this entire work is

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This entire work, is very simple:   we cannot survive “atoms on fire; just like the sun, here on earth”. 
All the theories, claims, and fantasies proposed by “the universities”
are unfounded, and without substance.  Because
they can and have been proven wrong/
and if not that for you, then they
have been proven to be worth investigating: 
to determine exactly
what WILL happen, when truth can no longer be denied!  The machines built and running CAN ignite
atoms, as is their intent.  Once an atom
is burning (not exploding, ON FIRE)
that atom is engulfed in chaos.  That
chaos cannot be stopped/ because unlike fire here on earth:  since everything is built of atoms, and you
cannot “take them away”. 
There is nothing you can
do, to extinguish the flame;  “just like
the sun”/ which will then    engulf the
planet.  Our earth will then become
another sun.
 That is not a game,
and it is not a guess either:  the
ignition of atoms on fire, is the end of our world.  Atoms on
The national
ignition facility claims 180 million degrees at a half trillion psi/ other
machines melt plasma at millions of degrees as well. THEY WILL ignite atoms on
fire, if humanity does not stop them.  Every
second of any day, can literally be the last second of life on earth;  because once ignited “we are, literally all
dead”.  Therefore every life is at risk,
every single day.

states:  you, should not have to be
educated about this/ it is obvious and simple, once you know the machines exist!
Fusion is for fools,
the sun does not combine hydrogen to create helium; to create heat. Where is
the helium?  No second guesses/ no mercy, once ignited
earth becomes a sun!  Your “gods” at the
university, have killed you all, along with the future of every life that would
have been.
 And the best you did do
for life was:  “to judge me, as unworthy”,
or more correctly “You, just didn’t care enough”. So, even though I only present the evidence, we will be EXTERMINATED. You have
a duty!  You refuse.

other threat, although massive and horrendous: 
 Where you going to spend your money:  in a dead world?  Earth dies only once, and these experiments
are,  “a bullet to the heart of every
life here”. A horrendous example of FOOL; 
even, by the size of the disaster which is
extinction of our world:
is SATAN on earth.  And you do nothing: Cowards,
one and all. Even though I ain’t “perfect”; 
at least, I do.

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