shapes and chisels

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Shapes and chisels; the definitions we build with our lives.

      To conceive of a shape, means to take the knowledge we possess, and turn it into something we believe can or does exist. To identify by a chisel; means to apply “power and pride” by force, to attain an image we design.  To define means: “I accept” you now understand.
      Given these participants, the most demonstrative among them is “belief”. Or more simply: “I want what I want/ and I don’t want anything else”. 
      So lets ask the question: how and why does society exist as it does, from the mind of men, and the limited participation that has been allowed for women? Or, what is it, that men want the most from their lives? We search by direction: WHERE does their energy, time, purpose, and true desire lead?  Speaking for the vast majority, that decision leads directly “to a trophy/ or pay attention to me, I am more”.  Leaving the rest behind, causes them the disease (on the inside) of revenge (I will make you lose too), violence (“I am god, now”), and even hate (life, be damned).
      The question is then: WHY is a damn trophy so important? The answer again replies, “pay attention to me: I WANT to be more”.  So reality breaks down on two different roads: “we are a mass of people and someone is going to lead us (let it be me)” OR, “there is no one more important than I, so everyone should recognize me as god (I can do anything I want & you CAN’T interfere)”.  When asking why must someone lead, the reality is quite simple: if we don’t all move in the same direction/ then we fight, because someone is always in the way.  With regard to the delusions of playing god with yourself, so long as you can keep the others from reminding you: THIS IS A FANTASY! The reality is, most if not all, HATE to be told they aren’t god/ because they want to be! Given a tiny taste of “superiority/ you win”; few surrender it easily.  Because simply being part of the crowd, “of endless faces”/ seems worthless, if you can be more.  So says pride! Therefrom we find at the core of it all: the demand for pride, “I WANT to be the winner”. Thereby separated from the rest, as superior. “Its me baby, I am god here”.  So they say, think, and believe.  Which then becomes I can judge, I can discard/ disrespect/ destroy/ or anything else I want, because I am god (you can’t stop me).
      So then, the vast reality of men shape their lives, in an attempt:  “to play god over the others”.  Obviously the masses lose, and pretend they can play god too, with violence and revenge/ so long as they remain hidden behind ulterior (you can’t prove it; “without a doubt”) motives. That brings crime, as men display their direction altered as driven by power: “with money, even though you can’t see it/ I can change your life”.  Driven by pride: “with money, even though you refuse me/ I can change my life”.  Driven by hate: “with terrorism, traitorous acts, betrayal, anarchy, and manipulation/ I can destroy you, or yours.” Making you, into what I desire! The questions posed as a chisel, start here.
      The critical means are: WHAT type of force, can drive you to insanity?  WHAT type of temptation, will force you into stupidity? WHAT type of fear, will make you believe “death and destruction of others” is an answer?  WHAT type of religious pursuit; will make you believe “god is watching you fight for him”: even though you are proving to be an enemy by destroying his creation?  WHAT type of “toys and trinkets”, are enough to make you believe “can’t question them/ they are gods”? And WHAT type of propaganda, can drive a herd into the abyss of shame, dispossession, and tragedy?
      The answers are: “being trapped”, there is no solution/ will drive all but the tiniest few insane.
      The answers are: tempted by the belief, “I know something” the others have missed; leads the fool into assertions “I can play god”.
      The answers are: FEAR, brings with it, “its own enemies”/ therefrom all you have to do: is let their imagination run.
      The answers are: religion means, “I can be someone too”! Thereby it opens the door, to believe “if I just do more, of whatever I am willing to believe”/ then I can be superior too. 
      The answers are: nothing is more demonstrative of “you should care about me”/ than healing someone who is sick, broken, or dying.  Even if that happens through one tiny little change such as antibiotics or vaccines: people accept “I must listen/ I know nothing: its my life, or death”.  How can I question “god, over me”?  Even though this is equivalent to one speck of sand on a very large beach. Fear is fear.
      The answers are: propaganda states, “we are gods”/ let no one doubt that, we are the best.  Therefore whatever brought us here is: our god, “the expert leader”.  Propaganda is: “NEVER look at failure”/ we are not failures, that is a blind decision to believe what doesn’t exist; so long as we cover it up/ nobody can prove its true.  Propaganda as a mob is: let us all believe, we are superior: therefore ENTITLED to judge, as a mob. Propaganda as mass hypnosis is: if we can believe “just one thing/ deluding ourselves, with trinkets and toys”.  Then we can or will be judge, if we all agree. Who is more superior, than that; even if we can’t all play god/ WE CAN still be judge; every single one.  Just put everything else “out of your mind”.  It doesn’t matter, we found our enemy!
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