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      Within the reality of all tragedies, are the possibilities to say: “with one tiny bit of evidence/ THAT ALL, are bad”.  It is a constant of human behavior, whenever an identifiable person/ that is not “like me”, has done something wrong to me.  THEN everyone like that person, must be condemned as “the same”.  Mob control functions around this specific fact: or, “let the herd of us/ arise”.  A common religious refrain as well. 
      Media manipulates with mind control, by enforcing mass hypnosis on society.  They do so, with an ever encircling descent: of isolating one distinct example of   “BELIEVE THIS”.  Thereby enforcing the singular expectation: “everyone associated or described by this;  is bad”.  Reinforcing that, with a mass “call to arms” as those who are “like the one who is bad”/ react, to the demand: they are enemies! Mass hypnosis establishes:   “Believe in me (we want, the same)”/ or die.  Mass hypnosis qualifies all of these enemies as “the same/ or none shall be trusted”.  Mass hypnosis, commandeers superiority, by insisting “we are the victims here: WE ARE ATTACKED”/ OR, insisting to the opposite herd: ARE WE NOT, about to be attacked?  Demanding “be alert/ don’t be surprised”.   So the dimensional definitions of war begin, and armor which asserts: not beyond here, will you ever be; is established.
      Media controls the constant that is:   “Let all arise”/ to do battle.  Enforcing for themselves:   a war to report upon and cover as if they didn’t do everything they could, to start that revenge/ or create that fear. After all, they make money, and have power + pride;  only if you pay attention to them. So they push, and they then pull on the other side: demanding WAR!  The enemy is “news media”; as they do confront society itself, with tiny bits of imperfection for the purpose of demanding perfection or nothing.  Since there is no perfection/ the reality of media is: “let us, create their war”/ and like all suppliers of munitions: then make a fortune.
      So lets talk reality; regarding the latest two casualties in the fear of guns.  Two black men, in a nation of over 300 million people/ a reality of cities like Chicago: where, it is suggested “primarily black men” DO KILL over 600 people per year.  The consequence of that, and other areas which see a similar result is: the police are afraid of black men, because a gun fires quickly/ and the bullet cannot be taken back.
      So lets talk fear of guns, as the primary assault: because the police in particular believe (as do many more), “on any given day, a gun that I didn’t see/ or a man I didn’t fear enough: CAN END my life”.  It is that fear uncontrolled, that releases a bullet “way too damn fast”.  The hand of a coward, cannot stop: the mind says, “I won’t die today”/ I will be safe.  So we end the primary discussion with three distinct realities, that cannot be resolved without true change.  GUNS create fear/ fear creates hate/ and cowardice cannot control itself, because the price is too high.  Just like a large number of crimes escalate, because the price of being caught; is to damn high.
      CHANGE THIS: is established by non lethal weapons/ or more specifically, rubber bullets; chemical sprays; tasers; and so on to start.  Held by the police: sold to the public for their own defense: a rubber bullet damages and stops or controls the situation, but will only rarely turn lethal.  That means fear can let the vast majority, live another day, without significant damage; a reality lead bullets cannot say.  Hate means:   “I HAVE walled myself off from this world/ to live in the closet of my own choosing”.  Therefrom fear surrounds me, with even a tiny piece of evidence, that may not even be true.  To combat that fear, hate is aroused: “I KNOW, what I will do/ I WILL kill them first”/ and I will make them pay, for making me this way.  Another reality that is not true:  as only you can choose to wall yourself off from life; even if there is cause.  So the cause of fear in a coward: is not easily abated, particularly when that individual believed “I can’t be scared (I am brave)/ like fear that grips them”!  That piece of evidence MUST BE BEATEN, into submission/ so that no one will know.  Which then becomes violence, revenge, or subversive acts hidden from view.  Which is initiated by one single “bad experience”; when I was taken by surprise, or treated very badly in my mind.
      Fear is an enemy, and if you remain far enough away from your assumed enemy for a long enough period: that fear can lay down and die/ letting you go free.  Consequently, for the sake of all: the entire policing force DOES need to identify and isolate all those who fear, and either replace them, or move them into areas, or situations;  which do not make them fear greatly. Soldiers, can be found who are able to do the job/ and have proven to handle fear; “as best we can”.  Union be damned/ life is more important.  
      Change asserts: no more “university trash”/ let the black areas be patrolled by black officers/ whites the same/ latino the same, etc.  People who believe they are the same: DO, give each other the benefit of the doubt, in far greater percentages of the time.  The university teaches policing: they demand, “be an army”/ NOT one of them; we stand alone, together.  Just make sure we go home.
      Change asserts: in the case of the Minnesota man, it is fear that killed/ consequently there must be a search among policing agencies for those who associate specific “evidence; such as being black or poor” with danger.  As UNFIT for duty. The law decides the case.
      Change asserts: in the case of the Louisiana man, it is hate that killed.  The man was under control/ but make no mistake, if a tiny gun was found in his pocket, and he reached for it: identifiable cause was found.  Not because a significant threat existed at that moment/ it did not.  But because, all police believe, “I AIN’T getting shot today”. Reality also states, the police were unnecessarily aggressive: but when they believe a gun may be involved/ “that is what they do”.  So it’s the gun, who is the primary aggressor in both situations/ as it is in most murders, or accidents, or failures to accept the duties of the job include the possibility “this can go bad”.  Policing is not easy/ whenever a gun may be involved.  Fear is not easy, when you believe this can end your life.  Cowardice is not easy, because you fear everything and everyone “who looks the same”. Change is not easy: because fear makes that so.
      Hate is easy: because the decision has been made.  Hate has no friend/ it is an enemy; and must be removed from public service and society itself, or there can be no true peace.
      CHANGE IN MEDIA is required.  The extreme failure do to propagation of incidents or events that have no real meaning to the rest of the nation: MUST BE KEPT LOCAL.  Its our problem, and we must solve this ourselves/ because that is how it is.  When realities are not enough to do so/ only then does that effort expand beyond local to state;  and so on: IN A COURTROOM OF LAW.  Rather than a mob fight initiated for violence and revenge.  
      One of the constants in race relations in this nation, particularly between black and white: is the fact many black men believe they are owed, for what others did a century and more ago.  I remind you: you aren’t the only ones who have been enslaved by others throughout history, it is very common practice.  As to the reality of giving power to one group over the other group: the facts of life are, had the situation been reversed, and blacks enslaved whites/ nothing would have changed except the color of the oppressed, raped, and beaten. Get over it/ just like every other group throughout history.  Like it or not, its over; because truths cannot be changed!
      One of the realities of this day is: having been mixed in the schools, black and white are more cognizant of each other.  BUT as is the evidence of the so-called inner city school: the failure to be disciplined, and orderly/ accepting instruction on how to do your best in life:   proves the consequence of prison is not far away.  When that is what you teach each other, through violence, regardless of who it is against/ fear and foreboding will arise. 
The reality: if white men did worship black women and attempt to make them trophies of sex/ would black men not react the same?  Games are only fun, when you can make someone else either mad or admit defeat. Another consequence of black and white is: reality asserts, a great many black men worship and search for white women as a trophy. That greatly angers a wide variety of white men/ who do not find black women as desirable as their own group.  The question is: WHY, do black men discard their own group of women/ asking, is it just to anger whites, or others? Or, is it the failure of too many black men to be a parent in the house, taking care of the children? There are many questions that must be answered in the black community/ it ain’t all the fault of whites; although they do certainly provide a list of failures in themselves. Another day.
      Another reality of the day is: that white people do not trust black people; black people do not trust whites/ because they fear reprisals, revenge, and all that a lack of respect on both sides can conceive of.  You can’t solve that, unless you solve the problem of taking care of yourselves: to prove, I am not here, “to take yours”.  It requires work, and in a world overrun with people, it takes a lot of work, because there is always someone on both sides; who will fail.
Simply put: I was also nearly shot by a police officer, in my “old vehicle”/ with materials in the back window to make me look poor. The officer panicked when I simply looked in my side mirror/ to see if he was coming: running a stop sign @ one mile per hour. He literally looked by “mayberrys Barny Fife/ instantly trying to grab his gun”. I looked back forward, so as to calm him down: and I survived. The threat was “fear of the poor/ fear of the gun”, and I am white: which means not racially motivated, because he was white too. A coward hiding behind the badge: “that AIN’T, good enough TO BE a cop”.
      Another time:   I was assaulted by a white police officer with his bright flashlight shining in my eyes.  He wanted an advantage/ he was small, obviously believing he needed it: and he nearly did, because he intentionally made me angry from that light.  HE WASN’T worth the trouble, so anger was contained: but his actions, and his thought “this protects me”/ could not have been more wrong.  He simply wasn’t worth the trouble, therefore DISCIPLINE IS necessary.
      Keep it in mind.  If you want perfection/ it ain’t here on earth: get over it. 
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