lets review society

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Let’s “just-talk” about society, as it is my purpose to leave you with absolutely no excuses not to participate in saving this world.

         You cannot survive as life on earth as you are/ but you believe there are no problems important for you to consider:  because “the food is cheap/ the university is responsible for our nation and world/ bribes are 9 trillion dollars a year (going somewhere); so counterfeiting is good/  medicine can be got, even without money/ water comes from the tap/ and you got a gun, when things go bad “I will kill them all”.  That, will teach them not to mess with me!  So its all good. WHY, should I worry about some fool who is proclaiming “the university” is trying to ignite an atomic fire? What has that got to do with me!  I ain’t no damn volunteer, or friend to the earth, or nothing that ain’t for me.

         So the world    of humanity wallows in self pride, dies in arrogance, and suffers all manner of disgrace, theft, lies, cheating, and disease from university leadership:  because they hold the keys to weapons we cannot defeat.  They even stole democracy, and changed this world.  “SO I WANT MY LIFE,  right NOW”! TO HELL, with the world, and every life in it.

         But let’s review:  farmers throughout the nation, are going broke/ because the prices are below production costs for the vast majority.  Not to worry though, this purpose of stealing from the future, so the leaders of today look better than they are/       applies to practically everything.  So its only the children who pay/ when all of society collapses it will be WAR.  So why should they care;  over in a month “bodies and disease” EVERYWHERE!  After all, “you have a gun, bombs, fire, and more”. Let the world be in awe! 

         Hell with the university in charge:  America has spent trillions upon trillions for every little fantasy they could think of/ paying nothing into the future. Robbing child after child, because the resources to rebuild will soon be gone;  ending recovery in favor of complete and utter chaos.  Which includes starvation/ cannibalism/ and every horror men can create.  So rejoice, “they are god”;  its just hell and Armageddon.  After all, why should any man, woman, or child fear mutilation of every body of life on earth.  Hell, its just genetics, CALLED NATURE itself!

         Federal reserve produces a document called “total liabilities and assets of the United States of America”.  NOW HIDDEN FROM SIGHT.  Nonetheless,  the table is in billions, one of the last
copies is here.
 Which proves that our debt as a nation divided by workers (nobody else pays)/ was over $1.53 million dollars per worker a year or more ago.  It also proves that assets are claimed to be  over $202 trillion dollars, which divided by 8 billion people (every human face) equals the inflation of dollars (this is how many there are):  which then gives to every human in this world/  divided equally $25,250.00.  Is that a problem? You tell me/ after all listen to your leaders “debts don’t matter”;  ain’t that right?  But hey, the media have been informing you for years, right!  They knew, I told them.

         Proceeding on:  you can’t be denied medicine, ain’t that right?  Well lets see, medicine in this USA costs roughly 5 trillion dollars a year.  With roughly one hundred million workers paying the bill, if reality was used.  Then one trillion dollars equals $10,000.00 per worker/ per one hundred million workers.  Which makes the cost of medicine $50,000.00 per year, before taxes, or a penny for yourself.  Not a problem is it? Well, who cares, its working now:  let the children pay!

         Water, water everywhere, ain’t that so!  Hell it rains and it floods and we have too damn much “most places” right!  Well lets see:  when California runs out of water and they will/ all the people have to steal your water or move.  So they will come stealing at first/ because they won’t surrender their property without a fight. Alas now you have nothing to drink, so you have to move, and they will follow;  because it won’t be enough. The future is dead, let the children die;  it’s the American way, under “university knows”. But let’s look to the real problem coming,  a killer of at least one hundred million people in less than three days. A killer of billions in less than one month.  That would be the draining of “one of the great lakes” into the mine below:  where only salt pillars hold up the weight of it all.  Salt dissolves in water/ making the collapse of the entire mine inevitable.  One hundred years of mining salt, for the nation’s highways:  “how big do you think that is”?  400 feet of earth and water above it/ falling an average of twenty feet.  Go ahead, add it up.  And then consider what happens with an earthquake so huge it collapses buildings on the other side of this planet/ and opens the super-volcano in Yellowstone park.  Not to worry, the children will be dead/ so they won’t care.

         Besides “you got a gun”/ man, they are really going to fear you, when the whole world is dying, and every form of production called food or water is lost.  Damn, why I bet just one bullet will be enough:  to make you god over hell. Look out for the children, “they might be mad”.

         “thank goodness, the university is god”/ they know everything, so its ok the children are expected to be slaves.  After all, with trillions in every bank account:   you don’t have to share at all.  Let the slaves die, “plenty more”;  but keep the pretty ones, for rape and every deviant act humanity has known.  Just like hell should be.  Its ok:  democracy is dead, the university decided they should be king/ and they made it so.  With a media that would not report anything the university diploma does, against life or nation or world. NOT EVEN,  if their very lives, families, or future depended upon it. Its called cult worship, an infection beyond sanity.

         So faced with endless threats few recognize:  even then all of society that is not immersed in chasing the bribes/ tries to live in this moment. By taking all they can get.  Such is society today/ the beginning horrors of tomorrow, which is so close “I”,  can feel the blood.  “it is your soul, leaking out”!  Believe it or not.

         So the few who are left to read, all say “it CAN’T be so/ I won’t believe this could be true”:  period.  YOU CAN’T make me believe, our world is in danger.  I WON’T DO IT/ I CAN’T it will make me insane, and I can’t  let myself be insane.

         But alas, the university experiments to ignite atomic fire (burns atoms, as is so obvious on the sun)/ continue every single day.  With machines that will ignite that fire, because they can.  Not to worry,  life or death for this entire world hinges on their single theory:   “NOT ENOUGH GRAVITY to sustain the fire/ so it will just evaporate into space”.  Your world, your future, your child, your everything along with every other life HINGES on an atomic fire “just putting itself out/ on a planet, where everything is fuel”.  Gee, what could possibly go wrong?  Ain’t that so!  Hell the children don’t care if you burn them alive/ why, it will be over quick;  ain’t that so.  Oh don’t worry, Armageddon means “evolution will save you by creating a completely different world in a billion years or so”.  At least that is what “the university gods trying to destroy nature say”.  So who cares, you got a billion years to wait/ right!

         If you had a brain, which apparently you don’t:  we would stop all the delusions/ the fantasies/ the destruction/ the counterfeiting/ the tragedies as best we can/ the cult worship of university/ and every other lie that exists.  So as to rebuild for life comes first.  But you won’t, because you say “it will cost ME, too damn much/ I won’t surrender NOTHING”.  Or more plainly its “let the children die”/ I don’t care. 

         So what can the children do?  Well, they have to care enough to use democracy and law:  to demand an investigation of the facts.  So that all of society and humanity will acknowledge this cannot be allowed to go on.  If you do that quickly, there is still a tiny chance for survival, maybe! No guarantee.  If you don’t, dig your own grave, because nobody else will;  the end is coming. That includes all respect, all love, all everything but hate. DO REMEMBER THIS:  war will just finish life on earth.  ONLY LAW CAN SAVE US.  Therefore use democracy itself, and find a way to demand:   DON’T KILL THIS WORLD!  “ITS NOT, a game”.  Reality is coming, and every fantasy will die;  leaving nothing but death for our world. 

        HELL, its just “time

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