time unites with tragedy

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The question
 WHAT, is time?

         The answer, time is the distance
between what we are now, and what we will become in the future of our
existence. Which makes time ultimately,  “only
relevant to life”.  Therefore discussion
is limited to the cause and consequences that identify and define a living
creation. Time is a measurement/ the brain a device to incorporate those
measurements into an experience or expression that becomes your truth.

         The first element of our discussion
is:  does time, or a brain, or a life;   influence existence as the directional
definition which we will follow.  The abilities
of a body, to follow and perform direction by the brain;  is functionally included without discussion. If
it cannot/ then you cannot, end of the discussion.  We then begin with time, as the creation of a
boundary;  set within the order of
energy, mass, and existence. We shall, “go only so far”; in a second or a day,
or a lifetime. Time decides, unless you go insane.

         We then ask:  why must there be a boundary,  that limits our experience, expression, and
existence within a primary set of values, that will not surrender to our own
decisions? The answer is:  without order,
discipline, wisdom, or balance/ you would not survive without these
boundaries.  As is so blatantly obvious
with such extreme experiments as is the ignition of sun fire/ the mutilation of
nature/ the destruction of resources/ ending chains of living existence we all
depend upon/ planetary chaos coming/ ocean life extinction/ food “fortified
with  coming horrors”;  and all the rest men chose to do.  With their sudden freedom to expand the
boundaries of existence/ refuse discipline/ deny order/ and plainly choose
extinction for our world;   beyond what, and everything they could
understand.  They love the game/
discarding life as if it were just trash. 
Trash is what you get, “its their choice for you”, and you let them
literally get away with murder by extermination of the planet and all its life.  No greater fools have ever existed, in all of
time:  congratulations, you won the

         We ask again, why must their be
order?  The answer is, without order
there is no life, or law, or discipline which creates survival. Without balance
there is no foundation for thought. Without thought there is no recognition
called living.  So the fundamental
question is:  if there must be order,
discipline, balance and thought to create a living existence/ THEN WHY, is
humanity following evolution the worship of death by chaos?  The answer is:  men cannot see beyond the lens of their eyes,
so they fail life/ and worship time.  Time
is then the distinction of movement within a framework of want.  Where want discovers a reward, and all
direction is given to that reward, regardless of its cost to other living
things, energy, or other. Want rules man, which means there is no thought other
than to achieve a reward, by any means possible.  This makes life a game.  Men call existence “the game of trophies,
whosoever gets the most, WINS”.  Whosoever
gets the least, becomes a slave/ regardless of the methods used.  Which makes men the creators of a criminal
mind.  Causing other men, to believe in
power/ pride/ and a purpose blind to life.

         So let’s ask:  if men are the creators of tragedy and
disgrace, as it applies to life and living. What then are women?

         Reality suggests, that women have been
pushed behind closed doors throughout history/ so they could have very little
say, in the terms and conditions of society, or its ways.  That means fundamentally we cannot say, in
this simple discussion of participation in human history, by men:  what women would do, if given the opportunity
to rule instead of men.  The discussion
is then mute/ because there is no substantive evidence, beyond the limits and
boundaries applied by men.

         So we return to men:  to ask, what is their true identity as a
measure of humanity? What is the definition of their ways, as it applies to
life or, the current certain death of our world:  by their choices.

         Identity refers too:  WHAT HAS THE LAW, built in you? Law means:  without this method of understanding
knowledge, by its application of power or force/ there is no development called
truth.  Truth consists of an identity,
that can be recognized, because it is consistent throughout time. True identity
means, this description of reality enforced, CANNOT be changed.  So let’s examine reality itself, and ask WHERE
“does stuff” come from? Constructing three control groups as our development of
knowledge:  energy moves/ mass stops/
life participates, until it dies.  Energy
forces change, simply because it exists. So the critical question is:  what change has been forced upon men, so that
they became insane;  as is today with
regard to the vast majority.  No greater
intellectual insanity exists, than to believe an obvious atomic fire, that clearly
burns atoms for fuel/ “will just extinguish itself”.  Even a damn monkey has more brains than
that;  so why not men?  It ain’t just a university delusion;  as nearly all men simply look the other way,
and refuse to fight for their world, their lives, family, future, or anything
else.  Can we then call that absolute
cowardice, or is it more complex?  IS IT,
A complete delusion suffocated with pride? WHAT could be so dead inside, that
men cannot use even a single word/ not a single penny:  to fight, FOR AN ENTIRE WORLD?  They all chose (only a tiny few did not) to let
this world die.  Evidence without doubt
or compromise/ understanding without exception/ not a single fighter for life
among them “all”. To your eternal shame!

         So we ask:  where is their brain?  Did it get lost/ did they throw it away/ did
it get dumped in the sewer, and can’t be cleaned up?  WHAT, went wrong with a creation that had at
least the sense, “to know life itself”?

         Critical assembly of time searches the
past for an answer/ but finds only three excuses.  The atomic bomb, and all weapons of mass
destruction have stopped  men from
thinking.  They don’t know how, because
the consequences of such things are so horrendous, they cannot fight.  Which leaves them without a solution.  So the base element here is not simple
cowardice/ because fools have threatened extermination rather than war.

         We ask then:   with a university delusion so extreme, that
fantasies took over government, education, life, religion and the rest;  with such a poverty of ignorance that
evolution became accepted.  The jury of
your peers, has suffocated the life out of existence;  and they all latched onto “I will win

         Alas the reality of complete denial, as
in “I don’t care (I won’t do nothing)/ NOTHING can go wrong, BECAUSE I DON’T
want it too”.  Is a fools bedroom.  Where the nightmares are controlled, by
becoming a cult worshiper. To your shame.

         But even a cult worshiper, can understand
extinction.  Even a cult worshiper knows
the difference between belief, and certain death.  Even a cult worshiper, can fight for another
day, when confronted with evidence that is certain to be without the slightest
chance of  “stopping the fire”/ or
returning nature to order, and thereby life; 
etc.  So it is the cult worshiper,
that is a true coward. They cannot change, because that destroys their
existence, and they fall into the abyss. Few will survive it!

         We ask the question:  WHERE IS YOUR LIFE?  Because life, knows when death is
approaching!  Life responds with a
desire, to “make a better choice”, for me. 
Yet all the realities of men in charge of this world, even with women
trained by men, to mimic men:  prove by
the evidence  death is coming, and yet
the cult, of “university knows” controls them all.  Alas it is media that took their brains away/
stomping life into the trash of its constant distractions. But that is not
excuse enough, because media is governed largely by what people are willing to
accept:  so it’s a society thing.  A reality of brain death, an epidemic of
treason across this nation or this world. Is it not  treason: 
TO KNOW that the most horrendous terrorists that could possibly
EXTERMINATED.   YET those who claim to be
“smart”, utterly refuse to identify that truth, to the rest.  Utterly refuse to conceive of anything other than
“university is god”.  What liars you are,
even destroying yourselves, by the lies you are willing to consume or

         Well its just want, what could be wrong
with that?

         So lets question want?  Want is the basis of every lie, because if you
don’t want something:  you don’t
lie!  So, every want functions to
identify and create a lie/ thereby relieving you of order, discipline, balance,
life, love, values, dignity, courage, and all that gives life a purpose beyond
self.  We then assert, that want is the
creator of hate:  because it hides the
truth, of what you are truly trying to do/ which then becomes a cause and a
consequence to assert “I hate you”.  Want
then has an inherent and visible “WRONG”. 
But it is your god, as men who govern this world. Nothing could be more
male, than wanting everything you can get. Women do aid and abet,  here!

         As to the further evaluation of time,
brain, and life;  there is no true
purpose.  As we all face extinction, by
the fantasies and failures of a university delusion:   “we can play god”. 

         Since men in particular CANNOT
understand such a delusion is beyond mentally insane/ and suffers from a
complete departure from reality.  We will
be exterminated, and very soon.  Because that,
is what you chose.

         It takes more than a few, to stop a
cult of so many fools, failures, and utterly diseased tragedies spreading
extermination,  to  every life, on earth.

         SHAME ON YOU. Even the dead, would
condemn you, “if they could talk”.

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