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reviewing the courtroom

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IF WE REVIEW, the courtroom, and its judiciary/ considerable corruption/ conspiracy/ and collusion becomes very evident: as is seen in nearly every courtroom case I provide on my sites.

      So the critical question: WHY does justice not seem apparent in many cases is/ because behind closed doors, a judge can get away with almost anything.  Behind closed doors, the courtroom is watched by the hierarchy/ and they decide every case of importance, before it is heard.  Or are informed during trial: as a judge, everything you want in the future will be determined by your obedience to our will.  Behind closed doors: there ARE bribes, and more criminal behaviors/ because the public CANNOT do anything.  The judiciary has done its best: “to be immune/ and in control over prison”.  Which does make them believe: not even their oath to a state or nation, can be enforced/ because the police can be attacked, by the judiciary as well. 
      Even so: the most critical bastardization of trial, and therefrom justice/ is the lawyers who have banded together with the judge, to control the cost of any trial: and criminally extort money from the participants.  Fully threatening them, either win or lose: because there are rules, and even a tiny infraction/ or a damn blatant lie; can be used to criminally steal a case. There is no constitutional law, in a courtroom/ UNLESS the public is watching, or the hierarchy of power, wants that to be so.  If the public is watching/ what is done today, can and will be undone tomorrow, when the public is not watching.  The media mice of a courtroom, piss on the floor with fears/ they just can’t help it: trained to be AFRAID!  There is no democracy here.
      So the critical question is: HOW do we repair the value of a courtroom/ because no society survives, without an honorable court?
      There are four foundations to justice, in a courtroom.  There are three foundations to justice in society itself.  There are two foundations for making a politician preform his or her oath: insuring democracy survives.  There is one foundation only: for governing ourselves as a state or nation.  That foundation is: WE MUST make the laws short and simple, for ourselves/ letting any minimal decision be worked out in a courtroom, under public view.
      Two demands for demanding YOU WILL keep your sworn oath to us, as a nation is:   punishment shall come, if you intentionally fail.  Redress of grievances WILL BE USED, when needed: to investigate and examine the reality of every and any politician who makes an oath to ourselves.
      Three realities required for justice are: the lawyer, nor the judge SHALL NOT determine the price of a lawsuit, or the penalty for a rule/ they will be paid by society, as an employee.  We will establish: FAIR PLAY in a financial penalty, is a percentage of income (as is consistent with justice for all).  The demand for FAIR PLAY and equal treatment, shall not be discarded: because we will open the courtroom.  You want public justice/ then you will accept this price. 
      The four foundations for a courtroom are simple: 
1.  The judge is not immune, unless reality proves respect, justice, and fair play are the evidence of his or her ways.  If they do well/ they receive a financial reward; as society decides.
2.  The lawyer now works for society, and every case is about justice and fair play for all through equal treatment within the laws of this land.  Same for all!  Any lawyer who fails THAT DEMAND substantially, SHALL be removed from the courtroom.  If it is criminal by concept through the evidence: they will be disbarred, or imprisoned. 
3.  The courtroom itself, MUST BE JUDGED!  Which means the public shall watch, and every participant shall fill out a report on the proceedings/ identifying what was or was not “justified and fair”.  On every single trial.  That evidence shall then be used to isolate and track, any judge or lawyer who is not doing his or her best for life and society. So they can be removed!  
4.  NO JUDGE is allowed an unending “bench-seat”.  There will be term limits/ chosen by the public, during each and every election: do you want to keep this judge.  There will be removal, for failing the test of #3. There can be consequences when removed; criminal or otherwise.  
      To establish democratic, WE THE PEOPLE control over the judiciary, the foundation is: that our constitution is the government, and you will be judged, and paid:  by how well you obey that fact.  Nobody destroys their oath/ without destroying their position, and being removed from office.  EACH will be careful to obey our constitutional demand: which is outlined in that document/ and expanded for definition through the bill of rights, and the declaration of independence.  The three realities which built the nation itself: are the rules, and define every law.
      When this is done, the first phase of returning to democracy is completed.
      The second phase is: THE FREE PRESS, shall be enforced!  Which means all reporting/ all advertizing/ and all “the best time slots, pages, etc;  for distributing the news; by mass media” SHALL BE OWNED by we the people.  We will decide what can or cannot be communicated in this scenario.  REMOVING all “entertainment” from that truth.  The free press is in fact: the people, stories, events, realities, evidence, truths, laws, justice, fair play, protests, equality, communication for life, and EVERYTHING ELSE that is substantive and necessary to rule this nation or this state, FOR OURSELVES.  Those who provide this information SHALL be paid, a fair and legitimate amount/ every important story, increases that wage.
      The third phase is: every election shall be dedicated to finding solutions, and the people with enough discipline and knowledge, to understand what RESPECT US, does in fact mean!  To do that, all money is removed from the process.  All money is removed from the politicians hand/ and we go to “contracted work” as we have a need. Their job shall be:   to investigate and examine the evidence as required/ to identify and report, whether or not life in this USA or this state: is in fact within the boundaries and limits, we the people have set for ourselves.  The IRS is removed/ all employees blocked from further work in that field> the collection of taxes is moved to local companies, which shall then be contracted, and chosen by election among the people they serve. 
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