life and death

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LIFE and
death, are the developments of a communication with energy. The integration or
lack of that, with a decision that is consistent with order. Thought then
constructs the lattice work beyond simple existence, to conceive of elements
without time.


        Distance measures time, not life. Therefore
the essence of life itself elevates reality, as the space between our souls. A soul
is not consistent with any other life form on earth, other than humanity.  However, every life form has the ability to
communicate within the essence of every life, as is the energy which gives us
density. Density binds distance into participation. Participation creates the
recognition called self/ while self, forms the barriers which makes reality
called the individual.  Passion forms the
bridge/ but only love can cross it, to become one out of two, or more.

        This is as close as I will come, to
explaining more than you deserve to hear. 
Insanity (the university is god/ they can do anything they want) is not
an element of knowledge/ therefore the masses attain only chaos.  Sinking into the mire, called extinction;  grants one last effort to gain your
attention.  Demanding threats none can
deny exist, and all of which can lead to extermination of life from this
planet/ EVEN death of the planet and solar system itself.  REQUIRE YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND ACCEPTANCE:   we must stop this/ or die.  YOUR Continued failure means literally, “there
is just no purpose in this, my work”. You cannot hear/ you cannot think for
yourself/ you cannot accept duty or discipline, or even “life needs you now”.  Establishing: 
This earth shall be lost/ because you truly did not care.  After forty + years of work; still no true or
significant sign of help.

        So we ask one last question, before
letting this work itself die:  WHY do YOU, not care?  Even though the children die too, the end is
literally all but here. And you don’t care enough “to spend a penny, or speak a
single word for life”.  I can’t fix that!

        The answer is:   you believe, in fantasies! You let liars/
thieves/ and traitors decide;  because
they control the words, thereby your lives. You only want, rather than live.

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