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The elements
of society are simple:
    make room/ don’t
cheat/ don’t lie/ don’t be lazy/ don’t be
stupid/ don’t be selfish/ and don’t break the law called justice.  All of which are thrown in the trash by leadership
under university direction today.

         While it is true, that men throughout
all of history proved the few could not adhere to these simple rules/ and then
the majority followed;  as is today.  The reality of society never changes:  “if we do not choose to be friends/ then we
will become as enemies, even if on a lesser scale”.

         The consequence of society is:  you cannot have everything, as is
selfishness;  because if you do/ then the
rest will suffer in one form or another, and then turn to hate you.  Even so, men choose games/ because they get
bored with life, if they have no trophy to attain.  Men play games with women, because until they
are ready “to be married”/ they want a trophy, as is woman;  as is “you CAN’T have her/ only me”. So pride
is inherent in what men do;  pride is a
game to create “winner OR loser”. The end result of pride is, or can be in the
majority of cases:   hate by the loser/ arrogance by the
winner:  society damaged and decaying.

         So then if we were to “fix society”, for
the purposes of life/ we must discover why men want pride, more than they want
love or life?  Life being the right to
experience this earth with freedom.  Love
being “the shapes and forms of a natural world understood by, this is for you”.  Asking the same to women, searches for a
different world.

         So why do men want pride?  The answer of want is:  I demand more than I am entitled too.  Therefore the answer of pride is, a
deliberate attempt to alter reality so as to gain “more” than life in peace,  allows. 
The question then is:  “what is
more, and why is this desired enough to lie, cheat, steal, murder, or commit
treason against us all”?  the next
question is this simplified as a male trait, or do women want such things as
well? When want leads, the ending is predictable:  someone must lose!

         More means:  that I have risen above these others, and now
control their lives with power, as well as my own.  So its power that men seek with more.  The purpose of control is:  to insure “I get the most of everything, I
could desire”.  The cost of power is,
there will be minimal peace/ so there must be “policing, and prison”.  The cost of control is:   “chemical male” has no shame, until the deed
is done.  Consequently control becomes
rape/ ravaging/ abuse/ and violence. These are tragedies to all:  discarding eternity for power or control,  is loss  beyond description!  I leave it to women to define themselves.

         So we ask:  WHY, is peace not enough for men? The infection
of power, to take away that peace, gives rise to hate. Therefore an enemy is
chosen, “either right or wrong”;  and the
formation of armies begin.  War is the kindling
for “fear me more”.  Which the other side
always tries to top/ demanding fear me most! 
So elements of horror, with a violence that is mutilating becomes their
norm.  Peace then is a child born from
justice.  While chaos is the destruction
of everything nature would, or did provide. When there are no resources left,
only war can result.  Therefore we know
that justice leads society when its true/ but resources keeps society alive,
because nothing less can. The greater the resources, the more wealth available
to society and its men. Even so, reality proves without doubt:  that abundant resources will be destroyed by
men in their quest “for fast and easy money”. 
To prove “I am superior, and I will take the most”.

         Resources are from nature, so the
destruction of nature as is so constant today under university delusions and
disease/ are the end of both peace and life in the near future, for our entire
world;  even apart from all the rest.  Such as another billion people will be added
within a decade;  and they will starve,
because reality is truth proven by the law which controls it. That will bring
extinction at all levels of life in this world/ which will bring war, because
its better than outright cannibalism.

         JUSTICE, is the decision of law, that
recognizes “ANYONE IN POWER” (with extremely few exceptions) will corrupt all
aspects of life in society;  as they try
to prove “I am god/ not this damn law: 
ITS ME”.  As is the constant of
men throughout history.  That of course
proves there will be enemies, and the game becomes:   god plays with life/ by enforcing
death.  So I am god, by making you
die!  Curse them all, or make them
slaves, stealing or raping women to prove: 
YOU have nothing! So armies are raised, and men destroy everything to
remove the power it creates.  Demanding YOU
will need us to rebuild/ thereby we gain power back.  Which always ends the same way, as in another

         JUSTICE IN SOCIETY DEMANDS:  that the law be determined by all the people
for themselves.  Thereby that law, which
is simple and short enough for all the people to learn:  remains un-corruptible, when the people have
the power, to make the law for themselves. By their vote/ its called
democracy.  Democracy lives or dies by
its constitution:  which is the agreement
of the people themselves, that is document SHALL govern our employees. Instead of
our employees governing us.  As is the
constant conspiracy of traitors, their decision is to destroy the constitution/
by reducing it to merely a few “ancient words” which no longer count.  Removing it from the courtroom, so it cannot
interfere with POWER, and the purposes of control.  As has been done in America today, in its
entirety.  Control has been erected
through media/ and media has been controlled by giving ownership to a tiny few
over everything possible;  that is
communication with the public.  So war
builds, life dies, and peace ends;  as it
is in America today.  While arrogance
rises to new heights, such as believing the university is god, and can control
even the fire on our sun/ which burns your skin from 91 million miles away, in
summer.  Extreme arrogance alters
everything, working subliminally to threaten an entire world/ mutilate all of
nature/ destroy resources/  discard money
and its securities/ and demand:  NOBODY
lives without our permission, as will come soon.

         In America today:  the constant rise of Nazism by leadership has
been horrendous.  The main precepts of Nazi
as was defined in world war 2:   by
claiming these few are “like gods” compared to the rest (the university cannot
be wrong).  By claiming, we will give you
everything you want (the university can mutilate anything in nature it wants).  By claiming: believe you are superior/
therefore we have a right (the university cannot be questioned, even when
attempting to ignite an atomic fire, which will end life on earth).  By constructing enemies, so there is cause
for war (no one shall take our weapons of mass destruction/ there is money for
every weapon possible).  By discarding
reality, to prove society will move by counterfeiting (debts don’t matter [reality
is dead], unless you are a slave). By judging, regardless of a right (which
means as god over this world, the university shall be worshiped, and obeyed) or
you can be preyed upon, and cast aside.

         JUSTICE returned to society:  demands democracy, because under
constitutional law:  there is
redress!  Redress means, “we the people
own this nation/ and we shall take our employees to court”. Investigate what
they have done.  And apply their sworn
oath to obey and protect the constitution: 
to the individual lives who chose to betray us all.  This is the beginning of freedom, the reality
where we define the law, and enforce justice for society on those who believe
they can’t be touched.  The law focuses
on an individual, more than it interferes with society itself.  The law, that is democracy leads this nation,
with our constitution:  DEFINES and
creates power for the people.  The essence
of a vote, is completely worthless as has been proven time and again:  because a vote for someone to vote for
me.  Is nothing/ is betrayal/ or is
limited to what we do agree upon.

         IN CONTRAST to that:  is a vote on the laws which influence my
life/ FOR MYSELF.  One person equals one
vote, and we decide what that law for this society will be.  NOT them/ US, BY OUR VOTE, FOR OURSELVES, as
we choose the law to be.  Because we will
live that law, and it matters then what that law we must live by is.

         Men cannot change society!  For thousands of years, they have built in
protections, and purposes, and war;  so
that truly different cannot enter in, or will be secretly removed by threat/
death/ or obstruction.  As is the
constant of things like global warming and so on.  EVERYBODY KNOWS, that has the least
interest:  this world is warming, and
that change will be horrendous.  Yet the
powers that be don’t want change, it interrupts power, so with media control,
and bribing a few traitors with a diploma: 
they discard law, justice, right, and reality as the garbage.  Saying “you can’t make us stop/ until something
HORRENDOUS happens”.  Then they expect to
control that devastation and terror, with power they demand:  playing god with life now and forever (which
won’t be long).

         Women can change society, simply
because they are different.  Different means
different, if allowed to choose their  own path, as women of this world/ NOT through
individual leaders like men. That would be worthless!  What they would choose, has to be accepted by
the majority.  But what they would define
as a different path/ can potentially bring us back from complete extermination,
as is the end result of “university knows”. 
Still believe in university?  Remember
evolution, and ask JUST HOW, does a life survive without all its pieces/ just
how, does a life control itself in movement, without a brain/ just how did life
survive without eyes, hands, feet, mouth, teeth, and everything else throughout
their “billion years of fantasy”.  The sewage
runs deep, and evolution worships death; 
making you, the cult of a devil. A fool beyond description lacking all
sense of value. CHANGE!

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