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SIMPLIFIED; how did we get where we are, “threatened on all sides”?

      The answer to that is also simplified/ even though it is much more complex: reality states, “those who lead, and insist upon leading, and take control, and manipulate the public on purpose; and alter government/ corrupt courts to refuse democracy, and fundamentally fantasy about “playing god with life”.  DO HAVE A GREAT DEAL, to do with where we are today!  It is that simple: what could have been done for life was discarded, and interfered with.  What was done, was for power, pride, GREED, and the intent to play god with life, planet, and humanity. That fact, has altered the possibilities for life on earth. IT IS THE UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA; that has done all these things/ and the rest of humanity, all said: “yes, lets let them do it”. Until recently when it has become clear: this is going to be “bad”. Life was abandoned/ used/ abused/ criminally altered/ people raped/ economies ravaged/ entire nations ransacked/ and a level of corruption beyond anything the world has ever seen, lurks behind closed doors.  Which are held shut, by media involvement and intent. No small feat, it takes planning, purposes to deceive, and delusions approaching:  “we are god”. Therefore to hell with life. We want what we want/ life means nothing.
      Given that truth, we must now look behind those closed doors/ discard media intervention and manipulation/ fundamentally assess our reality/ and decide for ourselves: what is left, that the future can be, if we change this horrendous deceit, confiscate what has been stolen, and turn our decisions to allow truth its rightful place of leadership.  By directing constitutional law, to regain democracy, limited capitalism to rebuild an economy, honest relationships with life to determine the future, and real life decisions to change the behaviors of us all.  So that we can survive ourselves.
      Of the endless hate, delusions, fantasies, and failures distributed throughout the world,  by “university knows”: there is a list of worst idiots to have ever lived, begins.
1.  While the people intending to create an atomic fire use excuses that have no discipline; it is only necessary to understand a few small things.  An explosion is instantaneous/ therefore it has little resemblance to a fire: not the same.  A fire, is a fire: which means until something interferes with the process/ it will continue until the fuel runs out.  An atomic fire, burns the bonds which hold atoms together: and WE CAN easily see the physical realities of what this fire is, by simply looking at the sun.  Do you want that here? It will burn the entire planet, including you/ there is NO place to hide.  There are NO second chances to extinguish a fire, that burns atoms: BECAUSE EVERYTHING here is fuel.  Simple as that; and you DO understand it. Running away is useless/ just like hiding “in a burning house”.  This is SATAN;   religious or not, it fits.
2.  The religion called evolution has only one actual question that needs to be asked of its priests and zealots: ARE YOU “a liar, or a fool”/ because these are the only two truths available.  It is such a fantasy, and a delusion nothing else fits.  While adaption is a method included in “perfect design: I knew it would be needed”.  The reality of building any life form, “WITHOUT EVERYTHING IT NEEDS” all at the beginning is an atrocious life.  Life needs everything it needs to survive: from the first moment on, no exceptions.  It not only needs everything a body or living mass requires/ it needs food, water, air, etc: AND it needs the physical realities to gain, recognize, eat, breathe, swallow, digest, etc.  The idea you could have a heart without blood, or muscles without bones, or its equivalent, or find food without smell, or reproduce without the “parts and pieces”/ OR ANY OTHER REALITY OF LIVING OR LIFE;   is beyond foolish.  But religions often are completely foolish.  The only real damage however comes when they find a way to control society itself.  So these having taken over university life, by insisting WE CAN, “play god”.  By insisting, “these lowlife idiots which surround us, CANNOT stop us from playing god/ so long as we indoctrinate their children.  By insisting CHAOS IS god; the first ingredient to killing a world, because we don’t care: was accomplished. So we look at who was “the university elite: and find them, largely abandoned/ ridiculed/ kept in poverty/ and maligned by society”: UNTIL the atomic bomb became real.  It was that departure, from a “sane world”/ to the insanity of we are threatened beyond what we can endure:  so the world, and this nation bowed down, and said to the university, DON’T let this be us!  Now with power, they built pride.  With pride, they built weapons of mass destruction.  With delusions and lies, they built missiles.  And with an enemy, they said: money is irrelevant/ let the world go bankrupt.  Let us, “the university elite” control everything; and when that was not enough.  They counterfeited humanity itself into a corner: trapped, and ready to go insane. With antibiotics, extortion grew to horrendous proportions/ and the world of humanity began their race to extinction: this earth is finite, and CANNOT contain more than the humanity already here.  It is a simple and clear FACT OF LIFE.
3.  IT IS evolution, that brings us genetic mutilation: because they demand, “creating chaos will just bring us new and different life forms: which will be great”! These are ABSOLUTE LIARS, and contain no element of simply fool. Life is created by discipline, energy, order, balance, structure, minute chemical instructions, THOUGHT, respect, and realities governed within laws of life.  NONE OF WHICH represents chaos: defined is, the destruction of everything down to its most elemental state. That is not life, and everyone knows it! So the “devil terrorists” have been intentionally invading our lives through media control: propagating “the university knows”.  While the courtroom corrupted is: “you CAN’T question anything the universities are doing”. And the politician is owned by the money; which has been entirely counterfeited by a university diploma, taking over government. The net result is:   one single tiny alteration, which defeats the PERFECTION of nature itself/ or creates an extreme pandemic:  DESTROYS US ALL.  Or destroys our food.  Destroys the children. OR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING they have touched/ which is everything they could get their hands on. Do you not believe in “biological warfare”/ it exists does it not?  Genetically altering food, plants, insects, and attempting to change every creature on earth exists; does it not!  Its not a game: terrorists (those who believe they have a right, to destroy you)/ to play god with life: obviously, just don’t care.  Are always disguised, so as to do the most damage. Rarely reveal themselves until its too late to avoid their destruction. And refuse LAW, REALITY, AND TRUTH.  Destroying nature is not a right/ and it has absolutely NO basis in science.  These people are terrorists, they want you dead.  They want the entire world of life, destroyed.  It is that simple, until you realize: they are leading the children to believe they can play god too.  Ending in eternal chaos; for all who intentionally participate. Liars, failures, fools, and even satan among us.
4.  The list of complete failures by “university knows”/ the religious cult, which has brought us to what will soon be an extermination event: IS VERY LONG, and horrific.  The reality of media involvement in propagating “the university expert”/ is the only one        “Who can think/ or know anything”: is beyond dispute.  The evidence of what our future is going to be: IS WITHOUT DOUBT, based upon the facts of our time, and the consequences of what truth demands shall in fact be.  Not one decision FOR LIFE MUST COME FIRST, exists from a university dead mind expert.  They died inside, fighting for arrogance, apathy, dysentery in their brain, fantasies to play with, criminal rape/ ravaging/ and ransacking of life itself, as well as humanity: and all of it, to get as much as they could for themselves/ while playing god with life.
      If you can’t see that for real/ then its because you are a cult member too!  Want to survive: question them, and make certain you fully do understand:   WHAT/ WHY/ HOW/ WHERE/ WHEN/ AND WHO IS ATTEMPTING TO PLAY GOD; and when it GOES WRONG, WHO HAS TO PAY!   IF you do, want to live: you will understand/ WE CANNOT SURVIVE their failures.  Consequently they must be stopped/ and we the people must take back our lives, our future,  our nation, our world, and even our planet itself.  Because you ain’t god either/ and cannot put anything they break: back together again.  Dead is dead; ain’t that so!
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