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Lets talk brain: the bridge between life and body.

      The most critical link we have to time itself is a brain/ because without that single organ working, the body has no use: therefore we die. The body can die and take the brain with it/ but functionally, the essence of death is, a dead brain.  The reality of life, which is the recognition of freedom, then enters eternity: to participate without a body called time.
      We will avoid: “preliminaries” as that would be too significant in giving aid to the enemy which is a genetic mutilator. Starting instead at childhood, and reflecting back all the things which make a life what it is. Constructively: it is in childhood, for a great many people; that realities of life and living are most severe/ creating lifelong or decades long responses to elements which others inflict upon us all. Some have “wonderful childhoods (and usually become arrogant), while others have terrible childhoods (to become afraid, or hateful)” the result is governed by the adults who parent (I desire your happiness) them, or fail (nothing matters but me) them/ and the other children who accept them (participate with us), or deny respect (ridicule/ bullying/ abuse/ etc) and value (equality) to their lives.  Either way children learn to talk (please help me understand), only to those who will not judge (my life=my choice=my decision: as best “help”, we can) them/ who will not take over their lives (I must choose, its my life/ not yours) and insist “you cannot do or be or think, what you chose (not your right): because I say so (I know better, even when wrong)”.  You cannot change the others (they won’t let you), to make your life better (freedom and respect to all).  You cannot win if you are a loser (games are not for everyone).  You cannot defeat (its more than a game) those who are superior (nobody cares about me) to you. You cannot be loved (honored with life), if you are not accepted (given value) as you are.  These are the primary components which govern a child; and their decisions.  It matters, because those become a foundation for hiding from life/ running away from the others/ or being free, to express yourself; as is an element of courage.  
      Courage means:   that I have accepted the pain, understanding fully what the price of failure could be; and chose to do, what I desire for life and living and others.  Therefrom in the case of children we must teach a reality of pain exists, in the time and the bodies that we hold as our own/ as is the same, for every other one.  Not by degrees, because some face horror.  But by honesty: the gift of life, grants to no one a true escape from reality, as is the essence of our lives.  Fantasy and lies survive only a short time/ because truth rules this world, when it lives, for life. 
      It is passion that lifts the heart into a new dimension, even if the world around you fails.  Passion means: within my soul, there is the glimmer of a life, truly beyond myself.  Where the limits of my own existence fade/ and the boundaries of my own expression will die.  But living means:   I AM ALIVE inside, because soul takes me home.   The heart is, a value placed upon this life, and its living that is shared because we care, and thereby respect every other living experience in this reality.  That fact identifies the treasure found in living: making time a participation in “more than I could every conceive of, or earn”.  Doesn’t matter who you are, that fact is true.  This is an elevation “from animal”/ a reality of being human: because you are capable of understanding, “what a MIRACLE” is.  Even though the most insane existence of human life, throughout history, lives today in the chaos it creates as a “university brain”.  Parasites invade with evolution, by trying to “eat your flesh”.  The cult of “university knows” brainwashes at every opportunity; “never question the occult”.  The media intentionally “whip people into a frenzy”; with the clear intent, “you should react/ but NEVER think”.  Etc/ etc/ etc, as is the university death march across this earth.
      A new dimension means: there must be hope, to rise above the influences of man in charge.  There must be hope, to create a difference in thinking that is consistent with truth itself.  There must be hope, to understand the difference between knowledge, and fantasies.  There must be hope, to accept the value of being alive; because otherwise, there is only death approaching for us all.  Therefrom hope is the essence that defines and creates not only a new personal beginning, but “a sane world”.
      So lets talk hope: the elemental trust, which comes from identifying our own relationship with truth.  By the essence of life itself, we stand against whatever will come.  That is the demand of courage. It is hope, that assesses our dimensional relationship: the place our heart chooses to live/ and then “asks hope” to be the designer of our own destiny.  Consequently howsoever you assemble your relationship with life, as a place for your heart to be freed: fundamentally assigns a value, to the existence of soul, in you. Soul is a relationship with   GOD,   our CREATOR!  Therefrom, it is a level beyond hope, where trust has lifted you into creation itself/ by illuminating the reality of MIRACLES.  We could not do this for ourselves, “not a chance”: strictly thought applied by truth; it is that simple. So destiny is conceived, when miracles become real.  Disciplines are achieved, when the home you treasure and search for, becomes trusted.  The values of heart, mind, and soul meet, when you discard want, to become a value within yourself, that begins with respect. And the distance or journey we take to find order within ourselves, is lifted, every time we do more for life, than believe.  Hope is the development of space between our own identity, and what we trust as an eternal promise delivered.  Because life is more than time, it is a relationship with energy, through the experience, and expressions of thought.  
      We return to the brain as a participant in the quest, to understand what it means to be wise!  Balance asserts: to gain knowledge we must define ourselves, by the realities which prove themselves to be true. To understand what that knowledge will mean, assembles a relationship with wisdom that is called understanding.  Understanding asserts: to be wise, requires honesty as the primary development in all lives.  Without honesty, there is no truth consistent with your life.  Where there is truth consistent with life itself/ then there is also wisdom, at least in this one area of your existence.  The critical surge to gain knowledge: requires that the others who do influence your life/ must be set aside, so that your own ability to think can come forth.  Not because they are right or wrong. Because YOU must LEARN to think for yourself/ and that requires your own participation rather than relying upon the others. You must step back from the herd: to be a true individual.  Unless you are a true individual, there is no separate identity.  Where there is no separate identity, then you are merely “an animal of the herd”.  Consequently thought as is consistent with, YOUR NEEDS, in eternity itself/ is a very elemental work, that each must do for oneself.  Like it or not, is absolutely irrelevant.  You must think to survive, and you must be able to sustain thought, to enter eternity with life.  It is your own choice.  Which means contrary to what religion teaches:   “There is no,   amen (we agree on this)”.  That is irrelevant too, because every life, is an individual life/ an individual eternity.
      So lets talk eternity as a disciplined experience: not without boundaries or limits/ lest you die a second death.  Because energy, space, cold and heat, reality, truth, trust, respect, and courage are all needed to survive; the most extreme freedoms possible.  To be granted mercy, forms an environment around you, which you must not leave to survive. To gain true freedom, is only available to those who can balance their decisions, with the order that respects and enables discipline to exist as a participant in the laws which govern this universe. Law rules, it is no game.
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