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      The foundation of our actions and reactions, are a brain/ by which we institute the decisions of our heart, as a body of life. Therefrom four distinct elements are found in everything we do, or refuse to do. “Life/ body/ heart/ and brain”.  
      Life is the essence of freedom formed in thought.  Thought does not exist in selfishness, therefrom it conceives only beyond the moments, that are free from “just me”.  Body at the opposite extreme of life, is elementally “just me”/ and how we interrelate the decisions we make into a definition of what we can or cannot be as an identity called human arises from that mix.  Heart lives in the demonstration, of where my own values reside.  While the brain measures existence, and expresses self according to what we believe. Therefrom in terms of self/ because the brain functions strictly with “just me”:   whatever you believe is highly demonstrative of what your actions and reactions will become, because of self. 
      More deliberate are the avenues of the human experience in time, as they express a more diligent description of what people want!  Want is the road, by which the masses make clear: the things they value in time.  As society or self, the vast majority of human behaviors is strictly about want, or what they believe they want/ what they want to believe/ or how they intend obtain more to want, and thereby grow selfishness within themselves. It is a cycle; a road that returns to its point of origination again and again and again/ because the start is the same as the ending: “this is just about me”. Nothing more!
      So lets talk beginnings as a juvenile: the sudden realization, that soon I AM expected to take care of myself, and ask no more than to be remembered or included as family.  That divides young adults into two main groups: those who believe they are in trouble/ and those who believe their parents or support group will take care of them, so they actually don’t have to worry.  The in trouble group many times gets angry with their adults, because I am NOT prepared!  Consequently they believe they have a right to be angry and fail society, because society failed me.  While the “nothing to worry about group” becomes arrogant, and from there potentially in trouble, because pride is an enemy. Those who fall through a crack from nothing to worry about/ into “I am lied too/ something went wrong: I AM in trouble now too”;   commonly find little comfort than to take drugs, use sex, and believe they have a right to break the law, etc.  Those whose arrogance does not defeat them, commonly go to college; where the majority come out with major debts, which will influence their lives for decades.  Generally speaking: their diploma will not substantially fix that debt; and become angry.  When trapped, the arrogant turn to drugs or white collar crimes: with deceit (I won’t care about nobody but me). 
      So lets assume, that the majority get past the detours blocking their path, and enter their twenties with: not only what they attached themselves too as a youth/ but now face the honesty, that is: you too shall work, or live in poverty.  We begin with A CHOICE:   either you can work hard in your twenties and prepare for the rest of your life beyond those moments.  OR, you can have a “good time” in your twenties, and not be substantively prepared for a better life beyond those days.  Unfortunately, when married & particularly with child: it is very common for one or the other to believe, “YOU stood in my way/ and made me fail what I wanted to believe I could have done; instead”. Which then leads to elements of revenge/ or a reality of choice that does become honest love, if both choose this for each other. A child either “tugs at your heart; giving you cause to share your life”/ or you abandon that child in your heart, choosing selfishness;  and care little.
      After thirty or so, the rest of our days are functionally the same: what we believe is MOST important to us/ becomes our lives.  If that is simply surviving/ then so it is.  If that is choosing to fight for money/ then so it is.  If that is choosing to fight for life, on this planet/ then so it is! To whatever degree you accept as your own truth, as identified by the evidence you do submit.  Then comes the social aspect of living: which is our society must or must not do this “whatever it is”/ because that affects “me too”.  We then accept whatever developments that come from the decision “we must or must not” as the life we lead in society itself.  Heart exists, from the development of social consciousness.  Soul develops from the inner identity that is your acceptance of life, as a miracle which must be protected; particularly as life and planet itself.
      The conversation of the moment is: “black lives matter/ police lives matter/ WE ALL MATTER, damn you for not caring”.  So lets test the relationship between these three functional demands. 
      Black lives do matter: ain’t no living person on earth, that is not a gift of   GOD to themselves/ by whatever nature submitted is going to be your body of life.  Color is irrelevant, other than affixing “this is a slightly different group/ like so many more”: SAME, but different/ just like whites, asian’s, etc.  Like it or not:   no different than say “deer/ slight differences in groups here too, like so many species in nature.  Regardless, still all the same basic reality.
      Police whose ranks have been invaded with “university knows” for decades now; have proven what that means to society.  As with everything the university does:   it creates extremes, where no extreme existed before.  The university exists: because they isolate and enlarge “details”/ using those tiny elements to extract something different.  With every intent to control, by those seemingly insignificant details.  Until the accumulation of consequences by using details: is significant.  Its like drilling little holes in a dam.  Doesn’t matter much, until you get a lot of them/ then catastrophe is lurking, and it may be hard to fix/ or it may simply burst, ending many lives.  So lets talk about the two incidents which media have used to incite the public into a frenzy/ which then led to police slaughter, by the devote (I can do something).
      The officer in Minnesota: WAS standing on the wrong side of the victim, and should have known better.  So the question here is WHY, were you in front, where a gun could have done you harm?  INSTEAD OF behind and to the side, where a gun would have limited possibility to harm you?  That question is fundamental/ as is the reality of fear or hate.  Fear cannot control itself, “its afraid”/ and acts because cowardice trapped “you can’t run away”; has only one other option.  Regardless, the victim died because there was a gun: that fact works from either direction.  It takes courage, to accept the decision I will confront: even with a gun. Where there is no courage, tragedy will MANY times occur.  So society must say:   we cannot have cowards, with guns/ and investigate the police.
      In the Louisiana shooting: the real question is, WHY was this man treated so aggressively?  That answer begins with: how many times are there violence for the police to contend with in this neighborhood; and who causes it?  Because this fact, is a primer for all other police conduct within that neighborhood.  If the police feel safe/ they need not overreact.  If however the police officer has lost sight or care, about the human condition; regardless what state of reality that is/ then they do not belong as an officer of the law.  At least not on patrol!  If there is hate (I made my decision: step over the line, and you die) instead of a constant state of stress (my life is in jeopardy, no matter where I go/ even at home).  It is hate that judges you too/ and the law must be enforced.  If it is true that stress causes these conditions to erupt: then it is up to society itself, to ensure all working policemen and women in any particular area shall not become OVER stressed.  MOVE THEM around, or move them out of here/ or fire those who just can’t do the job! 
      WE ALL matter, is an element of society that exists only when people care about life and each other.  This is intimately tied together: because if you don’t care about life itself/ then you won’t care about each other.  Functionally in the reality of policing work: is the fact that society many times does not want anything to do with the police officer in a peaceful setting; working or after work/ this one might get me into trouble.  So they can become lonely.  Just like all those in society who have been cast outside of friendship by such things as “stranger danger”/ another university enforced and created tragedy.  Wherein everybody is a violent, cruel threat/ and must be feared:   just because you don’t know them.  Or just because they bear the uniform:   which can be blue clothes/ or a black face/ or a white neighborhood/ or whatever.  What you believe about anything, is tied to what you accept is evidence of “this thing to be feared, or protected”.  Profiling is both: right and wrong/ because the percentage of the evidence, says “this is a group; that does these things”.
      So lets look at blue clothes for a policeman; and recognize the serious or severe problem with society itself is:   THE DAMN PUNISHMENT JUST AIN’T FAIR/ therefore it should not exist.  Because it punishes severely only a tiny few.  That is TYRANNY.  So make the punishment FAIR, the courtroom JUSTIFIED, and nothing less.  Everything about society, good or bad; emanates from a courtroom:   so treat it with respect, and defend it WITH PURPOSE.
      As to a black face; while the masses are far less judgmental today than they were, due to the efforts of society which will include media itself. However they intended to manipulate and did change society causing more tragedy, than they alleviated.  Media did isolate and prove through the differences in what is strictly “black entertainment, versus strictly white entertainment”: that we are in fact more different than expected, in some ways. Even so; The reality of isolating a few, without major hopes of doing better for themselves, is an unending reality of despair. But it is still the percentages which creates a profile.  The percentages are said to be leaning heavily toward black incarceration of young black men: therefore society believes “this group” must be trouble.  In reality however, that fact does not have anything to do with the color of your face.  It does have everything to do with believing you have the opportunity to do better for yourself.  But there is a problem: when your neighborhood, has a large percentage of “ex-convicts” it is very easy to believe: this is going to happen to me too.  There is a problem: when depression hits, children are often, “functionally abandoned (doesn’t matter what color)”. So it’s a circle of failure.  I can’t do better than this/ so I am angry; so I want money bad/ so I can choose to sell drugs, and even control “the others” with those drugs.  While parents of addicts blame the people who sell/ when in fact, the only real problem is the people who use.  “No takers/ no market, it dries up and disappears”.  Simple as that.  THE SOLUTION is, to believe there are methods and ways, for you too to do better; legally!  The solution is: to believe and establish LIFE CAN be happy.
      The “white neighborhood” builds their society based upon their work/ and their parents work/ and their grandparents work: and those who committed genocide against Indian nations long ago.  It is nonetheless a reality: that wealth almost never arises in a single generation.  For that wealth to build society itself/ it must be passed down to the next generation.  So the white neighborhood believes: if you don’t save your money, and work hard/ THEN WHY DO YOU expect a handout from me?  That ain’t fair.  In contrast, up to the sixties especially: there was little chance for building among blacks/ because whites kept them from it.  It was the efforts of Johnson in particular, who gave black people a chance for better.  They then gathered some money, and a like all poor people, “finally I get to have something”/ so they spent it.  And the others said:   “See, that’s why”.  Even so, many achieved better/ but then moved away from their own neighborhoods into white subdivisions.  They didn’t stay, and build in black neighborhoods:   a reality that is strictly “black” by decision.  But then, with more black families moving in, they brought some trouble with them/ and the price and reality of white subdivisions dropped: COSTING ME, my life-savings/ and my friends of decades long.  So anger grew.  There is much more to both sides: but the reality is, “slavery is long past/ not an excuse”.  The reality is: “everybody is responsible for themselves/ YOU MUST BUILD FOR YOURSELF”, rather than insisting on taking mine; whether by welfare or other.  But that makes it harder for those in power, to sustain their power: and they lash out by making policing and the courtroom less fair.  It is a constant throughout history.  Media the strongest weapon of the powerful, is used to propagate, “only the expert can think”/ YOU cannot, so don’t try.  Letting these leaders,  use and abuse without mercy. Just like kings of old, because counterfeiting opens the gate to every fantasy they can describe.
      CRITICAL REALITIES OF LIFE OR LIVING TODAY;   do not allow for such petty grievances as these.  OUR CRITICAL TASK in this day is simply to survive: what the future does hold.  All the evidence proves “the university satan’s” are gambling with our planet/ our nature/ our everything; and literally leading this whole world into HELL and chaos!  That is a fact of our lives, we must contend with as “one single group” or we fail as life on earth.  All the evidence proves our money is in fact worthless/ making civil war inevitable. That is a fact of our lives, we must contend with as “one single group”; or we fail as a nation.  All the evidence proves: the future is dead, because of what we do today.  Destroying resources/ no water/ depleting oxygen/ no food; NO HOPE means insanity will reign.   Literally leading this whole world into HELL and chaos!  That is a fact of our lives, we must contend with as “one single group” or we fail as life on earth.   All the evidence proves: that over-population MUST BE STOPPED/ regardless of the complaint, because we changed this world by antibiotics and vaccines: and now we must accept the consequences of that decision.  Because it is absolutely obvious: humanity will “eat itself off this planet/ causing massive extermination events” which will obviously bring your weapons of mass destruction into use.  Ending even the hope of a tiny few to survive.
      Just how it is, and your media won’t say a word.   Because they are owned by the cult of power, emanating from a university diploma.
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