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      WE NEED, particularly in this time: the tools/ the response/ the truths/ & the reality of being able and willing “TO GET ALONG” with each other; more than anything else in this life.  Because if we can’t get along/ then with so many people competing for an ever dwindling resource base/ in an over-crowded world : there is nothing left but war.
      By humanity through their universities;  playing god/ this world has changed. Has literally become threatened with extinction.  Entirely true (because nature can no longer sustain us/ without our direct help) and without relief in sight (because humanity continues to grow, even though that means the end of our world itself, is near)!  And not a damn word from media, or leaders:  because power/ pride/ and cowardice is all they choose to do.
      So the question is, HOW do we get along?
      Nothing is more historically proven than: when pushed to change/ or simply pushed out: can’t stay here.  The answer of men is war, or devastate nature somewhere else!  Neither can be an answer for humanity any more.  The resources do not exist/ the world is full, there is no more nature of size to devastate/ kill a billion people (just the disease that death would create, is enough to kill the rest), and we still have almost 7 billion people left standing on earth;  and they are still growing at roughly 110 million more mouths to feed every year.  You can’t war to a future/ and you can’t continue to grow for a future/ and you can’t rape, ravage, or ransack our reality anymore; or we all die.  So the answers of men: are useless!
      When asked: WHAT would women do, if in charge?  The reality is unclear, as they have never been in charge to any degree.  Even so, the foundation of women is very different than the foundation of men; which does mean they think differently: and different thinking is absolutely essential, for any chance to survive this time on earth; as a world!  The final answer of the majority of men is: Weapons of mass destruction will save us/ even if it kills them!  A pitiful, fools’ dream, without substance or reality.  Even so, some believe they can and will “hide out” until the devastation is done; and survive.  They are wrong, in a thousand ways.  The final answer of women is functionally: “the law, is our best friend; because the law enforced, makes us equal to men”.  It is law, and honest enforcement of that law: that constructs “our only chance”. has explained enough about how and why we are threatened, even as a world;   try not being a coward, and go look.
      Therefore, as a world, we have three primordial needs of education.  1.  To truly understand the extent of our reality, by its own truths; so that no one can dismiss or discard what is “the only choice left”!    2.  To understand and accept each other, as friends, rather than enemies: which requires trust, sharing, caring, and hope.    3.  To define, create, and enforce the laws which will make us equal/ protect our world/ and functionally protect happiness, so there can be peace, harmony, and a future for all life on earth. 
       We need each other, and that extends far beyond humanity itself.  Even if you don’t know or understand that, its true.
      I have developed the beginning definitions through the web sites I provide to create an understanding:   WE MUST INVESTIGATE AS A WORLD/ EXAMINE AND ACCEPT REALITY/ DO WHAT TRUTH REQUIRES US TO DO, instead of just wanting what you want.  Or we fail all life on earth, including our own!   
      I have developed the beginning definitions through the web sites I provide, to create an understanding:   of humanity itself, and all the requirements to examine and create RESPECT for each other, and what follows from there;  for life. 
      I have developed the beginning definitions through the web sites I provide, to create an understanding: in law, and the responsibilities required for each of us to contribute to life and world.
      ITS YOUR TURN TO PARTICIPATE.  Its your turn, to communicate; as best you can.  Understanding failure is not an option “for life, nor living, nor this world”; because the consequence of  university leadership, and human want that follows without questioning “to where”:   threaten us all.  The consequence of letting media think for you, is evident:   death, cannibalism, war, and mutilation are stalking us.   So says truth itself, by the evidence.
      That having been done, to a respectable beginning: then suggests to contribute more, for life on earth;    IS IMPOSSIBLE without you working too.  “It ain’t, a one man job”/ and I don’t play games with life or world!  Make a commitment to your world, and do what you can legally do!  Life or death for a planet, is not a game.
      Even so: it is clear you have so much to learn about everything that is LIFE, and PLANET:  MUST COME FIRST!  The reality of cult (university) worship is so distinct, in the masses of humanity; that time cannot be wasted. Reality will not allow it; so we must continue your education/ simply hoping, “for an ignition of thought or reality/ before an ignition of fire, to consume the planet itself”.  You certainly have done nothing for life or planet to date: BUT THIS IS ABOUT,   OUR WHOLE EARTH.  So nobody is allowed to give up, until its clearly over!  The price is too high: fight on.  Even though it now takes an entire  world participating, to make even the smallest difference in our futures. YOU, have utterly failed, everything else!  I did not/ you simply didn’t care enough.
      So then the first element of a future IS CARING!
      WHAT does caring mean/ WHY must you care/ WHEN can we see relief from extreme threat/ WHO must work and HOW can such work be done.  WHERE is the value, in fighting for what is all but destroyed by the evidence: THIS IS GOING TO COLLAPSE, and our world is going to be LOST!
      Caring means: even though I get nothing in return, even if it costs me more than I wish to pay; the fact that life exists “as a gift to me, and to every living thing” is enough to understand:   THIS LIFE/ THIS REALITY,  IS PRECIOUS/ and should never be taken lightly. 
      Therefrom we understand that to appreciate life itself, because it is a miracle of existence we share with each other, as a planet: CLEARLY BLESSED, with opportunities to share.  The reality of our creation, passes down a duty to the future/ an honor to participate without pride or arrogance/ a discipline established by and for respect/ the order of life accepted/ the balance of reality itself/ and the aid, of truth, through the existence of thought;   to achieve “more than humanity itself can be”.
      The extreme threats of a university arrogance: CANNOT be underestimated!  Everything they do, with few exceptions: have consequences so devastating, and so extreme/ NOTHING on earth will survive, not even the planet itself.  In fact at the ignition of sun fire here, not even this solar system itself.  EVERYTHING DESTROYED, by the arrogance and cult worship of men.  Are men not leaders of this world?  Do they not choose the war, the direction, allow the fantasies, accept the delusions, let fools lead, and do most of the work by far: that threatens us most?  WITHOUT DOUBT, they do.  Women are pushed to the background, and fighting for better:   but it remains the reality of men, that determines the consequences of this day.  STOP THEM, MAKE THEM CEASE AND DESIST ALL EXPERIMENTATION, AND ACCEPT THE INVESTIGATION OF EVERY CHANGE THEY HAVE MADE.  So as to decide what can or cannot go forward, with a clear purpose that is LIFE FOR THIS PLANET, must come first!  Only then is it possible to see the potential for some relief.
      We turn to individual responsibility: what must you do, for life to survive/ and how can that be done?  Throughout the decades I have worked, the one constant that never changed is:    “We only want/ what we want”!  Just too damn busy, or afraid:   to work for life, only for selfishness as attributed to greed/ the purpose: only to hide from reality in wealth.  So the truth says: UNLESS YOU CHANGE, these facts, our world shall be lost! 
      The most critical of all factors in want, fear, hiding, and cowardice is:    “Nothing matters BUT ME”!  Not a child, not a threat, not a world or its future/ NOTHING matters, BUT ME!  Go away and leave me alone: “cause I only got one life to live/ and I won’t waste it on someone else”!   So the truth says: UNLESS YOU CHANGE, these facts, our world shall be lost! 
      Consequent to these realities, are the choices and behaviors which rule our world, and make humanity what it is.  Where resources and environment are not involved.  Therefore it is critical for personal responsibility and a world alive: that you CHANGE yourselves.  
      Change means: I HAVE accepted what is truth/ as examined and displayed with evidence proven true.  By the thought invested by me, in participation with a world NOT created by me or men or women: that I must let reality decide what the future can be/ aiding and abetting the planet and this nature for life on earth.  Searching for whatever is not clear enough to prove what I must know, to respect and participate within this need:    TO UNDERSTAND, LIFE ITSELF is no longer guaranteed on this world.  Humanity threatens extermination, and that includes “you/ as in each one”.
      The value of life and living is fundamentally earned in love.  Without love, and its acceptance of happiness through trust; there is no value in your life.  Even if, you are functionally happy through contentment (I got mine/ I win the game).  
      Value means:   MORE than self!  That fact underlines the question:  how can I be more than self/ there is only one body, only one life, and only one death on this earth?  That fact is substantively true: we live alone/ we cannot escape this body without death/ death robs us of time/ and reality proves that body is not going beyond the grave by any possible physical means we see or feel/ etc!
      But we again address value, as the “ways and means” to become more than self:   through love/ respect/ thought/ and trust.  By discarding the body as irrelevant/ and accepting we actually live through thought, instead of time.  Time being the physical existence of what determines an action or reaction, by realities we can and cannot control.  Critically true:  Thought Changes LIFE; as is evident by humanity itself.  Proven in every individual, by what they choose, why they choose it, etc!
       So lets address thought as the fundamental, which expands/ loves/ trusts/ defines:  or confines (hate) an individual living human existence on earth.
      Thought functionally expands our world of expression/ while time itself serves as the experience, which elevates our senses through a body of physical life.  Therefrom we get to experience the consequences of what we choose, or fail to choose by understanding, accepting, acknowledging, or hiding from what is real.  Thought also gives us the ability to expand what our senses can detect; by aiding imagination/ producing fantasies/ abetting delusions with belief/ or just plain wanting what we otherwise cannot have.  Therefrom thought gives us want, as a choice: to lie/ plot/ plan/ and assume “I CAN/ even if I have no right”. Thought gives us cause by delusion or belief, as we wish or want that cause to be.  Thought constructs fantasies to escape our own reality in time. Thought imagines a new beginning, by believing in “knowledge/ even when wrong”.   The reality here however, these things are not functionally thought/ but consist of a mental awareness, rather than a deliberate focus to conceive of creation itself.  The mind lives on earth/ true thought surfaces only where spiritual relationships exist: because thought is a communication with life and law, through respect.
      That fact of thought as a communication within a “universal environment”/ DOES construct an expansion of the element that is human itself.  It is not “for everyone”/ you must choose to inherit it, by searching beyond yourself, as a dimensional reality within creation itself.
      Let us abandon the search here: as each must procure their own path, by their own decisions/ and accept the costs that are real.  Therefore we move on to love, the dimensional environment, that leads us to happiness within ourselves.  An ability created through respect for life, as an appreciation for miracles, which thought correctly identifies as “nothing we could have done for ourselves”.  And conceives therefrom of    GOD,   our CREATOR!   Or more distinctly, the gifts, and the realities:  so plainly received as this earth, are evidence of a truth that is clearly FAR BEYOND ourselves.  Therefrom we can accept the comprehension of creation itself, by applying the elemental search for life, as something beyond body as well.  That gives us, a participation in thought, as we must then begin at the well spring which is creation itself, as a body of life.  Or more simply: the critical search that begins with birth/ or more distinctly rebirth;   is in fact a decision to assemble the disciplines, balance, and order that makes life possible. Love is then the elemental human acceptance, of   GOD!  Once you have accomplished that as a fact of your life/ it is then available, as a gift of your own creation for others. 
      We illuminate this fact, as an element of trust: the human gift back to GOD/ proving as best we can, “my/ your individual choice: as is the human element”.  Lives and works beyond self, because it is the best way, to prove respect: both for life, and GOD.  
      To define a relationship, is to accept the values that are evident in all the possibilities which grant us love.
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