THE GREATEST FRAUD, ever conceived in history

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THE GREATEST FRAUD of our world, our entire history of man on earth IS:  THE ATOMIC FIRE on the sun, which does mean “the
burning of atoms”;  can be called
  Which the universities say:  is nothing more than combining two hydrogen atoms
into a helium atom.
  Or more simply
  the universities say, “burning hydrogen
atoms, which is chaos by any description of order:
   not only builds a helium atom/ but heats our
world, with the leftovers.
  To burn atoms
  to destroy the bond, that holds
an atom together. It is that simple.


REALITY SAYS; once atoms are on fire, then everything built of atoms, becomes fuel for the fire. Is that not how forest fires arise: whatever can be burnt, will be burnt? Because the fire “reaches out”/ nothing is closer to another atom on fire, than an atom not on fire. Even so, if the atom burns with ten million degrees of heat on the sun/ HOW could that not be enough reach, to ignite another atom, and another, and so on!


THE UNIVERSITIES SAY; burning atoms, “will just extinguish themselves”.


TRUTH SAYS: “not until the fuel source runs out”, which can only occur by making our planet another sun. “how, is that not true”? let them answer the question.


THE UNIVERSITY SAYS: there is not enough gravity on earth to sustain the fire. So the burning atoms, will simply escape by “flying off into space”.  OR, we can control the fire, because it will put itself out.


KNOWLEDGE REFUTES; with a variety of laws that all contradict their theories. And with evidence even a two year old can see. Such as a solar flare (the burning of extra fuel) has been measured at lengths reaching 12 million miles long. If the sun has such intense gravity, as they predict: that visible burning atoms reach twelve million miles beyond the flames. Then it is surely true, no great gravitational pull stops the energy from being released. Is that not how the earth is heated from 91+ million miles away?  Or, it is not the gravity that keeps the sun burning/ but the fuel. 
Making sun and earth “essential or potentially equal”.


KNOWLEDGE STATES: that the sun has “fire tornados”. We call them that because the swirl and look like tornados here: which means we can expect they are similar in physical properties which govern that effect. A tornado here, “SUCKS materials up off the surface, and into the atmosphere”. Which means the physical effect of that tornado on the sun, is then greater than the gravity it encounters from the sun. Since it is made from fire, we know then: that the fire, has greater power than the gravity.


TO UNDERSTAND: the machines of men are built ignite, and then burn atoms. They state “we will create a star”/ which is “burning atoms from a fuel mass”. By measuring the sun, the temperature of the flames is, roughly ten million degrees hot. By bringing that fire here to earth: as is the ignition point of a forest fire. With endless mass to burn, the fire of a burning atom, can only grow: without the slightest chance to stop it.

THE CONSEQUENCE: THESE DECISIONS are not only insane/ they go beyond insanity, to achieve the ultimate sacrifice to arrogance: which is gambling life or death for our world, on a theory (burning atoms will just put themselves out), that has absolutely no chance of being proven true.

       ONCE IGNITION OCCURS, OUR WORLD IS DEAD! Men try to ignite atoms on fire, every single day! It only takes once, and life is over.

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