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VALUES, what can we do?

      The fundamental of all work is: to assemble something worth having/ adds value to your life. The fundamental of all life is: to assemble something that survives, because it is built in truth/ adds substance and character to your existence.  Character is the essence of who you are, “without interference”.  Substance is an ability that will be shared, or bring you work and its reward.  Sharing exists without an agenda; thereby it has no substantive cost/ because you cared.  Caring is the values you set forth, as your own.
      Therefrom we come too reality, and assess this day as life or death by the evidence for our world.  Critically noticing: if no one cares enough to work for life and its future/ then we all die. So the question of what can we or you do, is answered by: whatever you assemble as having value for life must come first.  It’s a decision/ it’s a choice, that must be made for life; before it can become a reality that exists in substance as value to life. 
      Sharing the burden for demanding life must come first; is an honor.  Honor means: without a bribe, or a reward;   I did do, what I could do. Caring means, that you share the work because of your respect for all life and planet. It is that simple.
      Everyone can do something/ doesn’t matter what, if you are honestly working for life and planet!  Even small things add up/ you may influence someone who does more; no one really knows. Small things can make big changes.  Even writing such as I do, adds up after a time/ and contributes to the possibility others may contribute whatever they can do, as well. I would do more, but 40 years of work or so has proven one absolute reality: “nothing I say or prove by the evidence” matters to you as “humanity”.  Because you want what you want/ and you believe what you believe/ and you refuse to accept anything other than “I want mine/ who cares about the rest”.  With extremely few exceptions!
      Even so, The value of life is inestimable: we could not build it/ we cannot sustain it without other life and planet:  it is entirely a gift, pure and simple. Therefore whatever I could do, I did do.  Regardless of the outcome/ as must you; because time will run out completely, and then nothing will matter anymore. 
      Media is owned by a tiny few, who hired only the most arrogant people around: to propagate “the powerful must be fed/ to hell with the rest”.  The university expert, “knows everything”/ they are not to be questioned.
      Leadership is overrun by the arrogant: who believe they are better than a democracy, and as such betrayed us, and demand “they ARE, the government”.  Constitution be damned.
      University brought you here, to the very edge of extermination/ because they did make changes: but failed, or refused,  to realize the consequences.  Or just plain abandoned the cost to life, for greed.
      Religion is owned by the University: nobody gets in without mimicking what they were told to believe and say.  Therefore “zealots, by degree” for their god “university knows”. Cowards, wanting safety (it’s a lie) instead of life.
      Charitable organizations, along with the rest of these: merely want to be certain they can take credit/ and thereby receive money. After all they are run by a university diploma: and they cannot ever admit to being wrong.  Can’t be god, after that.
      Courts are merely organized crime, purposely hiding the facts: because they are cult worshipers of “university knows”, they are god, to a fool! But this nation in particular, worships with them, as a cult. 
      The police cannot think for themselves, cannot question a reality, don’t understand democracy, cannot conceive of injustice, tyranny, or terrorism: unless its “someone else”. 
      Or more simply particularly in America the vast majority all say, “we got it good/ OR, it could be terrible FOR US;  to fix any of these problems”.  So leave them alone.  But reality says: CAN’T SURVIVE THIS, not even as a world!  Therefore you need to care. “But no”: money is all that matters, to an American.  Even the fact verified by federal reserve documents: that leaders are inflating the currency (assets) by 9 trillion a year/ and spending an addition 1.5 trillion in debt a year: to keep the lies hidden.  That equals 10.5 trillion in “new money” per year. The real labor force is roughly 100 million people: that means American leaders are spending $100,500.00 dollars per each and every worker; one hundred million of us; per year!  NOW WHERE do you suppose this goes? Did they give it to you? They gave it to someone!  These tiny few leaders:  DO get to spend 10.5 trillion dollars, even if some of it is used to let you borrow more.  Their decision is whatever they want/ “you get none”, not the infrastructure, nothing.   Unless you beg. But wait healthcare costs are 5 trillion dollars a year: that’s $50,000.00 per each and every worker.  Why, because they can: leaders simply give them whatever they want/ regardless of the price: its called bribing the politician, or buying them with contributions. What happens if the “government” doesn’t pay?  The price goes down, until the public can pay: as is constant throughout capitalization/ when its real.  If the resource is plentiful. If not, fewer people are served. Therefrom medical      Realties cannot be government controlled/ nor can they be business controlled. Rather they must be “a minimum payment by taxation/ and a maximum or less percentage of income for the individual; with options for public work, if you have nothing.
      Etc/ etc/ etc.
      In simple terms: NOBODY can force 8 billion people to care. NOBODY can stop anyone from wanting more than they can get; even if it costs us all the planet.  NOBODY can kill enough people to make a difference, without destroying this world for us all. NOBODY can make a difference without the law/ its required, or we war to our own destruction. NOBODY can just lead, truth must decide. NOBODY can refute the evidence I provide, the reality of consequences for being wrong.  NOBODY can just talk: substance must be provided. Realities must be dealt with.  Truth must be recognized so that people do have a chance to understand for themselves, and make their own decision.  I teach you to think for yourselves,  even though the majority of this work is titled “just talking”: the reality is, question this for yourselves.  A response to your insistence over decades: nothing of truth or evidence matters to you, “wake up”. Therefore I am left with “just talking” to you.  Because you run away to hide, from every encounter.  I can’t give you courage, I can merely suggest: you can’t survive this, without change.  Etc.
      As always, your entire response is: “I MUST GET WHAT I WANT”.  Regardless of even losing this entire world, and all its life.  Still can’t do nothing: Not even a penny contributed to this work, or any other work (for mass communication), and extremely little recognized as a contribution to life or planet in any form.  If you can’t contribute a penny, or work to be heard yourselves: then it is just a waste of money, for me to do more. How is that “survivable”: for you? The answer is its not; even if that is not what you wish to hear. 
      So we return to the bottom line: critical communication must occur, without it we are all, lost forever.  Once that is done, then more critical actions will be taken: assuming humanity itself, chooses to survive.  To date, you have only chosen to die. To your shame. 
      Still can’t think that is reality?  Well lets add it up, soon to be 8 billion if not already.  In a line, each person 3 feet apart: that =24 billion feet. The earth is about 25,000 miles long at the equator, times 5280 feet per mile=132,000,000 miles. EQUALS A CONTINUOUS LINE OF PEOPLE, “standing on water too” wrapping this earth 182 times more or less.  Or humanity stands on 72 billion square feet of ground, figuring a 3 ft by 3 ft square (sq yd).  Each has to breathe/ each needs water/ each must have food/ requires shelter/ takes resources: etc, etc, etc.  That does not include those who hate, and intentionally try to destroy. There is roughly about 7 billion acres of agricultural ground worldwide/ not including drought, flood, fire, etc.  The oceans are in trouble, as is drinking water and everything else.
      This ain’t no game. The very thing people hated most throughout all of time is death.  Medicine having changed the dynamics of death, or primarily antibiotic use: keeping people alive.  Is now, one of the very things:   threatening to destroy this entire planet.  And still, your only leadership contribution is: “we have to save all the children, every old person, conquer every disease, and so on”. RATHER THAN FIGHTING OVER-POPULATION, by at a minimum passing out birth control! Accepting truth must decide!   You did play god/ its too late to go back, and say:   “now I don’t want too” anymore.  We must deal with our reality, like it or not!  Many things must change.
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