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the reality of our time and lives: the universities have made it possible for
an army to threaten a world. The extreme tyranny of “american power” that crept
out of World war 2, to threaten our entire planet was horrendous, as it
   no man or nation is worthy to
control these weapons.
  There must be
world law, and world policing: to make the leaders obey!

failure to do that establishes more tyranny, and absolutely no escape for life
on earth;  world war is coming
again.   One such preliminary attempt by
the American military, decades back: to 
ONE.  For the Starfish Prime test, a
rocket carried a 1.4 megaton nuclear bomb 400 kilometers above the Pacific
Ocean. It detonated with the force of 100 Hiroshima bombs (or about 1000 times
the power of the Argus tests).  Over two
thousand nuclear bombs have been exploded, at least one with a reported force
of :   100 megatons. They blew up islands
and did do horrendous damage just to prove they could.  “satan” has been building LIARS IN CHARGE,
ever sense.  Satan, because the destruction
of this world IS without doubt:  being
planned/ and waiting to be executed even today. As is consistent with DEATH
FIRST.  Religious or not, its our

stated “we will go to the moon”/ while reality knows, this was merely a disguise
to build intercontinental missiles, to carry weapons of mass destruction.  Missiles today, can easily carry ten 20
million ton explosives on each one.  Meaning
just one missile can drop 200 million tons of destruction/ and without doubt,
that could easily be far less than reality allows. It ain’t no game/ and
America “ain’t no saint”.


The lasers will be the first
to operate in the exawatt scale‑‑a quintillion watts. That’s about a million
times more powerful than 10 billion 100‑watt lightbulbs. And a fourth
superlaser should be forthcoming, one with beams twice the power of these
three. This is the laser that was theorized to be the most powerful laser
possible.  EACH LASER CAN BE triangulated
escalation of “the cold war” coming back/ because these are intended to knock
down satellites..


Last month, a large European
nation placed an order for a pair of titanium–sapphire lasers. With an output
of 10 petawatts, each would be about nine times more powerful than the
strongest laser in existence today — capable of exploding the nuclei of heavy


The most powerful laser beam
ever created has been recently fired at Osaka University in Japan, where the
Laser for Fast Ignition Experiments (LFEX) has been boosted to produce a beam
with a peak power of 2,000 trillion watts – two petawatts – for an incredibly
short duration, approximately a trillionth of a second or one picosecond.

Values this large are
difficult to grasp, but we can think of it as a billion times more powerful
than a typical stadium floodlight or as the overall power of all of the sun’s
solar energy that falls on London. Imagine focusing all that solar power onto a
surface as wide as a human hair for the duration of a trillionth of a second:
that’s essentially the LFEX laser.

LFEX is only one of a series
of ultra‑high power lasers that are being built across the world, ranging from
the gigantic 192‑beam National Ignition Facility in California, to the CoReLS
laser in South Korea, and the Vulcan laser at the Rutherford Appleton
Laboratory outside Oxford, UK, to mention but a few.

There are other projects in
design stages – of which the most ambitious is probably the Extreme Light
Infrastructure, an international collaboration based in Eastern Europe devoted
to building a laser 10 times more powerful even than the LFEX.



Read more at:‑08‑world‑powerful‑laser‑trillion‑watts.html#jCp


the current has
been changed from “L.5 Total Liabilities and Its Relation to Total Financial

To remove the data involving
the USA/ and has been replaced with “assets and liabilities of the personal
Thereby hiding the truth, about counterfeiting; & what our employees have done, to this nation.  GO TO‑content/uploads/2015/03/FRBZ1ReleaseL.pdf
or if you use,
it will still show up, but is no longer current.

 USE TO SEE, one of their last releases, obeying constitutional
law.  Proving at that time, the claim of
assets was $205 trillion dollars DIVIDED BY 8 billion people= $25,625.00 per
human face on the planet/ and the assertion of debt was $150.8 trillion
dollars. Divided by 100 million workers equals 1.5 million+ dollars per worker

 “But then, if you were the
greatest thieves, in the history of humanity/ you would hide too”.  Its not the people themselves/ it is the
university diplomas who took control, and spent all the money on themselves and
their toys! No surprise; they hide! They did this with a previous page of
information too. The US supreme court violated all trust and committed treason
to hide it as well, back in early 2008: when it was a case approaching their
court. “Liars/ traitors/ cheats/ and thieves” sums it up: until we get to
terrorists, as in threatening an entire planet with extinction. Again “no
surprise”, people who believe themselves to be “gods”, do it all the time.

thievery, fantasy, and failures/ there is no other way.  I am aware of the costs to human lives/ but
the failure to resurrect reality and truth in all things: IS, THE END OF OUR
WORLD!  You must simply endure, and do
your best.  With redress, remodeling the
currency, can be as fair as it is possible to be: YOU, have a vote.  Along with WE THE PEOPLE, decide now; as is
true democracy ENFORCED.   

YOU, are required to remember, for decades, “I fought against this
reality of delusion of money, that was fighting to take over America”.  EVERY single person confronted said to me, “I
DON’T care”/ and insisted, counterfeit or not, I can take these numbers and go
buy a new car, or whatever I want.  And
it was so, until the game goes extinct: 
and all the people cry, or go to war/ or fight for their democracy,
because now, they have no other choice. 
I cannot make you choose “for life, or a future”/ only you can do that.
has replaced the  American balance sheet.



Nonetheless, lets look at what they do now provide line one total
personal financial assets 65.340 trillion dollars/ divided by 315 million
citizens (babies and all) that equals $207, 429.00 per citizen in claimed
american dollars being held. If the money is counterfeit/ then you were paid
with nothing: which does make you, and us all; 
a slave..   While the people who
counterfeit DO “live like kings and queens”/ taking anything they want.  Including building university toys, for the
direct purpose of killing us all. Regardless what they claim, the evidence will
prove that is true.   THEY DID, spend the
money: GO SEARCH for what they bought! 
If they claim medicine for you/ it ain’t so: they simply refused to
lower the price, so the “government (you) could have the debt”.  Its called EXTORTION.

Line 24 total personal liabilities $21.341 trillion dollars.  This unlike an asset is the entire
responsibility of the worker approximately 100 million of us equals a personal
debt load per worker of $231,401.00 but that does not include the debts created
by all forms of government entanglement/ nor corporate, business, etc.  Ain’t nobody pays the bill, but a
worker!  We work for free/ as these
numbers can collapse in a single second, leaving us all with nothing/ but a
need to moderate and control what happens next. 
means taking our employees to court, as the owners here/ WE, decide now!



In the essential reality of stopping extreme energy
experimentation, there are three steps! 1. 
Make the public aware, force them to understand, as best you can.

2.  Recognize and find these facilities

3. Organize
and demand:   the electrical umbilical
cord that powers them SHALL BE REMOVED. 
One way or the other/ preferably by the power company. Otherwise, it
will just be replaced, and they go on.

4.  When stopped, IT IS TIME TO GO TO COURT/ AND
DECIDE AS A WORLD, if these experiments and any other that threatens our world,
can go on.  If not/ then send them all,
“to the scrap yard”/ as quickly as possible; so they cannot start again.




Truth and value
exist in the finite world, of what can be law to govern our lives.  Without law, there is no existence, because
chaos reigns instead.  Without truth
thought cannot function, because there is no plane of ascension through
understanding, knowledge, wisdom, or love. 
Without the distinction of value, as in this is worth living for/ worth
fighting for/ worth loving for;  there is
no discovery of life itself.

         Therefore we search for an infinite
world, in the grace of a world governed by truth, through the integrity of
energy, assembled by laws which define nature and keep it pure.  We live in the dignity of choosing value
within ourselves, as the right given to be free! We even share the blessing or
curse, that is sex;  dependent upon love.

         What is infinite is “life without
time”/ as this favors the element of thought, and gives discipline to the
understanding:  thought CAN take you
wherever you desire to go.  But it cannot
discipline itself, therefore you must inherit and accept, the ability to be
wise.  Energy controls existence;  without energy, there is no existence.  With energy, there is the comprehension of
experience and expression, by the force of what we control. The critical
relationship is a construction of boundaries.

         Even so, we come to this day in the
tragedies of men, the disease that is their university cult/ the flagrant
violation of every law necessary to life. 
The valueless and horrifying experiments by university through
governments,  that is death to our lives
and our world.  Extreme arrogance
controls man, because he believes today that nothing less than “being god” can
be formed from a university mind.  Even
though that is utterly absurd and without any proof whatsoever.  Trying to ignite “sun fire” here on earth is
one example of that.  Believing that an
atomic fire, “with just extinguish itself”: 
IS BEYOND MAD, as in insane.  It
is even beyond everything criminal or even terrorist.   Because these are gambling with every life
on this planet, and will lose/ because their mind has led them and you to
fantasies without substance.  Which means
their lies, foolishness, and failure:  
WILL exterminate you, and all life on earth.  It won’t be long/ every day they try “to be
their god of chaos, which is 
SATAN”.  A religious word, but it
fits:  and you know what it means!  So either stop worshiping your satan’s  or you die, along with your children and
every possible thing you love, value, or even hate.  It is that simple, only a fool does not
understand:  “to believe a ten million
degree fire/ that OBVIOUSLY is atomic based” 
it is possible for anything on this earth to extinguish that flame either:  because IT BURNS ATOMS!  NO, “second chances”/ one ignition, and
you’re dead.


         Liars and fools also exist:  one group sounds like this.  I don’t give a damn if it is counterfeit
money/  I CAN take these dollars down to the
store, and buy me a new Cadillac:  so I
don’t give a damn, if you call it worthless. 
I have proven you wrong!

         However opposite that statement is the
fact:  I said it was counterfeit, not
worthless until people refuse to take it anymore.  In that day, every hour you spent/ every
sacrifice you made/ everything you are depending upon for your future,
DIES.  Because the numbers prove it is
worthless/ thereby making you a slave, who sold his or her time for nothing
more than a dream.


         Failures and idiots also exist:  one such group says.  I don’t give a damn about no fucking atomic
fire/ they said when the atomic bomb exploded “it might end this world”.  And IT DIDN’T/ so you are wrong too!

However the opposite of that statement is the fact: an explosion is NOT THE SAME, as a fire! They share little, proving that what is instantaneous as in an explosion. Has nothing do to in fact, with what is FIRE! Even if they both involve atoms being broken.    YOU KNOW, WHAT A FIRE IS!

      HOWEVER, you truly cannot imagine what ten million degrees of heat on this planet will do.  that is the price of ignition.  that is the fundamental reality of “YOU DIDN’T CARE”. to your shame.

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