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Every love, is a value placed upon time/ every life is a destiny chosen, by the one who lives it; by truth. Truth refined, is a law revealed.

      The cradle of our heart, creates soul.  That cradle is, a love cherished more than time. Soul then becomes, “what we create as our world/ chosen by love”. 
      Every love has a cost, or a potential cost, because it is the fabric which holds our very life together. Fabric means: interwoven, so as to bind together into one, more significant reality, than all its parts. Consequently when we weave, what cannot be torn apart without violence/ we begin the journey, into the values, destinies, and decisions of each other. That has a cost. 
      Those who break, tear, and mend their fabric of life relationships, repeatedly; are always facing the same potential cost, and it can be heartbreaking. Nonetheless binding each other together cannot be done without this fact.
      So the critical question of love is: when we choose to interweave our lives together into something only a violence can tear apart/ it is absolutely essential, that we do know what is or is not true “about us”.  Only then can a distinct relationship begin/ and be substantial enough to survive.  Love is easy, when truth and value become one.  Love is hard, whenever freedom reminds one or both: time has no returns, it is what it is, and then you die to inherit what you earned.
      Love is at its core: the values we have placed within each other, as a desire we cannot or would not choose to live without. Therefore love builds a home, where we each belong as if one: because some of me/ and some of you, are fully shared within.  Owners of the same life.
      Love is a freedom revealed, but with every freedom, there are true and significant risks: make a mistake, and you can die.  Even so, without freedom, and the ability to make your own mistakes/ there is a lack of happiness, and a reality of servitude that cannot weave the fabric of a true life. So we must take risks, to grow beyond ourselves. Where love is found.
      Love is sacred, which is never free.  Therefore love is in and of itself “a quandary (an environment bordered by four distinct sides)”. The elements of love begin with: rights (bottom) and freedoms (top) construct an environment, within a true dimensional order: therefore capable of establishing “a fabric, and a space for both sides”. The fabric divides us, but it also joins us, as two individuals created from time; by our own desire. 
      Love is a journey, to enlarge the essence of our lives, by sharing the distance we each participate in growing the other life. When we care, time is irrelevant.  When we respect each other completely, life holds no barrier. Romance is a life set free, because of you. Compassion is the honor of holding your embrace as precious. But there is also reality: the distance we must travel alone, to achieve or participate in, a reality chosen for us by   GOD .  Life is not cheap, and neither is love.  Life is a sanctuary, the place time and body lets us stay, as we prepare for eternity. Love is the place our heart must grow into, by the treasury prepared as our decision to participate with   GOD.  Without GOD, there is no true love.  With GOD, there can be an eternity filled with compassion, freedom, truth, and always cherished by respect.
      Love holds with it a desire, that desire releases our hold on life, to experience and express the foundations we accept as our own true purpose for living. There are only two true purposes in life: love or hate!  Which means there is only one direction or the other, for every life on earth.  Because love and hate are complete opposites: they tolerate no in-between choices.  Either love or hate is your choice/ anything less, is destructive to your life.  Simply the fact of our existence, it is not open for debate: CHOOSE. 
      Love assembles people who desire love from those who cannot give that love, as they desire it to be.  Some must work for life/ others simply do not desire you.  Unless you can “walk the same journey”; that fact is not related to love itself, but reality instead.  If “I” must walk a certain path/ that you cannot.  Then we cannot walk “far” together, it is that simple. If you cannot accept who I must be/ then we cannot join even as friends.  And so on, as our relationship defines itself, so must truth allow it to be.  Anything less is a lie/ and lies always fail: even if not in time immediately, they will fail in eternity, as an absolute fact/ no exceptions.
      Love defines a need, or a true desire: therefrom, when a need arises because loneliness holds with it fears.  Many betray themselves, simply to have someone they may spend time with: even if that relationship is not good for one or both.  It is a tragedy to betray yourself, making time more important than eternity.  The consequences can be grim, or there can be mercy: its up to you/ as you do design the love identified; that you accepted as real.  Belong to GOD first, and your loneliness will dissipate: at least somewhat.  Because time is a reality most closely held to the questions of “what is the relationship between a fetus, and the woman, who share a womb”.  Or more distinctly: while we cannot be freed until truly formed from a womb, without severe costs.  We cannot be freed from time, until truly formed by the choices we have made/ or there is a price.  Therefore separated from GOD, as time/ but fundamentally tied, in more ways than one.  This is functionally rebirth:  to accept the intimacy that is creation, “of life” in you/ not simply body or mind, but the intricacy of soul.
      Love is a discipline, that needs no explanation.  Because it is, what it is.  If you have love/ then you know it.  If you don’t/ then you know that too.  Those who lie to themselves, “make a fantasy”/ fantasies do not exist: keep that in mind, and do better. Love is an order, it lives in the breathe and elements of what we accept as trust.  Trust begins to weave lives together.  Truth bonds them, by understanding “what pulls or pushes us apart” cannot undue that trust.  Respect grants reality a participation, “from the other side of living”. While courage is the final link, that says, “we can lock ourselves together, with love”.  Within these four walls, is an environment of lives.  Within life there is the breathe that stirs existence, while lifting or descending in its order of rights, and its decision called freedom.  Having built a home, there is happiness for we have become as one: so long as each of these realities remains true.  It is our choice, to do so/ unless one dies inside (for whatever reason), and makes the other let go.  
      Love is: put   GOD FIRST,   and then let every other love, be the best it can be.  Never sacrificing, because that is “killing you”.  Rather choose well, protect yourself if you must; and be as honest as life will allow with each other, so that neither trust, nor respect:   will ever die. 
      Some might suggest: if I had started releasing this type of information from the beginning/ then, people would have reacted “with gusto (drunken)”.  Reality however states: like the bible itself, if you must build for duration/ then you must create a foundation, give structure to what you design, formally assign a purpose, and only then fill that creation with what has even greater values. Until prepared, it is impossible to sustain a relationship.  To succeed for life and planet, a valid and true relationship MUST form: to build LIFE FIRST.  Instead of men first, and whatever they want. Life first, is NOT “men first”! Learn it/ accept it/ and be equal.
                              James Frank Osterbur
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