examining life simply

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To examine
life elevates the expression of thought, by the experience of time, to
construct what is true, for the identity called “you”.
 The ultimate answer as to why are we here, is
fundamentally answered:
   “it is better
to share life, than live it alone”.
shares, but invites only those who love respectfully, and chooses law
honestly, as these combine together to create peace, harmony, and happiness.

         Those who refuse such disciplines, and
discard such choices to in essence worship time in a body, are allowed to
dissipate into “nothing”.  Those who
cost    the GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE;    the lives of those who would have
loved   HIM/  will be thrown in hades (a torment suited to
what you cost, the essence of life itself).

         So then we begin with existence by
understanding the following statement:  
the choice, that I or you shall make, is functionally defined as the
identity shaped by your definition of this world, and its potential for
eternity;   “as JESUS did describe”.

         The religion of Christianity aside, the
foundation upon which we build a relationship called soul is:  WHAT can be called truth?  The story of JESUS, is as close to truth, within
an understanding of   GOD  , as any can get!  Therefore we begin our journey into creation
itself, by assembling the facets and foundations that are worthy of trust. 

         Critical to trust, is the essence of
truth itself;  as nothing else, and
nothing less;  will honestly protect the
question that is life or death.  Every aspect
of life, is about living.  Therefore every
aspect of death, is about “why, are we not living”? So the critical association
between life and death, as a result of living; 
is essential to the journey called eternity.  Eternity means “forever/ or never shall a
life be lost”.  So we begin here with a
discussion that asks the question:   DO
YOU, “desire a life called forever”?  It
is no small thing.

         To answer that question honestly, it is
essential that you participate beyond yourself. 
As truth identifies, and  
GOD  HIMSELF does prove:  loneliness is not an answer in eternity. That
functionally means, your search for a relationship called love, the essence of
life accepted “without time”/ is elemental to this decision. Love then stands
as the door through which eternity can be born. It is not a game.

         Discipline searches love, by examining
trust/ as identified by the realities of your own truth.  Love searches back, by examining your heart,
and learning why you seek the destiny of life shared with hope.  There is happiness, because there is
hope.  There is freedom, because without
passion there is no purpose or desire.  Consequently
passion exists, before love can “take bloom”. Passion and its desire are the
definitions of your freedom unleashed, within the purposes of your heart. Therefore
it is absolutely necessary to assemble what is most important “to the other one”,
before trust is created.  Want is not a
passion.  Want is a purpose that does not
live within, or accept the laws which surround and protect the living of life. Want
is essentially “a wagon, to collect trophies” for self, and it cares little
about how.  Therefore want, is an
enemy;  unless you are willing to discard
the essence of life, for time.

         The question is:   given time, to pursue whatsoever you truly
want OR desire,  “what shall you choose/
what shall you learn and repent of/ and what shall you forgive, after learning
why these things exist”?  Each is a
question involved in eternity, because true purity is exceedingly rare.  Because the failure to respect the laws which
govern existence, peace, and happiness affect us all.

         What then is peace,  that it can or will be consecrated as eternal
law governing you? The answer is:   peace
secures the environment, and leaves none without justice.  That fact identifies a life, that can search
for greater relationships, truth, trust, or things such as love.

         What then is happiness?  The answer is,  shared within our souls, are the elements
which make us each one, “truly alive”.  Therefore
soul is the environment of happiness, and it forms only with a relationship
to   GOD  
our CREATOR.  Soul demands
respect!  Respect is a decision that
cannot be defeated:   accepting every
element of life, is a true gift, I and you have received”.  Without cost, other than to acknowledge this
life, and yours did not occur 
without     OUR CREATOR.   Fools fail/ liars deceive/ traitors conspire
to destroy:  but anyone capable of a
single “thought called their own”, knows this truth cannot be denied.

         So we ask what is existence?  Does it begin, or end, or extend from time,
and how can this be so?  The critical
truth assembles as:  the three variables
that began our introduction to freedom, thought, and life.  The beginning of chemicals, does not
construct a body without thought to govern what can or shall take place.  Life DOES NOT assemble itself.  Thought alone constructs it with the creation
of nature.  Nature is “the blueprint” of
how to build genetically, a body of life. Without these instructions intact,
there will be no life.  Terrorists invade
genetics, to destroy this world.  It is
that simple, they have no other plan than to bring chaos into life itself as a
body called time.  Failure to stop them
will BE HORRIFYING! Your existence will not only end/ so will the possibility
called soul:  which leaves you IN HELL.

         SO, we ask of law:  WHY, is this allowed to happen/ thereby
removing all peace/ ending all happiness/ destroying this entire creation/ and
throwing life itself into horror, terrors, and complete chaos forever?

         The answer is:  man was given freedom, to do as he pleased/
because that was his purpose called want! 
Thereby want has controlled all, but a few men/ and history proves this
is no different than at any other time. 
EXCEPT, for the fact that will not be denied:  men have created the weapons to destroy  and exterminate  ALL life on earth.  BY THEIR OWN CHOICES!  Freedom is not a game. This is what you chose
for yourselves, by participating/ worshiping university/ MUTILATING LIFE/
destroying foundations for survival/ preying upon each other/ stealing/ lying/
cheating/ raping/ and all the rest:  that
IS the decision of men.  While the rest
of society both young and old do nothing, but accept their bribes to be “quiet
or afraid”.  To the shame of this entire
humanity today. You failed life! Extinction will follow/ little opportunity for
change remains.

         Even so, I am speaking only to those
who desire an eternity called love;  that
too, is no game.

         Love is:   the value in life created, by choosing
beyond yourself! Equal is essential, free is critical to achieve “the bond”
necessary for trust, hope is elemental therefrom it searches for the life we
can share.  The reality of time
disciplines us, to understand want is simply not enough.  Therefore whatsoever you do,  comes back to you as love;   ONLY
when want has been abandoned in you both.

         Desire means:   I have found a purpose beyond myself, but intertwined
with everything I hope my life can be.  Desire
is not an option “to buy someone”/ it does not give you the right, to consume
or control anyone else’s life.  There must
be a mutual decision, and it must understand: 
“my journey in time, is here”.  If
this journey, cannot accept your presence; 
EVEN If there is love for you.  Then
reality will not let this be, and you will move on;  or each will pay more, than they
intended.  Every life, is intended to
have a personal journey.  No one gets a
free ride! That means, “you can’t be their slave; this is not love, its need
and they are different”.  Every life is
intended to choose freely for itself.  Which
means you are not allowed to trap by any means: 
which does include “trying to get pregnant/ or buying someone with gifts/
or pretending to be what you are not:  lying/
cheating/ stealing/ etc”!  Desire  lives in the essence of time, by
accepting:  even though we are not
perfect, or perfect for each other/ there is enough for each of us to be happy,
and at peace with our world as lives shared. 
That means:  freedom rules hope.

         Sexually the essence of being human,
relies upon the quality of our existence as a body called life.  The body relies upon chemicals to know it is “alive”.  Therefore sex reveals the foundation of being
human in time, relies upon the chemicals we share. Survival demands it. Sanity worships
it. Marriage depends upon it, to smooth out all the edges, and present an
opportunity to both share and forgive.  Trust
depends upon it to identify truth, when love is searching honestly. Sex gives to
male and female joined as “our humanity”; 
 the opportunity to be more than
they can be, without sex.  Sex is not the
enemy.  Sex is the chemical mixer, that
conceives of possibilities between man and woman, that are both great and
small. Sex is the opportunity to share love without boundaries inside your
heart:  where truth lives with love.  Sex is the opportunity to be stolen from/ and
end in grief.   A reality that requires you to begin
again;  by understanding unless this was
rape, it was your choice.  Demanding “stop,
in the middle of sex” is not rape:  it is
WRONG, if they don’t stop.  The difference
is real/ so is the penalty.

         Sex is the  beginning of a relationship intended to
separate you from the rest.  To say to
just this one person, that I love you.  In
the beginning “young honest sex” makes this simple and easy to do;  “you are for me/ as I am for you”.  As time passes by, familiarity asks the
question:  if not for the chemicals/ then
why do we have sex?  Because  chemicals fade, as they become familiar with
your experience of body.  So the question
is then:  what is the definition of “our
love”?  Simply being a human body is not
enough to sustain a relationship, there must be more!  Having a baby solves this riddle, now we have
a cause shaping us together. But babies bring problems as well, and if you don’t
share the solutions:  you won’t form a
relationship.  Without truth, LOVE, and
trust you cannot experience or express the essence of what sex between man and
woman was intended to be:  the release
called “I AM ALIVE”!   So the question returns:  “what is our love”?

         Love is a definable expression/
therefore it is recognizable to all by the same things.  “I choose you/ I share with you/ I
participate in the things you desire/ I help you/ I work with you/  I respect you and your decisions/ I live for
you, not just with you/ I desire your body, because it makes you happy, and
that makes me happy.”  These begin that
journey, accept them as your own, and love will grow.

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