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Forty years
of work/ fifteen years of website writings; and it all comes down to whether “you,
can hear”.

       Distinct within that work is:   there are people trying to ignite atoms on
fire/ promising “unlimited free electrical power” when they do!

       THE REALITY of that ignition of atoms
is:  being a planet upon which everything
in existence is made of atoms/ THAT DOES MEAN, everything is fuel for the
atomic fire. Just like the sun! 

       The foundation of university research,
funded by governments is:   that this
atom fire is safe, because “there is not enough gravity here on earth to
sustain the fire”;  so it will just
extinguish itself.  That statement relies
upon their insistence “although the sun is made of a
gaseous substance, primarily hydrogen/ it contains something that is
15 times heavier than lead.  Which means
this fantasy element has an atomic weight of over 3,000.
substance by fact or law.

       Reality also states:   if an atomic fire, that is roughly 10
million degrees hot is ignited, and IT DOES NOT extinguish itself.   THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, WE CAN DO TO
EXTINGUISH THE FLAMES; AND THIS PLANET BECOMES ANOTHER SUN.   making the university and government gamble
with our world, a strictly ONE TIME EVENT. 
Because upon ignition, it either puts itself out/ OR WE ALL BURN UP
COMPLETELY, including the future.

       My work is at my  other videos are located at  and are on  everything is free/ there are absolutely no
restrictions.  Including you are allowed
to make money, claim it, translate it, or whatever you wish to do with the
entire work..  because nothing is more
important to me;  than communicating
these threats.  There is only an issue
with some background materials used on some videos:  a reality translating OUR WORLD IS IN DANGER,
does not need frivolous permission.  Like
all war, the value of the action, determines the validity of the reality.  You have been told;  what is background entirely produced by
me;  should be apparent.

       If you wish a signed statement releasing
my work and videos including background I produced;  simply ask, and send me a very simple
contract so stating.

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