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The critical
path forward, beyond selfishness and apathy; 
is governed by your own purpose. 
While it is possible to do more for you, it is worthless/ unless you
truly do participate. 

       My job is done, you have been told:  either accept the evidence or investigate it
seriously to prove what is true.  What is
true, is our entire world approaches extinction, “with or without biblical
prophecy”. The evidence is serious, the realities cannot be denied/ the
consequence of being wrong:  IS A DEAD
WORLD.  Yet you do nothing of substance,
because you are owned by the cult called a “university diploma, knows
everything”. It is a cult, because you cannot question them/ it is simply
believe, regardless of reality or fact; or the cost of being wrong.

       NOTHING is more indicative of your cult
worship than allowing experimentation: 
that you are clearly told “we want to bring the same fire as is on the
sun here”! you are told it’s a ten million degree fire/ 91 million miles away
in summer, “which burns your skin” from that distance.  Their claim: 
such a fire is controllable, because it will extinguish itself.  It will not, the fire burns atoms; as is
clearly proven by energy release. Everything here is fuel.

       And that only begins the reality of
disgrace/ disrespect/ disease/ arrogance/ and all that is bad, in humanity on
these days.  Yet you say, or accept:  to yourselves, “it’s all good/ we have
nothing to fear”.  Even though, one
million more mouths to feed over deaths arrive on earth every three days or
so:  still not a clue!  Mutilating nature on purpose, their stated
objective as geneticists “we want to bring chaos back, to see evolution in
action”.  WHILE EVOLUTION is nothing more
than diarrhea from an insane mind!  The
least imaginative religion without merit, ever created.

       Alas your children cannot fight for
themselves;  so you choose to kill
them.  Simple and plain as that!

       These sites cost about $181.00 a month to
run.  It costs money to transmit videos
around the world for an introduction to others. 
Each is a price I would pay for life on earth;  but to date, “you do nothing on your own,
that is visible or merits mention”.  You contribute not a penny for the work,
and never have.  I know not how many
thousands or millions, or even more know of this work/ that is NOT my job.  But I DO know, you hate to be told you are
wrong, and you especially hate to be told “your god” the university is wrong.  You fear everything, because You want
everything; and are scared you won’t get everything you possibly can. You care
about little, because everything has been free (your body, life, mind, time,
potential, etc) and share only what is “frivolous (didn’t cost me nothing) to
you”. The courts are worthless.  Media is
no friend of yours or mine.  Leaders
worship as a cult/ and time is running out, for our entire planet. So, why
would you care;  all you’re children are
going to die/ because you took everything they needed to survive, just to claim
a trophy/ and then throw their lives away. 
There is NO MORE, the earth is limited, and 8 billion people all saying
“I don’t care”/ 8 billion people all grabbing everything they can get/ 8
billion people growing at roughly 120 million more each year:  ARE GOING TO FACE, THEIR REALITY!
Particularly with millions mutilating and participating in that mutilation of
nature itself. There has never been evolution (chaos builds nothing)/ but it is
coming, nature is being destroyed, and that will be the contribution
“university evolution” does for you. 
After all, they don’t claim to be god for nothing:  SATAN wants respect/ just before it grounds
you up into chaos, with horror and hell.

       Religion has a date for ending your
opportunity to accept the mercy being given to you right now! It’s in April of
2018.  Failure means, tragedy and horror
will follow that date: you failed life.  There is no greater abomination than trying
to ignite atoms on fire/ no escape, not even for the solar system. So the book
of Daniel 12 has its beginning: with the first finished test at the national
ignition facility/ Lawrence Livermore laboratories (180 million degrees).  Satan is: 
the abomination of arrogance so severe and extreme, the mind is willing
to gamble with all life on earth/ even the planet itself/ EVEN the solar
system! Which is exactly what the universities are doing, with the aid of
governments. They have chosen to cast aside EVERYTHING you need to survive; and
live within their fantasies.  Reality
says YOU ARE DEAD, because unless this is changed, they will succeed. EARTH
ITSELF on FIRE! The burning of atoms is no game/ and that is exactly what they
are trying to create.  The death of
nature is no game/ and that is exactly what they are trying to create.  The end of all possibility we can survive; is
absolutely the reality they have chosen to create.  Because fantasy is a fool, a braggart, a
liar, a thief, and a traitor  in charge.

       So even though I don’t lead you, and I
don’t intend to lead religion either: 
making every effort not to be cast in either direction by religion.  NOT intending to give you any religious
fantasy, or even the potential to take revelation and make it your own:  it is what it is, and that is all.  Simply a prophecy:  an opportunity to see in advance, and change
the outcome.  The fact IS:  you must think for yourself, THAT IS absolutely
inherent in any possibility life could survive on this planet.  That means UNLESS you participate, because
you understand BEING WRONG IS NOT AN OPTION/ there is no purpose in my
participating with you.  Some will argue,
if I buy communications:  “the people
might come”. Yet however many or few there are following or aware of this work
TODAY;  YOU, offer nothing:  in a fight for “EVERYTHING”.  Not even one penny, from a single
person:   toward communicating the
fact:   OUR WORLD, is threatened with
extinction, OUR NATURE IS BEING DESTROYED;  and that is not a game. Because you are cult
worshipers, which means:  you’re mind is
dead/ you gave it to your cult. The rest of you ain’t far behind.

       If not even one, can offer a penny:  WHY, should I care?  Even though I do, and will continue the work,
and pay the money, because in the balance of what anyone, and EVERYONE does in this day:  is every single life/ and every single future
life, that would or could, ever be!

       You, are 8 billion people:  even the terrorists do more;  tragedy, stupid, failed though they are.  At least they do have passion, and are not
“the lukewarm slop” of a humanity so consumed by selfishness, and self-pity
(the university is too smart for me) it cannot get up.  Not even to save this entire world. DEMAND THEY MAKE
Even you, can do that.
 Shame on you, for being told.  GET UP, AND FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD!  For your child.

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