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THE MOST powerful people on earth today;   are women!

      They are NOT the most destructive as that disgrace belongs only to “a university diploma”.  But they are, the single group as a whole/ which can now “save the planet”/ outside of removing university threats (everyone required): or destroy the planet.  Because they do control the population count of our world.  Women not men, shall decide how many children will be born!  Because men have very little to say, about a process that is entirely female;   apart from a deliberate key provided from men.  Women give birth to humanity/ men do not.  Women create babies/ men do not.  Men CANNOT control the birth rate; because it takes literally only one man to inseminate “thousands of women/ with methods used today”.  Men CANNOT use a vasectomy to stop the birth rate: because that only removes the chemicals (sex dies), and then women go elsewhere to get their child.  WOMEN with the aid of law; are the only viable solution: to controlling over-population!  PERIOD, there is no other way.  Which means this threat, is entirely born on the back of women/ just like every other threat is entirely born on the backs of men.  To achieve, a SURVIVABLE human population: women must decide together, what they can or cannot and will not do.  They must then accomplish that enforcement of their decision, with their own laws and female personnel to enforce it.  It is not a choice: we absolutely CANNOT survive our current reality/ it must be changed immediately, no excuses; or we all die.  Because this is A FINITE planet!
      There is cause to accept: men should pay women for their deliberate decisions, and should aid them however is necessary.  But the end result is: either stop over-population because it is an extreme crisis now/ or we die.  NO FOOD/ NO WATER/ ONLY WAR, & INSANITY are coming, and cannot under any circumstance allowed by truth:   be avoided/ except for change, that matches and relieves what nature and planet, can in fact: do for us!  Fantasies will not save a single soul, or any other life:   we MUST NOT continue to overrun and destroy, the very things and lives and processes, that we ourselves need to survive.
      That said: the why obviously true!  The question is how can women change their connection to what nature provides or demands from themselves: wanting a child, is no game.  Reality however states:  when no one dies, TO ACHIEVE BALANCE.   Or their lives are prolonged far beyond usefulness to the world/ then someone else MUST pay the price. Even so: who among you, wishes to die early so a child can take your place?  Today that reality is not “by nature’s choice”.  Today that reality of balance is a decision, that must largely be a choice for women: because nature can no longer contain us all, without a severe extermination event.  Who among you desires that?  So we are in fact left within the boundaries of a true decision among ourselves, and that reality falls upon women, because they are the human creators of life.  Men MUST comply, with what women need to accomplish their choice.
      I offer you this warning: MEN SHALL NOT overtake women to make it their decision, not in any functional way. You may only offer suggestions/ otherwise, you may only do what the majority of women “tell you to do”.    GOD IS   watching, and men SHALL NOT take control over women.  They decide alone/ or there will be consequences.  This is a    “MAN’S WORLD” IS IT NOT!  For that cause and reason, women owe you nothing, for your work to remove the threats your group forced upon this world, by their own choices.   The reality of birth, is a consequence of nature: and its decision to create “extra’s” so that no species should go extinct.  Consequently it is not truly their fault, but yours: are you not leaders, and those who follow and do what you are told, demanding “just make me rich”.  Who gives a damn about the rest!  Ain’t that so?
      You will bear in mind: that roughly a billion people under the age of 12/ ARE GOING TO GROW, and need more!  A reality that cannot be discarded even if the population growth suddenly turned to zero tomorrow.  We will still need more food, more water, and more resources or work and everything else “tomorrow”.  There are no simple or immediate “cures” to this problem/ and there is no certainty, “the best you can do, will be enough”.  Even so, everything possible to prepare for what is needed must be done, as quickly as possible: because there is no other choice, except for true tears and heartache.  Even to the point of extinction.  These are the facts, and there is no avoiding them: because they are true.  One of the most immediate things we can do as humanity on earth:   is to feed dead human bodies, in whatever form and condition works best/ to the life under the seas!  So that they in turn can grow, and sustain themselves: so we can in turn harvest and feed ourselves. Not in cages next to shore.  But in feeding stations in the open seas; so that life can grow as nature intended/ and we can harvest with the means already available to humanity: AND MUCH BETTER/ so as not to destroy EVERYTHING with stupidity, failure, and outright violence against this earth.
      The second reality of decision is to control and make the decisions that are absolutely critical: TO MAINTAINING A WATER SUPPLY, for life on earth.  No more “who gives a damn”.  You will treat the drinking water supply as if it were as precious, as your life!  Because it is, or more correctly soon will be!  Choose well/ or war.
      The third reality of decision is the massacre of oxygen content in the atmosphere: which every life on earth needs to survive.  WE CANNOT risk, even a small decrease in oxygen percentages at our levels of living: because there is no getting it back.  We MUST make the decisions and enforce the reality: of choices which insure we will breathe, and so will the future.  We      cannot be wrong/   and survive that consequence.  Not even a little, because the assault on everything that creates oxygen for us, is so completely SEVERE!
      The fourth reality of decision: IS TO INVESTIGATE THREATS, AND INSURE,    “IF WE CAN’T BE WRONG TO SURVIVE, or even thrive”/      THEN THIS SHALL NOT BE DONE.      Period, no exceptions: or you die/ instead of us.
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