the question: can life come first

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The question
  WHAT IF, life came first throughout
society/ and money was removed from importance, to be merely a tool for the
masses. Rather than a weapon for the rich.


         That is functionally never going to
happen under the leadership  of men:  because they choose as a majority, to play
the game, “LIFE is about power”!  History,
as the ability of men to demand this/ or fail as a majority, to change this:  proves it so.

         So let’s ask:  WHAT must change in order for society to
claim possession of LIFE MUST COME FIRST?

         The obstacles in men are:   “I want to be rich”/ I want everything I can
get/ I want more than I deserve/ I want to be angry and violent, if I want to
be/ I want to break the law/ I want to own life, not respect it/ and I want to
control women, rather than be equal with any life. 

         The desire for wealth is primarily a
description of “get me away from their control”.  So the fundamental involved is freedom, and
right to survive.  That is altered with
limited capitalism:  the reality we chose
as a nation by our vote, “just how much, or how little of the money supply;  anyone can earn in a year/ or anyone can
control/ or what any business can do: 
same for all”.  This eliminates
primary control, and gives it to the people themselves to decide what is fair!  Not hard, in a democracy:  “it’s just, owning the nation/ so we decide
for ourselves”.  ISN’T that what America
is about?  Demand truth.

         The demand for trophies, is all about
pride “I can/ YOU, can’t”.  The games men
play exist because of their rules.  Take away
the rules, remove the game, and let reality decide what is fair within our own
laws and limited capitalism;   and the
majority will be “fine with that”. Because equality will surface, and reality
will control instead of other men.

         Criminal conduct is constant in a large
percentage of men:  because pride demands
I must win/ you must lose!  Criminal conduct
is anything that disturbs peace, and takes away justice for all.  Therefore selfishness (I want more than you)
and greed (I want to take yours too, just to prove I can);  are elements of a life description called
corruption.  The conspiracy to achieve
these results/ the collusion to discard what is important to life and family,
shall not be tolerated.  Which means if
you are found intentionally stealing justice; 
as is constant “with a law degree”, and so many more.  There will be penalties.

         The demand “FEAR ME”, is elemental to a
large number of men who believe that violence can keep them safe. Violence is a
coward’s way/ and a coward can never be trusted:  they fear everything, and act or react;  rather than think for themselves.  There are a wide variety of scenarios which
create cowardice:  from nearly being
murdered, to simply being out of control within yourself.  The consequence of that is, psychiatric  help should be applied by listening to their
fears, and trying to help them adjust within the disciplines that can be
controlled.  Or moving them away from the
main body of society itself, so as to leave the majority with justice.  Policing is fraught with cowardice, because
the unexpected can kill you.  Policing is
also alive with courage, as those who are able, deal effectively with their
desire to protect society, and accept death as the inevitable end to every
life.  The difference is, “good cop or

         Those who believe they need not obey
the law of life and society as chosen by us all/ believe they are “too damn
smart” to be caught.  So they attempt to
prove that is so, by ridiculing the rest: 
hiding from life:  stealing from
others:  and pretending justice does not
matter/ they control the outcome.  Consequently
their failures in all demands, are continual and grievous to society
itself.  The question is:  WHAT must be done with those who  will not accept law is necessary?  The answer is:  let them live in an area confined/ but by
taking care of themselves.  With those
who are like them/  establishing the
clear purpose:  so that they all learn,
why their failures affect  society, and
why society then demands law.

         The people who want to play god;  do so, because they want to be god over
life.  By owning life, they assume its
under their own judgment, and can then do anything with that life they choose. All
forms of abhorrent behaviors are the result of this group.  They are violent at their core, and prison is
their only hope.  Should they fail that
opportunity, and with proper chances return to their previous choices, proven
true.  The next step is removal from life
itself/ and if not that, then “to Antarctica” or the like, forever.

tragedy of failing to accept all life is equal/ until he or she proves it is
not so, with violence that is not justified. 
Results in the division of society itself.  We must be equal, or we cannot survive.  Because we are far too many people for any
other way:  another billion more, in less
than a decade. No food/ no water/ no space/ no life, only war.  Women are judge of themselves, just like
men:  NOT each other/ only the law does
that.  The consequence of that reality
is:  women are holding a primary key, to
whether the future of this earth can survive or not.  They are the producers of babies, and nothing
less than their own decision to limit population growth can stop the onslaught
of terror unleashed, because we can no longer feed ourselves;  and every other life is going extinct as
well. Their decision, and their decision alone:   to choose and support and create NOT MORE
than two children/ and reality says only one child amongst themselves.  IS FUNDAMENTAL!  Their body their right/ man is not involved,
he merely spreads the seed. A vasectomy WILL NOT work, because there is more
than enough seed to go around, even if its only one man to one hundred women or
more.  They CAN’T control
population.  Men have absolutely NO
RIGHT, to control women.  Simple as that,
let the women decide if men should pay them something:  for a change in their bodies.  No small thing.

         Having accomplished “the little things”/
the possibilities for better quickly improve.

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