  choose to keep doing this/ because we can’t just start over;  I REFUSE.

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