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The reality is:  LIKE IT OR
NOT, the extreme failure of leadership at all levels/ REQUIRES
intervention.  Whether accepted or not,
fails the test!  Every life, every child
forever, is being decided in these days. Nobody gets an excuse.


It is
certain and true, that this world has a limited amount of resources that are
necessary, to sustain both humanity and all of life.  Nearly every old adult will say:  “I had to fight for every resource I got/ the
young must do the same, I won’t care”. The difference however is:  the old confiscated and destroyed nearly all
abundant resource/ leaving nothing for the future, because it is in their
garbage.  The young will then die, along
with all other life:  because that, is
what the elders chose.


         So the question is:  HOW, can we possibly sustain 8 billion
people, and growing;  leaving at least,  even the bare minimum for other life to

         The first and primary reality for any
future to exist:  is removing all extreme
experimentation.  We cannot survive sun
fire on earth/ take a look at the sun “91 million miles away in summer”, and it
can still bake you!  The second
reality:  once the ice is gone, the earth
CANNOT cool itself in summer;  and the
temperature will rise by not less than ten degrees average, throughout the
year. That will increase, and life will be devastated.  Which means the air conditioning, which is
responsible for 70% of the problem MUST STOP. 
The third reality:  NATURE brought
us here, because its genetic makeup for nearly every life is perfect.  Proven by what we know is not less than
thousands of years.  Changing genetics,
is destroying nature;  leaving every body
of life without the possibility to remain the same as it is today.  Chaos in genetics WILL BE HORRIFIC/ and
without mercy;  coming soon, because you
didn’t care about anything.  Letting fools,
liars, thieves, traitors, terrorists, and what can only be called “satan
himself (arrogance so blatant & extreme, the university diplomas, actually
believe they can be god)” lead the way here, to the literal edge of our
extinction, even the destruction of this entire solar system by the intent “to
create a star” out of this planet!  Atomic
fire cannot be controlled, it is that simple and certain.

         Regardless what life must do, is identify, and investigate
what it means TO BE WRONG,
in the thousand categories that infect us
with extermination/ and then do whatever is necessary to sustain life, because
HUMANITY IS “the problem”.  And we must
fix ourselves!

         Aside from every horrendous reality
created by university/ the foundation of what can we as the humanity now in
existence DO, to sustain ourselves.  Is clearly
a reality we must address today, or if you stop the devils:  you 
still cannot survive.  Every law,
every reality, every resource, every intelligent consideration of our position
as life on earth:  identifies, this won’t
go much farther, without erupting into hell! Still can’t believe that?  One billion more people in less than a decade
WILL PROVE you wrong.  Water supplies
ending or destroyed by pollution, WILL prove you wrong.  Oxygen content of air, reduced by even a
little (do they not tell you being on top of a mountain, is hard), WILL remind
you:  soon dead!  Food supplies destroyed by genetic
contamination/ the lack of fertilizers/ the ocean “dead of life”/ and a reality
of NO possible method by which the super-diseases already created; will not
destroy the factory farm.  Leaving no
possibility to recover;  which means you
eat the last ones, and then cannibalize yourselves.  Because that, is all there is!


we come to the extremely critical stage in life on earth:  that your 
decision to play god/ or let others play god with life.  IS GOING TO DESTROY YOU, and every life that
would have come in time;  because you did
or didn’t do, what you chose, or let others choose for you.  NONE more so, than a university diploma,
which has also succeeded in bankrupting this world, by pretending “debts don’t
matter”.  By pretending  and enforcing through schools run by the
university:  that evolution, which has
absolutely no possibility to be real:  is
your god.  Shame on you, a damn fool!

         Nonetheless, we must encounter and
debate WHAT can keep us alive/ IF YOU STOP THE HORRIFICALLY INSANE;  as would be called satan, for simple
purposes!  The university has proven to
be “no friend”, in nearly all categories: 
believe it or not.  So stop the
death march/ and if you do, then we can identify what could possibly be left,
that we can do:  OR, just go ahead and
die.  It’s your choice/ you have been


         To divide and separate the resources
and the work/ remembering IF YOU DON’T RESPECT EACH OTHER, then only war is
left for us all!  So like EVERYTHING
ELSE, this too can easily become, a horrendous reality.  You don’t like to share/ selfish to the core!  But, you have played god with this world/ and
payment is due. That means:  every
decision made, that was fundamentally destructive, MUST BE turned around, into
what is self-sustaining for this world and all its life.

         That means:  factories that produce what will only go to
destruction without sufficient benefit to life/ will be stopped. Every possible
recycling effort will be made.  Forests will
be replanted. The ocean will be cleaned up and protected.  Factory farms will be removed.  The toxic waste that is excessive herbicide
and other chemicals in agriculture will be stopped:  the family farm (human labor will weed) will
be returned. The military will be reduced within ten years, to ten percent of
what it is around this world today;  with
no weapons of mass destruction, and limited opportunity to kill/ by world law enforced.
Insects which are a primary food groups for 
a wide range of species, will be protected. The fish, etc will be
protected.  The ocean will be fed, with
dead human bodies ground up or whatever it takes to feed the fish, SO WE “the
living” can survive.  Population control
shall be enforced/ along with critical construction in law about what can or
cannot be given, as excessive medical treatment.  Every liar/ thief/ cheat/ traitor/ terrorist/
fool/ tragedy/ failure/ idiot/ and damned devil (you want us dead):  WILL be removed from any or every powerful
position.  The law will return to the
people, and they decide.  Truth will
achieve its rightful place in deciding the future by accepting reality
means:  “the future has rights”. Policing
will be given non-lethal means of protecting itself, in all but the most
threatening situations/  therefrom, the
public shall also be required to own non-lethal ammunition:  OR BE IMMEDIATELY PUT IN JAIL.  Robotics shall be limited.  Local business shall be enforced, in a clear
effort to remove excessive transportation. No more ethanol gasoline production,
unless it comes from surface water the ethanol plant collected & gathered
for itself/ by creating retention ponds. 
Limited irrigation, as a clear means to protect our drinking water
supplies.  Filling the mines under the
great lakes, you will turn it into a garbage dump/ because we MUST fill it with
something:  so it does not destroy
millions of lives, if not billions.  You will
remove, or limit;  the gas from under the
super-volcano that is Yellowstone/ so that it does not erupt catastrophically. You
will change education to enforce everything the child needs to know.  Removing the damned, the diseased, and the
dead from its ranks.  You will teach the
law, democracy, life and marriage, consequences for being wrong, how to survive
and do well, and let freedom decide who will become “educated for special types
of work”.  Not better/ just different. There
will be a job for everyone, because you WILL share the work. Even though that
means you will not personally get, or have an opportunity to get;  every damn thing you can dream of. Children have
needs too! You will fix your relationships, with more free time to understand
and appreciate each other.  You will let
the reporters control the news, owning the “air waves, etc” by selecting for
yourselves:  WHO did help you/ and you
did not!  The internet gives us all the
opportunity to vote.  That vote, for
yourself/ INSTEAD of voting for someone to vote for you:  IS ELEMENTAL to our survival.  If not combined into one basic religion, in
an effort to bring peace to this world. 
Then all religion must be identified by its base elements;  so as to prove “not so different after all”.  Throughout history, the few choose hate from
the very beginning:  they will be
collected and removed to an area controlled, to live therein with each
other.  YOU want hate, so then you will
have it! The military, armed with robotics: 
shall enforce their detention.  No
more suburbia:  the expansion of man is
over, unless you move into the desert or another area, which cannot support the
production of food sources. Reclaiming the desert is necessary, you will begin
the process by using sewer sludge in an effort to grow something, that can
later be turned into something better.  Vehicles
shall reflect, the need to conserve everything. Electrical generation will be
local, thereby as in the past allowing & providing waste energy as in the
form of hot water:   will be used
productively. New methods will be sought, and supported when the prove to be
more efficient and less destructive. Healthcare SHALL STOP its extortion, and
be defined by the percentage of income/ according to the work;  as is consistent with fair play.  YOU DON’T get whatever you want/ you get what
is consistent and fair, as is determined by reality and its truth.  No more criminal conduct, or to prison you
will go.  The majority of criminals, are
in prison:   because society did not want
them to succeed.  Consequently you will
now change that system to insure they do 
succeed.  Removing the failure of
a parole board:  to replace it with “the
prisoners themselves” shall decide who gets out early, or who deserves a second
trial.  Because they know better than
you.  If they fail society/ and their
choice returns to prison, their own time extends.  However if they choose correctly, and that
prisoner does not return:  their time
decreases. Etcetera, etcetera.

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