examining the wreckage

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Examining the wreckage; of democracy in America

      Nothing is more elaborate, than the intentional decay of democracy itself/ by those who believe they are superior to constitutional rule; and must be allowed to make whatever changes they desire for themselves.  THAT IS: the hallmark presentation of “religious zeal”/ or, WE are the superior ones, and WE must take over government, economy, other religion, and absolutely everything else: because we “are essentially, the  next best thing, to god”!  Plain and simple.
      Therefrom as is true with every religion, the intent/ the planning/ the preparations/ and the purposes of religious delirium; go into action: insurgency erupts/ betrayal becomes obvious/ and the reality, hell no erupts; the evidence proves the only god these are worthy to be called becomes “satan”.  An obvious fact, in American leadership today/ as every purpose beyond personal greed for a university diploma; has been sacrificed for power, pride, or selfishness.  Such is the religion called “university knows”.  The religion called evolution: has provided for itself, an overtaking of education, government, and media: to prove they can not only be gods over the public, but over life itself in every conceivable way/ by attempting to mix species/ destroy order/ sabotage balance in nature/ crucify disciplines with genetic mutilation/ and fundamentally prove they can overcome nature itself, with chaos.  Intending to prove their religion, which has no basis in fact whatsoever is true; when all the evidence acknowledges: that will never be.  As with all those who hate: the most they can do, is destroy.
      Nonetheless, our wrecked democracy is near death, because of the following realities imposed by “university rules everything”.
1.  Constitutional law is refused admittance in every courtroom both state and federal: AS HAS BEEN PROVEN by James Frank Osterbur in numerous courtrooms and cases established as fact:  throughout the sites I provide. Most of these cases, were deliberately about:   HUMANITY ITSELF, needs to be forewarned about all these threats to their very existence.  MUST be forewarned about people who are gambling with this entire planet.  CANNOT be denied access to understanding that is essential in protecting their lives, children, nature, planet, families, etc. LEGALLY HAVE A RIGHT: to understand being wrong in any of these horrific threats, that are nearly all the result of “university proves, LIFE doesn’t matter”: is the end of life on earth/ is horror and hell coming/ is without doubt by the evidence completely true.  And the constitution itself provides for their relief: with first amendment US constitutional law through redress of grievances.  The critical demand of a nation or state: to control the employees, when our government itself is being denied.
      The government of this or any democracy is NOT ITS EMPLOYEES!  Even though they claim it is, that is a criminal fraud.  Our government, as a nation is the US constitution: these are the agreed upon terms/ this is the agreed upon oath, that everyone who WORKS FOR US, shall in fact obey that constitution. Because no other means exists: to control government actions or reactions: AS WE THE PEOPLE, without letting the constitution decide.  Those words, ARE the foundation we the people set into place, and have agreed to ever sense the creation of this United States.  This is what we intend to create, as our home/ through our nation or state, underneath that national referendum of facts to be OBEYED by our employees. Regardless of position: this constitution is our law, and there is no other, unless it is entirely within the concepts and purposes of that constitution.
      So the question is: HOW did the purposes, realities, desires, disciplines, balance, respect, and order/   FOR DEMOCRACY ITSELF:  become so dissolved, degraded, and disrespected;  as it is today?
      As with every society, is uplifting/ or its demise begins and ends in a courtroom of law; more so than in any other way.  Because the law controls what does or does not happen in society. And it also controls what our employees are allowed to “do or not do”.  Thereby we know, that all criminal activities against a democracy, is first directed at the court/ by creating a judiciary that is either weak and ineffective/ or bribed, strangled, and dead thereby hiding the truth: an enemy resides here.  Either the constitution rules, or rebellion has been established: one or the other/ there is no middle ground.  Remember that, and hold it dear. Where change must be made in society, it is the constitution itself that must be changed; BY TRUE PUBLIC VOTE.  As the reality of voting for someone to vote for me, has no been underpinned with greed, cult worship of university knows, failure, fantasies, and outright violation of everything this democracy stands or is intended to stand for. THEY FAILED; as a consequence, because communications do exist for better/ we MUST take control over government disciplines ourselves.  What government is, or is not, by the constitution:  has been given to the supreme courts to decide: they HAVE betrayed us.  That means: as a nation or state, WE MUST through redress of grievances (the investigation of facts/ the examination of details/ the deliberate act of understanding the true purpose of constitutional law, and enforcing that law) take back control over our government, our society, our nation, and our lives.  Refusing to be threatened anymore; by establishing LAW/ NOT, rules to control us all.  Laws to enhance our ability to do and achieve what the constitution itself demands; in its preamble and more.
      IN, The most powerful and direct orders of the entire document. That preamble is:
      “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.”
      The question is, WHAT happened to destroy our connection to this government as is documented:  OUR NATION, by we the people? Again, OUR NATION/ not theirs, employees are not owners while at work: WE, are the owners.  Their job as indicated and proven by their oath, is to MAKE OUR GOVERNMENT WORK as we have described.
The university religion, “we know everything”; so only their university experts can think, or know/ only their university documented media get to be its priests, only their university graduates can be leaders, etc. Proving NO ONE, NOT EVEN with an entire world in danger, or every life on this planet on the edge of HELL (complete insanity) or Armageddon (nature in chaos) or with the Apocalypse (every man has a gun, let the blood flow freely)” has the option of making this democracy work for its people! The conspiracy is real/ the corruption is very significant/ the collusion “to make us die” is true: because as every cult that every existed proves. “YOU CAN’T question god”, and as always, the leaders believe they are gods! Buried beneath the coverings of all that priests will do. The media clearly representative of that reality. Therefrom we know, that everything that has in fact happened to destroy our democracy comes from “university knows”. Where the lawyers are taught, the constitution is worthless, and simply an inconvenience, unless used for their own purposes/ definitely not ours.  They then blockaded the courtroom with irrelevant rules/ extreme costs and threats of bankruptcy/ bribes/ prison/ and anarchy: ‘TEAR DOWN, what exists”.  As is consistent throughout all of history, by men. Certainly NOT for life, or planet. Clearly a fraud, with criminal organization for taking over humanity itself, by threatening all life, they prove to want: “oh save us: oh god”. The university is: EXACTLY like a rampaging military war machine! Because just like the military, you get no power, you sustain no pride, and you cannot play god: UNLESS YOU CREATE an enemy. Therefore the university threatens life, to become “god”: ONLY YOU, can save us/ from reality. Discarding life, is proof enough/ unfortunately however, “they can’t save you from any of the major threats they have created. They simply add in Gambling with nature, planet, life, money, manipulation, energy, weapons, and propagating “fear everything (somebody is going to get you) & life is nothing (proven by; not one substantive decision, to protect this entire creation; not a single child: the future is dead; not even the planet)”. The fantasies of a university are permanently clear: DISRESPECT FOR LIFE AND WORLD, with the clear intent to only play god, with everything, including our lives. Or more simply: the sum total of what matters most, about a university is: they have become a PLAGUE on the planet itself.
      This is a CREATED PLANET;   as nature does prove, with clear/ substantive/ and absolute proof: nothing in nature or this planet, is an accident.  Everything is in fact designed, clearly thought out, and fundamentally without flaw.  What is not, is the result of men. Nothing, can prove otherwise.  Nothing can dismiss “Noah’s flood”/ because, simply the mass: of buried plants and animal carcasses in gathered together clumps; some of which is thousands of feet down (etc) could not have happened in ANY other way.  Your gas and oil proves it happened; without any evidence to disprove it whatsoever.  Those who are attempting to create an ATOMIC FIRE (it burns atoms); are fundamentally proven, to be establishing the second prophecy in that religion: our world ends in fire/ caused by men.  What, could not be more clear?
      And the best humanity can do is:   hide and run away, “like burying yourselves in the closet of a burning house”.  You tell me, what the outcome will be?
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