poverty and the uniform

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Poverty and the uniform.

      Poverty means: “I have barely enough, to survive/ not enough to be honestly happy”; because so many have so much more!  The uniform means: “I/ we, belong to an army, & we can force you not only to respect us, but can take what we want, from you and yours.  These two things, do a tremendous amount of damage to society/ because poverty is an enemy in my house; while an army means, nothing I or we,  say or do will matter.
      Poverty exists, because the majority want more, and to get more/ SOMEONE MUST get less.  That is the price of owning a slave or servant, to do your work/ or provide more resources for you; because they get less. Therein it is greed, or the lack of resources, that create the poor.  It continues to exist throughout all of history: because men turned work into a game/ and that made society a place for winners and losers.  To expose the trophy of winning and make it means something/ the losers must have less. “You cannot be a winner/ until you make someone else a loser”.
      Nonetheless, this is the reality of men in charge of this world; they chose it for themselves/ because the majority wants MORE.  Resources then run out, and somebody has to lose.  So armies form themselves around the need to establish a boundary between those with greed who want their stuff (we protect our own)/ and the rich who took most of their stuff from the poor; by making them slaves.  Those who have a need for stuff; necessities of life; who are forced to consider taking what they require to feel “the same”/ or at least, not as much of a loser.  That constructs crime, violence, hate, and those who join armies for their protection. To understand requires knowledge of money.
      Money is: the exchange of work and resources on a personal level/ whereby I have put you first (I do what you want), so that you can then work for me, in like kind.  Money determines what I get in return for my work, in a friendly arrangement that brings harmony to society.  Harmony means this is fair, and I do understand and accept that to be so.  It has nothing to do with numbers (numbers can be whatever we want them to be), or banks (storing what you need to do for me, in some form or fashion: is called fair play/ the right of freedom to decide), or governments (they exist for justice, and to do the work combined for society itself) or anything but work (if a human doesn’t accept the work and do it/ it does not get done.  The person is the money), and the resources (trees don’t demand money, or you can’t cut it down. That is strictly human) to do that work, and survive.  So then there is nothing about money that is not human.  There is nothing about the value of money that does not translate into something humans do for each other.  If you have food and other necessities from your own work, and resources/  then you have no need for money, “until the tax comes”.
      So then how do we eradicate poverty is answered by:   LIMITED CAPITALISM.  The demand of we the people to share: by periodic vote in a democracy.  The army we create aligned by & as, we the people, demanding:   this is the least anyone shall be paid/ and this is the most anyone shall earn in any given year.  Thereby controlling the power of individuals over us, by removing extreme wealth.  NO YOU CAN’T take it all/ we have rights and needs too.
      Establishing that as fact: turns the war of society itself;  from the consequences of men in charge, which is: people just trying to survive/ INTO the realities of justice being evaded by,  greedy people trying to get more however they can.  Which will turn into criminal acts, that shall then be tried by law, demanding justice for all.  “The tables turn”.
      As to uniforms, and the army they create/ the army they oppose: that uniform can be anything such as the difference between black and white skin/ the difference between male or female/ ANY DIFFERENCE is enough, under a specific description or designation: to claim a herd of us/ or against us.  Which is why, when media supports “its them or us”/ and the police respond with “its us or them”:   war (nothing is fair) seems to take hold.
      The largest army against society today in America is: the university diploma, against the rest.  Their greed has trampled, raped, ransacked, ruined, destroyed, and threatens extermination and civil war, even world war from the constant counterfeiting of money through inflation.  Hidden from view, by media propaganda.  Their inner workings have evolved (subjected our lives to chaos)/ to incorporate the entire teaching professions in clear and purposeful rape against society itself/ through illegal actions, creating pensions and many other benefits, strictly for themselves.  The end result of greed, is as it has always been: the group who gets pride and power over the rest go too far/ and       Civil war threatens!  But the university and media are not done there: being so proud, they believe they can’t be stopped from tyranny.  Means a wide variety of people have been suffering at the hands of those who want to play god with our lives, with every life.  Just like tyrants throughout history, except these have built with our money and our resources: machines to slaughter the entire world.  So the noose tightens, and fears grow into hate.  The end result of which will be “a war” destroys us all.
      As to the other herds (groups), which are tied together, like it or not:   limited capitalism is your answer to better treatment, if you’re poor.  If you’re not poor, but lower middle class: limited capitalism is your answer to achieve power in society/ because now, NOBODY gets everything!  If you are upper middle class/ there is still room to be wealthy: just not “billionaires” as such (an outright lie, that is pure fantasy anyway).  But if you are rich, I remind you clearly: having made the entire currency of this USA counterfeit/   means, your money is worthless, and without us/ now you have nothing.  We must return to a reality of work, equals a reality of exchange.  NOT the rich man in government and industry, “TAKES it all/ and leaves us nothing”.
      DEMOCRACY MEANS:    POWER, to the people themselves!
That power is exercises in a periodic vote by which we determine for ourselves, what is FAIR!  This reality applies to everyone; and it cannot be destroyed, unless we the people let it be so.
      Once justice and fair play are    MORE evident/ society itself, will choose peace.
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