an extreme delusion

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THE EXTREME ILLUSION is: that humanity wanting only what it wants, believes only those who tell them what they want to hear. Like the Nazi’s wanted Hitler/ because he told them what they wanted to hear, at a time when they were “starving for hope”. Or more simply, they wanted to be great, get everything they wanted, and remove the problem which was “these damn Jews”. The purpose: find an enemy, that we can defeat! The reality: Germany had been going through a depression, and the Jews were bankers, store owners, etc: which meant they were the people foreclosing, refusing food and supplies, and throwing debtors out; “a perfect target”.  It should be noted:  that the primary investors investors in the banks, watching over bankers themselves: were German. Today, the target has not yet been settled: because the seen problems, are not yet great enough. But alas, since a herd always moves in the direction it has been going; the only way forward was with war and predators. So that is what want is: “let us be a herd (as in an army)/ and let us remove those who are not like us (because we can then take their stuff). America the fool (yes we will believe whatever we want to be true), is then just like Germany the idiot pre-world war 2. Sure go ahead and make extreme biological experiments, crucifying life or even people: because then “you might save me”. ARE THEY “not the trash”, compared to me: HELL yes. Worse experiments are being done today in the universities, that the Nazi’s or Japanese could have even dreamt of.

         Nonetheless the foundation of a herd is
very simple:  “take us to what we want/
and we will follow.  Keep us from what we
don’t want/ and we will let you lead”. How is that not humanity?

         I have fought with your want for
decades, with the same result throughout that time:  “you want what you want/ you want that now,
so make me rich/ you don’t want what you don’t want;  so don’t tell me NOTHING, I don’t want to
know.  END of the story!  Regardless of costs, the future, reality,
life, or even planet itself.  I don’t
fight with that anymore, it is pointless: 
you only want what you want, and cannot see the future, even if it’s a
loaded gun in your face. You simply close your eyes, and pretend “it’s a


         So the critical illusion of this day is
very simple:  you believe the university
made you smart (just don’t question anything)/ therefore you don’t have to
think or know anything, because they are your gods.  After all, they won’t let you do/ say/ think/
demand/ ask/ or any other reality of freedom for yourselves:  because lets face it “you, are just too
stupid/ they own it all”.  Its called the
nobility, and a diploma proves who owns the world.

         So let’s review reality!

         I cannot be correct about anything I
submit as a threat:  because ten thousand
people with a university degree have all said this will be a great thing;  “are they not gods”.  I cannot be correct about any threat I
identify; because the courts refuse to be involved, and they abandon all
reality presented including death of an entire world. “Because ten thousand
people with a university degree have all said this will be a great thing.” Law
does not matter, after all these people created weapons of mass
destruction;  so they are gods.  I cannot be correct about any threat proven
true by reality:  because ten thousand
people with a university degree have all said this will be a great thing, and
the leaders cannot dispute the university “because they are gods”, and that
would make them look bad. The herd is led by media, and media is owned by a
university degree: and a university degree is owned by a tiny few people who determine
how best to counterfeit and bankrupt an entire nation; making them all slaves.

         So why do they not agree/ or more
plainly, among those with the slightest interest in life (asked a question):   WHY IN HELL, should anyone believe “a nobody
like me”?  Well let’s see:   the university diploma has a vested interest
in every fantasy they can create.  Their
jobs depend upon it/ and they are not paid for results, they are paid for the
search.  Besides fantasies are fun, and
ain’t that better than reality?  Nonetheless,
the university scholars’  entire reality
of economic and social existence:  is
dependent upon demanding “we can do this”. 
The consequence is:  everything
they cannot prove by law, which is most: 
is given a theory in fantasy to keep the public informed “we are
great”.  Such as fusion for instance
(nothing to worry about, even though it’s the same fire as on the sun)/ or the
sun is on fire at its core:  even though
that means all the fuel is on fire, and obviously then, cannot sustain itself long.  But that does not matter, because the herd
likes a fantasy better than the truth. 
“you can make a fantasy ANYTHING you want”.  See, how want arises again?

         Why would courts not be influenced by
people GAMBLING WITH ALL LIFE ON EARTH/ even their own?  How could that possibly be/ YOU must be
wrong. THEY MUST be right!  Yet NOT a
single piece of evidence/ NOT one element of reality is accepted/ NOT one law
granted by the constitution is followed (the constitution is evicted from the
court)/ NOT ONE base element of knowledge is allowed to be tested, neither for
or against.  The unproven theory, based
in absolute fantasy as presented without the slightest proof:  RULES. So,   The courtroom merely enforces “the university
is god/ and they intend to remain so”. Regardless of the cost to life!  Besides, you can’t commit traitorous acts,
and overtake a nation:  unless you
present a united front in your attack. 
As is the removal of democracy, by university,  to declare themselves “king”..

Which brings us to leaders:  they
want to say,  whatever you want/ so you
will elect them and they can then say “look at me”.  You want just like Nazi Germany:  everything you can get.  Is that not so?  “tired of waiting/ I want mine NOW”.  Let the others die, including every
child;  because that is the price of
failure.  But alas, when an entire planet
dies:  it takes you too/ even though you
firmly believe “I have a gun”.  Sure,
that will extinguish a ten million degree fire, “no problem at all”. After
all:    “what’s reality, when you too can
play god in fantasies, while whoring after counterfeit money”.  The children be damned!

         Ain’t that so?


         Discipline then says:   like every herd, “you just want what you
want/ and you follow and fight only for what you want/ and you don’t want
nothing you don’t want.  Lead us to what
we want, “and we will call you great”; 
just like a university.  Even
though they had little to do with so many things. University claims “we did
it”/ even if their only contribution was “a lie”.  Media transforms those lies, “so you never

         IN CONTRAST to that, is reality:   want is an enemy, and it leads only with
lies!  None can truly lead, because only
truth can determine what a future will be. 
Therefore truth, by its recognition of reality, and determination to let
knowledge accomplish understanding:  is a
leader.  The difference between the liars
using a university diploma to claim superiority;  and the truth itself is:   nobody gets to explain law with fantasy and
delusion.  Nobody gets to protect their
job or interests or purposes:  with a
theory.  Nobody gets to pretend get
things, and bankrupt a nation.  Nobody
gets to threaten a world, or nature, or life: 
WITH USELESS DAMNED STUPIDITY AND FAILURE.  Nobody gets to commit treason against a nation,
betraying the whole; and even stealing their entire securities.  Nobody gets to assassinate every child with
complete and utter “YOU DIDN’T CARE”. 
NOR make our world of life extinct with their failures, delusions,
disease, and insanity.

         Truth rules, nothing else.  Truth is determined by those who can think
for themselves.  A trait that is NOT
accepted in any university environment: 
therein its “mimic and repeat, exactly what you are told”.  Don’t question the teacher, DON’T question
nothing:  you, are worthless, as are
every value to life.

         The true contribution of university
is:   KILL THIS WORLD/ as is consistent
with the fact, only the tiniest “have to do it” realities of choice are made
for life.  Instead everything the
university does is built for fantasy first: 
“it’s a game/ and we win”.  By
destroying life on earth.

         HEY, BUT THEN “I, AM nobody”.  Because I simply follow the evidence to
assemble what the future will be.  That
evidence is absolutely plain, and clearly simple to understand.  Such things as the population rise of
humanity will be another billion people to feed, in less than ten years.  With a billion people already hungry:  YOU TELL ME the result!

         Think for yourself/ because your
“jester’s and fools” are only to entertain, and bear no resemblance to

         The delusion “the university is our
friend”/ could not be more wrong. It is what it is, and like all the rest of
  they are what they want,
rather than what truth would make of them.

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