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Gentleness, kindness, discipline, order, boundaries, law,
balance, grace and beauty (the essence of “a job well done, by nature”), true
knowledge, honest understanding, careful wisdom, bravery, clear thought, and
the values of love, respect, and dignity through justice for all:
 constructs the framework of peace, security,
life, and happiness.
 Unfortunately the
worship of “university knows everything”/ shall sought diligently to destroy
everything we need to survive or be happy:
 threatening our entire world in every possible way. So says the evidence!

SEPERATED from the reality of those who do care about life,
values which are important to living, and purposes beyond self;  are the endless numbers of those who do not.
There is no “quest to save them”; because they lack this critical truth:  LIFE 
IS MORE IMPORTANT, than a game. 
As is fundamentally certain: 
truth doesn’t care/ it merely is, what it is!  The failure to attain a relationship achieved
by respect with life, and for   GOD  :   
proves your  invitation to inherit
eternity, was not accepted. Change is change, everyone has the right/  but time itself, is running out for all life
on earth! Not because I say so, not because prophecy or any other
assumption:  rather the evidence is
clear, we are threatened and without the means to survive as we, the humanity
of this earth, are now. Whether you accept that or not is completely
irrelevant:  truth is truth, and it has
no mercy. Truth is simply truth.

In the reality of our day, the foundation of it all is:   “you don’t care enough”, about anything but
you.  When faced with evidence,
knowledge, wisdom, understanding, reality and the truth:   the
consequence of being wrong is extinction! 
A wide variety of definitions which do prove “the need for you to search
for, and accept the critical truths which threaten extermination, for this
planet:   must be changed. That fact, either by
acceptance on your own, as a public trial to prove what is true, etc”.  Is refused by All but a tiny few! The vast
majority absolutely refuse, both reality and truth, accepting instead:  “I/you are the only thing important here”.

 I could not understand it in the
beginning;  until one man spoke what all
the rest were thinking.  In desperation,  I treated him rather aggressively, after
making sure he knew the consequences of human failure for all life.  As he walked away “I stopped him”/ he then did;
“with a trembling body and fear in his eyes: 
turned away and said  “I DON’T
care/ for the first time in my life I am making real money; and don’t you do
anything to interfere with that”.  NOT
EVEN FEAR was enough to turn away from greed, selfishness, and a lack of
responsibility or respect for  life on

The consequence male response of war (to demand a hearing),
is then nothing more than vomit:   not
even fear will turn the masses away from this horror.  Because greed and selfishness owns your soul.
 War makes men stop wanting;  they are required to change in order to
survive. But the instant life becomes “normal” again, that want returns with
even more force.  Because the majority
believe:  “their want, is more important
than their life”. Critical honesty then states, when faced with the truth that
our very world is in danger, substantiated with evidence, knowledge, facts, and
reality. Your refusal to care;  identifies
and convicts you of worshiping only time and body/ proven true, by discarding
life itself for this planet. Eternity will then discard you, because you did
not care,  NOT EVEN, for all of life on
earth! The cult of “university knows”/ then owns your soul as well.   Because not even a ten million degree fire
(just like the sun, here on earth), that clearly  BURNS ATOMS (everything here is fuel):  can make you even question your “gods, media,
or leaders”.  Congratulations, you are
“true believers”, in satan! Satan means: 
an arrogance so strong, it blatantly plays with life, refusing to care
about anything but self. Wrong  in energy
experiments is this earth on fire as a sun. 
Wrong in the mutilation of nature, as occurs everyday by your
geneticists is “Armageddon: nature in chaos”. And that is only the beginning.

The critical horrors we face, are almost entirely the result
of “university knows”/ the newest version of religion on the planet. The
complete failure of common sense, and wholesale slaughter of all that has value
for, or too life;   as this religion and its cult prove everyday
by assuming they can play god.  Establish,
Like every other religion ever born, by men: 
they want rules (step across this line/ and I get power).  Religion means:  to assume and assert, “I/we, know everything
important”.  Thereby our rules are so
sacred, and so true:  you must treat them
as if they were from  “god”.  We, the religious, are then  “gods’ 
enforcer”/ and will judge you: 
usually without mercy.

The real   GOD,
being CREATOR of life and universe; does not surrender power or judgment to
men, only truth.  We have the ability to
use law;  Which few accept with justice!

Like every religion, these who believe themselves gods, have
“pumped themselves up” by providing some minimal level of usefulness to
humanity. The zealots & the cheerleaders, then “whip up the crowd”:  all must believe, or be thrown from our
group.  So the herd arises, to hide from
the whores.

 Most obviously, and
with the most influence are the three main components of religious power:  (1)“we are afraid”.   To heal some of the sick is:  A reality assigned primarily to antibiotics,
because people have been doing surgery for thousands of years.  Success today as always, comes down to
keeping the infection out, or limited/ so the body can heal itself. Tools also

         (2) The atomic bomb:  we are going to die, without even a
chance to defend ourselves.  Which
becomes the basis for catastrophe and disgrace across this world. I WANT
everything I can get, RIGHT NOW.  To our
shame as humanity on earth.

         Communication and education, which has
dissolved reality amidst the masses/ BY instructed them to believe in fantasy,
theft, and delusion, as their god: 
through a university education. None throughout history have been so
delusional, as leadership with a university diploma.  Reality states: they stole the entire
nation’s wealth, of America.   They
believe themselves to be great, so they demand “to be kings or queens”.  Spending all that money (the blood, sweat,
sacrifice,  and tears of other human
lives) on nothing more than their fantasy/ delusion/ arrogance/ failure/
deceit/ war/ and hatred.  Even
demanding:  we, the universities;  will bring CHAOS, to the whole planet/ as is
consistent with their own religion called evolution.  So they have, used fear moderated by media:  to   
bring the people down into slavery,  under their foreign languages, through
corruption of their courts, the constant of their conspiracies and collusions
to destroy democracy (we are gods/ you
are nothing)
itself.  Throughout all
forms of communication, and the collusion of government employees “to prove
themselves god”; over life:  THEY STOLE,
LIED, CHEATED, AND COMMITTED TREASON against this nation. While teaching every
child, that chaos (called evolution) is their god.  In direct contrast to reality and its
truth:   as is proven by the disciplines,
order, balance, values, thought, love, and dignity of life itself. As is so
clearly identified by nature.

THE ABSOLUTE FAILURE of university delusions are everywhere;  their leadership has provided nothing but
excuses and lies.  With only the bribes
used to buy trinkets and toys for a people betrayed, in every conceivable
way.  So let’s begin with reality.  It is the “university elite” who claim to
be  god’s.  it is the worst among them who provide traps,
and intellectual games resulting in lies, cheating, stealing, and betrayal of
this entire world.  It is the cult of
university worshipers, who believe themselves to be greater:  because like all religious worshipers “now,
by joining the herd:  they can claim to
be the same”.

No greater delusion can exist:  than to bring the same fire here,  as is on the sun/ claiming it will just extinguish itself.  That will fail, leaving no possibility to put
the fire out:  so this planet becomes a

While the people believe, after all the book said so, and the
teachers mimic what they are told to say. Claiming, the university knows
something about the sun; when in fact they LIE;  knowing nothing of substance. Because no
instrument exists, which can see below the fire:  only thought can understand.  But like all religion, the believers are
believers regardless of facts/ and like all cults “you CAN’T question their god”,
that is blasphemy. So they become blind/ deaf/ dumb/ and mute to prove “I am,
hidden in this herd”;  or you cannot
attack me with truth, I, and this herd:  
won’t accept it.

University knows nothing of substance about the sun;  as is   Proven true on, and beyond.  The courts prove
they too are a cult, as even with this entire world at clearly at risk: they
still refuse to believe “the university doesn’t know, everything”.  Like with governments or all organizations
including religion:   there is NO true “government, or university
entity”! There are only people in government or university/ and they are NOT
god.  When fantasy leads, fools’ Gambling
with our entire world, prove this is no game.

The second great delusion is:   that worshipers of evolution believe they
can recreate this world, by bringing chaos into nature.  They want to create their own life forms, so
they can claim “its true, we are god”. 
However:  Chaos is the destruction
of everything complex/ therefore THEY KNOW, their actions, their beliefs, and
their decisions are A literal WAR against life. 
This group deliberately chooses to destroy the foundations of nature,  as is the reality of our existence/ while
assassinating the life of all living existence,  who would or could have come later. They are Mutilating
food, mutilating nature, mutilating EVERYTHING THEY CAN TOUCH;   because they want to be god.  Saying to the world:  YOU CAN’T STOP US, because we
haven’t  presented the proof, of
completing anything truly horrific yet.
They are, “its called SATAN”;
  which literally means, “destroyer of a
world”.  EXTREME ARROGANCE, is their
cause;  while want drives them to
believe,   “we, as in life:  are merely the trash underneath their
feet”.  They are, Hidden behind the
closed doors, of a university delusion: 
fighting against life as,  MURDERERS of a planet.  More than terrorists, religious or not  we call them satan.

Bribes be damned;  WHAT
YOU DON’T KNOW, IS KILLING YOU, your child, and your world!  Plain and simple.  Because fools lead, and lies threaten
you.  THE LAW does not allow a terrorist
to build a bomb underneath your feet; 
“just because it hasn’t detonated yet”. 
Stop them now, this ain’t no game.

The list of threats against all life;  is so long it is HORRENDOUS. Threats
involving every aspect of survival, are proven true:  investigate for yourselves, and understand
what it means to be wrong.  The reality
of a constant excuse is:   SINCE YOU
cannot point to anything, without some minimum level of doubt, (its just a
cycle, that will go away, or we cannot stop). 
Yet we all do understand:  THIS
WILL BE HORRIFYING, if it continues/ and the reality of men contributing is
absolutely irrefutable.  So sanity
says:  YOU WILL STOP/ because you cannot
be wrong, without ending this world or some part required for living.   Nature IS being crucified at
this moment/ “forced to live or die with contamination
”.  The ignition of a ten million degree fire, is
late means:   YOU’RE DEAD.

 The universities say,
WE get to continue whatever we want to do/ YOU can’t stop us!   Because NOW: 
 we control the government,
courts, money, military, communication, and everything else.  “they counterfeited (debts don’t matter, for
leaders) throughout the world”;  so today
its complete bankruptcy for the people, or let us play god with this world.  It is a choice!  Leaders believe in their lies, “let the
people have all the numbers they want/ after all, until they try to collect,
“its great:  we can all be
millionaires”.  Same fire as is on the
sun will be  great;  it solves every problem so they say.  Its just one little problem “the fire,  CANNOT be controlled”.  So they fantasize “it will control
itself”!  or we are gods, lets prove
evolution is true/ by destroying nature itself, 
“something will give, and then break;  
causing all order to be defeated”. 
THEN according to their religion called evolution:  great things will come”.  Its true absolute terror, total insanity,
complete horror, and more than you can imagine will result.  But then as with all of man’s religion, “its
what you wanted/ isn’t it”?

  Reality says, WE DON’T NEED no more damn proof
of insanity, fantasy, or failure.  Take
away the bribe, and failure is everywhere: 
what is clear about university leadership is, NOT ONE substantial
for fifty years or more.  They
loved their weapons of mass destruction instead.  They worshiped greed, selfishness, and
playing god:  more than life.  Establishing: Thought can plainly see the
outcome.  Thought can  and does simply know:   WE CANNOT let these devils continue to be

Therein learning once
again, that Democracy owns the nation/ therefore the people own the courts; and
the law. 
Which proves neither our leaders nor
their universities, own the decision of this nation.  WE, the people:   ARE THE OWNERS HERE.  So says reality, that we will then,  make come true.

Search for truth, and you will know in the reality of
threats:  there is no escape from the
world “university knows” did make.  Don’t
be a worshiper, believer, zealot, or fool: 

REALITY STATES:   We must,  “change this reality of  university delusion”  to survive. 
By respecting life, planet, and  
GOD  .
  With that decision, to participate honestly with truth
leading life, as in:  LIFE IS NOT A GAME
.   Therefore no legal right to gamble with life,
future, planet, nature, child, resource, or ANY OTHER FACET OF LIFE AND LIVING
ITSELF;   is allowed.

Enforced, The possibility is:  we might still survive. Nonetheless,  We must stop the universities from completing
their task, which is to destroy EVERYTHING, by assuming they are gods.  Claiming: “nothing will go wrong/ evolution
will fix it! (in a billion years or so)”. 
Question do you want to wait/ do you want to be dead, because their
decision is to throw nature and planet in the trash?  Don’t lie.

And the people all say: 
“but they are gods/ who else will heal us, if we get sick”.  Who else will save us, in an atomic war.  Who else can we turn too, when everything
goes wrong?  We prayed:  IT DIDN’T WORK!

 So we get to the
reality of a university delusion:  by
understanding, WHEN THEY DESTROY what we
need to survive
! THEN they WILL assume, the people are going to turn to
them;   as their 
So they get to play god “for real”; as is the goal of
power unbridled against all life.

  Some people will
surround themselves with “old time religion”/ while the majority will fall down
and worship “the university diploma” as their answer.  Which is simply turning to the devil itself
(you did this), and worshiping death as your god.  Only the worst kind of fool, is so damn blind,
deaf, or dumb!  Prayer is not for your
wants, is not simply about you, is not without a cost:  did you not ask/ do you not owe RESPECT?  How tiny few it is, who pray for anything but

 As to medicine,
Antibiotics healed you, far more than any doctor! when those antibiotics fail,
you will know:   apart from this simple
observation of nature in practice, which resulted in “university penicillin,
and vaccines”, and the rest of antibiotics today.  The university did little.

 Every other medicine
has little to do with university:  rather
it has everything to do with people swallowing whatever they are told/
regardless of the outcome; by the millions. 
The sick who survived, are your “saviors of medicine”/ they found the
cure, such as it is. Ten million guesses later “this drug, sort of works”!  OR, NOW, we can sell “their pain, their risk,
and their lives” for a billion dollars and more, for ourselves.

As to war:  There is
only death in weapons of mass destruction, no room for life. It is a fools’
parade!  There has become,  only propaganda in mass communication.   The deliberate attempt to hide, deceive,
deny, destroy, design, and diffuse everything important to life, justice, or
society.  The press means:   those whose job it is, to inform the people
of everything they need to know not only to protect themselves, but this
nation, this world, this life, these children, and this whole planet from all
who want to destroy it. BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE/ as afterward, such information
is worthless.

   Instead of the press
today, apart from a tiny bit which leaks out:  
we have the anti-press, in nearly every aspect of our reality.  Hiding what is true/ destroying the
understanding of what is important/ declaring threats that are obvious and
blatantly horrific, as nothing/ leading life and nation into hell.  Aiding in the corrupting of governments,
courts, etc/ disguising the worthless deceit, in the devil of evolution,  as valued/ destroying democracy, aiding and
abetting those who choose to lie, cheat, steal, while making deals with
treason. Betraying us all.

         WORLD LAW is required! 
It means:  that we the people of
this world SHALL MAKE COMMANDMENTS (you will not disobey, without severe
retribution) for our leaders to obey
. That law will then
govern the leaders of this world,  if
they fail to respect our laws/ then we will take them to court, and prove their
failure.  Or if they refuse the law and
hide in power:  they will die, by our own
command, and our own policing. That is the price of being leader.  Complaints within nations will be governed by
25% of the people demanding “redress” against those in charge.  Redress means:   we the people, WILL take our own leaders to
OUR court, and demand the true answer to every question in law, life, purpose,
future, and the reality of what has been chosen.  NO more, “LET THE children pay”.  Pay for your own decision!

         World law includes NO MORE WEAPONS OF
MASS DESTRUCTION, not for any nation on earth! 
They will be disposed of, along with their facilities of manufacture by
all nations.  As a world, we will enforce
this on everyone, NO EXCEPTIONS.  HIDING
the truth, as a leader or military person means, we will “terrorize you”.   World
law will rule instead of men/ making extreme weapons obsolete, and completely
unnecessary. It is a choice!

         PRIOR to that “peaceful” ending for all
weapons of mass destruction,  becoming a
reality within the next decade/ are the obvious and endless failures of
“university knows”, and the changes required in constitutional law.  To regain democracy under the rules and
realities of our new situation.   Which
does include such things as “the president alone DOES NOT get to decide if
weapons of mass destruction will be used”. 
What could be more horrendously stupid, 
than that? 

All the people will decide:  
interim,  when the world itself will be
in danger:  because powerful people
refuse reality, and will choose hate. 
Failure to remove weapons of mass destruction will seal your tomb!  It is not optional.

  Which means the law
of weapons of mass destruction will be: 
nothing shall be used, for any cause. UNLESS you deliberately and with
ferocity attack this nation, or land a missile or whatever  it is:   in this nation first.  If that is not struck down prior to landing,  thereby limiting damage caused.  If it strikes the nation, then a like
missile, or whatever similar decision “same as yours”:  can be returned.  Nothing more shall be allowed, and if it
stops with one:  there will be an
investigation, with penalties;  before a
retaliation.   Or more simply the
president, or like;  SHALL NOT
DECIDE.   Only the people for themselves,
will control these weapons, until they can be removed:   by
their own laws.

          Humanity has been held back from
being involved in their courts, governments, communications, education,
medicine, militaries, and every other foundation of civilization or life by a
university degree;  and the foreign
languages they create.
  No, you
can’t understand the language (which includes math), so you have nothing to
say;  even though reality is obvious, and
the cost of being wrong is horrendous. 
By that method the university lies/ cheats/ steals/ endangers or
destroys/ fails/ fantasizes/ terrorizes/ crucifies/ mutilates/ assassinates the
future/ and cripples life by forcing it into the grave.  While the people bow down, because they
believe “I will be preyed upon” if they hear me complain. 

As is constant with media, and throughout business:   no you don’t know the language, so we can
laugh or ridicule even if the facts are undeniable and the reality of being
wrong is consistent with death.  Because
language controls the talk!  When the
rest cannot understand, or won’t risk being “the prey (we will eat your
heart)”. The extreme failure of pride rules.  
Which means to make life a game. 
That must come to its ending. 
Life is no game, only fools, failures, liars, and thieves treat it
so.  Reality says change or die, as a
world/ everything will be lost:  the
evidence can prove that.  Which means,
either dig your brain out of the sewer, & clean it up:  or receive your reward which is terror
unleashed, against our world. NO TURNING BACK. 
Make your decision!

         If you are waiting for a grand illusion
of some sort, rather than a message for life. 
You will die.  If you are
Christian in particular you should know this is a fact/ because JESUS simply
came as a baby, grew into a teacher of justice, eternity and life.  While,  HE died without violence on his part, showing
the difference in choices people make.   PROVING LOVE was involved, changed a great
deal about this world.  The message  today is:  
examine the reality of threats against this world, & prove what
being wrong about “everything involving life” does mean!  Then accept RESPECT FOR REALITY, BY ITS OWN
TRUTH must lead you/ rather than money: LIFE COMES FIRST.  Your university gods have brought you to THE
DOORSTEP of hell;  and the doors will
soon open.  Wake up and change, making
your every decision, demanding from your laws:  that LIFE WILL BE FIRST;   or you die.  
Is your clear warning.

         And the world says:  “but I want everything I can get/ and I don’t
want nothing, but what I want, & it should be free, to me”. Or more
correctly:   “I win/ which means, YOU
lose”. When did that fail to become “my right”? 
The answer is:  8 billion people
on the planet means, LIFE HERE, has changed. 
Extreme experiments which can destroy the planet or its nature, and
everything we need to survive:  ARE CAUSE
ENOUGH/ to demand duty, rather than want;  shall be enforced.

 To your disgrace, you
worship time.  Eternity approaches from
your failures;  as the day, when you
meaning this humanity on earth/ shall in fact, be forgotten.  So says your truth.  Because, By your own decisions:  you sold your world into death! The games you
play, then sell your soul. Soul means, “a relationship with GOD”!

To those who say, “you can catch more, with honey/ than this reality”.  I suggest to you, that I catch no one/ save
no one/ and do not assert or assume, that I am anything more than a
messenger.  The message is:   CHANGE, AND DEMAND LIFE COMES FIRST, no more
gambling, no more university rules/ and that includes neither want nor money
shall rule either.

  Remembering today,  when all these experiments turn WRONG! that  means, or has the potential to mean:  tragedy and extreme horror have come, as in a
world lost in chaos or even HELL.  WRONG


 Every life dies on its own;   your religion/ your family/ nor your beliefs’  can save you. THAT MEANS, “there is no amen”.  It is your own choice, NOT the herd which
proves what eternity can be.

No guessing allowed, be as true to life, as you can
realistically be.

Don’t accept assumptions: 
 life is separate, and definable,
from body? Answer the question:   is your
life a body/ OR, is your life the ability and freedom to think, to recognize “I
am alive”? Thought does not consist of flesh and bones, not blood either:  which means it is consistent only with life
itself.  The brain,  ain’t no battery/ and life is not a creation
of complex chemicals:  those are merely
the evidence of life inside/ as created by thought.

 As a dead body
indicates, and commits to truth:  just
because you have all the parts and pieces/ life is not the given result, “it
takes more”.  When life leaves, the body
is useless! Human Life is:  the freedom
to be an identity designed by your own truth. That too, is not from flesh,
brain, or bone. So the critical question is:  
do you believe in life or body? The correct answer is life in the body,
searches for its creator;  which then
forms soul. Soul answers the question:  
does eternity exist!

The passage from time into life, adheres to the value of
love.  Without love there is no purpose
to living/ only hate to consume you.  Consequently
the value of love is life itself.  The value
of life, is then love to expand beyond yourself, and become true to the
participation that is existence;  with
everything that does have value.  Love is
an eternal composition created by thought, but defined by an identity
shared.  An identity that is true, then
becomes a passage within life itself, that can survive.  The creation of thought is a value completing
“what eternity can be”:  for you, or me. Thought
is not an intellectual measurement. Rather it exists as the values within which
you can ascend, as evidence peering inside,  the meaning of your own heart.

Be brave, and search within yourself, for life!  Regardless of this world or its fate:  you will make your own choice.  Its required!

Remember this as well. 
Life does not allow for judgment/ only the law can do that.  Law is not the “opinion of a few, or their
rules”.  Law is the decisions and the
dimensional freedoms that surround and create justice within a fabric of
freedoms, that are true to the existence called time.  As to the religion called “university knows”/
it is absolutely essential, BEFORE a cult can hear anything.  That the evidence  of their delusion should be identified,
creating questions;  which will then
eventually be heard.  Assuming that level
of honesty can be found in humanity, as it is today;  gives rise to the reality of:    “even
a chance, to fight for this world;  is
worth the price”.  No guarantee.  But the choice is:   either fight for this world/ OR, let it die,
without doing anything!  I refuse.

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