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This is a lecture creating the educational developments of atoms/ time/ motion/ and the need to understand:  those who intend to ignite atomic fire, and have built weapons to do so.  Threaten our entire world, including you!  Or simply put, they must be stopped or our entire world dies.  As they proclaim “knowledge”/ this work is about their fantasies,  revealed.

Foundations in understanding, require knowledge.  The first “university is wrong; video”.  That I have provided to the masses, identifies the simplest possible elements of knowledge to suggest:  YOU BETTER, pay attention to this! “The ignition of an atomic fire on earth”, is no game.  Because there  is truly NO going back/ no second chances,  an atomic fire cannot be extinguished. Once ignited, since the fuel source is an atom:  our planet will become a sun. There is no doing it over/ no second chance, to change your mind. Once ignited that fire “either extinguishes itself as proclaimed by  the university expert”/  or, it burns this entire planet, because a ten million degree fire controls itself.  This educational version,  is now for the individual who believes he or she, can understand “more significant details”.
      I now elevate that construction of a true and complete threat to our world;  by applying a more dedicated understanding of the knowledge that is available by truth. Rather than the fantasy as is “university knows”; they are a reality of leadership by spoiled children. They are,  the most uneducated people “about life, and living”, who have ever existed.  Or they are just plain terrorists, fronting a fraud, lying to buy time so they can complete the complete destruction of life. You will have your chance to choose, which is true.
 Yours, then becomes a critical decision:  because although I can be wrong, even if I am not.  Your  universities cannot:  by gambling their decision is to destroy our entire planet.  By turning it into a sun; if they are even the tiniest bit wrong.
  Within that foundation is the truth:   there are NO instruments or any other method by which a human being can pier within the  sun or its fire.  Therefore for all concerned, this  understanding is entirely  dependent upon thought.  While as you will learn, their understanding is entirely fake. Understanding the sun,  is irrelevant to the facts of life on earth.  However:  That truth is declared bankrupt and without foundation due to the extreme experiments caused by a university mind, and those in leadership who have declared it is their right (backed up by the courts, policing agencies,  and media):  “TO LITERALLY let them, GAMBLE WITH EVERY LIVING THING ON EARTH, AND ALL THAT COULD OR WOULD COME WITHOUT OUR FUTURE/ OUR LIVES being DESTROYED”.  This is not a game/ The sun and its fire is not a toy, wrong; by even a tiny little bit,  is a dead world.  Even a dead solar system as a another sun would destroy it.  No small thing.  So the cost of your not being fully and honestly involved is:  “you chose not to care”. You say:  an atomic fire cannot be sustained here/ our gods cannot be wrong. They can’t even be questioned. Even though they declare:  WE WILL ignite this fire, and have created many machines in extreme energy to do so. You believe them don’t you?
      QUESTIONED, BECAUSE “they are not gods”:   the first order of business in discussing why extreme energy experimentation is “literally life or death for our world”.  Establishes that the fire on our sun is described by the universities as fusion:  which they say is simply “two hydrogen atoms being forced to combine into one helium atom”.  Every BTU according to them is a result of the force used to make a helium atom.  Which then, by extrapolation means there must be helium everywhere!  The energy clearly coming from the sun makes this fantasy:  totally absurd, and already proven to be wrong by the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in San Francisco.  Only one of several extreme experiments being done.
 Over three years of trying at the national ignition facility  above:  to ignite that fire with a small amount of hydrogen using 180 million degrees and a half trillion pounds per square inch of pressure in their laboratory:  their failure, proves fusion does not work.  They gave up/ but refuse to stop, instead  expanding their efforts, and intensifying their methods.  Which does include igniting a small amounts of weapons’ grade plutonium.  It was an absurd theory, as merely combining atoms does not release the energy found on the sun:  no experimentation is necessary to know that is certain. Nor can atoms be combined or built, by pressure and heat;  just another fantasy.
      The second definition of failure does recognize that when combining two atoms of hydrogen to make helium:  as is said by the “university expert”;   to be what produces all the heat that comes from the sun.  Then there must be massive amounts of helium produced:  that is technically what the university states.  Helium is one of the scariest elements in this universe:  where an unknown number of suns exist, that would be impossible to expect. A fact that proves the assumption of fusion (making helium) is wrong. Even without experimentation, its first grade math.  Or “one plus one hydrogen, is not equaling two; as in helium”.  Fusion is dead, it does not exist. Fantasy destroyed, even a first grade, 6 year old understands/ why not you?
      The next foundation of “university knows” is:  that the sun is made entirely of hydrogen.  This is: The lightest known element!  Which universities have proclaimed:   this produced the most dense object in our solar system;  as is called our sun.  That is functionally impossible, pure fantasy:  the lightest element does not produce the densest mass. How is that not so?
      The next foundation of “university knows” is:  they insist that the fire, and pressure, coming from the sun originates at its core. Or, the core is hottest inside the sun.  Which means all the fuel of our sun, is on fire simultaneously.  When all the fuel is on fire, the fire goes out, when the fuel is gone: how can you doubt?  With all the fuel burning at once, no fire lasts “for an extreme amount of time”.  Proving again, this is fantasy!  Obvious and proven true by our own relationships with fire itself, you know it is so.  Fire is controlled chaos, on earth:  it exists by, the burning of molecular bonds. Or more clearly fire reduces complex forms to a more simple state.  Alternately,  Sun fire is chaos  uncontrolled, which means it does not end, until all the order is driven out/ leaving essentially nothing behind.  The fire defined, and clearly true that does exist on our sun is the burning of atomic bonds:  we know its atomic, as nothing else can produce the heat or sustain itself over time. We also know its not “controlled explosions/ but actual fire”.  Fire at its essence, is still fire; the only difference between earth and sun;  is what controls the chaos (a secondary element on earth), or doesn’t (only atoms matter) on the sun.
      The next foundation of university knows is:  their assertion that solar gravity exists because of some miracle tangent (not even a clue) which ties the planets to our sun “a cord” which disappears into their intensely hot,  fantasy fiery core within the sun. They have, Not a clue as too what that miracle tangent is/ nor how it gets to a planet/ nor what happens to it in their core, “it just gets sucked in”/ nor any explanation of why or what the thermal expansion “by physical law”;  is discarded.  That would be pressures radiating out from such a core at their predicted extreme heat.  Instead of obeying thermal dynamic laws:  “university experts” insists,  that instead of outward pressures as is caused by heat expansion.  They can turn that law around, and demand this fire/ this core has all the heat and pressures going inward, and then it just disappears into another dimension.  Fantasies everywhere, physical laws discarded;  no basis in fact at all:  a fire at the core IS, complete fiction.
      So let’s look at what they can prove:  there is a spectrograph (chemical identification) picture of the sun which proves (as best we can) small amounts of hydrogen are coming from the sun itself.  That is the limit of their proof, of anything.  No sensor, nothing can look beneath the fire:  this is their only  simple,  true fact.
      Thought recognizes that the fuel being burned/ energy being released:  is an atomic bond removed. This is reducing the composition of atoms by destroying what holds an atom together/ thereby releasing its component parts, which are also  then burned.  The smallest components possible, that could escape such a fire:  are its tiniest atoms as in hydrogen.  Or the “ash cloud”, caused by or from an atomic fire:  would be composed primarily,  of hydrogen.  Hydrogen is the most common recognizable element in the universe we know of.  As every sun produces it:  this, Reality fits the facts.  Demonstrating that hydrogen is not the fuel of the sun or even its composition/ but what is left over from the fire.  Everything else, as in all other elements (orderly atoms),  are burned/ they don’t escape. 
      Thought recognizes that thermal expansion requires room for the heat:  it’s a physical law.  Therefrom the size of the sun fire does not represent the size of the sun itself/ but merely the expansion required for an atomic fire to exist.  We add in that when an entire sphere is on fire:  the expansion is greater because now fire pushes against fire itself.  Thereby lifting the flame much higher off the fuel.  The reality of that conceives of a large massive, planet sized object beneath the flames. 
      So let’s again discuss the fire itself.  First we must recognize by thought,  in order for an atom to contain the requisite amount of energy that the sun proves;  is being released.  Or an atomic bomb proves here on earth, is energy available. Reality states:  if that much energy is contained inside/ then something must be holding that energy inside! In fact, it must be stronger than the energy pushing out. If the energy is not being held in place/ then it simply disappears into space.  Consequently thought knows,  that this does in fact occur.  The conceived, atomic structure is:  a proton mass, that enables energy flow outward.  A neutron anti-mass:  which is the opposite holding energy of the atomic environment.  And electrons which consist of what happens ( minor initial fragmentation occurs) when the two opposing energies collide to create an element.  The environment of an individual atom is then constructed, and held together;  by “opposites attract”. 
      To burn the environmental order that holds an atom together as with fire, is not open to discussion. However the release, of both the outward positive  proton energy, and the inward negative energy that is the neutron/ requires opening the environment. Your universities attempt this everyday.  The electrons add only incremental energy to this fire. Nonetheless burning; the energy of fire:  is the slow release of an environmental lock.  Whereas explosive energy is the fast accelerated release of the environmental locks. Not the same.  The positive energy is recognized as the heat we feel from the sun. The negative energy (neutron) being opposite of that energy:  as is known by its contribution to holding the environment of an atom together.  Essentially falls into the core of the sun as an opposite, but nearly equal reaction. It’s a law, for every action there will be an equal opposite reaction.  It is the release of that negative energy which forms the bond called solar gravity;  between sun and planets. Therefore the fire itself causes solar gravity/ which means, what we call gravity here, is absolutely irrelevant to the fire!  UNIVERSITY WRONG:  is a dead earth.
 We know this opposite energy exists, because we know as an example:  if you swing a weight on a rope, you must hold the rope with equal force/ against the force of the weight, or it releases  energy to go wherever the force takes it.  Negative energy  exists, or an atom does not: because we know it contains energy.  A magnet is an alternate force, described by electron motions. 
      So let’s consider  every environment (as is an atom).  Is an environment, because it has discipline. DISCIPLINE MEANS, this  resists change, because order controls.  That discipline keeps the atom extremely stable.  But it is worth noting, discipline  does mean, order exists.  While order itself means:  the essence of an intelligence may arise/ or has risen.  “another topic entirely”.
      Regardless: Thought constructs the fire known as our sun in this way.  A ten million degree flame expanding because of thermal dynamic laws;  rises above the fuel source much like a candle flame rises above the wax.  Heat requires it/ it’s a physical law, we know exists.  So the fire does not exist on the surface of the mass underneath.  Rather the extreme outward  energy released,  suctions up the atomic elements (mass) from below, to feed the fire, as its fuel source.  A solar flare is the sudden release of a greater than normal, amount of material from the surface, which then goes into the fire. A solar flare is,   like adding fuel to the flame.  A solar tornado is an extremely dense or stubborn area on the surface of that mass,  which refuses to be suctioned up.  The tornado actually downdrafts more heat into that area;  which then causes the mass to  be released. The sun remains relatively spherical, because the fire proves that is so by its curvature.   If the mass was not spherical, the fire would reveal that as well, in deformity. Deformity would mean:  the environment would then not be stable/ this is the first step in a supernova event.  Longevity proves stability; and that stability proves the mass itself is relatively cool “all things considered”. To construct that elementally:  we consider the ultimate opposite of “hot energy (proton)/ is cold energy (neutron)”.  So releasing the outward heat (extreme activity) in the proton, must also release the inward or core cold (no or little movement) from the neutron.  The net effect is to keep the  sun mass  stable, by opposing forces/ contained in separate environments:  with only the outer surface of the mass, interacting with the heat energy release. Both then stable, as is proven by longevity.  
      Thought then contributes:  a supernova (exploding star) is at its fundamental truth,   created when the sun mass fails to remain stable.  Or more simply when the mass itself OVERHEATS:   more fuel is released into the flames.  The flames  then grow in size because fire, has more fuel.  This  Causes:  the sun mass to release even more atoms into the fire, and it grows.  When the balance that has held the sun in check throughout its existence is over-weighted, the outer girth of the mass begins to explode.  That in turn forces shockwaves into the core of the sun mass:  which then also explodes.  Causing the supernova blast to exist. 
      But there are three variables present within an exploding star:  explosive forces going outward.  The physical law:  for every action there will be an equal opposite reaction.  Which pushes energy inward. And the fundamental:  if an energy pushing out CANNOT exist the environment within which it has exploded.  Then it must turn itself backward or inside out to become an anti- or opposite directed energy.  Which in turn creates the potential for a black hole. 
       Before we go further, we go back to minimally examine the core of an atom itself.  Identified within this exploding supernova star are the impacts of extreme energy:  some of which will not escape fast enough/ so they turn around.  Because outward pressure is also forcing a reaction.  After that reversal; A sphere that destroys itself in the same instant on all sides:  creates a core that has been forced into the tapering (smaller and smaller) hole that was previously its central mass.  Black holes exist, when the explosive event is uniform enough to accomplish this feat.  Or more simply an outward pressure wave/ has an inward pressure wave, forcing equally from all sides due to a spherical shape. Which then becomes a reaction that must push against itself.  The spherical shape:  constructs a black hole, because the force from all sides,  is directed upon the center.
      As to the atom itself:  we begin the journey wherein thought takes us back in time;  by understanding:  something physical did exist, before time/ or there would be nothing. Time is motion. So we ask: if  Energy exists and accumulates where there is no heat (no motion), whenever a physical reality of existence touches something similar, what happens? The question is:  do these two things, attract or repel or do nothing? Mass has an environmental existence/ it takes up space.  Energy has a physical presence, even though it does not “technically: take up space”. Where there is mass, there is time.  Where there is only energy, time is irrelevant;  constructing “eternity”. So then before time existed, there was energy, but no mass. The addition of mass is illustrated by the layering of energy. Where “beyond extreme cold” exists:  if there are dimensional layers governing energy/ then when they touch, surfaces which unite can seal. Two different levels of energy contained within the same environment due to that sealing effect/ can then erupt in competition with each other. If the seal holds, the effect of mass,  has been born:  a physical three dimensional environment exists. 
  One method of seeing how this “core of the atom” becomes a greater surface than itself is:   frying frozen “tator tots” in oil.  Immediately after throwing the tator tots in the grease, they clump together; and must be forced apart:  mass grows. This is how planets arose as well.   Cold adheres things together, by shrinking the parts into each other. This is after all the opposite of heat, which pushes things apart. Hot oil pushes cold tator tots together, because the cold creates an area of less motion/ therefore less resistance.  Before there was mass, there was energy. Mass is energy contained by physical forces.  To attain mass, energy must create its own environment.  To do that it must exist in  a three dimensional state. To achieve that dimension:  an environment must inflate to raise one layer above another, while sealing the environment, all around. This is individual expansion:  or, the amount of  confined area that can be sustained without exploding the whole, and releasing the energy. What is extremely cold can have its surface erupt, leading to expansion.  So the critical question is:  what type of surface does an energy (something which behaves without, or in conjunction with mass) have?  The answer is most easily understood:  by constructing layers.  Each layer is then a potential environmental component of energy expanded. It my be conceived as when two energy layers meet, the boundary effect hardens into a physical form.  Mass exists because that layer or primordial “something” hardens:   OR, when each layer is put under pressure; by an eruption within the energy captured, by creating a seal between the layers. Thickness of the “skin” determines mass;   or in other terms, the “ disciplined energy packet”, creates the mass, which then forms the proton”. Energy in motion itself;  is a release from that energy packet:  to become  an independent force, or more simply mass it is motion/ or a force released.  
In a supernova: the initial atomic explosion (extreme acceleration) pushes the proton and neutron, both outward & inward. With such force it deforms the surface of this proton mass, by stretching it “Into an umbrella shape”. Because the mass of a “planet sized object is great” extreme amounts of proton release all “growing by forces, stretching it” . The resultant outward action uses the stretch to intensify force. while inward reaction, creates a division or boundary. When the second explosion: “meets this force boundary, in the middle” to resolve the conflict with its aggressive new forced energy. This balance point between the first and second explosions: soften the proton mass by compression, making it into a “pancake shape”. Greater deflection of the energy beneath then arises; as boundary mass, helps to seal the environment. 
Since the heat rise begins on the outer surface of the sun mass;  the initial explosive event begins there. The resultant theory is:  that a singular outer explosive event, constructs an inner pulse of energy: which will then ignite a second inner explosive event. This multiplying the effect of the first; by the effect of contained energy beneath the pancake layer.  The second explosion then  duplicates the first “umbrella effect” in the more dense second environment.  Pushing the reaction of the second explosion, into a more contained direction.  This energy cannot resist the pressures created. Which will then mean to invert the umbrella effect on the proton mass;  much like turning a common umbrella into the wind, or away from the wind. That effect removes all energy associated with the layers expanded by energy; breaking its seal. 
 This reversed energy becomes:  at its essence “same as, the primordial universe”;  where layer upon layer without energy expansion, is energy in a different dimensional state .  This pushes out all heat as well, to become an anti-mass/ anti-energy or opposite force reality. The amount of layering created in this center star, core environment:  determines the stability of a black hole formed. Because it begins in a spherical explosion all forces meet in the middle:  which by its nature will then consist of a tiny path between the boundaries opposing each other.  Frequency movements, caused by the addition of more anti-mass keeps this path open.
Black hole means:  condensed energy, without motion, there is no space, other than the middle path/ a state of reality,  which multiplies “cold”.   Since “nothing can get in”, other than the central path which is too small to convect.  Nothing changes.  That means, at the outer boundary layer of this black hole, when opposing forces are introduced:  convection (movement through heat) will occur only in one direction. Since this  heat energy can escape only through the middle path, at the center of the black hole.  It enters the path, is inverted by extreme compression, and is accelerated through the hole to exit as “dark energy/ or the opposite energy of heat, and its motion”.  More simply this string of “neutron anti-mass”, is blasted into space, where it eventually encounters a proton mass:  that which is ejected in a supernova event.  Proton and neutron, join.   This  new mass, presents from a collision/ which means “particles/ electrons” will be broken off:  because opposites attract.  Those electrons then form a boundary,  making the environment of an atom.  Atoms exist in different size ranges, because different sized mass must encounter similar sized anti-mass.  That creates different physical effects.  Radiation exists, because there is more energy in the proton/ which means only sufficient “dark energy” in the neutron. These are not as stable as in a more balanced state:  where the neutron is clearly sufficient.  That describes most elements. 
It is noteworthy to include planetary gravity is produced by the exchange path of electrons losing their initial orbit. 
      Environments conceive of time, because they can be measured. Pressure waves exist because a boundary resistance has been overcome, releasing the pressure. Therefore something which conceives of a boundary must also exist first.  Proof something existed before time, is then true. 
A pressure wave means something is being pushed by, or as with energy.  Whatever is pushed is then considered an “identified object”. Definable laws which declare, an object being pushed leaves a trail/ constructs the potential that the opening in space and time conceived by a trail, can also then pull something else. What is being pulled does not leave a trail, only a shadow of such/ because the energy is on the opposite side. Shadow measures the distance between what has been and what has been left behind.  Life is the force that pushes the boundary of our existence.  We are then pulled behind that force, along a trail that then defines our existence. The path between humanity and life is distinctly straight.  The alternate path that is a deviation from life and its truth,  as is created by human decision:  alters experiences and expressions accordingly. From life, which is disciplined, balanced, structural order/ into chaos.  Which then equals death/ because chaos is the end of all things complex.  Or more simply “the burning of bonds”.  When you deviate from the true path life represents, all things become harder:  you must push, and choose for yourself.  The result is:  by your own decisions, this has become your truth.
      Eternity means:  only what is true, can survive here.
This work is given, not because it is important.  Such knowledge as this is completely unimportant for the most part/ it is simply interesting to some.  Life is important, a reality “university knows”:  has proven, they don’t care about.
The cult of “university worship” must then be confronted, in the hope you might just understand:  they can be wrong/ therefore NOT GOD.  It is; Just a fantasy of your mind.  Media, courts, leaders, etc:  all continue to insist they tell you “everything that matters”.  Consistently:  Leaving out, everything that does matter. They know, I told them!
 Stop the universities from completing their chaos on earth, or this whole world shall be abandoned.  Whether by, “a slight mercy” which is to let the planet burn:  ending your whole planet existence quickly.  Or by the other measures, which are so clearly coming:  as in Armageddon “nature in chaos”;  life disciplines, structure, balance, thought, and order  all collapsing into chaos.  In every hand a gun, fire, bomb, etc:  which is an Apocalypse “murder everywhere”.  Examples already exist.  HELL which means:  humanity has gone insane, because the future no longer exists, the food is gone/ water is gone;  leaving cannibalism next.  Etc! 
 You cannot remain as you are!  A majority have always wanted or believed they could play god:  now you must, with your own future.  By human decision you will reap your reward.  Because by human decisions, you  are threatened as a world:  every single one.  Therefore “life or death” on this earth is your decision:  you do, “get to play god”. Because that, is where the university diploma led you to be!
Make your decision, because there is no going back, to the way it was: playtime is over. Your decision: Only by truth, life survives/ OR alternately, continue worshiping university= death, by chaos has come true! Evolution which is the worship of death, because chaos is death (everything complex, is gone); fail & that will come true.
ALL of      Your leaders have chosen, only they get to decide.  Only they can choose to gamble with this entire planet/ YOU HAVE NO SAY.  YOU have no legal rights.  YOU CANNOT understand, “what they are doing is great”. So they alone have the right to make this decision for you.  They assume “just like the atomic bomb”;  we did control it.  Unfortunately for you both:  an explosion is DIFFERENT, than a fire.   Extreme arrogance, refuses to acknowledge that, and every other fact in this:   “SATAN on earth”.  Religious or not, it does fit the reality of this situation.  Simple and plain.  Like it or not is irrelevant.  Ignite an atomic fire, and the fire itself:   decides life or death for us all.     Not a game, no going back. 
You should bear in mind:  without chaos, people don’t need leaders.  Without violence people do not need the military.  Without media, people cannot be “whipped, into a frenzy” and attack the police.  Instead it is possible, to let the law decide:  when there is truth and justice in the courts.   So then ask yourselves:  what is true?
      People say:  “this world cannot die”.  People say:  religious prophecies (as is the world ending in fire) cannot come true.  University says:  “noah’s flood did not exist”.  
      The evidence says:  even without energy experiments to ignite atomic fire/ our current population growth of roughly 100 million more mouths to feed each year:  will cause every religious prophecy to come true.  We won’t survive it, plain and simple.
      The prophecy of our ending, as a world  on fire.  By the evidence of extreme energy experimentation, along with a determination to ignite atomic fire:   clearly proves this can in fact, now happen.
      Noah’s flood is proven true:  by the clear evidence of fossil fuels.  In order for that fuel to exist in coal, oil, and gas:  enormous amounts of life, had to die together, and then be grouped together, and then be buried together tightly; some of which is in the ocean or buried under thousands of feet of soil.   To form, these plants and creatures, were then compressed, by the soil on top.  That reality also, Had to keep the mud out:  so it was washed first!  There is only one method to have accomplished all these realities:  that is a world wide flood.  What it proves is:  that a tremendous amount of life was lost, in those brief moments of time.  
      Another facet of a constructed reality, to consider is:  astronomy says, there is at least one binary sun system that they know of.  This is an “out or order” event in the physical universe, and will end with destruction.  It is impossible for a sun to simply enter a new solar system/ it would bring chaos to both systems.  Therefore, It is far more likely, that a planet already in place, was ignited.  Same scenario as here! Which means, that revolving sun, was most likely a planet which use to be  inhabited with “people like us”.  Arrogance and blind faith, are not unique. 
      Over the decades, the one thing that has been made perfectly clear is:  “you only want what you want, and nothing else;  regardless of the consequences”.  Today none want to believe the universities are in fact threatening extermination of this planet, and all its life;  including you.  However the evidence is absolute:  the universities are trying to ignite an atomic fire on this planet, “life or death for all” with one single ignition;  it is a certainty! Even much more, as is the mutilation of nature.  Yet all the people say, “that just can’t be so, the media would tell us if we were in danger”!  or, more distinctly, “the universities are, our gods”.  And then  all the people say:  “I will wait and see”!  yet it is impossible for any human being to be that completely stupid, and a fool besides.  Because there is no going back from ignition:  it is life or death for our planet/ and all the evidence proves death.  Which means the only possible conclusion as to why would you wait is:    “members of a cult, are not allowed to think for themselves, nor question leaders, they may only believe what they are told.  So it is the media who perform as priests, and the people line up “just like in other religious  cults, simply to die”.  Going to heaven, “they all say”; as in the gods of university will take us to where we want to go.   The people are a cult, because they can’t think for themselves, they refuse.  But then every religious group jeers and condemns the other group; (we must be a better herd, than they)  because only they “hold the keys”.  
      Change is serious, and hard/ belief is EASY, because you can believe anything you want:  so the people say, “give me what I want”.  
      Alas all the evidence proves:  either change and accept the price of it, or go extinct!  Not a game, its truth and reality.  Want it or not, won’t change anything, which means the earth itself will die.
      Time is running out, make your decision;  prove “life must come first”.   Or every life on earth will, “fall into HELL”.  So says the truth.  Believe it or not!
      I ask of you nothing more than investigate the reality of threats/ examine and determine what happens, when this goes wrong/ and let truth decide what is in the interest of LIFE MUST COME FIRST.  For the children especially.  Their future has been destroyed, by what the generations preceding this moment in time, have done.  That is particularly true:  when looking at what “the universities (our leaders)” have done.
      I ask you:  to consider the elements of truth that are displayed here/ and MAKE YOUR UNIVERSITIES,  “prove them wrong”!  How is that not in your best interest:  our entire planet becomes a sun, TEN MILLION DEGREES F.   If they are even the tiniest bit WRONG.
      In the critical relationships of time and motion/ regardless of a fundamental need.  The question exists as to why does an asteroid belt exist in this solar system? While there is no clear answer:  the possibilities include. 
1.  the most likely event:   the primary mass of the sun was not round or spherical prior to its ignition as an atomic fire.  Therefrom when the initial heating occurred during the process of becoming our sun/ those protrusions became engulfed by flame;  lets say as a mountain on fire.  the extreme heating from a fire that had not yet risen above the mass, caused uneven heating within the rock. Making it  break apart.  assuming an atmosphere of any kind, makes this rock debris fly off into space.  The acceleration of that event on the rock itself, determines the velocity, and thereby the distance it may travel.  once the fire became completely engulfing, it then turns into a solar gravity situation which limits the travel of  an asteroid:  to its place in orbit.  
      An atomic fire that is less than completely engulfing/ into a spherical shape:  allows for the release of anti-mass or energy, into space itself.  The consumption of a planet by an atomic fire is disrupted by asteroid ejection, but not defeated.  An all consuming atomic fire (the burning of atoms) on a mass the size of this earth:  is estimated to require approximately 90 days until a spherical sun is made.  Anti-mass or energy by neutron dissolution  effect, of a less than spherical shape/  which is still massive:  collects planets passing through its realm of enforcement, to become a solar system.  This period shapes the orbit;  and relies upon planetary objects being within range.  When fully established as a sun, solar gravity is directed toward the center of the sun, holding planets in place.
2.  the collection of asteriods being possibly collected at the same time as planets.  Relies upon the probability that there are asteroids in the vicinity/ at a sufficient range to be pulled into orbit, but not the sun itself.  Asteroids occur from four distinctive places:  the outer shell of a supernove event, being blasted beyond the fire, and the massive secondary event.  the making of a sun as above. initiated  during a big bang.  or larger masses colliding together to create debris from that result.
3.  there is one last scenario allowed by development:  which is smaller pieces of dust and debris from  an explosive event, which then puts this mass into space. Becomes cold, by traveling in space (minus 400 degree or so).  When that cold mass enters an extremely hot environment (even at just 400 degrees+):  IF, it is close enough to other cold mass.  The masses, Will then be drawn, INTO the cold separating them/ under the influence, or push of heat:  to form a larger mass.  Cold embeds itself into what is cold, when pushed.
4.  OF NOTE:  during the creation of a sun, wherein a mass is being consumed by an atomic fire (the burning of atoms)/ that fire produces not only an extreme jet propulsion against the mass;  by the pillar of flame which originates  as ignition.  But also enables the escape from  another solar system if far enough outside the realm of influence.  Thereby constructing the assertion that not only does a forming sun collect planets passing by it.  But it may also collect planets as that sun passes by them. 
      In terms of a binary sun system:  one originates the solar system.  When a secondary mass ignites within that solar system, its ability to escape, or even change orbits;  is determined  by the mass of each one.  IN any case:  the realities of an atomic fire are irrelevant, UNLESS people are intentionally trying to ignite their own planet on fire.  Which is clearly and without doubt of any kind:  occuring on this planet right now.  WITH MACHINES that will in fact achieve their goal, UNLESS PEOPLE RISE UP TO STOP THEM.  Before our entire world is lost.  
      An omission in the construction of an atom is:  when the string which composes a neutron is broken.  The balance has been achieved and the proton cannot contain anymore.  At that instant electrons are born at the break of the string.  Because they are “whipped by the motion” they achieve a corresponding spin of their own.
            When asked of energy “how did you originate”? The answer begins with collecting all the particulates throughout existence, into one single development of order.  This is done by condensing the whole, with cold. Layer by layer by layer as each segment of “what exists” is brought together into one consistency. Their collisions with each other as the essence of mass achieving speed, without energy other than cold:  builds the collosal reality of materials necessary for a “big bang”.  What is farthest away, must travel the most. What CAN adhere to something distant and give it “the desire, to participate”;  is akin to the concepts of gravity. Without the function of mass, which is an environmental state, with boundaries and disciplines  controlling time.  The rain, of these last or fastest particulates engaging that order/  then conceives of a fountain spewing forth from that order as collisions occur.  That initiates heat. Heat is an interaction, with substance.  What consists as “the gravity” initiating the whole, causes turmoil, as what spews forth, returns to the same in a turbulent fashion/ causing more heat.  So then energy consists of:  “what can or cannot drive the development of cold/ and attain an attachment to what is not functionally itself”.  There must then be a beginning to this process:  at a moment or point of knowledge, by which order can arise.  It is that knowledge, that earns the title of   “energy”. 

      Reality proves this is no game.  Humanity is gambling with our entire planet purposely attempting to ignite an atomic fire.  HUMANITY IS REQUIRED TO STOP THIS GAMBLING AND SAVE THIS PLANET;   because we are our own threat.   Either stand up and take responsibility for your own decision to fight for this world/ OR, you surrendered it, “to the cult of university worship, to which you belong”.  IT IS A CHOICE.



Consideration of the obvious, has led to the conclusion:   “Giving away the key, to successful atomic ignition within the time frame granted by biblical Daniel 12: which is anytime between now and April 21, 2019″.   Is probably preferable to what comes as the complete downfall of man and life on earth; by cannibalism, and all forms of HELL.  By his own choosing/ or, more distinctly “the university is your god”.  

      I HAVE prayed about that: as the only alternative is humanity accepts change/ and your complete avoidance of reality suggests, you will not adhere to truth. 

      Even so, I add another tidbit just because time is running out.  That being the above description of accumulated particulate’s that became the “Invention of mass”/ is also consistent with the illustration of thought, as what is conceptual begins with the development of “tiny precepts” called knowledge, through the acceptance of evidence by its own truth.  When sufficiently dense, these then erupt into compositions which “have mass (the assertion of law)”.  Law confronts reality, thereby conforming thought to the essence of a trial, by which truth then becomes the consequence of life.

      If you wish to save your world, even this solar system itself/ I recommend you work immediately for change and understanding; so as even the possibility of life on earth may survive.  IT IS, “all up to you; as a world of people”.  Humanity is the problem/ therefore humanity is the solution: have you not always wanted to be “god”? Do you not believe everything the universities tell you?  Do you not worship the media, as “all you need to know”? Do you not believe:   “Nothing can go wrong/ because we all choose what we want, as a herd”?  So that we know, “surely, WE the vast majority CAN’T all be wrong”.  Well, reality states: playing with atomic fire just lets you be wrong just ONCE!  End of story.  Truth declares:   mutilating life has consequences; and you let university bring chaos into nature, just because you believe they can be your god.  Alas, the unwise choose “satan (an arrogance so extreme, even gambling with this entire planet, and all its life;  is ok)”/ to their doom.  

      Even so, freedom allows choice; it is part of love.  Because making you be what you do not choose to be; is similar to slavery, and that is not love in any shape or form.  Respect this world, life, evidence, truth, reality, love, discipline, law, and all that has value;   or eternity will be your enemy.  That is your personal,  warning.

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