rebuilding 2

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Rebuilding 2

      Constructing the foundations of government, article one, US constitution: “then and now”!
      Consulting the constitution; created at a time when education, communications, travel, and all the things necessary to establish one person equals one vote for themselves: REQUIRED “voting for someone to vote for me”.  A fair and deliberate method, as reality proves: based upon limitations, according to the time initiated.
1.  There shall be employees, who may not come or stay without election/ who can be impeached. They are representatives of the people, by constitutional mandate/ chosen to be workers,  NOT their rulers. We decide!
2. There shall be direct taxation: direct means, NO hidden taxation/ or each and every tax shall be clearly marked for a specific task; and can be used for no other purpose.  
3. There shall be “a new class of senators” every six years: which is a clear constitutional mandatory for retirement from the senate, after 6 years.
4. Section 8, article one: the congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises:   THESE ARE SPECIFICALLY LABELED: to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the united states… a uniform way.   
      More distinctly the purpose of taxation in all its legal forms is: to benefit society by insuring in every possible way, “nothing goes wrong”. That would include destroying the currency with debt/ lying about inflation/ risking or gambling with life, nature, climate, oceans, planet, resources or any other reality of life and living that disturbs or could disturb the peace and harmony of WE THE PEOPLE.  The congress, and all aligned:  of this time, has then failed in its duties, to the point of treason.
      1. To borrow money on credit of the United States.  IS NOT an authority to bankrupt.  NOR is it an authority to pass those debts incurred by one group/ onto their children or another group. The authority to borrow money on credit, DOES literally mean: NOT BEYOND THE LIMITS by which this money can be paid back.  Because if you can’t pay it back/ that is stealing, and confronting we the people:   with this reality, our employees have made us all “criminals”. An accessory, to their own failure.
      2.  To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states…    Establishes an opportunity “TO MARKET JUSTICE”/ by insuring fair play to all.  That would include, ANY AND ALL foreign trade here, shall in fact adhere to critical and necessary environmental law.  Shall in fact adhere to, realistic labor and wage standards equal to our own.  Shall consider the necessity of maintaining all foundations of expertise and trade professions right here.  Shall understand, the value of trade MUST enhance society/ not simply avoid the cost of society.  Shall operate within the guidelines of sustainable life and environment throughout this world, the same standard by law;  for us all.  Therefore world laws shall be created, and every nation comply: assembled for vote, let the people of this world, through informed consent or denial:   then decide for themselves.  Is the pathway, to a more perfect union and world peace.
      3.  To establish a uniform rule of naturalization,……  Establishes that immigration IS NOT, to be “without order”!  That means: domestic tranquillity is not to be overrun, by the needs of others, wanting what we paid to achieve. Domestic means: this exists as we planned and created it to be. The addition of those who may or may not have destroyed their own: requires a participation in OUR methods and means of living.  Not changing our society, to suit themselves.  Primary to this reality is learning the same language throughout society; no second languages are acceptable/ no mass communication allowed unless it is in our “american language”.  No simple ownership of our property, first you become a citizen/ then you are allowed to own property here; no exceptions. No right to stay: if you have not become a citizen within ten years/ then you shall be returned to your previous homeland: you chose it. Etc.
      4.  To coin money, regulate the value thereof……  Establishes the true desire for a “common defense”.  Which means, we the people CANNOT have an economy established by constitutional law:   based upon fraud, failures, fools, fantasies, whims, delusions, lies, cheating, stealing, and propaganda deliberately established to hide the facts, and run away from the duties: of an official hired to insure “the peace” shall be maintained.   The federal reserve accounting statement: proves criminal treason exists.
      5.  To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States   Means, whosoever counterfeits, or knowingly allows that counterfeiting.  Literally & intentionally destroying the credit and foundation of economic security for each citizen and this nation, SHALL IN FACT, be punished.  Not only has robbery been committed by our employees of our government;   against this entire people.  They deliberately allow counterfeiting of coinage as is seen in gold leaf coinage put on the open market just to steal. They deliberately allow: endless lies to be created within the stock market as to valuation.  They deliberately dispossess the nation by sending endless numbers of american currency overseas.  They allow all forms of cheating, manipulation, fear mongering,  to appear as advertizing without cost (not justice). They have turned the politics of a nation over to their own counterfeiting. They have sold our property, as if it were their own. They have failed us completely: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES A FIRST AMENDMENT LAW,     IS REQUIRED.
      6.  To establish post offices….    Our officials, have ransacked the postal workers/ establishing tyrant. 
      7.  To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for a limited time…   PROGRESS IS NOT, wrong means we all die!  Science is not: threatened with extinction on every side!  That is terrorism, plain and simple.  An act of war against us all/ even this world.   Nor is giving “hollywood” extreme control, legal: to buy political favors.   By  far surpassing time (unfair) given for profit to  true critical inventions. 
      8.  To constitute tribunals inferior to the supreme court.  Having proven that the courtroom is corrupt, both state of IL and US federal courts.  The foundation illuminated is:   every tier of courtroom is more corrupt than the last.  Therefrom with few exceptions: it is considered a “fumigation effort” requires starting at the top, and going to the very last judge, sitting at the very beginning of what has been a tragedy to democracy.  This time, in this state, and in this nation: identified by betrayal, “the constitution has no place, in court”: UNLESS the world is watching. And even then, only for a little while.
      9.  To define and punish …….offenses against the law of nations   Deliberately attacking Iraq, without justification IS ONE OF THOSE OFFENSES!  That means everyone involved in that action, has been responsible for international crimes.  The result of which is still occurring daily.  It was not law you wanted to enforce: “but FEAR us”.  A failure, without the construction of a right.
      10.  To declare war…   Clearly beyond the rights and responsibilities of a leader.  We the people having obtained the methods of communication/ can now do for ourselves: by the means of a vote.  Whether we go to war or not, for ourselves!  We need no “commander in chief”.  Instead we need a reaction force if attacked, which shall not go beyond what has been done to us.  Then a decision.  Then world law to decide, whosoever will join us/ or defend us:   as a participant in justice, for our world.  Law is our army, supported by the realities required to enforce that justice.
      11.  To raise and support armies… two years.   There shall be a draft.  There shall be a period for every citizen (male and female) of training, based upon credible evidence of need: so that the nation is not caught off guard.  Minimal realistic understanding and physical abilities are required: No exceptions.
      12.  To provide and maintain a navy.  Means the vessels considered to be mandatory, based upon “world supply”; shall be maintained.  However as the world removes its weapons of mass destruction, each ship so designed and purposed shall cease to exist.
      13.  To make rules for ….land and naval forces.   Begins with a bill of rights for the enlisted man or woman. Only then, after they have been secured in their own rights/ shall the officers suggest theirs.  The armed forces SHALL vote for themselves on the rules which they will obey.  However the public as a whole, shall then vote to allow or discredit as they see fit: they pay too!  But its our nation, so we all have a say.
      14.  To provide for calling forth the militia to execute laws …..repel invasions   Nothing is more invaded at this moment, than constitutional law.  Therefrom the militia SHOULD IN FACT be called forward as a nation in distress:   to hold and enforce a courtroom for the people, by the people, and with the people, TO DEMAND REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.   The investigation of what is now wrong, with our union, by a sworn oath discarded and disgraced throughout the organization (those who call themselves government) which has criminally conspired to remove constitutional law.
      15.  To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining the militia….   We the people MUST identify, a foundation upon which we will conduct the authority, to investigate/ examine/ punish/ and change what has gone wrong. And WHAT WE CANNOT allow to go wrong!  That foundation is, the constitution must be “our government”/ and no others.  Therefore critical understanding of what that means is essential. And must be “mass communicated”. Must be released to “the free press”/ which does not now exist, other than the internet.  Which means change is coming!
      16.  To exercise legislation in all cases whatsoever…..  “Is a right ownership”: we are the owners here!  Let that not be forgotten.
      17.  To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the forgoing powers, and all other powers vested by this constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department thereof.    THIS guarantees, we have the power, to make whatever changes we deem important in this OUR GOVERNMENT, as is our democracy called    WE THE PEOPLE.  
       IN SECTION 9
1.  No slavery
2. The right of trial, for both sides;  remains equal.
3. No cruel or unfair practices in law
4. Taxation shall be fair and equal to all.  No favoritism allowed.
5.  No unfair practices within this union; we are equals.
6.  Every state shall be equal.
7.   NO money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law; and a regular statement of accounting…shall be published..  That means it is illegal for ANYONE to spend money from the treasury, UNLESS there is distinct and clear congressional approval, for a specific deed to be done/ or debt to be paid.
8.  No one gets to claim “I am/we,  are the government”.  This is democracy, wherein we the people are owners; subjecting our employees “to their oath”.
SECTION 10    The relationship between a state and this nation is/ as it is, between a parent and child. Therefrom: 
      NO STATE, shall enter into any treaty ( that prohibits unions), alliance (no authorization of a pension plan), or confederation (no combining unions into a political force); grant letter of marque (no authority to seize, without direct law) and reprisal (no making an example out of anyone); coin money (no assurances the people will pay: for what government officials did without constitutional authority to do so. Assurance to pay: “is what money is”); emit bills of credit (no, supporting private enterprise with our money, as is college or university. If they can’t make it on their own/ then they lower the price, or go out of business)  ; make any thing but gold and silver coin; a tender in payment of debts (NO pensions allowed); pas any bill of attainder (civil rights shall exist until dead), ex post facto law (no changing the constitution without public consent/ no failing the constitution and calling it law), or law impairing the obligation of contracts (no destroying the fair and legitimate collection of debts: such as imposing a thirty day deadline against contracts;  without notice or warrant. Specifically TO STEAL from the person doing the work/ so as to give that money to the rich.  As did happen to me), or grant any title of nobility (THE UNIVERSITY shall not be treated as god/ NOR are they entitled to such things as “the emperors room” over the U-of-I football stadium, at Urbana Il.  They shall indeed be questioned:   regarding every threat, and every terrorist act, every potential WRONG/  and every manipulation of the public; its money, its rights, its democracy, or its will to be owners here).
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