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reality of force, combined with your determination;   conceives of your time.  Thereby three things determine your life: the
critical relationships which shape your experience/ the critical choices that
complete your identity/ and the fundamental purpose of your life, as defined by
your own desires.  These are the
measurements of a lifetime/ but they are not, the true elements of life itself.

equals the relationship shared when two or more realities occupy the same
space. That confrontation has only two possibilities, to act or react.  But space also has an opportunity, to be
shared.  Consequently order can arise,
where thought exists to make it so.

the critical question of life becomes a path towards thought.

releases the possibilities, to search among themselves, while reality becomes
the foundation upon which these possibilities gather, and seek, what will be “a
beginning”. There are twelve constituent questions arising from that single
statement “of thought”/ so the reality of discussion, will be limited to what
is simple.

the foundation of energy, and time: equal possibilities. Thought is “like a
universe”/ endless in its conception. While the foundation of energy is
fundamental in its purpose: to change, what must be changed for peace to exist.
While time is the translation of desire, into the consequences which then
search for life in time, by survival of thought.  The critical question is: what makes thought

critical answer is: a conception within which you can survive! Because time
creates us as “each one”/ which means: if you cannot survive yourself, then you
cannot survive the universe called thought. So then what matters in the reality
of death, which is:  escaping time to
become a participant in the essence of what provides freedom.  Or alternately;  what surrenders to lies (no, you don’t have
to obey law, or rights, or reality).

begin with your own assembly of thoughts, by its confrontation with the reality
of your desire.  If thought can “go
anywhere”/ then where will your thoughts go? 
What have you assembled as the “things you trust”/ because there is no
going back.  The action or reaction you
choose; is the direction you will go. 
OR, the possibilities of order, will be recognized, and the reality of
placement into what already exists as energy: in peace & harmony,  will be conceived.  

are “like heat”/ they move beyond themselves in all directions, lost “forever
alone”. Thereby “to prove” you are the god you claimed to be.  Actions intensified are like,  “focused as a flame”: when all conditions are
met. This conceives of: These lives are then chained in place, to the fire they
created, until the fuel “runs out”. In contrast; Reactions are “like cold”/
these do not move themselves, until invaded. In the world of thought without
life, these invasions are fear, terror, and horrified. Reactions condense
reality, into an ever smaller environment, “where not even the air to breathe
survives; so to speak”. 

 Order by contrast, can do whatever the laws
which govern it allow. So long as there is truth to govern every possibility.

So lets ask:
what/ who/ or why do you trust?  Or more
seriously:  whatsoever you have assembled
as “the quest called your identity, by design”. 
Will then become the reality of your conception, once freed of time
itself/ thought must proceed to its destiny or fate.  Therefore ask yourself, “where does this; do
I, go”/ because unlike time, there is no going back.  You must choose, or you will fail to survive
and dissipate into:  nothing left.  Time dissolves itself is that not so?
Therefore whosoever tries to stay “chained to time”/ will fail, and dissipate,
destroying themselves.  To survive, you
must conceive of eternity, as life. To be happy, you must accept that eternity
SHALL be governed by love! It is that simple.

We then add: the law of thought is, that you may enter
any conception you wish.  However, the
law or order within the world you create for yourself is: fundamentally flawed,
unless truth and love prepare your decision. Unless you understand what is, or
is not true about the values within your conception,  the spirit world has no exit. The reality of
truth expanded into “the conceptions of a universe itself” becomes:  once purity of a dimension has been attained,
it exists as its own spiritual creation. Truth exists, therefrom reality has
changed.  Knowledge makes this so! The
spiritual world “has doors”/ which give entry into its own reality of defined
truth. An environment  pure enough to
sustain itself/ has laws. If you enter without understanding, you will not
escape: many things can go wrong.  Choose
wisely, it is no game. 

Therefrom death means, that time, its relationship to
mass, and its measurement called distance all end/ discarded with the trash
(chaff).  What has been born, is thought
and the recognition of;   life, “lives in
that thought”. Every form of freedom, other than control over body and mind
(measurements established): are at its core “simply thought”. That means life
is thought, with or without a body or mind. Mass is not life, life is life;
thereby creation recognized!  Creation
means: elevated from energy to assert and assemble as thought allows.  Thought means: within these possibilities,
are the means to be “born”.  Born means:
I have attained, an identity, all my own! The reality of death removes all but
that identity, its essence of energy, and the truth of where your thought
expressed will go. Destiny is then the experience of what you have expressed,
as your own true desire.  Where there is
love, the values of creation prove “life, has a home: from whence it came”. But
where there is hate, or the lack of love; your home has been discarded/ your
attachment to life has been destroyed: therein cast adrift or “discarded to the
trash”. Other things have been written, about developments to be endured after
death removes time; “search”.

I finish with this simple truth: MERCY (GOD
RULES);   does allow for a contained
environment, consistent with the knowledge that is yours/ which will allow for
“less than pure” conceptions to exist, so long as there is love. Whosoever may
then join you, is subject only to their love, and yours. It’s a choice.

I choose, at this juncture:  to let you “think for yourself”/ and conceive
of “you, as a destiny within yourself”. 
There is no judgment more pure, than to let you decide for yourself, by
the elements you have set into place as your decisions for life, love, and
hope!  What death brings, is then
entirely up to your life, by the measure, methods, and means that became your
own ways. There is no intellect, or lack of it/ no color/ no size/ no ability
that limits your own desire for life or living: which means, everyone has an
EQUAL opportunity to conceive of joy, or its alternative.  The decision is yours, even if others place
impediments in your way. Every facet of life has its own version of impediments
to life: rich men fall down to pride/ poor to hate/ pretty to arrogance/ ugly
to depression/ those who want games, choose power/ those who want a trophy
among men choose lust/ etc/ etc/ etc! 
Bringing the cause of “why can’t we just be happy”?  To a reality of need, that lets you prepare
and participate in each others education: for a life beyond time.  It is not simple, as the religious say “I GET
EVERYTHING I WANT”.  Instead, what must
be built, will be built by what you take with you, from the days you spent
here: as is your reward for this existence. 
When children die, they receive mercy. 
When you have lived long enough to decide for yourself; unless “time”,
or the others did in fact interfere greatly: you have no need for mercy/ you

  Time is not an
eternity, but thought ordered by energy contained; can be! The spiritual dimension,
is a transition between time and thought unleashed. Only purity, is set
completely free. Elementally life is a parable of your own choosing.  It is, what it is/ it becomes, whatsoever you
chose to desire “with your heart”. The truth you desire most, the critical
value you cherished above all else; then leads to the destiny you earned, for
yourself. Unless lies intervene.  If so,
“mercy remains”, for those who earned it.

  Love binds us
together/ as if home, happiness makes us free, courage shapes our destiny,
truth keeps us alive, trust lives as soul, hope revives joy, sharing translates
the path that reaches into “my heart”, while caring becomes “the food” we need
for life. Disciplines bring peace, while order is harmony itself.  Therefrom the value of our existence, is at
its essence “feeling ALIVE”.  Or, in its
most simple expression: “I have found Creation itself”.

 Share the joy,
accept the sorrow; both expand the dimensions of “your heart”. A reality that
will affect your eternity!  Understand
old age is your preparation for the decisions that must be made!  As best you can.

Let your heart, mind, or soul decide what is true:
because your body cannot travel beyond time/ only thought, in recognition of
life by its own creation.  Death too, is
no game/ to prepare, is to live.  To
conceive of value, is to understand “why”.

James Frank Osterbur

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