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can this world die

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Let us examine:  “this world can’t die”! So do, all the people say.


In contrast to that delirium: is the known fact that all life dies. The only difference between the earth and the individual creation or creature is:  “the amount of mass” available to consider. Life is a mass, constructed within the physical laws of this environment, identified by thought, conceived by the energy available for an individual life to use, or even abuse.

Given that development of discipline and order, identified by species boundaries, individual traits, environmental balance: the sum total of an individual life is determined by when it dies. The question being:  WHAT, is or was this life?

Let us expand that identity, to create a picture of this world of life and living within the physical laws which grant space and time/ or realities which  destroy that environment to remove the living, because they cannot survive without “certain things” being true or available to each one. A constant for all life, regardless of type.

To begin the questioning, requires some type of empathy for life. Therefore let’s begin with humanity, and ask: if something was taken away from you/ WOULD YOU die? Few would argue, “take away my breathe, and I die”. Take away the water, and I die. Take away the food, and I die. Take away any of the endless processes, disciplines, balance, order, brain etcetera, that keeps our body alive: and we die. Disease attacks those things, so increase disease or change disease and we die more readily. If the food becomes a poison or we are allergic: we die. Some people react to wool on their skin, can’t wear it: which means they can’t survive the cold if only wool were available to wear. Some people cannot tolerate the heat, so if the earth becomes too hot, they die. The list is endless/ and it applies to all other life as well. Because we live between a very narrow band of:  without this as it is/ we cannot survive.

So let’s talk earth, and the fact humanity has been changing environment/ mutilating nature/ destroying food chains/ altering food supplies/ poisoning the area on top of, underneath, around and in all ways affecting the reality of drinking water for decades in MAJOR ways. Taking more from the oceans than they can give. Doing more to the oceans, than its life can survive.  Etcetera, and so on.

The first question:  WHAT IS, the narrow band of environmental securities, that let us survive?

We first examine the planets which surround us, as alternate definitions of the same thing: a mass traveling in orbit around a sun. in each of those planets, no habitation can survive. The atmosphere does not allow it/ too cold/ too hot/ “the wind” is too strong/ the chemistry is too toxic; and so on.

What we learn from that examination of facts is:  before life could exist here, an atmosphere must be created/ an environment more or less between minus 40 [much below this and the molecular bond between materials or gases begins to dissolve] and one hundred thirty degrees F;  of heat [much above and the increased activity in atomic structure itself, produces what is best described as a type of radiation life cannot survive long] must exist in continuum: with the vast majority of time for life, must be spent, in the vast majority of places with moderation of habitation, much closer to the middle than the extremes. We learn from other planets wind velocity there is roughly 700 mph. Consequently a mechanism (something real) must exist, in support of life:  to slow those winds down to an arena of influence, that is less than twenty mph, and never exceeds more than one hundred unless its “short lived”.  We then ask:  what shaped or formed the chemistry here, which allowed for water to be established, and various elements to be separated into resource based/ rather than toxic or benign based environments?

Humanity is causing global warming; not just by producing green house gases. But more deliberately by the heat that is being released, to heat homes/ cook food/ industry/ electrical generation/ air-conditioning/ transportation/ and so on; including you (8 billion people, each produce heat). NO ICE distributed on the globe means simple:  NO ICE, TO COOL THE SUMMER. Which will cause the temperatures to rise, particularly around the equator. It is a simply law of physics, in energy descriptions:  “for every action there will be a reaction”.  As the poles heat up/ the equator will heat up, forcing the life therein to move. Those plants which cannot move or tolerate the new conditions will die, become diseased, and so on. That is the first price, of global warming. The second is:  the continued loss of trees in particular will cause the global winds to rise. Nothing left to slow the wind (leaves are heavy, when you have a lot), which means the atmospheric attachment of this gaseous environment, will lose its grip on the mass underneath. Any plant or creature which cannot tolerate higher winds; which will only increase through time: will die. The water will rise as ice melts. The ozone layer will disappear entirely, producing radiation that will cause mutations to appear. Ending nature as we know it. The fact then is:  humanity is choosing to change the environment/ refusing knowledge, to escalate the temperature of the planet, and demand the wind must increase.

The question of water/ air/ dirt/ and resource;  arises in terms of life on earth!  We begin with water; a critical resource for life and living. The human response of today is:  poison everything you can find; make certain the future is dead too. As the evidence does prove! The critical response of humanity today, instead of protecting the water is: prepare for war, when it runs out, annihilation comes/ didn’t like those damn people anyway.

In terms of the planet itself, absolutely NO evidence exists to conceive of or consider that asteroids brought this (the moon is full of craters, from asteroid hits; very little water); or life either:  pure fantasy. What living thing could survive space on an asteroid or entry into this atmosphere? Answer nothing.

In terms of water on earth, the clear most likely scenario is:  a large mass, crashed into the earth mass/ a long time ago, creating the moon. When it crashed into what is now called the Pacific ocean; and “blew out the mass” forming what is now called the Atlantic ocean. The impact of that mass nearly destroyed this earth itself. As indicated by the volume of material, and its distance;  which then formed the moon.

We stop for a moment to establish all individual elements on the periodic table, are individual atoms. Existing in an atomic state, not a molecular one. Or more simply the mass of an atom indicates an individual element, because of that mass. A water molecule or any complex arrangement of atoms in different weight classes:  which then becomes a molecule {complex atomic elements, by arrangement}. Is arranged primarily by heat, and pressure.  We know by the evidence of water on earth: a large percentage of hydrogen atoms existed in whatever state of mass presented by this earth/ as did oxygen atoms. Therefore we know that with heat and pressure applied in a containment vessel of some sort:  the arrangement for water could be formed. An impacting asteroid or large mass that hit the exact center of this earth mass: after ejecting debris, WOULD be forcing its way into the center of this earth mass. Reality of forces combining would indicate a rotation in that force. Therefrom an impacting mass would produce a furnace like arena, with rotation in both masses that each acted like a furnace. With clearly the energy needed to produce water;  IF, given the proximity of the ingredients, were where they needed to be. That fact being aided, by an earth mass functionally loosened in mass (by the impact), to present the right pressures/ rotation to produce a shearing effect/ and ejection of the product made;  on the back side of that rotation.  As the mass tightened back up, & the force lessened:  what had generated water/ became a center heat source without rotation or an exit: which then began the melting of rock. By shifting energies into an atomic relationship, instead of simply kinetic energies being released through the exit area.  THIS IS, the primary with little opposing evidence method, by which water (as a molecular association) could, and would arrive on this planet. People still have no respect for it/ unless they are dying of thirst.

As to the air you breathe:  it is the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere, that makes our lives possible.  A little less concentration, and you live on the mountain top/ or die.  Consequently taking more oxygen from the atmosphere than the planet can release is KILLING LIFE; from every fire you burn, in whatever form. We know that it is the planet that releases oxygen, because oxygen is an element of atoms/ not a molecule of elements. Thereby it is not manufactured (assembled), but released by plants or other, from the planet itself. That fact isolates and translates the potential of oxygen atoms, in the mass of this earth is high. As to the atmosphere itself. Impacting the earth mass to near complete destruction:  releases a wide variety of gases, which cannot be re-dissolved, by the planet. Thereby an atmosphere is born, in a very short time.

In addition to that is:  when an impacting mass, nearly destroys a planetary mass, the result is the earth mass largely stops rotating, because reassembly and the force applied by the impacting mass can be in the opposite direction of the planetary mass. That means when the “tiny debris” largely returned to the planet surface, it was capable of supporting “root structure”. An initial step for life.  Thereby we have a moment in space time, that is prepared for something more than just mass. The production of plants produces a change in atmospheric gases, and keeps the planet from increasing in rotation/ even slowing it down more.

A critical portion of the early stage forming earth is:  in order for human life on earth to find resources. Those resources must be gathered together in ways that can then be found, without extreme measures. That did arrive by “Noah’s flood”. We know it existed:  because NO OTHER WAY is known in our reality, that will gather the materials of life together/ and bury them all in bunches:  as in “one place”, without a flood. We know that happens in a flood, because we can witness that in our own time.  Your fossil fuels ARE the evidence a worldwide true flood, did exist. Water separates other resources over time, and creates layering as is proven in the earth’s crust.  Yet humanity has NO respect for resources/ because they clearly throw them all away, ending life for every child. No resources/ no work or life.

The end result of each phase in the destruction of our planet: is then caused entirely by men, and their ways.  Consequently as we destroy the foundation elements of what keeps us all alive:  we learn we are going to die, from what men chose to do. But that is only the beginning.

We now look at the endless catastrophe, that is a university mind.  This begins with the extreme arrogance which is trying to ignite sun fire here on earth. A fire which burns your skin in summer, from 91 million miles away/ a fire clearly burning the atomic bond in atoms for its fuel source.

But lets step back; and consider the molecular fire here on earth. Complex arrangements of dissimilar atomic elements (different weights)/ requires a bond. That bond, which holds different atoms of different weights together:  is then called a molecule/ or a chemical instead of an element. Something on fire, releases heat, and reduces a chemical (molecular bonded substance) into its more basic compound elements. “the ash, in one form or another”. Thereby we know, that fire is basically chaos (destruction) in the bonding energy, which causes the elements to release from each other. To return to a less complex state. So you now know what fire is, and by its energy expression:  you can conceive of, and do experience the energy content of a molecular bonding material. The atomic bomb establishes what happens when the bonding between independent atoms is forced to expand so rapidly (explode), a fire does not ensue. In contrast, the sun produces an energy equivalent, to what does happen when you release the bond slowly, that holds an atom together:  as is sun fire! Does the sun explode, NO/ that would be a supernova event.


We now turn to: the functional development of atoms as they become “recycled into existence”/ from the mass and energy released by “the big bang”. Understanding requires this information/ as the primary intent of knowledge given is to remove the fantasies “storytellers” have used to create a delusion that we the people of earth/ can play with the same fire as is on the sun. It ain’t so/ our planet will become a sun, instantly upon ignition: because the fire cannot be extinguished.

Idiots and fools say: 1) that the sun contains a mass at its core 15 times greater than any known element or composition (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so). They say, “that is the gravity” (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so)   2) that the sun is on fire at the core, which means everything is on fire/ NO FUEL left to consume. (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so).   3. Not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire; therefore it will extinguish itself. (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so).    4. The fire on the sun is made entirely of hydrogen combining with hydrogen to create helium (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so). Even though NO helium of any quantity exits the sun.   5. Hydrogen has no possibility of fuel retention (storage) within the sun for a fire that burns WE KNOW “for thousands of years”.  6. Scientists say:  we have created that kind of heat and pressure as is expected on the sun/ without igniting the fire from hydrogen: NO FUSION exists. They have proof.    7.  A supernova cannot exist, “it grows in size and heat output before it explodes”/ THEREFORE it must access MORE FUEL to do that. We know, that is true.


With the debris of university delusion excused; we now begin the discussion of what can exist, by using the laws that we do know.

We must build an atom, with the realities that we know exist. Therefrom we begin with what we do have in terms of energy, balance, and discipline.  An atom holds an extreme amount of kinetic energy (movement contained). We know that is true, by an atomic bomb. When the energy is released, it is a massive effect. Therefore SOMETHING must retain the energy of that atom, which has parts moving at tremendous speeds. Like a mass spinning at the end of a string, here on earth/ WE KNOW, that something “effectively acts like a string” to keep atomic energy from simply moving beyond the containment zone. For every action there will be an equal or greater opposite reaction:  in atoms, because nothing less than that can keep the energy contained for release in an atomic explosion or atomic fire. Therefore we KNOW that containment exists: because the atom exists. Therefore WE KNOW that a force greater/ and opposite too, the energy of the nucleus exists.  Because that is what is necessary to contain the energy of outward motion/ therefore opposite means inward motion.  The atom, as a nucleus of energy, exists:  because energy is contained.  That energy within an atom, MUST arise from somewhere/ because it is a physical reality.

The supernova is the recycling engine of this universe/ so we begin there.  That description starts with a burning sun:  clearly slowly releasing the atomic bond between the nucleus (proton) of the atom and its containment energy (neutron) of the atom. Thereby releasing the energy in a regulated order.  So the question is:  WHY, does the sun mass inside the fire/ NOT simply explode, instead of burn? The answer is thermal dynamics:  or more distinctly, the reality is exactly like a candle and its flame.  The heat caused by a fire lifts the fire from the source of the fuel, because heat needs room for expansion.

Thereby the first rule of the sun appears. An atomic fire burns at roughly 10 million degrees Fahrenheit:  it takes a lot of room, to expand that heat. The second rule of the sun is:  to sustain a long term fire, there must be a regulator for the process. The consequence of that is: the fuel source must be spherical. Because once the fire has engulfed the fuel source or mass/ the entire heat release of the atomic fuel is lifted to an extreme distance from that fuel source:  thermal dynamics requires it. Because the heat now pushes against itself. Which means there is no room for expansion outward/ thereby it must go upward. The third rule of the sun is:  for the fire to be sustained, there must be a means to vacuum the surface of the fuel source, to gain or wick up fuel into the fire.

We now look to the mass inside, completely engulfed by flame. the fourth rule of the sun is:  for the fuel source to sustain itself, it MUST be at a temperature which allows the mass to remain stable. As a supernova event declares in truth:  when that fuel source becomes UNSTABLE, and begins to release MUCH GREATER volumes of fuel into the fire/ the fire grows: then the fuel source after becoming completely unstable, explodes. Consequently we KNOW, that the core of a sun is not on fire/ but relatively cool instead. Any solar flare that exists: is clear evidence of more fuel into the flame/ which means the mass of fuel beneath “had a soft spot” which allowed more fuel to be vacuumed up from the surface. Any solar tornado is clear evidence of a “hard spot”/ wherein the mass failed to release, and as vacuum increased (no fire here): that physical variation in the heat release surface, causes energy flow to swirl around.  Because of temperature variation; the combined forces created a hole  for the heat flame to sink in/ releasing the stubborn fuel in that area.

We now begin the journey into solar gravity and the formation of an atom.

What we know from an atom that MUST be balanced to contain an energy source; is an equal or greater opposite force must exist to form the containment of that energy. Not a guess, we know that is true. You can’t hold a pressurized gas without a containment vessel! You can’t hold energy inside a confined area unless an energy equal or greater than exists to keep it in that containment area. Such is the physical reality of an atom. WE KNOW this is true. We know the proton so-called is the “outward energy, or HOT/ active, energy”. Therefore we know the neutron is an opposite energy COLD/ seemingly passive energy. We can call the inward energy (dark energy “can’t see it”, if you prefer).  Without the opposite energy, an atom does not exist: accept it therefore as true.

When the bond, or interaction between the outward energy and the inward energy is burned:   (a tiny hole, now exists in the vessel to release the pressures contained), so the energy escapes slowly/ rather than instantly in an explosion.

When the energies are released, the outward energy or heat goes one way/ and the inward energy which controlled the heat energy goes the other way: for every action there is an opposite reaction. Therefore the anti-mass or anti-energy which held the atom together; goes into the sun mass as a cold construction.  That release of two opposite energies, constructs the variation:  heat produces outward pressures and radiation output from the sun that travel far. The opposite of that energy as is the neutron or, inward dark energy; draws in the potential  to hold a mass/ but it does not draw in the potential to hold a released energy as is the flame. the difference being a neutron can only work on, or attach too, a mass. Whereas the heat energy released is an energy composition, rather than a mass. The net effect is then that the heat source is released/ but the inward energy is “looking for” a mass to attach itself too. This fact becomes solar gravity, a “string attachment” to planets. The neutron being “cold energy/ as is the opposite of heat energy”; cools the fuel source and keeps it stable.

We now return to the supernova event, and build atoms.

When a sun becomes unstable, and releases more fuel to burn: the flame grows, and so does the instability of the fuel/ until the mass cannot discipline itself atomically anymore. It then explodes.  A large mass, with highly unstable elements at the outer edge of its fuel source/ and relatively cold elements at its inner core:  DOES NOT explode as a “homogenized (all the same) unit bomb”.  It begins by exploding the outer layers, which then causes the next layer of thermally prepared material to explode. Which then traps the inner core materials as they explode. Or more carefully developed:  the outer layers of the explosive event go first, becoming “dust (what will be a proton)”/ and attacking the rest of the fuel source to compress it. Then the middle layers of material explode creating the greatest possible detonation. We now look to the result of that which is for every action there must be an opposite reaction. Because every sun is a sphere/ when they explode the reaction or push outward IS ALSO A PUSH, INTO THE CORE. Dependent upon a small variety of circumstances: that push into the core DOES cause another explosion of the core itself. But because it pushes against the middle and first explosions to release the pressures caused by removing the containment of atomic energies. IF the core explosion CANNOT ESCAPE through the other two explosions/ then it MUST turn itself in the opposite direction to become a black hole. For every action there will be a reaction. if the core explosion cannot escape its atomic release/ THEN IT MUST turn back upon itself and return into itself; thereby removing all space. The energy has no choice.

Critical to a black hole that now attracts mass/ as that is the direction of this anti-energy. Is the fact that, when mass arrives it must enter into the black hole: as that is the description of the energy impacting from an explosion that tears apart the mass fuel source of a sun.  Since there is no space in a black hole: it is denser than any other element “perhaps 15 times more dense”. But since there is no possibility for even light to escape/ that is not the source of gravity in a sun.  instead reality states the only possible method by which the necessary processes are established: is a “tunneling hole” through the center. As anti-mass collects into itself as a black hole: the most vulnerable area is the center. Because the energy of collapse from all around it as this originates from a sphere, is at its center:  where the force of anti-energies smashing into each other, collide. As the black hole enlarges a tunnel is created in the center, and the “dark energy (turned inside out) is removed from the mass/ sent through the center of the black hole. And is accelerated outward into space as a string. That string of anti-energy then at some point attaches to the proton dust of the originating explosion and forms an atom when they combine. The electrons form as the string is broken.

We return to the black hole for a moment:  requiring the shape of a black hole must be functionally spherical  or the energies required to crush mass into anti-mass would cause it to explode itself. In addition there must be a “funnel end” to work the mass into anti-mass/ which means that end will break slightly at its entrance, giving stress cracks to the anti-mass; which then allows it to grow.

Physical mass combines in outer space; as can be seen in “frying tator tots” in hot oil.  The frozen potatoes adhere to each other quickly, and must be forced back apart to fry properly.  Or more simply when cold mass enters a hot zone/ the cold mass will clump together, beginning the process of combining mass into rock, or even gas.


NOW, THE PURPOSE of this discussion is again:  YOU MUST STOP THE TERRORISTS, from completing their delusions about bringing the same fire here to this earth as is on the sun.  OR THIS PLANET/ THIS EARTH WILL BECOME A SUN; and obviously burn you alive. Along with every life and every future life;  forever gone.  STAND UP, AND SAY NO!  Do it with law, and don’t take no for an answer.

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there is a duty

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There is duty, shared between what is family, what is society, and what is self. Each of these responsibilities are earned, through the definitions of what we are willing to pay, to sustain a relationship that continues to build a future we can not only survive, but enjoy as happiness lived.

To that end, are all the possibilities/ problems/ needs/ and rights fought for or lost.  Realities created between the lives which intersect in each human journey through time itself.

I will examine for the purposes of this writing, which is to teach:  a moment in my own time, as is current and useful. Your ability to use the information is irrelevant; “I teach to teach/ you choose for yourself what has value”.


As explained by the letters which will follow, my mother is in the nursing home. I have two sisters, each of which believe “I have invaded their lives/ and seek to ruin their future”.  Because I have said to the nursing home and through them the state of IL:  that I do have a legitimate right to aid and abet (without criminal connotations: “to assist without regard to irrelevant rules”) my own mother in her wheelchair/ by simply building a slight modification (which interfered with nor endangered anyone) for her to use.  That was instantly discarded by the state “we have rules here”. Or more distinctly:  you have no right to aid or do anything for your mother/ but pay money, and ask us for sympathy.  I find that to be a complete disregard for the guaranteed freedoms of this democracy/ a  complete disregard and disrespect for me. That is not to say my mother cannot choose for herself/ she can, not an issue. This is simply about:  if I wish to show my own mother, that I value her enough to build something/ to help her life be a tiny bit better as described in the letters. Then that is my right:  so long as it harms none. A controversy intended to be defined by legal contest with the state of IL:  as they are in control of these types of issues. Beyond that, it is also necessary to inform the nursing home:  when the state is “fixed”/ you need to adjust as well. A fact of life, no need to wait. The wheelchair is everyday.

My sense of duty to self is:  I have a right, to aid my mother in simple ways, which none have the right to question legitimately/ it is that simple. Not even a question, “I have a right”.

My sense of duty to family is:  my mother owns the right, to let me help her/ and it is non-negotiable. No date of death can be distinguished, therefore it matters until that day comes. In contrast to that are my sisters. One fears, because “LIFE CAN BE UNFAIR (she has cause)”/ don’t steal my future.  One riots, because “YOU MUST OBEY THEIR RULES/ DON’T you understand, BULLIES are mean; they can make our lives miserable”. We can’t defeat them: SO HIDE (don’t let them come here)/ DO WHAT THEY WANT!  Or I will hate you forever. These are extreme behaviors considering they are not even  “involved”. This is a question between me, the freedom to aid my mother as I see fit: without endangering anyone.  And the state of IL making rules which go too far; along with the nursing home involved at the end of that controversy. But it does  not essentially involve them, or their inheritance.

These are descriptions of a society, that fails life.  Not a surprise, sense life itself has rarely or never even been considered particularly in the last fifty years of America. The righteous disagree, but its true.

My sense of duty to society is:  when confronted with rules or other failures that arise through leaders, but are more often the result of people “who bite on their heels”/ that want rules. The rules cause others grief, so they attack the leaders from the other side, demanding more rules. The leaders then “pull out their hair”/ and make more rules, to control the people who want rules to control those others. Then people who are the burden of society itself, enter in and bribe or betray the rest of the people so they can create rules to control the rules, and thereby take whatever they want.  The end result is:  EVERYONE is surrounded by an army of rules, which no one truly benefits from except the traitor. The problem being:  FEW can actually contest the rules, because there are more rules/ and as rules constrict their lives. There is an army of the righteous trying to always make more rules “so those DAMN PEOPLE, can’t do anything we don’t like”. Which builds resentment/ causes crime: and ends with “I HAVE A GUN”! and the lawyer is a legalized criminal, who WILL steal all your money/ in a courtroom, that will discard constitutional authority and its freedoms “with a tiny irrelevant rule/ if that”. While all the people hide, and run away in fear.  This is America;  land of the coward (scared to lose what you stole, to avoid reality, even when the world and the nation is going to die: because you would not face your truth.)/ or more correctly, this land is overrun by those who built an entire dictionary of irrelevant words:  just so they could control the communication/ and discard the people themselves. When the leaders are cowards, the people follow.  No you cannot say anything, “you don’t know the language”/ even if you do, they have more words you don’t know in reserve. To steal democracy itself.

DUTY SAYS:  our responsibility to life and society is, freedom must be given the right, to be free!  That sounds redundant, but it is true.  Merely saying “we the people are free”/ is nothing;  if “a billion rules” can take that freedom away.  That of course is exactly why rules exist:  TO TAKE THEIR DAMN FREEDOM AWAY/ we don’t like it! So the question for democracy is:  with liberty (the right to make our own laws)/ there must also be, the right to limit and refuse the righteous who are always trying to make rules. So they can be RULERS, and take our freedom away.

Sense there is no reliance on lawyers to do such a thing:  they will steal your heart, your money, and try to take your soul.  While demanding we have a right:  WE HAVE A DIPLOMA/ and that guarantees you owe me.  For my easy life, and what the vast majority call college: “best years of my life”.  Whereas the courtroom is run by lawyers, who demand:  there can be no others here/ and have made rules to insure that, and quash the insolent who refuse their crimes.  That too is a blanket statement:  not condemning all. Rather stating:  THERE ARE PROBLEMS HERE, A REBELLION against this democracy, by those in power. A corrupt court:  your rights are NOT free; but prison is, if we don’t like you. But then I revealed them as “traitors, or more”; and would expect nothing less: arises here! A conspiracy by all to hide in lies, cheating, and theft against their children:  “we lied/ pay later is not going to happen”.

Duty then demands the responsibility for fighting for this democracy itself:  falls upon whosoever can. It is that simple/ you cannot ask a man off the street;  to do “brain surgery”; without an education of merit. It will go badly for all involved.  Consequently the true fight within a courtroom belongs to the lawyer and its judge; in conjunction with society itself. But all refuse, the lawyer wants the money/ the judge wants the power/ and society just wants to be left alone, “don’t hurt me”.  Oddly enough, believe it or not;  that seems to leave me, simply trying to teach the insolent and sacred “we must fight for what we own”!  The tragedy is, people on both sides believe “they are RIGHT”; and can’t be questioned, because THEY OWN the rules. Which makes any “rule breaker/ or rule questioner” an enemy. Which makes society say:  ITS BAD ENOUGH/ DON’T make this worse.  Yet history will prove, if you don’t fight for what is right and valuable:  the thieves, traitors, and cheats; will only get worse.  Reality proves you would rather believe:  “with my gun/ I will take back all I lost”/ NEVER ONCE understanding, there will be consequences. Even worse, than for Syria. But alas:  the mob always believes “we are so many” they CAN’T take revenge. Well, just one in one million is 8,000 people: wanting violence/ just like you!  Once the fuel is lit, for America;  the consequence FOR THIS ENTIRE PEOPLE IS:    YOU STOLE MY LIFE (medical bills are just one), YOU CRUSHED MY HOPES (there is nothing left, but to beg), YOU CALLED ME WORTHLESS (not one of the nobility; don’t have a diploma/ or if you do, then a slave for all who weren’t chosen). A reality that exists FOR NOTHING; BUT A DAMN DIPLOMA, took over our world;  and more EXTORTION than society can stand. That reality, Will make stopping impossible. Cannibalism will occur. Nonetheless, if you have no brain/ then you must be another “priest of evolution”.

Without question, as in the past regarding this work:  the police and leadership in every form: will just assume I am a terrorist plotting violence with such words. “its him/ he is the problem”:  Never once accepting or admitting to the reality:  these are the choices of your own society, your leaders;  and the consequences they formed by their failure to take the future of life itself, seriously. No the children can’t save you anymore; you killed them with want, pride, arrogance (didn’t care), and power! I tell you plain, I am not going to attack you; nor will I be glad when others do:  failure is failure/ not a game to be won or lost. this is life or death/ like so MANY THREATS are for our entire world.  Even so, “you want to continue  playing god”:  satan!  As that is the descriptive word for destroyers of Creation itself.


So lets review:   apart from this world will soon die. What clearer proof can there be:  than people trying to ignite sun fire here on earth?  Go ahead take another look:  oh wait, just looking at the sun can make you blind. And its 91 million miles away today! A bigger failure in policing, and the courtroom:  does not exist.  Yet you pretend:  “the universities cannot be wrong”!  Congratulations,  “you win”.

       Nonetheless: in this tiny matter of freedom and rights.

  1. History proves, when confronted with rules and their rulers: nothing gets better without a fight. The fight for laws which protect us as society itself:  removes the rulers/ and aids justice.
  2. History proves, when society refuses to fight within the law; because they are certain they cannot win. Gathering weapons: Then civil war is coming. I have a gun, doesn’t need “fancy words”/ the words die, along with the people themselves and all they worked for.
  3. Democracy is: NOBODY gets to be the ruler! To enforce that, we made the constitution (our own written agreement “in our words”) as our government.  Demanding every employee shall swear:  the constitution is the government, and it decides/ NOT THEM. That, is the foundation of democracy; and it is not shared with an employee, to rule/ it is ours! We own the nation, state, etc.
  4. That brings us to WE THE PEOPLE: a reality of society purposely uneducated and truly uninformed about how, when, why, where, what and any other value:  with regard to keeping their democracy alive for themselves. A kindergarten class has more comprehension! It nonetheless begins with:   A vote to vote for someone else/ is not true democracy. Therefore the answer to that is:  vote on the law itself/ NOT on a politician.
  5. The courtroom and all of government: belong only to us as a people/ that is democracy in action.  The courtroom and everyone who works for “government”: IS AN EMPLOYEE/ not a ruler.  In fact those who swore they would uphold the constitution as “government first”/ are punishable, when they fail; regardless of position.  They are merely individuals like the rest of us:  except to get their job, THEY SWORE, not to offend the constitution or its legitimate interpretation; as accepted by the people themselves. We are the owners/ not the court. They are individuals, with a deliberate, defined job to do.
  6. THE LEGAL REMEDY for employees suspected of failing their duty is: first amendment redress of grievances/ a constitutional law, that gives the people themselves a LEGAL RIGHT to enforce the public investigation of employees charged with FAILING THEIR OATH OF OFFICE. Avoiding or destroying or rebelling against democracy, by refusing the authority of constitutional law. No small matter!
  7. So the question here is: WHAT does constitutional law, and democracy, and justice and life itself; have to do with the fact, this controversy is about the simple refusal of one man being able to help his own mother in a nursing home/ as he sees fit?


“let us review”:

The fundamental is:  I have lost my legally guaranteed freedom!

The functioning reality is:  “government employees, have invaded the relationship between my mother and me”.

The critical development is:  once those who believe themselves to be RULERS, have invaded the relationship between mother and son:  what legitimately is left? How is that NOT, “you went too far”.

The definition of duty is:  if you see or know, that a critical relationship between society and its framework law, HAS BEEN VIOLATED.  Then it is your responsibility to inform the others, and at least try to resolve this invasion of rights:  at far less than a murderous mob would do.  Because if the potential is bad enough, the day will come;  when a mob will form. Mobs need only the tiniest source of ignition, to ignite a war, or a tragedy. Therefore when a candle is lit/ duty reminds each one:  to snuff that out, before a forest fire will rage.  If you doubt/ people are proving regularly today:  they can indeed start a forest fire, “with just one match”.


Let us conclude:

My duty to self is:  to protect my future/ by protecting my world, my family, and my society for happiness.  I did the best I could:  just one man. Simple as that.

My duty to family according to my sisters is:  to aid and abet (obey the damn rules) my mother; by doing nothing.   As she is now worried about any and everything she can think of/ blaming me for all of that: damage has been done.  My duty to siblings is:  not to interfere in their lives, which in their version is to aid and abet (obey the damn rules)/ and let them live in peace. DON’T change our security beliefs,  about what the future will hold. They are truly stressed;  even though there is no cause. Their insistence in bringing our mom into this/ their own lives into this: is clear evidence of damage done. THEY BELIEVE, they are threatened/ so they live accordingly. Over something so small, that it is only the insistence:  I can provide a little something to improve my own mother’s life/ “I still value you”! This entire matter builds on nothing more than that!  Whether that is again initiated by “nursing home administration or not” is no longer important. The thread that binds us, is technically broken. That allows “this is why, I will legally leave this issue of rights;  alone personally”. Family is not a game (to win or to lose); even though some treat it so. Nonetheless, I have fought for this world and its life:  “for my entire lifetime”/ on the frontlines alone. It is YOUR turn to fight. Not as your constant fantasy of delusions; but in reality. Want is not enough/ neither are riots in the street! Use law.  I am done!  And that includes trying to salvage something for your children to use in their lives/ or the children I know:  simply done. You are dead:  just like the bible predicted “they will be marrying and giving their children in marriage” which means.  They don’t know anything is wrong/ but believe the future will be great.  Wrong.

My duty to society is:  to inform of we the people of  realities that threaten our future. To acknowledge the law decides/ but that law is formed entirely by the commands of government which is THE CONSTITUTION. Not the employee:  Federal controls/ state assists.

My duty to the nation itself/ as in democracy, is:  to advise of the opportunities in law for change. To acknowledge the potential in organization, which gives us all the right and the power to control those who would be our rulers.

My responsibility to human family is:  that we all deserve, to be free in our relationships particularly between parent and child:  so long as no harm is done. Life and family, is not a game/ we deserve that. Which means DON’T interfere/ help.

My responsibility to this world is:  to report the dissolution of everything that holds our future together, / and threatens all life on earth with extinction. You lies will fail.  I have so done:  in this my little version of “the free press”.


YOUR RESPONSIBILITY begins with:  the destruction of our world is the end of life.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY begins with:  when we CANNOT let “these others” BE WRONG/ because the consequences are horrendous. Then they must be legally and purposely STOPPED. No excuses allowed:  you shall not, anymore/ or you will die.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY begins with:  without resources, there is no future for a single child.  Or anything other than war. Not a game.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY ends with:  “you either did/ or you did not do,  whatever you can legally do!  FOR,   LIFE COMES FIRST!  A reality which has no second chances; in a world so completely insane, people are even trying to ignite atoms on fire;   “just like on the sun”.  Wrong is, our planet becomes another sun!


The letters



2191 county road, 2500 east   St. Joseph, IL 61873

DATED:  2/22/17


RE:  the private property of ___________nursing home.

In consideration of the following:

  1. Having identified a serious problem in the care of_________; which is her inability to properly nap in her own wheelchair. The reality established as:  a complete dis-alignment of her spine;  as is illustrated by the words, “bent over the side of the wheelchair in the shape of an upside down “letter J”.
    1. ESTABLISHED: this is a cruel and unusual punishment/ without justification. That can be remedied with a simple mechanical assembly.
    2. The function and purpose of the item provided by her son, in support of _______/ thereby cures this problem by providing a suitable head rest.
    3. Instead of accepting reality: The nursing home or the state employee establishes, SHE MUST BE PUNISHED/ by its refusal. An inappropriate and legally indefensible stance.
  2. Having identified a serious problem in the care of______ which is her inability to gain access to water when needed/ because of near immobile realities of body. The item provided by her son to alleviate this matter, by producing a permanent cup-holder for her usage/ built into the new side rail of her chair.  Clearly and substantially fixes that issue/ while providing ________with a place to put her drink when that is required..
    1. Established as cruel and unusual punishment: is the fact, without mobility, and without a proper place for her to put that drink when not completely finished. She is required to hold the water filled cup until it spills into her lap, making her clothes wet/ or spilling onto the floor.
    2. That is a repeated reality akin to torture on its smallest scale. It is an unnecessary indignity that is unworthy of her value.
    3. Instead of accepting the value in change: The nursing home or the state employee establishes, SHE MUST BE PUNISHED/ by its refusal. An inappropriate and legally indefensible stance.
  3. Having identified a serious problem in the care of_______; which is the inability to be close enough to the food table/ so as not to spill food all over herself.  Because the distance is twice that (we lean into the table to eat) of a person not in a wheelchair.  The end result of their failure to address the problem/ is modified by the second item provided to ________by her son;  which is a suitable tray that rests into a pivot point on the new wheelchair side rail. So as to halve the distance between the food table and herself. The consequence of that is far less spillage/ thereby added personal dignity.  Which means FAR LESS personal strife; at her own bodily failure to handle the food better. A reality that would inflict us all to some degree, if we put ourselves twice as far from the food than we do.  Those who are not nearly immobile have that option.
    1. Established as cruel and unusual punishment: because no one should have to be required to produce a mess/ because someone else is interfering in their lives. Tyrant is: I made a rule, and that makes me god/ YOU have no say. IN CONTRAST;  IS THE TRUTH;  that government is not given to any employee. Rather government in democracy is the constitution itself/ which grants certain limited powers, in the performance of their duty as AN EMPLOYEE: of we the people. A person whose job it is (employee), and nothing more;   to achieve the goals of that same constitution, for each and every citizen as best they can.
    2. Instead of choosing dignity for ________and functioning to achieve that goal. The nursing home or the state employee controlling them, establishes: SHE MUST BE PUNISHED/ by its refusal. An inappropriate and legally indefensible stance.
  4. Having identified a serious problem in the care of__________; when faced with drinking or eating:  the factory side rails of her wheelchair enclose her elbows. Which means when she raises a glass to drink/ or a spoon to eat:  HER ARMS RAISE THE FOOD too high for her mouth. Because her head has lowered far beyond what is normal. The consequence of that is:   she frequently gets a straw in her eye at times. She has to fight for a drink because it won’t line up with her mouth. She has an inordinate amount of trouble with her food, because she cannot move her elbows outward. The reality;  these side rails are too tall/ and her ability to adjust herself has suffered accordingly.
    1. Established as cruel and unusual punishment: by improper tooling. Which produces  or fails to address:  not being able to eat or drink properly;  significantly caused, because of a factory chair. Brings us to the extreme failure of those who declare themselves to be god as in “we know everything”!  Or more simply, the university diploma, which has taken over all government entirely;  is god. The insurgency was successful/ the resultant theft and bankruptcy against this state and all its citizens: an act of war!

Fundamentally or functionally, whether state controls or business denies; the university degree is a pandemic (the tragedy affects everyone) of disease (the individual life is irrelevant) instead of fighting for life.  They are, Interfering where you do not belong/ destroying what you do not own/ lying, about money/ terrorizing life by supporting those  with experiments so extreme even the solar system itself is in danger: etc.

Which does include such little things as, the extreme failure, presented by the state employees:  which is to erect “a blinding fence” in front of her window to the world. This act:  is a disease of arrogance so certain, your individual life does not matter.  Substantively establishing “welcome to your grave, your view to our world is dead; there is nothing left, unless we “your gods” allow it.

Another reality that must be removed, because state employees are not god;  because life is more important than your pride. As an employee of the people;  you may ask of the residents affected and their families:  what do you want. But unless it is clearly absolutely necessary to enforce a reality that takes away from life:  You shall not do so;  such is the claim called justice/ the reality of democracy/ and the purpose declared by we the people;  called freedom.

  1. Instead of care: The nursing home being controlled by the state employee establishes: SHE MUST BE PUNISHED/ by its refusal. An inappropriate and legally indefensible stance.

In consideration of these facts;  is the alternate side. Which means you, WHOSOEVER wishes to control the private property of __________Osterbur/ and confine her to realities which inflict damage upon her life.  ARE NOW REQUIRED to present a written statement declaring why the aforementioned devices presented by James Frank Osterbur/ son of the resident in _______ Nursing home, which is under the direction of both state and corporate influences:  should be discarded.

Establish your claim for REFUSAL OF the reasonable support, and functional developments assigned by reality:  which DO provide _________with some relief from her condition. 


Thereby support your legal position,  declare your complaint, and be prepared to legally defend it:  OR GET OUT OF THE WAY. By producing a written document reversing your position and allowing for the necessary changes as __________may decide for herself.

Should the state wish to be combative:  BE CERTAIN, to establish who and where shall the subpoena for court be sent.

But make no mistake:  TRIAL shall be constructed around the rights, rules, and realities of constitutional obedience required of you/ and the freedoms, justice, and foundation of democracy itself, that is expected by us all. You will bear in mind as well:  that in this trial, whereas _________pays for her residency therein.  YOU ARE HER EMPLOYEES; hired and PAID;  for the specific purpose of doing the best you can for her life and situation. Along with that reality are a string of legal parameters we will discuss.

BE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN:  that should any form of trouble erupt, with regard to the residency of ________in the nursing home of her choice:  be established against her.  There will be legal consequences, and a penalty as the law allows in jury trial.

While I, her son, James Frank Osterbur do not legally hold power of attorney at this time.  I do choose to ACT ALONE, in this matter! I can and will address any issue presented in the certainty:  I DO HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT to support, provide, and defend my own mother.  Without any other legal claim to deny that fact.  This issue of fundamental support:  is about my work, my decision, my choice to legally argue I HAVE A RIGHT, to provide relief, to my own mother:  that will not be denied.

The only reason I am not legal guardian from the beginning is:  I told her, only the pills necessary would I allow to be given/ and no more.  She thought it would be better, if she had all the pills a doctor could prescribe.  As incidents have proved:  she was wrong.


Any assumption, that I am not willing to take this to  court, against the controlling entity:  will be proven wrong.



TO:  STATE OF ILLINOIS/ nursing home, and its affiliate corporate partner

FROM:  JAMES FRANK OSTERBUR  2191 county road 2500E  St. Joseph, IL 61873

(I require only written correspondence, so as to prove what is or is not said in this matter:  now described as, “without a right”.)

Dated: 2/27/17


RE:  reality due to the consequent fears of my siblings, in the legal matter:  “I have a right, to participate in my own mothers care/ and find solutions for her assistance, where I can”.

Since they do not understand: this very simple legal foundation.  FREEDOM constructs a plateau, wherein all things within that “dimensional authority of individual rights”;  are without the opportunity to judge,  by any authority. That is the assignment of democracy, and its consequent guarantee:  “we the people shall be freed, from those who try to rule over us”. That is our unity of government, and our truth:  before those with a university degree claimed NONE shall decide but us. And again:  “they have a book/ which cannot be declared wrong;  because some professor wrote it”. Thereby declaring themselves to be “god (can’t be wrong/ can’t be questioned/ none shall deny this  authority)”. A reality of complete rebellion against the United States of America/ the state of IL/ and all this people.  Because, “we are said to be free/ and that removes the ruler, and his or her book”. Religious zeal (we have a book/ that is god);  is forbidden in this democracy.  As a consequence, the insurgency of a university diploma, in its attempts to control and manipulate all forms of behavior and opportunities in this state or nation:  is betrayal of democracy itself/ and must be removed. “religion is a book”/ if your book is god:  then you are religious.

I am an unbeliever in “the university knows everything”/ and refuse its rule over me! I am a person who demands:  the constitution shall rule over us all.  Making this fraudulent claim of power and authority by a state or a corporate entity:  who denies to me, the freedom to assist my own mother as I see fit/ while endangering no one.  As a need to discuss the changes you must make.

WE ARE at this time, simply disputing the legality of refusing my assistance in providing solutions to the problems identified: which my mother experiences. That is believed to be a state of IL disposition of authority/ however if that includes the nursing home or its corporate entity; so be it.

WE ARE NOT disputing anything with regard to my mother, or her legal rights and possessions:  other than, WHETHER I AM ALLOWED TO SUBMIT SOLUTIONS FOR HER BENEFIT AND DECISIONS. That is her only participation in this matter/ and there is no other tangible legal consideration other than the fact, “like a car accident”.  The consequence of what is called Parkinson’s:   needs intervention and support.  In matters NOT resolved by the nursing home or state;  I have within my legal freedom of choice, provided solutions.

In contrast to that work and definition of details,  a clear purpose to leave these issues detailed in the initial submission:  leave this alone. Has been made, either by the state, or as expected because of the state/ by staff at the nursing home.

We are discussing NO GREAT THING, with regard to the item built by James Frank Osterbur/ as has been made clear.  It addresses small realities of life;  which are critical to the welfare and comfort of my own mother/ and in no way jeopardizes or contributes to “chaos” for the nursing home, its residents, or its staff.  The items built simply represent solutions, that have the potential to improve life for my mother.

THAT MEANS:   as is the constant of fools and fraud in government authority today, or its impact on business etc.  FAILURE is an ever present traitor due to a university degree.  You have no legal right/ and again, should there be a valued, true, and realistic cause for not using the devices made:  I will argue that, and if we can agree fix that accordingly. NO SIMPLE EXCUSES will be allowed. You will provide alternatives, that functionally take care of the problem:  or, what I have prepared will remain.  THAT INCLUDES the current attempt, to pretend there is any other cause; for replacing her wheelchair, with one the nursing home owns/ than to control that portion of this complaint.  It is a step in the wrong legal direction for you, and I suggest it won’t work.


This brings us to the functional separation of what can or cannot be in this;  soon to be legal  disagreement of authority. IF NECESSARY!

I merely demand the freedom to assist my mother, within the nursing home:  as I deem necessary, without interruption or interference. Or any cause to believe is worth trying to change.   THAT IS all I am asking/ and won’t take no for an answer. You are free to “fix, each of the four complaints identified”:  WITH SOMETHING APPROPRIATE, and better than what I provide. If you cannot/ then what I provide shall be freed, to try.  THIS IS NOT a desirable legal lawsuit/ as my mother is fading away, and the reality of a legal dispute may or may not be resolved;  before she has died.  Consequently it is far more important to me;  that her life should be improved NOW, not after your insipid illegal (democracy rules/ NOT a university book, or any other form of rebellion against what our constitution guarantees) playtime is over.


That brings us to my siblings; as they have convinced themselves to fear: an illegal and corrupt courtroom, with lawyers that instill fear due to extreme extortion/ and no rights to defend oneself against them. A conspiracy to destroy democracy in and of itself;  by refusing justice/ discarding fair play/ and demanding only the rich can try to buy a verdict;  “when the doors are closed”.  It is a concern, because democracy lays beaten and disabled by a rebellious army of “university is king”. No one else shall own a single right or possession. As is again in evidence by the nursing home trying to steal the wheelchair out from under her. That is a conspiracy of fraud; as it is a deliberate attempt to destroy evidence/ and replace it with their own lie. That decision does absolutely nothing, to fix or resolve the four issues I have detailed.

NONETHELESS, so long as more damage, or no irreparable damage exists:  the potential lawsuit that this describes is ONLY ABOUT the right/ and the legal freedom, to assist my mother as I see fit;  in her situation within the nursing home of her choosing.  Her current situation is:  the last two times I visited, she has been horizontal, and barely functioning/ thirsty. Prior to that she has been not better than 45 degrees from vertical for months; with her head down.  In contrast, I had brought her home two weeks before, to test the items I provide;  wherein she was vertical, because her shoulder and head, rested on the pillow I had made, keeping her aright. All risks to her person with regard to this item or any other I provide will be accepted by me. All risk associated with the item(s) I provide, with regard to any other person:  shall be deemed at the same equal liability of the nursing home. Thereby I will pay the increase in insurance cost;  attributed to the item’s I provide; ending that dispute.

IF DAMAGE CONTINUES TO MOUNT, with regard to family. OR, I find my own life and foundations of family destroyed or disrupted in any appreciable manner:  because you let fear fester in my siblings. Or took actions that are not consistent, or appropriate:  in accordance with this potential lawsuit.  THEN A PENALTY SUM will be added/ and a civil lawsuit demanding:  I have a right, WILL occur.                                                                            YOUR CHOICE.


I DEMAND THE FREEDOM TO ASSIST MY MOTHER AS I SEE FIT/ IN A FREE, AND TRUE DEMOCRACY, that would NOT be questioned. Or more distinctly:  Merely, in ways that do not detract or conceive of any legitimate or illegitimate harm to anyone directly involved. That includes freedom:  from any action or other by the nursing home staff with regard to change; granting, call me if a problem exists/ or take reasonable actions, understanding a discussion will ensue. Nor should this entail any harm to the nursing home or staff by the state. We can all simply work together to form the best solutions possible; as life and society are intended to be.  The contract here is:  When following state rules to be a business; you are simply held innocent (had to do it) until proven otherwise.

The controlling party, which is understood to be the state. IS DEMANDING:  there is no freedom, and there is no right, and they have possession of her life (as is consistent with a prison)/  A reality of control, NOT given to the state. If that control is not  truly accurate of the state/ THEN who controls these decisions, must be answered?  Passing beyond the state, the responsibility of a nursing home is;  to provide her honest and reasonable care/ as best as realistically possible.  A reality of control, that is given to you, the nursing home, with family involved. A fact that will never be “perfect”; just the best we can as a group.

WE CAN, work together simply.  OR, we can legally fight to see what a jury trial will bring. Either way:  this potential legal battle is strictly between “you and me”.  As my siblings refuse, and are finding fear in every corner of their lives; THESE PEOPLE CAN STEAL EVERYTHING; they will take our inheritance.  That fear is, by your decision to fail my mother/ the corruption known in the courts:  I did not cause it. The university diplomas who took over government & corrupted “everything”, did.  Which means UNLESS you are obligated, to alleviate their  fear, and provide written proof of relief:  to them.  Or your decision is to assault and batter, as an enemy of this intended democracy.

My siblings have also deliberately chosen to completely upset my mother; “by making her stop me”; in an attempt to control me. Complicating my relationship with her, in her remaining time on earth. A reality completely without suitable  purpose, simply adding an additional burden to her life.  As she owns no possibility to defend herself. This is simply by definition; the arrogant destruction of my own relationship with my own mother. Another result of tyranny in government. The result of fear (he must be stopped) again: by believing  “these people can take everything”. Which identifies by my conception;  their own truth inside:  “YOU KNOW”, THEY ARE ALL CRIMINALS, the court and its lawyers are completely unfair.  As is true & consistent with the belief, of the vast majority of people in this  society! There is cause:  justice is irrelevant, the courtroom is a predator; the lawyer a thief; and we the people know it is true! Because we are their victims.

The consequent potential of a civil lawsuit not

only for the destruction of family/ but pain and suffering begins its description and will also become evident as time continues;  unfortunately it will undoubtedly, be found true. If you do not simply and plainly alleviate their fears! Failure to do so, is a criminal manipulation of their lives, intended to assault and battery me “from the inside”.

I am the only one in dispute with you, and this dispute is not tied through my mother or siblings. This is about freedom, and the rights associated with democracy itself. The simple truth:  the damned disease of arrogance that permeates society itself because of a university diploma. Which has seized the authority to make every decision, control every life, counterfeit and thereby steal all our work, disrupt and destroy this state and nation, terrorize the world, and produce treason beyond the scope of democracy itself.  Just because they are so damn proud, greedy, and utterly selfish. They even get between my mother and me: to their shame and disgrace.

To the corporate and nursing home entities:  “choose your steps carefully”; as my expectation is limited to a legal dispute with the state of IL (authority in denial) only, at this time. If I should hire attorneys:  they will insist upon your money. I suggest you keep it in mind.  IF my mother dies before I can honestly assist her, due to the actions of this state/ then an open call to all lawyers who want this case shall be displayed on  allowing “take them for whatever you want”.

My decision is to assist my mother as her needs determine what must be done.  The items I supplied: help her eat/ help her nap/ give her the dignity of a place to set her drink, so as not to spill it!  Your decision:  is to remove that right, and that dignity; functionally demanding “your decision is to punish and control”.  Simple and plain!  I suggest to you:  “without appropriate, legal standing”.


Send me confirmation of “the freedom to assist as I see fit” in reasonable and fair conjunction with the nursing home staff:   let reality decide.  Or send me the name and address of the state organization to be sued; should they deny my claim of:   a right!


This entire matter is to be resolved before March 20, 2017 or the legal development and procedures required for trial shall follow after that date.  Time is allotted due to bureaucracy.

To avoid any issue of “grandstanding or attempting to pull interest into my websites”.  I assure you that is not true.  To accomplish anything of value for the sake of life or planet at this time;  I would need the support of a “billion or so” people.  YOU, are not that, nor will you ever be/ therefore irrelevant!  Apart from interfering in my life, as it applies with respect to my own mother; I have no further interest in you.  Simple and plain. Nor do I have an interest in fighting for people who will not fight for themselves, their planet, life on earth, or a future; not even for their own child.  I AM “done with that”!

Nor will I be breaking their rule, prior to written consignment of my own authority by you;  because in doing so, “the army of the righteous” get to decide my fate. It would be useless, as the army would attack immediately; the righteous worship power. Regardless of reality assigned by my mothers life, justice called freedom for me, evidence established, or the consistent truth called “fair play”/ value gives the right of any other elevation of life over a rule; as fair. It is their trademark of the university rules: “that their rule is god”! it is reality that says: Rules and laws are not the same. Laws define what affects us all, and thereby declares: when your actions make us pay/ you have no right to do that.  Whereas a rule defines:  we the righteous, have decreed “step over this line” and we will make you pay for not obeying us. By taking anything we want/ as is the evidence of interfering between me, and my mother; including the tyranny of fear generated in my siblings, along with the other problems you created for me.  Without a right!

Instead, I will suggest to you: IF there is the slightest will left, to defend democracy alive in this place/ the critical conception is:   BREAK A LAW, as our employee; etc:  including a constitutional law, “and we the people will decide”. More distinctly, “we as a democracy;  when united for freedom”: prove that purpose; literally as, “the owners here”.

The damage your arrogance has done, is already far greater than any conception of the item I have provided to my mother:  COULD EVER do. To your shame.

REALITY SAYS:  IT IS IMPORTANT!  HOW WOULD YOU, LIKE TO SPEND YOUR DAYS WITH NO VIEW OTHER THAN YOUR LAP/ STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE/ WITH NOTHING TO THINK ABOUT BUT DYING?   Just because the damned demand,  they must be obeyed! It may be already too late to be of assistance;  as her change in posture, and a complete lack of purpose have surfaced. BUT THAT has nothing to do, with my demand for the guaranteed constitutional right:  that is a freedom to decide for myself, with respect for all DIRECTLY involved.  RATHER THAN simply oozing the sewage of government dethroned.  The US constitution is dead:  traitors overran it/ the courts refuse it/ and the tyranny of fools committed treason so they could steal from us all.    Simple and plain, the evidence proves this is so.


TO:  The nursing home/ etc.

FROM: James Frank Osterbur

Dated:  3/2/17


RE:   the replacement chair

While it may suit you, or even my sisters with regard to this chair. It does not solve the fundamental issues as described by me. It does not provide a cup-holder that actually holds the insulated cups you use/ thereby worthless. It does not provide a suitable relief to her neck as when napping her head still lacks basic support. She is in front of the shoulder support instead of on it correctly;  even if it helps some. The rails are lower, but the chair is wider, which means when she does want to rest her arm on a structure there is none available for her to do so/ even though they exist. Worst of all, the chair locks her in her prison of a nursing home:  because it will not successfully load into a vehicle/ does not move successfully across anything but level concrete: the wheels are too small/ the thing too big. She may or may not be able to get closer to a table for eating: it is unlikely. Which means she has still lost that tiny bit of control as well. Nor does it allow for a table she can use or push away for snacks or other through the day.  As to overall comfort compared with the other one: time will tell/ the verdict remains out.

Critical to the reality of this discussion is:  the fact, the entire purpose of this endeavor is, to refuse the son his ability to adapt an environment for his mother. “Demanding NO ONE makes a decision but the state employee: he or she is god”.  Destroying that fundamental of all life:  IT IS FAIR, for a son to attempt or succeed at making life better for his mother/ if she desires it. It’s called a relationship, conceived by family; and it is not a game for you to interfere with. My choice to aid my mother as best I can/ is my choice: not yours. You, have no say:  so long as no danger to the others exists.

The reality of those who believe themselves in absolute control is:  ANY DAMN THING BUT someone else can make their own decision. THAT IS,  prison.  Reality of family;  gives us control/ not the state.  She is not in prison/ you have no legal right to do anything other than establish legitimate care.  Other than the body is not working properly:  she is still functioning inside. Which means you have overstepped your bounds:  her life still knows who helps and who does not/ even if communication is very poor.  As with all other things done by government employees: demanding “I am god/ I have a diploma”/ those in control because of a university diploma have established, their purpose here and everywhere, is to destroy, control, or deny all authority of life;  except for their own. That is called tyranny, and in democracy that is also a definition of treason and betrayal. Manipulation, temptation, threats, bribery, corruption, and control are all foundation trademarks of a university diploma; not leadership betrayal.  And the world itself has suffered tremendously because of university failures and fantasy. I remain committed to the fact:  I HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS/ YOU, don’t own my mother’s life. You shall not take possession of it, other than by what is fair, realistic, and reasonable for her situation.

The items I provided for her: do not come under those definitions.  It is fair I provide. IF WE DO NOT PAY EVERY LAST PENNY you demand for her care in this facility:  YOU WILL take legal and financial actions.  I have rights too!  The items I provided for her:  exist as a realistic solution/ even better than your new replacement chair; and if not, then changes can be made; so long as you don’t interfere. I have rights too! The reasonable demand for non-interference from the state or those whom the state employees control by threat:  is fair. She is my mother/ I am her son:  DON’T interfere in our relationship is a legal right I can enforce.

My decision to aid the life of my mother is fundamental, and distinctly my own decision to make/ it is not yours to interfere with. This replacement chair is functionally insofar as the nursing home is involved;  simply a change they could make in regard to the complaint I have filed here. I appreciate the try; But it does not alter the fundamental control issue:  that I have a right to help my mother as I see fit. In ways that do not detract, nor do they endanger anyone associated with the nursing home or its patients or staff.  Therefore you have no right to interfere. Taking away her personal property to claim:  “we own it now”/ is another step in the wrong direction. Try not to continue on that path. We have spent through insurance and private pay roughly $350,000.00 for the five years mom has been taken care of here:   prove we/ I,  don’t deserve some consideration, as her child. I know I don’t deserve any threats/ neither does my mother/ nor others.. This is not a game, nor is it a threat beyond the demand:  don’t interfere where you don’t belong. This is her life/ this is my life. This is our bond as family shared, and you don’t have a right to interfere. This is for justice “fair and valued to all”/  means you have no say.  Instead, YOU have the obligation to help; as a recipient of the money. YOU have no right to play god;  as in we cannot be questioned/ we cannot change a rule/ we cannot be wrong; etcetera.

This is:  I can do for my mother, just like I have done throughout the past;  as I desire to do. You, can’t interfere: where you don’t belong!

Yes, I am tired of idiots and fools telling me what I can or cannot do.   Completely tired of the extreme failure and foolishness/ lies/ cheating/ stealing/ traitors and terrorists in government. Consequently, this is turning into a fight; that does not need to exist. BY YOUR DECISION.

Make a better decision.



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Thought is “a delicate drama” played out in the treasuries of what we desire within ourselves, as the destiny hoped for/ the life lived for/ and the dedication to truth that makes all things of value possible. Life is a recipient, of the future we create. Therefore if what you create is nothing more than a game of winners and losers/ then what you get, is a battleground, where war will come. If you cannot identify what is an actual value, by its truth:  then all your knowledge is corrupt/ your understanding is “to conspire”/ and your only wisdom is an arrogance used never to question the reality of what you want. “Just believe”.

While I will remain “hopeful” for you; until it is clear, no possibility remains for life to continue. Your lack of thought, or the ability to think about what the future will bring; or the needs of others including all life and planet. I have surrendered you to the reality of your ways. This is a broken people, broken nation, and a broken world reality; but that is what want and extreme pride does. It takes, and returns nothing. That is what arrogance does:  with a rule, the righteous dig in, and strip society of itself/ leaving a trail of ruin that only a war will fix in the mind of men.

Your future is horrendous; so says all the evidence/ yet you refuse to see it, because you absolutely don’t want to pay for what you did do as a humanity “gathering greed, spitting contempt, and throwing existence away for nothing more than trophies, trinkets, and toys”. NOT EVEN, machines and men trying to ignite this planet on fire: same as the sun, is enough to bring you back to more than “just self (nothing matters but ME)”.  NOT EVEN knowing this is a reality of fire, that burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer: yourself, as in you KNOW this is true.  Yet you allow men and women to go ahead and gamble with all life, even the planet itself, even the solar system itself;  by attempting what can only be identified by the purpose of “making this earth a sun”! Only a true religious cult can do that: life, even your life, is not that stupid/ you must have, or be “believers”.  If I had known, the best you could be: is a religious “university knows” fanatic. I would have chosen a different life; as is      trying to teach you is pointless/ you are religious zealots.

You should recognize, religious or not: that no greater abomination can exist: than to deliberately gamble and intentionally set fire, to this entire Creation/ by bringing the same fire as is on the sun here.  That fact initiates the prophecy held in the biblical book of Daniel: and begins the countdown to the end of days on earth as it predicts. At the first test, of a machine that can ignite the same fire as is on the sun here. That was the national ignition facility/ Lawrence Livermore laboratories in San Francisco. They started building that, in the late 70’s or 80’s; you have had plenty of time; just no interest/ too damn greedy, for counterfeit (hidden inflation) money.  The first death has past:  it was, this can be remedied by the law/ you refused. The second death which is mercy can save you, BY GOD alone!  Which will end in April of 2018/ the entire world lost before 2020 is through. Believe it or not: the fact is, that a man born thousands of years ago, without the slightest conception of what the ignition of atoms on  fire could be.  Predicted that men would choose to be so arrogant, they would indeed choose to gamble with this entire world.  Biblically, it’s called “Satan on earth”. But hey, you are way to smart not to believe, or question your “university”;  after all, aren’t they god?  Since you are deaf/ dumb/ and blind; this is written without a point. I simply spent my entire lifetime fighting against all the threats humanity imposed on life; and it is too late to change that now. So why not.

All Religion is:  we believe, or even I believe, in this book (or these books)/ because we want what they suggest we can have. To attain that belief, “we promise” never to question the book/ “we promise” never to think for ourselves/ “we promise” never to question our leaders/ “we promise” to believe the book “is god”. Thereby as the righteous know:  by making the book into a pile of rules; they get to play god as “his emissary” and the fanatic is born.  A zealot is someone who cannot see the truth, no matter what the evidence before him is:  clearly you.

GOD IS, in this world, by all the evidence of “thought, action, and love created this”:  the giver of life and environment. That is not a book/ that is the evidence, of a truth that cannot be denied without lies:  clearly displayed in miracles. Miracles as is all life; are not accidents. They truly are, a level of understanding, knowledge, wisdom, precision, and realities we cannot even imagine:  without comprehension in man or woman.  So we use the word   “GOD” to describe that Creator, of ourselves and beyond. The evidence HE EXISTS, is absolutely clear. The fact humanity cannot keep itself out of the sewer, or is continually destroying the planet:  is just the consequence of “your free will”. It is your choice to do that; not a design flaw. JESUS is an evidence created by the things HE did do, in the biblical record; that were testified too as true. That are evidence of a different way; which then taught humanity a different way. The end result of that testimony is:  we are NOT forgotten, by our CREATOR. That is basically the evidence available: to encourage your own search into Creation itself. That is the impetus to ask:  is there truly an eternity we could share? In the Christian religion, the book is simply suppose to aid you in that search. In all religions, the book is merely suppose to aid you in your search to find whatever it is you desire most. Or as in the university knows religion: whatever you want most/ even though it is largely just a trap, to drown in.

I spent my lifetime, in a fight for this world and its future: that has proven to be useless. . Instead of my own life, in time/ I have lived in the disgrace (we won’t care) of yours.  So the quest is at this time:  WHAT, is in the best interest of all lives which do have value? Which brings the question:  is it really better as in more merciful, “to let the planet burn/ ending all life quickly”? or is it better to let the horrors humanity have designed for its future control and fuel an endless terror, until all are gone?  It is a question I won’t answer/ because it is not about me:  my eternity is “settled”.That functionally and fundamentally means:  my CREATOR, knows me inside and outside and every atom in-between/ such is the reality of “my education”. WHATEVER “  HE “ chooses, is or will be, my desire held sacred.

Yours is not.

I will offer those who can hear it:  the treasure of your life is the value you seek by your living. “the cleaner your truth”; the greater your future for life among the living.  I do wish you well. But you do have to save yourselves, from yourselves: a reality only you can choose.

As a parting gift:  “yes you can continue to ridicule me/ assume, that by pointing to me and saying he is nothing:  that reality won’t come.” But truth is truth, and nothing you say of me can change that. Truth is truth:  wanting/ wishing/ praying/ or other is not  going to change that. Truth is truth:  human truth is you chose, or allowed a future that is filled with death by horror. That is your truth, and fighting with me or ridiculing me or blaming me or whatever it is:  absolutely won’t change that.  But go ahead if you wish, I literally don’t care: that is the gift, ” you have been brainwashed so effectively: “I won’t care, there is no longer a purpose in it”. that means simply: I won’t judge/ your decision to annihilate life, “not up to me”/ but there is still an influence, because I am here. Your children will care about your choices;  but then you have assassinated them already, they just don’t know.

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the rules for change are

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The rules for change are:


  1. Only the truth has a say, people have no voice other than to help decide what is true.
    1. That is done by identifying a problem, creating a listing of the potential solutions, testing the theories to determine what is correct, and soliciting a vote so as to comprehend if we are all willing to take this action for our world, our lives, and children.
  2. The law CANNOT be, whatever people want/ they want everything: we are so many, that game is over.
    1. The solution then is to identify and create the foundation laws which are true to the needs of every individual life.
    2. Identifying respect for every other life and environment by protecting all chains of existence.
    3. NO playing games with life:  if WE MUST NOT LET THIS BE WRONG/ then you cannot do so.
    4. Laws MUST NOT exceed the number and type of content, that every individual can memorize and use for themselves in defense of their lives and world.
    5. Leaders must be made to obey “our laws” as a world/ no exceptions.
  3. Rules make rulers/ thereby rules also make tyrants (I can take from you). Rules intend to control individuals by taking the freedom to decide for ourselves away. Consequently all rules should be challenged, when they are clearly overstepping the boundaries of freedom or rights in fundamental life.
  4. The value of life and living is determined by nature and environment and self-described freedoms. Happiness arises, when we see in ourselves, that I have value/ that I am respected for the life I live/ and someone honors me with their friendship. These things combined into a relationship with time, are evidence of the potential:   I can and I will, “go beyond simply myself”/ to establish happiness (I am alive inside) for someone else, and they too in me, if it is their honest desire to do so.
  5. Love is the extension of happiness, a participation with life itself: that elevates us into a different dimension than time. Or more simply time ceases to exist, when I am with you:  because you are more important to me, than simple existence.
  6. Thought is the elegant expression, of a development called “faith”/ or more simply: I accept what truth will teach; as true. A reality that I can depend upon throughout my existence. Belief is not truth, it is want identified by what we accept together as a hoped for ending. Hope is not an ending, but a beginning; that conceives of destiny, because it understands “miracles have meaning”.
  7. GOD    CREATOR OF THIS WORLD AND ALL ITS LIFE SHALL BE    RESPECTED without arrogance or pride or lies interfering to alter that fact.  JESUS shall be recognized as:  the one who taught humanity, a different way.  RESPECT IS  earned!


Within these simple rules, there is hope; if you accept them.  And literally don’t run out of time to change. That is a real possibility;  particularly considering the ignition of atoms on fire as is on the sun/ can occur at any time, or on any day.  Because machines exist, to do that very thing! It is a fact of our lives, that must change soon. Or all will be lost.

The sun is said to contain by your scientists:  a flame ONE MILLION MILES LONG/ AT TEN MILLION DEGREES FAHRENHEIT;  over every square foot of its existence.  A flame I tell you true, which burns the bond in atoms for fuel. The hydrogen released is merely an ash cloud.  A fire here on earth burns the bond which holds molecules together:  the difference is very similar to an atomic bomb or tnt.


I will remind you one last time:  that I am not “a decision for you to make; I am irrelevant to your reality of threats”. I am not threatening you in any of the dangers that face this world; you threaten yourselves. People want an enemy, or they want someone they can ridicule:  to remove their presence from “this truth, as in this is our time: WE GET, what we want”.  Consequently you/ “they”, can and probably will make me an enemy or a fool as best you can:  so as to avoid reality, and thereby discard change “because he is nobody/ therefore he is not allowed to present this as truth”. Not even if it’s true. Leaders will say: he is worthless, ignore reality and the cost of being wrong;  focus on him.  Or more simply:  “obviously you, or we;  can’t listen to him/ he is nothing”.  I tell you plain and simple instead:  “I am not perfect/ not religious, nor against religion”. I simply look to the evidence that is available from all sources I have searched: to discover the future will be harsh or dead. It was a search with many “investigations of the facts”.  No change to our reality means death to all, including me: how is that not “useful information; for you to investigate”? Wrong, or too late to change is worthless: to life. Thereby the question to be answered is NOT:  PROVE, this will be wrong. BUT PROVE YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THIS ACT OR DECISION CANNOT BE WRONG, for all the rest of life or substantially impacting the future. You, no matter who you are:  have no such right to endanger or threaten a world or its future for life, or its life by means without a true necessity that is consistent with the best we as humanity can do. Simple as that.

    Nonetheless, I am not trying to ignite atoms on fire, which will turn this earth into a sun.  I am not mutilating the very basis of nature which are genetics. I am not destroying resources, or even causing over-population. I am “just a messenger”.  You can call it “from GOD”  if you wish;  because the reality presented is clearly by the evidence:  “last days on earth if you don’t change to demand for existence itself:   THAT LIFE, not want or money/ BUT LIFE ITSELF MUST COME FIRST, in every decision you make from this point forward. Or the fact you played god with the university, has consequences you can’t survive.  None of that is fundamental to me;  I tried to stop you/ you refused. The message beyond that is simply   “change or die”!  again, you created the threats/ therefore you must create the solutions:  that is not about me. I am irrelevant to that decision for life/ or for death/ it will be entirely your own!  Only you can make that choice for yourself, every single one. I can only assist you, in the understanding of your choice:  if you choose life. If you do not/ then it is worthless for me to continue trying to make you understand: this is not a game.

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THE CONSEQUENCES, the reality of an education which failed you.  A conception of things which only wisdom and understanding can conceive of.  I look into the future, and discover what the evidence will prove: demanding “we CANNOT let these things go wrong”. You, establish the claim:  “today is fine/ tomorrow will be fine/ nothing can go wrong:  because the university is god (given enough time, they will fix it)”. BUT, ignition of an atomic fire cannot be fixed: not even once. Genetics are nature: they build the bodies of life we use, and everything alive:  in chaos cannot be fixed. the list is long.


  1. First among all consequences for this entire world is: that igniting sun fire here on earth is forever/ no going back. No mercy/ no prayers/ no doing it over: that will end life and planet. It is the price of your universities, being proven wrong. Ignition is forever, just once and no more choices will exist. How is that not your concern: look at the sun, “you know it exists; you know it burns your skin in summer from 91 million miles away”. How is that not enough for you to question:  those who gamble “we can control this”, or more simply:  we don’t have to give up NOTHING/ we can play god!  Only a religious cult (the university is god) can believe such fantasy and delusion; to your extreme shame. Even this solar system will eventually be destroyed upon ignition.
  2. The pure tragedy of the religion “evolution” is:  that the universities gave themselves permission to mutilate all of nature/ by saying chaos built life. Therefore if they inject chaos into nature “evolution will come back”. Being wrong about deliberately trying to destroy the disciplines/ balance/ order/ sanctity/ bodies of life/ love, hope, and everything of value that nature provides/ the “software” that makes a body run, walk, etc/ the foundations of manufacture which build a body in its entirety on its own/ the participation of extreme chemistry which controls the entire process/ touch/ taste/ talk/ smell/ sight/ hearing/ thought/ purpose/ desire:  AND ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE that your university genetics are deliberately trying to destroy. To prove their religion called evolution; has only one consequence:  everything on earth will die a horrendous death as predicted. It’s called Armageddon or “nature in chaos”. Imagine that!  No arms that work/ legs coming out your nose/ an ass instead of a face;  all of it coming true, because YOU did not care enough to tell fools (this will be great) no.  shame on you/ none can be that stupid; only religion “just believe” can make it so.
  3. It should also be recognized, that every life we eat: is a reality of the chemicals bond together by that life/ which our bodies then use to sustain itself. As it is true for every life which eats/ or uses something for food. Destroy the foundation of that by mutilating seeds, etc/ and poisons will erupt throughout all of what is left of nature; just before your lives are exterminated as well. Horror is not extreme enough, even though it is true;  so we just call it SATAN, for short.
  4. Are these not enough? Yet you continue to do absolutely nothing/ because you want what you want, and you don’t want nothing but what you want:  and life first REQUIRES CHANGES you don’t want to make.  The cost of refusing to put life comes first, first:  is death.  Simple as that. Even so, the list already in place on several websites has been prepared years ago. Just look.


The examination of facts will prove:  as is consistent with the reality of these consequences, and so many more;  that the universities CANNOT fix, what they tore down. Nature cannot fix, humanity deliberately playing god with genetics. NOBODY can stop a fire fueled by atoms;  which is absolutely, what the energy released by the sun, is made from. We know that to be true, because nothing less is capable of the energy release, or longevity of the flame itself. Nothing less could be the fuel, because knowledge says “its true”. The list is very long regarding threats you don’t recognize.  Every fire here on earth consumes oxygen/ and if the oxygen content of our atmosphere falls just a bit:  we can’t breathe.  Even so, you destroy everything that contributes oxygen for us. Even after, the experiment “bio-sphere 2” proved how little oxygen is produced. We won’t survive the human population explosion. Death of life in the seas. Weapons of mass destruction that will soon be used:  etcetera,,,,,,,,,,etcetera! Our only chance to survive is change humanity. Demand life comes first. Work for justice/ and surrender to the truth:  “no, you cannot do that anymore”.


Discipline suggests, it would be best to continue along other lines of order, or your lack of it. It is again stated: that the trees in particular are responsible not only for habitat, cooling, oxygen generation, and more. IN ADDITION to that, the atmosphere of this planet stays in connection to the speed of rotation by “lifting leaves, and wind passing through trees”. Without a connection between atmosphere and planet: the wind increases to speeds that nearly match the one thousand miles per hour our planet turns at. Like on other planets in this solar system. Consider the consequences, which means STOP!

The oceans have been horrifically impacted by humanity in all manner of ways/ they cannot recover as they are today: without human intervention, rebuilding, cleaning, different ways; and so on. In addition to respect, the only possibility of feeding the human increase in population for a short time at least: is to feed the ocean life. You have only one source of food for them:  dead human beings, “treated in ways” that are best for being a food source for the ocean. Either feed them/ or you starve:  take your pick.

You cannot continue as you are, which means change or die.  Different cannot be accomplished by men/ this is the best they did do, after thousands of years to try:  we stand at the gate to HELL. Believe it or not is irrelevant/ so says the evidence. Women must try to identify a better way. Not as men do, with a leader choosing. But as women do, gathered together as groups which then conceive of what they might do to change this world in reality:  NOT by want or other/ but by honesty, justice, truth, and the disciplines necessary to rebuild a future for all life.  You can’t do it without men, but today as their only constant answer is war:  they CAN’T save this world without you.

Immigration is now a battleground/ because so many can come so quickly, that they change a nation practically overnight. THAT IS completely unfair, and you will not survive it:  world war is built on that scenario. The reality of immigration is very simple:  SINCE THERE IS no place left for people to migrate too, and start building a life of their own from the beginning. Immigration must be changed. Every immigrant wants to bring their family and friends and recreate much of what they left behind:  “everybody does”/ it is no secret. The reality of that is best understood by America:  a great influx of Europeans became a genocide for the Indians here/ as in “WE, are taking this now”. Overpopulation causes genocide, it is that simple. So the question is:  HOW, do we stop the worst of this from accelerating into all-out planet engulfing WAR? It is coming, even a fool can see it if you try. The answer is:  “everybody has to go home, to their nation”/ OR, if you have become a part of a different nation by accepting citizenship therein; then you can stay. The reason is:  when crisis comes, the very first thing a mob will do, is look for an identifiable enemy (someone who looks different than us). That gives the mob;  the opportunity to kill, without expecting severe repercussions;  based simply upon looks. You can call it bigotry or prejudice or something else: but what it is, is primarily simply overcrowding (I need what you took)!  There will also be:  pandemics coming, because of antibiotic catastrophe, and deliberate mutilating of genetic life. Nature was beautiful, and perfect in and of itself.  University hated that (they want to be god); their religious zealots in evolution have fought to destroy nature itself:  “you chose/ you let them”. One of the consequences of that will be the mob wants an enemy to blame; and they will probably choose, as history proves is certain, “any immigrant group” that they want to eradicate. Certain ethnic groups will be more susceptible; that does not make them the cause.  Mobs are not interested in right or wrong/ they want revenge: “you took what I wanted”.  Once population control has truly been achieved in a nation HONESTLY/ only then can some relief from their situation (too many, are us) can be allowed.

You   want “everything”/ for free; give me a bribe, and I will accept your fantasies. The universities rule everything by counterfeiting and debt:  they know nothing else/ as is proven by the evidence.  America is bankrupted, as is most of the world: that is, just one part of your reward, for letting a university diploma lead. Those without a diploma are generally no better, because the talkers will defeat them. Which means as did the revolutionary soldiers of America know:  that our only way forward is with a constitution that rules us all/ INSTEAD OF PEOPLE who simply want what they want. True democracy exists only within the confines of:  THIS CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT, and there is no other.  Our employees shall swear to uphold our decision as a majority; that the constitution decides what shall or shall not be. The revolution enacted with deceit by “university rules (lies/ theft/ cheating/ treason/ betrayal; and so on) instead”:  has become “just under the surface”/ a list of threats so dangerous, that our chances of survival as a world are in fact “slim”. Even if we try.  TRUTH  SURVIVES, if enough of what has value is left! Therefore truth must lead, by the evidence of what remains and can be saved.  Order exists, through balancing the demands of what can or cannot be:  to achieve the relationships in respect that sustain us all/ it’s called justice.  Without justice, you have a man’s world:  LET WAR DECIDE/ I have a gun!

These are just a tiny few realities you can no longer avoid.  Without a brain, the universities brought us into their fantasies.  Without a right, the vast majority of people chose GREED; and didn’t care about ANYTHING else.  Pure greed has ruled for the last fifty plus years/ I know, I was here. The end result is:  you stripped this earth of its life;  of respect.  Choosing instead trophies, trinkets, and toys. Establishing the children shall die/ because the future is gone.

To fight back from that is no easy task, tremendous change must occur:  to which all people say “well that, is never going to happen”/ so they gave up, and ran away to hide, in fear (don’t tell me nothing else).

I did not run away from reality.  I searched for anything that could influence you, and found nothing in the first decade of trying:  greed controlled all but a very tiny few, who were then overrun by the greedy.  Truth states:  you can continue as you are, for just a little bit longer/ but if you do, the very last chance for survival will end.  Humanity will engage in genocide throughout the earth/ killing everything;  leaving all that is left with nothing but cannibalism, and absolutely no chance to rebuild. Nature will dissolve into chaos/ but since evolution can only destroy:  you will be in awe, at the completely terrifying results.  Or, ignition of atoms can be allowed:  in which case the biblical book of Revelation becomes true; as depicted.

I am not here to lead you/  not here to judge you/ not here to scare you/ not here to take your money or anything else/ not your enemy.  I simply bring you this message:  without true change from “today”/ there is no future for life on earth.  Or more simply  “CHANGE OR DIE”/ it’s your choice. But there is no going back/ the point of no return according to the bible is  April 2018.  Similarly, the end of this planet will be in 2020.  Believe that or not is completely irrelevant to its outcome;  TRUTH will decide. The evidence is against you: like it or not.

Do remember this:  change won’t be free/ so commit to your decision before you try to enforce it.  USE THE LAW, or you will die instead of fight for life/ even though a little force will be necessary.

My job is done. You are totally responsible for whatever comes next.

If you do not choose literally:  “LIFE MUST COME FIRST”/ IN EVERYTHING, not money.  Then you did choose death for this planet, because it is the only other option.

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CONVERSATION, a most critical element in the nature of man, woman, and child.

If we don’t talk to each other, listening equally as well:  then we miss out on a lot of life’s passion and purpose.  Consequently learning how to have a conversation with someone else is absolutely necessary for a balanced life, in society.

Critical to that balance are the structures associated with purpose and detail. I begin by telling you:  that conversation has left me/ because the reality of a world in danger, removed all lesser issues. Therefore I will attempt to remember what I was once able to do; with a wide variety of people. Whenever I wished.

We begin with the singular purpose of conversation which is:  to initiate and sustain moments by which we as human beings can define ourselves and create the opportunities for participation among a group of individuals. This is important, because if you do not complete the task of being able to participate, without being rejected/ life WILL be lonely. That leads to consequences as well, including overweight/ insanity of various kinds/ the potential for hate/ failed relationships, and so forth.

Initiating a conversation, begins with either joining the conversation in progress:  therefore you must be able to recognize that topic, and you must be able to identify what might interest the others, if you join in.  OR, if the conversation is lacking/ then you may offer a topic of conversation which you hold as interesting to you. In either situation, listening is required to sustain a healthy interaction:  because if you are simply talking/ and others are not listening, that detracts from you both, and people will then avoid you.

To sustain a conversation:  it is critical that at least some of the topic generated be central to you all. Or more simply, everyone can join in or be happy enough, if they “feel associated” with the subject matter. As in “I too, have something to contribute here”. Respect assesses the potential for a relationship to bloom from participation within the group:  when another person has clearly decided you, are more important to me:  than the rest. That happens frequently, and may or may not lead to friendship or other. What you need to know, to be the one that initiates this type of interaction is:  to prove interested as the potential of a friend, YOU must listen.  Responding when appropriate, if the opportunity presents:  don’t force it/ rather invite another time, so as to try.

Conversation as well as participation relies upon the opportunity to participate. That functionally means:  we need something to do together, that interests us both.  Without that, it is very hard to approach people/ because trust barely exists in this America. “fear everyone” is a constant of media and entertainment. Let your phone be “your best friend”, is a constant particularly in the young. Methods for ridiculing each other is a constant in advertising and so on.  Therefrom we get to the reality:  “can’t meet people/ because they have walled themselves off from the world”.

Combatting this fear generated by “our leaders”, and forced onto the public by media: is very difficult. You cannot be friends with someone who believes you might be their enemy. It does not happen. Therefore it is essential for the possibilities of friendship to create “I am safe”. Women generally do this by only dating people who have entered within their specific little circle of known associates. The consequence of that is:  then you have to get by their associates and be considered “safe”;  or you fail.

In terms of dating and any form of commitment therefrom:  are the realities of sexually transmitted disease (without penalties)/ women who use men for sex, and claim a baby; which can easily mean:  NOW I have to pay for the next twenty years! And losing half your possessions, even though that was NEVER fair. The consequence of these things is an array of failing relationships that never formed properly.

Even so, conversation initiates the widest possible chances for beginning the search for friend or lover; that we have. So it is essential to participate and learn how; for your own benefits.

The structure of a conversation never really changes:  the object is to get attention, as best you can/ whether with words or actions or other, is not fundamentally an issue.  The others simply want to be entertained:  which means do something I find to be “interesting, and can use in my own conversations later”. It is that simple.

So the real question is:  what can I do or say, that you will find to be interesting inside yourself? The more interesting you find me, the more I will intend and try to communicate with you: that too, is simply true.

Listening  first (what do they want to hear), or talking (what do I want to say) and watching for the reaction; are the two primary methods of producing a useful bit of information. But it will not help you unless you are actually knowledgeable in that topic; “doesn’t usually matter how”, most anything will do.  Or, you have to contribute by making a joke, that someone else will appreciate.  Jokes exist by producing the forethought:  to analyze what can expand a topic/ change a topic/ create a side topic/ cause people to look inside themselves for fun or realities that have been bottled up.  These things are helped by the simple realization:  “we don’t have to be serious, most of the time: we can play”. That is not true of every conversation: keep it in mind. To contribute to the basic understanding of a joke:  simply consider this, “funny, is a moment that takes my serious disposition away”.  Therefore I am free of it, “for a moment or two”.  People are often stressed:  because they are in such a hurry to get whatever they can get/ as fast as possible. To remove that game, which rules their lives:  is a blessing people do appreciate when trying to relax.

Unfortunately the very easiest form of conversation is ridicule and disrespect/ thereby bullying (using you, as their joke). Unfortunately we all have to choose when in a group:  if we accept another one/ then the group loses its stronger connection to each other:  because there is one more to share communication with.  Consequently if you are a good communicator, you will be accepted easily: because everyone likes to be entertained, when that time is allotted.

To be knowledgeable about topics of communication requires an understanding of the basic participants:  good conversation includes us all. Bad conversation includes only you. To be knowledgeable requires work (I will participate in other things) and learning (I have the ability to listen and conceive of detail).  Thereby details come into view as the things most people fail to recognize in their own work or lives. Consequently details can be delivered with humor/ and people can be generally appreciative of the polite education, to their own lives.

Knowledgeable about work or money is an opportunity to expand your own work or money/ but unless the group or person you are talking too, wants to participate in that work or money; they will not be listening. They may disagree.

Knowledgeable about religion is an opportunity to express “what you want to believe about life or self”. But unless the group or person you are talking too, wants to learn about you or what you believe:  they will leave, discarding whatever you say. Or, they may disagree.

Knowledge about politics is an opportunity to express what you want from society itself. But unless the group or person you are talking too, wants the same thing:  they are likely to disagree.

Then begins a very wide array of topics from which knowledge can originate;  proving that you are educated/ rather than simply working with your life.  That subject matter will interest few, but they are likely to be the ones who actually may become your friends. Dependent upon whether you can share the education; which means leave room for them to participate or even disagree politely or “with less than hate”.

The foundation of all childhood friendship is:  “you didn’t hurt me”. The foundation of all grade school friendship is:  “you didn’t use me, or abuse me”.  The foundation of all teenage friendships are:  “you chose to spend time with me”. The foundation of all young adult friendships are: “we like each other”. The foundation of all “twenty something” friendship is:  “we have something in common”. The foundation of all “thirty something” friendship is:  “we shared this moment”.  The foundation of all “forty something” friendship is:  “I found some of my own happiness with you”.  The foundation for fifty something is:  “we walked this journey together”. The foundation at sixty is:  “time has pasted, it is now or never”. The foundation beyond is:  without these moments, there is no life left to live.

The thing you give to the rich is, quite simply “conversation they can use or discuss”:  because they do have “everything else”. Besides, the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation or happy one;  overrules most all other trinkets or trophies, and gives the potential for happiness to exist. Loneliness is tragic, when you feel there is nothing else you can do. Therefore choose to be a friend, and friends will be found:  even if, they may or may not be “exactly as you expected”.

Participate if you are lonely:  FIND SOMETHING or some place where you can go:  don’t be shy. The price is too high. Go ahead and be ridiculed a bit “for simple things if not harsh”:  if you can adjust.  Characters are the basis for every tv sitcom:  because those who are a bit different, add conversation to everyone else. Being different is then not all bad; but you must be able to accept and let slide; some degree of “talk”. Expand your knowledge, and go beyond what you commonly use for conversation. Be interested:  its like being a fan, if you want to be interested/ then you can be; if not for anything else but conversation.

In romance, the conversation is simple:  “don’t leave me for long”. In marriage the conversation is complex:  “even if I tell you/ this is just between you and me”. In dating, the conversation is:  “how can I make you happy”/ if you use sex for that, the relationship will never develop fully, or with true commitment.  Time builds trust/ trust commits for life. Without truth there is no future. Without respect there is no relationship; if that seems not so/ there is a lie buried underneath what exists.

Want is a liar:  no one lies, unless they want something/ or want to hide something. Therefore want is the foundation for every lie.

Pride is a traitor:  the desire for a trophy (winner), can outweigh even your life.


The value assigned by living is very simple:  do the best you can/ because every decision will remain forever, as a testimony to what you chose, or refused to do.  Think about that, before you believe “this is just a little thing”/ and fail life.

I should mention with regard to dating:  that some women are extremely subtle, and give only slight clues that they want a relationship with you. Some women are the opposite of that. Regardless, if you are interested;  simply understand beyond the first encounter, is everything possible. If you want only sex, or can stay only a little while (life calls me in a different direction) and nothing more: make that clear/ or tears will fall. Even tragedies can occur.

Men can be extremely afraid of contacting women;  because pretty women learn quickly, to discard every man except the ones they want to keep. And can become rather callus and uncaring;  because the line can be long. Men want what women want:  the most attractive woman they can find; generally speaking. Men demand they only want a woman they cannot have:  because that removes them from the trial and error of meeting anyone else. As in they are hiding.

Dating relationships are determined by:  how you listen, and how you think. Or more simply, if you are talking and making it clear:  “I have no time, or other in my life”. Then you are saying you have no time for me either; to someone who is listening. Bear it in mind, because that tiny bit of information many times takes an opportunity away. Listen and ask questions:  “its ok”.  .  When dating remember simply this:  “you, are asking for the rest of my life/ or I am asking for yours”. How is that not, a very important decision which takes time; and ultimately the desire that will not end. That desire is simply:  we can share this walk, in time; because the purpose of our desire is the same direction within our souls.  . DO, remember this as well:  no one is looking for someone to share time with, who is plainly unhappy. There is enough unhappiness already, for almost everyone. Don’t need more; is that not so? Consequently, pull together enough truth in your life, to accept the value of living is your greatest asset. Respect that, and it will be enough: to create a friend. If given the opportunity! Life is not fair, but you can still be happy: “you are a true miracle”. Be honest is that not “special to you/ a gift that can never be appreciated enough”. We cannot build ourselves; we can only use what we get!

It is fair to understand to simple things:   men only take an intentional hit to the testicles, if they are experiencing shame in accordance with that “business”: it is a punishment. An attempt to get control/ an ERROR in judgment.  So if you want to control a penis:  then cause it to rise/ then force it down as necessary to simply say and prove to yourself:  “I AM in control/ not this”.  when men get a vasectomy:  that removes the chemicals of sex from their bodies. It is the chemicals that give the reward for sex/ making all sex thereafter, “even though the desire is considered never to leave”;  just hot sticky work>   a test proven by simply disallowing sperm to be ejected.  Don’t have a vasectomy:  both husband and wife will be very disappointed in their new realities of life.  Proponents are: just Another “university/ leadership, lie”.  Think about it:  what happens without your testicles?

Conversation in media and politics, are about controversy;  if there is no controversy/ then there is nothing to talk about, that people who are participating in work will listen too. Workers are the money/ in recognition of the resources they use. Solutions destroy conversations in both politics and media;  problem solved, no longer interested. Mobs form around the simple ingredient:  WE CAN, call this group an enemy/ therefore we have the right, to take whatever action we deem necessary.  It does not take much/ just someone like hitler, to say “we are the superior ones”. Common as history itself. Identifying what matters, is the search for a solution/ the potential of a purpose in others, that makes them more important than media or politics:  again, that functionally destroys the need for media, and politics. Propaganda on the other hand keeps everything in place, just like it has been.

The reality of everything is fundamentally the same:  those in media want power and pride as is consistent with getting people to “listen to me”:  they protect their jobs.  Just like those in genetics or physics or trades, etc;  are all going to lie, cheat, steal, betray or whatever it takes to retain their jobs/ their pride/ their money/ and everything else they want.  EVEN IF, the consequences are horrific, they will still nearly everyone:  choose to keep doing this/ because we can’t just start over;  I REFUSE.

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make me happy

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MAKE ME HAPPY, are words countless numbers of people demand of their experience in life, everyday. They fail, because want and pride get in the way.


The first question is:  WHAT IS HAPPINESS? Because unless you understand the destiny, you cannot assert this is a destination to my true desire. Without that definition, want arises/ winners and losers appear/ and hate interferes as an alternative to work.

Elemental happiness is literally, the opportunity to understand yourself as the reality of “a miracle”. Which functionally means:  an existence, not even the most wealthy of individuals could buy. Not ever/ which does make you “special” in that sense.. The human body is a miracle of design and thought, which testifies to its  Creator.  “An Identity” we cannot nor will not understand;  therefore I simply leave that as   “GOD”.  Nonetheless, if you have graduated yourself to the knowledge, this body is a true gift to you/ which could never be bought:  then you have ascended to the first step in happiness itself.  To accept, there is more to life that is beautiful (something we were each born with), than just you!

The second step is to realize our individual choices DO make an enormous difference in our happiness (the element of peace, and harmony conceived by participation among the others of life).  Every major decision is recorded in your mind; and most will never leave you/ they remain “forever”. The consequence of that is:  you cannot escape what you did, or did not do;  when the reality of your decision made a difference to another living creature, environment, etcetera! Or, more simply, happiness originates when we participate for the benefit of all life. So the fundamental of that statement is:  “happiness is contagious, if we participate to make it so”. To do that, everyone must be treated as equals/ until those who hate identify themselves, and are then removed.  There is no “thin line between love and hate”! there is only a thin line between want and hate.  Love and hate is “separated by the sea”; even though you know something else is far beyond you/ none can travel be in both places. It is one or the other. While want can hide itself in the lies that appear to be love/ want always leads to a lie. Lies are always the beginning of hate. So, not only must we conceive and treat each other as equals/ we must also know what love is, to participate in joy.

The critical question of happiness is:  that I am ALIVE!  THAT, is not so simple as living: hate does that too/ and they are never “happy”.  Happy attests too, the environmental truth:  inside I know, that I am of value to life and living with my truth.  Truth being the elevation of a life so simple, there is no hate. Therefrom, we begin to know what life itself honestly is. That honesty says:  we are born to inherit “even more”/ in the essence of soul, an eternity is born in us who accept it.

We then examine joy, as the critical step in understanding:  even though there is no perfection in anyone. There is the potential through love, to create a relationship with  “GOD”/  as is called soul. That relationship achieves joy.


So let’s examine love, without boundaries or purposes beyond the desire to bring value “within our hearts”. This question begins with love itself:  which is to understand the differences between loneliness, and the value of another life to share existence with.  In that construction, there are three things to learn:  loneliness exhibits a reality without sharing or caring or the possibilities “of a heart (we yearn to belong to each other)”. It is blank, and without distinction, therefore it contains no purpose or desire. The second definition is:  within the possibilities of time, are all the elements life commits to survival. Which means, the education here creates an opportunity to live with life, but choose, a relationship within your own decisions/ or the consequences of someone else’s decisions:  and be happy or lonely and depressed accordingly. Or more distinctly the education is:  “just adding life to surround yourself with”/ does not guarantee happiness. Because free will, is free will; and all the troubles humanity can design for itself will interfere. Which brings us to the third lesson:  where there is love, “life has value to me/ living has value to me/ you have value to me:  GOD HAS VALUE to me”.  The opportunity to arise beyond yourself, and participate without demanding from self; to be more than what you are.

Here, the alignment with truth, comes into view. Because without truth, we are nothing more than a lie/ every lie begins with a want; and every want is “just a thin covering” from hate. So the critical question is:  do you honestly value love;  can you achieve soul (which is to understand, “existence nor its value” revolves around you);  and do you desire a living within peace and harmony, as these balance all other truths so as to give the greatest joy possible;  “to us all”.

Peace begins with law, the disciplines used to achieve “the best truth can build among us”.  Harmony exists, because we have removed want: by insisting the world is greater than “just self”. Justice then comes into view, as a purpose greater than pride: which is to reduce life and living “to a game”.

To understand justice, there must be desire for love. To understand desire, there must be passion: which is the difference between what you can be/ and what you did deliberately choose to become. if your life is worth living to you; then you will find a desire. Desire then means:  I will grow this value within my heart.  Heart then means:  the treasury created, by what I do to myself. “we cannot be, what we are not/ what we are is determined by the choices we make. Therefore time can change us, for good or bad”. If we sustain value, then life inside and outside of ourselves, will understand “I am ALIVE”.  IF we achieve heart, the blessing defined by what we achieve in or for others. Then what we create is “a future worth living”; for us all.

Living with happiness means:  I have abandoned self, in terms of thinking about my life. The treasury of my heart lives in the distinction of every decision I do make. Therefore I am at peace. The values of my life achieve elevation in participating for the purposes of harmony, among us all;  thereby my search for life itself, becomes as soul.  A relationship conceived by Creation itself; the values and the foundation which is loneliness should not exist:  honor our Creator! Thereby equality arises to teach, each one has value/ unless they choose hate.

When confronted by “time without friendship”; as I have known at various levels throughout existence. It is necessary to understand, if loneliness does appear:  simply remove “self/ its want/ or its pride”; and value will be sustained. Value knows it is appreciated for the life inside. Thereby soul will come to your aid, and you will understand: this is not forever, simply be true.

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Knowledge, is an environment/ translated by time, through thought. What is true becomes apparent by the boundaries and barriers which exist to separate what is real in this development:  what is functional, and what is fundamental;  from all the rest. So the question begins:  “what is, all the rest”?

Assertions apply, that everything associated with knowledge, forms its substance/ thereby the definitions created by thought to enhance an ability formed through separation.  What we then separate knowledge from is:  everything not applied to the form assigned, or conceived by “thinking”. That means: everything not critical to the assemble of a specific frame within which an identified form of knowledge exists/ becomes abandoned, for the sake of purity within that knowledge or by its construction. Nothing has changed other than its separation from the facts being digested. So the critical question begins:  WHAT would the university elite/ whose only proven purpose has been identified as:  MAKE THEM ALL SLAVES;  with even more information?

Answer:  they will finish extinction on us all/ just like, they consumed this nation called America!  By controlling the information, the courts, the elections, and everything else they could infiltrate.  Sucking life into an abyss of deadly delusions.


So, the alternative is:  to consider knowledge by its more placid “cousin”. To simply assert, that instead of mayhem and disunity applied constantly by those who wish to completely dis-stabilize a nation, world, or community.  Believing themselves to be brave, when in fact they show only cowardice.  Requires a different venue of behavior/ before you get exactly what you want:  which is “you got a gun”. And want to use it/ UNTIL YOU DO!  TAKE ANOTHER LOOK AT    SYRIA!  And put your gun down, unless you want hell and weapons of mass destruction to end your world.


In contrast to embittered yelling, cheating, failure, and fantasies constant to the human race. A reality produced by all the thieves/ liars/ failures/ fools/ cheats/ terrorists/ traitors; and all the rest of the garbage that infiltrates and attempts to control every government, and everything that can exert power over someone else. THERE MUST BE CHANGE.          Big change.

So, let’s demand civility, and assert that instead of letting anyone simply be “bastard or whore”.  To begin change we must define what it is that upsets you/ recognize what reality functionally accepts as a solution/ and then fundamentally apply “the science we must build” of democracy to its realistic conclusion called “we the people shall decide”. NOT a vote for someone to vote for me/ but a vote for myself, on the laws and rules and freedoms:  which then control our lives, our society, and our world.

We begin with the first fundamental:

  1. IDENTIFY REALITY/ not want.

To establish that, I happened to glimpse a political person (give me what I want);  demanding “free healthcare”/ with no expense “for me”.

So, let’s review:  someone does work for you, and you state, “I should owe nothing”!  In contrast, the cheaters, liars, thieves, and organized crime syndicate of medicine requires:  “everything you got/ plus slavery for the next one hundred years”. Clearly a cause on both sides:  we did do work/ whereas, the billing clearly produces extortion, and the courtroom produces, an organization of thieves to enforce that extortion. So, what is a person to do?

The functional question is:  HOW DID RAMPANT THIEVERY on both sides begin? What is the cause, that escalated failure, and therefrom criminal contempt;  for all?

The beginning foundation is recognized as:  the poor can’t pay/ and poverty does have an impact on patience, trust, and hope; leading to gangs, etc.  As this expands throughout society:  because those who can, DO INSIST, “THEY WILL TAKE ALL THEY CAN GET”/ with absolutely no mercy. And only the tiniest (I’d have to pay in taxes anyway) contribution to life. So the critical delusion that leads this part of life in society into the gutter of despair;  starts with inequality, and expands itself as those who want slaves increase.  Life in America recognizes:  the extreme disassociation of wealth and work/ began when the university diploma took over American currency through Reagan; and the counterfeiting began.  Every diploma got an immediate “billion dollar raise”/ even though they provided extremely little to the benefit of society. It was unimportant, because a counterfeiter (hidden inflation, NOT reported, so it did not get accounted for/ except in the federal reserve statement called “assets”) has no conception of FAIR PLAY…..that, is exactly what they desire to remove for themselves. The lazy, the blatant liar, the extreme fool, the bastard failure, the horrendous whore, the complete traitor, and the satanic terrorist;  are all found in the sewer of human descent that is “we can play god/ we are superior:  (“nobles, we have a right” overtaking society: who trade on the religion;  we know everything, you know nothing).”


Functional change requires a reassignment of power and right, to establish the value called:  FAIR PLAY!       That of course is not what the common citizen wants/ having been dragged away from reality by an army of  “university fools, claiming to be god”.  But that is reality, and it will be returned to life, or we will all be exterminated from this planet. Because that, is literally what your university diplomas chose for life;  by discarding it in the trash/ for their own personal extreme fantasies instead.


  1. THAT NOTHING IS FREE, therefore the question of who pays, and how much will they be required to pay is obvious and true.

Let’s begin with only one simple equation:  someone who is requiring extreme medical intervention for a life no one wants to live:  CREATES EXTREME BILLING as well.  Somebody has to pay/ because somebody is doing some work on their behalf. So the question is:  HOW MUCH is an individual life in need of excessive or extreme medical intervention worth? SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY.  That translates into:  we the medical profession WILL get that money from somewhere/ or we go broke.

And all the nation says, “let the government pay”. But you are the government in a democracy:  WHICH MEANS YOU PAY/ a reality avoided by counterfeiting, until today.  But now, the money and the toys and the trophies and the resources easily gotten:  ARE ALL GONE, and somebody has to pay FOR EVERYTHING. Including the claim of medicine:  we should all be “millionaires” at least!

Playtime is over.

Therefore reality states:  instead of screaming “I want what I want/ and I don’t want nothing else; as liberals embrace”.  Because the government can’t pay, the nation is bankrupt; and nothing has been done for life to survive for decades under the religion:  “university knows everything”.   EVERYBODY NOW must decide, WHO is going to die/ and when does that need become real for each and every single one:  no exceptions?  You can’t pay/ and you can’t make them slaves:  so what are you going to do. Because your cult worship of “university diplomas rule”;  has ended with you in an abyss of delusions/ mayhem/ and soon the complete destruction of our world.  Ain’t no more, “let the diploma decide”/ unless you want to die as a world!

If you believe “conservatives” have an answer/ then you believe, “we can have everything we want, and give the rest nothing;  because we worship the money.”

Reality states:  it is the resources that make every nation rich or poor/ consequently those who worship money, are most guilty in making this entire world poor.

Reality also states:  it is the overthrow of Christianity (by its own leaders) in America by the religion called evolution/ that began its true descent into chaos.  A reality clearly in view, at its beginning for war. Because fantasy rules, instead of reality;  another “university contribution”. A reality that could have been discarded, “with just two seconds of thought”. Evolution is a fools’ grave/ but there are many fools, liars, terrorists, traitors, and thieves.  And America says, “that can’t be here;  we are great”!  But reality says, “not so”/ you allowed your cult “university knows”, to throw everything of value away; with very little left, to rebuild.  Today, the end result of a university is:  this nation is more disease/ than leader.


Oh, did I forget to mention: it is the counterfeiting/ and consequent stealing by those in government, that made all the fraud and failure of the banking system and the takeover of industry and the dissolution of business and jobs in every sector of American life possible.  After all, if reality does not count; and a tiny few get control over the “printing of all American currency” as well as the banks and courts and government:  THEN ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, for a thief. Organized crime was never bigger/ nor the pyramid schemes ever more successful: than overthrowing America itself.  Such is the reward, for letting the universities lead!  Even so, that is next to worthless, compared to threatening an entire world with the mutilation of life/ the ignition of atomic fire/ resource devastation; and everything else your cult worship has done.  SHAME on you and them; even forever.

Prior to 2008, I had proof of fraud in federal reserve bookkeeping;  the L.5 total liabilities and assets of this UNITED STATES.  Wherein in one week, 3 trillion dollars was moved from debt/ into assets:  making it a 6 trillion dollar move; without basis.  After 2008, and for the next 8 years inflation was $91,000.00 dollars per one hundred million workers (only workers pay a tax). That equals $728,000.00 increase in currency per each worker/ 100,000,000 people each.  That was hidden in the claim of asset increase: a table that has been remodeled again;  to hide the information today.  Yet there was no increase in assets, immediately following the decline of your stock market. Another ending lie, because it too is based entirely, upon counterfeiting and fantasies not held to reality: by the university diplomas in control over government. Then we come to debts which cannot be paid: another form of counterfeiting. Or more distinctly it is outright theft:  ain’t never going to pay this back! CAN’T. but not to worry, according to your leaders “debts don’t matter”/ unless they are yours. Which does make each worker a slave/ because those who claim to be kings or queens “never have to pay”; now ain’t that right.

If you ask “where did the money go”? reality states a very large portion was NOT spent here in america/ was never spent “for life” and a future. IS NEVER enough for a university diploma; because they just steal more.  So where did it go?  Go search

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The interpretation of biblical chapter called  revelation;  is given its substance, by a simple review of the language and descriptions used in that book of the bible.  It begins simply by starting with the greatest abomination that men have ever conceived of:  which is to bring the same fire as is on the sun here to this earth.  Claiming it can be controlled as fusion:  even though the national ignition facility at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in San Francisco has already proven fusion is wrong. Even though everything on the and previous works prove they are wrong.  The reality is:  a great deal of money, power, and pride have gone into these machines/ and the people who stand to lose their money, power, and pride refuse to surrender those things:  EVEN THOUGH THE WORLD IS IN DANGER. Ignition of atoms, which is the fire on the sun proven by energy release and longevity/ IS A ONE TIME EVENT.  The planet turns into a sun.  the biblical prophecy of Daniel 12;  comes due (second death) in April of 2018.

So it is only fitting that we examine Revelations to see, what we can see.

That said, the fundamental of this work and this video:  is to be as bland as possible, in terms of leading you to believe anything.  My demeanor in the video is used to dissolve with bland presentation;  any attempt to “make this religious”. Instead, the foundation of the work is a very simple/ not technical, or in that action serious;  method of displaying a reasonable understanding of the information depicted in that chapter of the bible. So that YOU can make your own decision, and have your own discussions;  without the influence of someone trying to lead you.

The video  is linked here

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The endless delusion is, “America is great/ nothing can go wrong here”.  Therefore every act that is traitorous against America or life or world or nation must be disregarded as a lie. It is not.


Within the foundation of those words are, the treason created by hidden inflation; is counterfeiting the currency. The traitorous acts identified by making debts, with no possibility of repayment. The betrayal that is purposely invoking another “cold war”/ by placing “exawatt lasers” for the distinct decision to knock down satellites or even missiles;  if under attack. While that sounds effective; it simply adds more fuel to the fire, and creates war. There is nothing more terrorist, no greater betrayal of the planet; that supporting or defining the intent to ignite atoms on fire as is “same fire as on the sun”. Everybody does it, is no excuse.  There is no greater terrorist act against the sanctity of life on earth, than to mutilate genetics;  which are the foundation of every living body nature provides. It is absolute treason, to know and understand:  over-population of humanity will end all life soon/ and do absolutely nothing, not even sound an alarm. WHEN REALITY PROVES, we grow at one million more mouths over deaths to feed; EVERY THREE OR FOUR DAYS/ with a billion more added, in less than a decade; EVERY DECADE. It is beyond arrogant, and thereby clear betrayal for nothing but pride:  to place our environment in jeopardy/ that is not a game, that is not a toy to play with. To discard global warming, when all the evidence is absolutely clear; is criminal.  To organize that crime in or through government or media: is a true felony. Those hired to proclaim it are traitors. To understand, that the removal of ice from the planet is also the removal of a base food group for life in the ocean/ destroying the entire food chain. Using other methods of ocean destruction,  in a wide variety of ways, including garbage dumping; as is being done:  is terrorism. To know and understand, that weapons of mass destruction CAN AND WILL be removed with world law, enacted against leaders/ by making them obey our laws, as WE THE PEOPLE of this earth:  and yet refuse this salvation; is heinous. To know that the water supplies are at critical levels throughout most of the world, and in jeopardy from many attacks in this America; and yet pretend this is nothing:  demands,  open betrayal, and it is traitorous, by whosoever made this so. To know that factory livestock operations are entirely dependent upon antibiotics/ which are failing, and will cause the collapse of that entire food system:  failing to properly address it, is treason, even against the world. To choose ethanol, which benefits nothing;  and drains the water supplies/ soon, making the ogahalla water shed again “the dust bowl reborn”;  is betrayal. It will be millions displaced. To know an easy target exists to cause the death of millions and fail to rectify that situation: is terrorism. To know that the pollinators which create more than fifty percent of diversity on earth; are dying due to chemicals; is terrorism. To know the chemicals are dumped or injected by the trillions of  tons on earth, and do nothing;  is traitorous. To discard the antibiotics “for a few pennies more in agriculture; which are the base of all major healthcare realities in humanity:  is criminal/ including the creation of pandemic capable disease, is terrorism. To destroy the resources ending our future: no resources/ no life; is a reality that reeks of assassinating every child. WHERE IS “MY FUTURE” asks a child: their response, “IN OUR GARBAGE”! To destroy the forests of earth, is to destroy the habitat of nearly everything that is not human: an act of betrayal to our planet. To propagate without true restraint “everything is fine, through media or other”: is traitorous/ when it is not.  To pretend that agriculture will not run out of fertilizers, or the seed itself is at risk;  is corruption at its peak. To discard constitutional law by the courts [as has been proven in the trials presented by James Frank Osterbur; most can be found on my sites]:  is an insurgency, an open rebellion that seeks to destroy democracy itself. To remove the free press, by giving it to a tiny few hands to control: is absolute communism, and traitorous. To hide the true rulers of America, which are the “university elite”; from being questioned in court, for their terrorist activities:  is participation in hell/ more than traitorous, it is anarchy. To give the blatant liars & their house of cards that is a “stock market”, their own means to create US currency from nothing:  is extreme corruption. To create a nobility, by allowing “One group; the university diploma”/ everything they seek with ease;  is a deliberate decision to enslave all the rest. Their counterfeiting, a BRIBE used to create armies (NO reality doesn’t matter), particularly in education against us all. To allow criminal extortion, which is the medical industry in America the legal means to operate their criminal activities without restraint: is absolute cowardice, and it is conspiracy to steal. To allow “legal” racketeering by the legal profession;  with extreme billing and no opportunity to contest:  is betrayal, collusion, and the expression, “tyrant” fits.  To allow the creation of a wide variety of biological weapons of mass destruction, EVEN TO THE EXTREME “lets all mutilate life”;  by the university and industry geneticists:  is Armageddon (nature in chaos).  To destroy the stability and securities of a nation; is civil war coming. To destroy the foundations of life in society, by permitting and creating extreme debts:  so as to enslave (they are trapped now)/  is slavery itself. To know, that humanity is using more oxygen than this planet creates, forces asphyxiation: which is genocide. To use unnecessary force/ including a military force, when not absolutely critical; fails the law. To create IRS forms, laws, employees, or purposes;  strictly for tyrannical demands:  IS FELONY CRIME. To construct “only a few, own everything/ only a few decide everything/ only a few hold all the jobs, etc”: is a reality that demands tyranny; as in this is extreme communism unleashed against this nation:  REBELS/ enemies in our midst. To create a social reality that believes, “the gun is our only answer”:  is an apocalypse (rivers of blood) waiting for its moment.  Immigration adds to this misery, as the reality of competition makes it clear: our lives have changed, without our consent. That fact, regardless of realities that must be accepted; CANNOT be done unless there is true population control across this planet. The open bigotry of the educational industry, “not like us/ discard them”; or as the entertainment demands: “fuck every single one, leave none to say I am different”. Because that is the result of mixing every color and every kind together. It is a deliberate corruption against humanity;  without love/ there will be only agony and hardship coming. There will be war, because men are like that! The reality, means NONE are united together/ all separate. To create a situation as is America, wherein the people are trapped by the situation created from their leaders (every one holds a diploma, it is the single unifying reality): their LIES/ CHEATING/ STEALING/ BETRAYAL/ TERRORISTS/ FAILUTE/ FANTASY/ WHORES (only money matters) AND BASTARDS (used and abused by selfishness).  Becomes, for an entire nation;  “accept this/ or we all go bankrupt and lose everything”. THAT, is NOT democracy, and the nation itself, is under attack from within.  That means:  this is NO LONGER, the America from our past. That means: the insurgency has taken control, and is seeking our demise!  By, destroying everything they can.  Using storytelling/ media propaganda/ corruption of the courts/ bigotry/ lies/ theft/ terrorism/ war (let the blood flow, and they will be quiet). To bind a nation and force them all into a corner, so they cannot move:  And they will then be “slave”.

The form of action that is necessary to correct all these things:  BEGINS WITH REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; A FIRST AMENDMENT CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.  Giving we the people, our legal right/ to bring our employees to court: examine the evidence, and decide judgment for ourselves; by our own vote.  IT IS THE LAW! It is true constitutional democracy.

       Pride says:  “you are nobodies/ until you are somebody”.  Democracy says, we are each somebody/ until you remove that right, by proving hate against us all. The difference is clear:  pride is an enemy. Want is hiding the truth/ or running away from it, to become fantasy:  as is “the university in charge”. People become rulers, by creating rules. Rulers become tyrants, by invoking the penalty, “step across this line in the sand/ and I will own your soul; by playing god”. Regardless of the offense, their purpose is fear us/ or me: FEAR what we will steal. None own that right.

The universities will all say, “we did this”/ and so they did:  leading life and nation to curse itself;  on a crusade to destroy this world, with absolute arrogance; horrifying pride; endless want; and a thirst for power that is fanatical. Saying to the nation and world:  debts don’t matter for us “the rulers”; we are gods. Let ALL the children die, we don’t care, in a race to prove fantasies can kill!

And all the people say:  “hide/ hide/ hide;  we are buried in the garbage of what they have done/ run away from the truth, it is all we have left.  But as the saying goes “can’t see the forest, because of the trees”.  This people cannot see itself, because the propaganda leads them to be blind, dull, and deaf to reality. The most critical deceit, and therefrom defecation, of a university onto society:   was destroying common sense (we know what life has taught us). Commandeering the schools, to teach lies. Destroying religion to teach chaos. Destroying democracy, to surround life with chaos;  because nothing matters but money.

Failure and lies DON’T survive.


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