liars, versus reality

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   the sum
total of “damn near” everything a university diploma “has shared” with us.
 Do you honestly think a world full of weapons
of mass destruction (remove it with law)/ extreme experimentation (stop it or
this world dies)/ resource devastation (care or be cannibals, horrified by
every moment)/ and world bankruptcy, is anything less?
 It ain’t, because toys, trinkets, and
trophies don’t keep anyone alive.

         I have dealt with the first three major
categories/ so its time to assemble the “smaller things”.  Such as bankruptcy;  a debt created by special interests, and
their fools.  The disaster and disease
that is a university diploma:  chose to
believe, they should have everything they wanted, and reality did not
matter.  So they invaded all forms of
government, and then waged war on every citizen with a deliberate assault on
the money supply.  Demanding “debts don’t
matter” as a way to outlive the sewer of a blind and dead heart. They failed
life, by proving selfishness is a whore (someone who only lives for money).

         In America, as has been established
before:  our money was spent, because
weapons of mass destruction confiscated the entire wealth of the nation
itself.  Which includes the building of
missiles, which landing on the moon, simply covered up.  The end result was a trillion dollar debt or
so by the Carter administration:  which
nobody wanted to pay.  He tried, but
every fool (let the nation die) proved to be against him:  demanding borrow more, inflation will make
you rich!

         Then came Reagan:  “we ain’t going to pay no damn debt”.  Which did not work out until he did two
things.  First and worst is:   he gave control over the money supply to the
“devil himself” by letting all association with reality, be removed.  Then he invaded the vaults at Fort Knox,
selling the gold:  he  emptied them, spending the money on whatever
he wanted. Did you see ANYTHING spent for the people:  no, not one damn thing/ because a military
you don’t need, simply increases the military of others which then threaten you
back.  Leaving the nation itself, with
nothing but his pride, and their stupidity. 
Even so, these few could not have done this much damage without an
army:  so every educational diploma
gathered together to overtake government. By being elected, THEY  THEN VOTED TO GIVE THEMSELVES  extreme amounts of pension, and everything
else they could. THE ARMY then extended to nearly all diplomas;  opening the door to college, by claiming “debts
don’t matter”. Because media, as always “proved they report NOTHING THAT
MATTERS”.  So the nation died a little
every year past Reagan, by traitors expanding that philosophy to
everything.  Tyrant’s in a corrupt and
treasonous court:  Selling “the press (we
will protect you with information, for life)”:   to fools, failures, liars, and thieves.

         And all the people said:  hurrah, we don’t have to pay! Absolutely refusing
to hear:  not only is the debt remaining
unpaid/ NOW, everything of value owned by the nation is being corrupted, spent,
or destroyed to entertain a few bastards, whores, liars, thieves, and traitors.
So now, with nothing but debt left, owing your “everything” to the numbers you
have worshiped to get those trophies:  we
face catastrophe, even the potential  of
a nation lost.   Civil war looms; and
there are enemies all around.  But hey, “you
got to play”/ and as was decided by every politician needed:  the near unanimous vote was “LET THE CHILDREN
PAY OUR DEBTS/ fuck them, we want what we want, and to hell with the rest”.   Prove it isn’t so!

         Regardless, NOW we must search for
rebuilding a reality we can survive; 
because the collapse of money means: 
HATE WILL erupt, and murder will follow.

         $210 trillion dollars or so in
currency:  divided by the citizen
workforce (which is required to pay with their lives, and our resources;  for every dollar spent).  Means one hundred million people:  divided into 210,000,000,000,000.00.  Divided equally gives each worker
$210,000,000.00 in currency:  or
expectations.  To pay for that, and to
hide reality:   various treaties and
trade agreements have been formed throughout the world.  Giving away American jobs, “which is what
they wanted”/ to the world.  To pay for
resources they could buy in no other way. Then giving away American property,
to hide more debt from the public.  Then controlling
production (attack oil and gas reserves) and costs of material (use tax money
to remove capitalism), along with tax incentives (buy now, nearly for free),
adding 9 trillion dollars in inflation to the american economy every year of
the Obama presidency;  and all the rest.
Stealing even more from the future/ so as not to deal with the reality of our
day.  Let the children die.

every worker says:  I CAN’T face a
depression/ I can’t HIDE;  HIDE;  HIDE!

         Well reality won’t wait anymore!  So you will face your truth, and the
consequences will be what you are willing to accept as fair!  OR, you will sit back these last few seconds/
to let “satan” decide the ending for you. 
Satan being;  an arrogance so
blind, it truly believes “we are gods” over you. Democracy is dead, and it will
be buried!

         As established:  the first thing is to remove all currency  and debt creation, from the politician.  By constitutional change:  the currency supply SHALL be defined as “40,000.00
(you decide) per American worker”.   By census, that amount will then be generated
in new currency/ thereby discarding the old: within two years.  NO NEW DEBT shall be allowed, unless the
nation itself votes to make it so, by 75% majority rule.  No new debt shall be allowed to the military,
except if needed;  because of a directed
attack on this  US ground.  No new debt shall be allowed for social
security or any program like it:  ten
percent of the tax collected,  or
whatever the public votes to decide/ shall govern what can be paid.  No new debt for college/ the teacher shall
receive according to new rules, which give a percentage of student pay:  IF, they get a job they trained for. No new
debt for medical:  a percentage of
income, dependent upon what was done, decides.  That money in its entirety comes to a clearing
house, and every doctor is paid from there. 
Dependent upon the operations, etc; that they did do in that time
frame.  Which serves to make both poor
and wealthy equal, in medicine. Those who try or accept other;  shall face prison.  There are no “special debts, or excuses”: you
will make decisions accordingly.

With the numbers under control. That leaves reducing the piles of
garbage, to a realistic resolution of what can or cannot be allowed.  We need three things to establish a new
economy, based upon truth.   We will need
to pay foreign debt with a realistic, can’t be counterfeited tool.  Gold worked for thousands of years, so it
will work again.  The counterfeiters in
US government, which allowed and sold counterfeit money by gold plating, to
destroy the market:  will pay with their
fortunes made, and enter prison as all counterfeiters must.  Regardless of that:  every piece of property sold during this two year
period, will be determined by using gold and silver to determine the
price.  That gold and silver, will then
be turned over to the national vault, wherein ALL thieves shall be kept
out.  These resources will then be turned
into payments to foreign entities as time goes on, and we identify:  what is fair! 
Which begins with:  did you take
our jobs, and return enough.  Any foreign
nation that feels slighted:  can have the
representatives “presidents or not” that failed to be fair with us and them.  For whatever they choose.  No gold or silver will be owned by the public
after the two years goes by. YOU WILL use it now, or be subject to
confiscation, and jail.

         The second rule is:  every debt has a fantasy, but it is tied to
the distinction of a reality;  as the
purpose has been to enslave.  So the
reality is, that you do, or you don’t own a percentage of the property, etc;  that you are indebted for.  If its property/ then you own “lets say ten
percent” of the asset.  That leaves 90%
of the property in the hands of a lender. 
In reconstruction of an economy: 
we reduce every debt to the position held by trust/ that will become the
distribution of new currency, that is established by:  in this example $40,000.00 per worker (your
leaders say its average pay)/ by census. 
Only worker “life spent” and resources;  are in fact “the money”.  So the property finds its value, by
selling:  if the lender and debtor cannot
agree.  The lender gets 90%/ the debtor
gets ten percent of the sale price, without any expenses added in.  but the total of all property, and every
asset used in the sale or ownership of that property WILL NOT exceed the
currency established by constitutional decree. 
We will return to reality:  which
is, I work/ you pay fairly, in an amount that is consistent with justice for

         That brings us to the money
itself:  in which case there are no
billionaires, no any means to become one. 
To achieve control as a society over FAIR AND EQUAL, a deliberate chance
for everyone to contribute and succeed:  
there must be “limited capitalism”. 
The voters right, to select for themselves, what is the maximum income
anyone can make per year/ and what is the minimum income anyone can make per
year. By establishing,  a job, at that
salary:   is a right society will provide.   Limited
capitalism also reserves the right to determine:  how much property,  anyone can control. A reality to be divided by
nation/ state/ and local participation, so as to retain the most reasonable
control.  But bear in mind, the very
first thing a rich man will try to do is control who gets to decide.  So make certain:  “enough numbers  of people, are involved in a deliberate area,
to include sufficient poor”.

         The final fix requires: 

         That resources be protected for the
future too!  So we are going to vote
based upon how long the resources can realistically last.  If the resource can last one hundred years/
then it will be voted upon this way.  Divided
into four categories:  birth to twenty
five years old, gets four votes per individual life. The percentage of
available voters in this age group who did vote is taken.  That same percentage is then declared to all
who could not vote.  Voting age starts at
18 years old.  Twenty six years old to
fifty years old, gets two votes per individual voter.  Fifty one years old, to seventy five years
old, gets one vote.  Seventy six years
old and beyond gets no vote:  your time,
to decide the future has past.  The failure
to respect your children and grandchildren need resources too, will be their
death.  Those resources which are
considered less than 100 years in duration: 
will be evaluated according to need, and      stretched by recycling, reuse, etc;  as best they can.  What can easily go beyond one hundred years shall
be decided “more leniently”. If it fails to do so:  every penny earned by the elders who said it
would be so/ SHALL be confiscated, and they will be turned out, into the street
with nothing.

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