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beautiful, is beautiful because life exists, or the potential for life to exist
can be found.
  Even so, without the
benefit and foundation called love, there is no beauty even in life. There is
only the potential!
  So then the value of
living, is not truly an existence, but the consequence of our decision in
thought, to express or experience the reality called love.

       Therefore love is the essence of
everything conceptually known as eternal. Because without love, life itself has
only a very little value.  Life has
tremendous value in and of itself, but without love that value is lost, into
the debris called loneliness.  Loneliness
exists: where the distance between happiness (the cause and consequence of
“play with me”) and the disaster of suicide (no one will play with me) becomes

       So let’s examine eternity, “the place
inside our soul”, where love lives In the freedom of our thought. 

       We first examine the physical
relationship that gives eternity its possession:  which is an energy that can be forced apart,
“to include an environment for us”.  Or
more simply, it is energy itself that gains a foothold, beyond time. Time
exists because it is the measurement of decay in mass. Without that decay,
there is no time, because relationships cannot be measured. Without mass, there
is nothing to decay, even though energy can dissipate; it is not the same.  Consequently mass has time/ energy does not.

       Electricity gives us our first clue, with
a relationship called eternal. 
Electricity is the forcing out of electrons from its core relationship
in a balanced state with the mass inside. 
Continual force is applied to create electrons expanded from that state
of balance;  when used as electricity,
that atomic balance is restored as force is consumed by the tool or whatever
electrical usage is allowed. The   force
used, then completes an atomic circuit back, to a balanced state.  What is important in that description is the
fact that an energy state exists, that can be manipulated with force into an
environment (the place between electrons and mass) that functionally exists
without time.  Not eternity/ rather a
first clue.

       SOUL comes next to recognize:  what is force in eternity is   GOD.   
Therefore a relationship with   GOD   , grants the potential to live within that
force with HIM.  The exact descriptions
of what that can be, are exclusive to the reality of thought impossible
to,   conceive as   GOD 
HIMSELF.  It is nonetheless
possible to consider the environment called eternal.  By understanding energy contained, is that
potential environment.

       So we ask of thought, where is the value
of life?  Its answer is always:  in LOVE! 
The consequence of that truth becomes, for those who can accept the
price:   a reality or search, that gives
life beyond time its meaning.  WHAT can
love be? WHY does love exist? WHEN can love be found? WHERE will I participate?
WHO will love me? And HOW, can I explain the value of life and living in time,
a place where want alone determines the future of so many people?

       We begin with the question of:  what can love be?  Thought considers love to be an endless sea,
of developmental decisions that then transform the distance between islands in
that sea; by the bridges we must build within ourselves. The vessel that
translates the question of who and what our identity can be;  constructs those islands.  That vessel is our humanity, but love is the
relationship we build within ourselves that can be shared.  Therefore sharing is translated to be the

       Love is a directional decision:  I choose you, constructs one half of its
reality. But unless the other life constructs its true half, the bridge will
fall. Unless the relationship shared by this bridge is fundamentally fair and
honest with each other/ the tragedy of weight being born by the bridge, will
cause one side or the other to collapse. Ending the potential to rebuild,
because someone stole, instead of gave with respect:   by too much.

       The foundation element of our existence
as love, is WHO can we love?  Who, will
respond to me, as I respond to them? 
This singular (each time) event in the history of our humanity,
determines a great deal, of what life in time or beyond, can be. Who can we-I,
love/ and who can love us-me?  Our very
first lesson in time is:  without life,
there can be no love!  Therefore we must
choose to continue living, as best we can: 
prior, to the value that gives life its purpose and desire.  Or more simply:  time only constructs the reality to
participate in love, and life:  not the
love itself. So the question of who, and when, and where are all relative to
the question of living, and the honesty of time itself.

       Who loves, is not tied to physical
beauty;  nor is it a relationship with
sex.  What is clear about sex is, the
simple physical act is not sufficient to warrant an expression called
love.  Just how it is! Rather than
physical, the essence of love expressed within sex:  is determined by respect, the element of
caring, and the deliberate decision that I will place my trust in you.  Which does make each one who trusts,
vulnerable to theft.  Or, it is possible
“for you” to steal my securities:  the
value in my heart, the treasuries of my life: 
that I placed there, between us, “for you to share”.  Never give everything, unless it is to   GOD  !

       Life gives us reasons to explain our
existence in time/ by constructing the value of living, with the value of
friendship, and the meanings presented by male and female passions. They don’t
always fit together, because time measures life, and existence requires a
decision. Love requires no conception of decay/ therefore it survives, even
when our humanity does not. Life however does examine and determine to be:  an incessant relationship governed by the
consequences of need/ but shaped by the realities of want in a human mind.
Therefore life controls time, rather than love. Therefrom the question of when,
can love exist;  is determined primarily,
by realities of human decision, governing time.

       Where can love be found?  The answer is:  wherever someone to participate in sharing
your life honestly,  can be experienced,
expressed, or valued.   So the question
of time is:  WHY do people not
participate honestly with each other? Instead of love, want rules our reality, by its influence on so many people. Therefore
the question of love in human time, is directly tied to the questions of want,
as people decide to deceive each other to gain an advantage and take whatever
it is they want.

What do “we the people” want/ that is considered to be “greater than love”? this question ties itself to need, but it is more greatly influenced by the elements: “I can have more/ I can be more/ & I am superior”. In time, as defined by male supervision (it’s a man’s world) of our world; the value of being the person, “all the others depend upon”, is considered an expression, such as “great, like a god”. We all benefit/ or we are all cursed: either way, “the herd (together we are something) joins within itself”. While love, is considered to be singular true experience, and of no consequence to society: not shared, by the rest. So then the basic element of want is: to be “great (to be trusted or feared)/ as the leader of this herd”. While the basic expression of love is: “to be valued by this one, without regard for the rest; in those moments of personal value within each other”. Nothing is more personal than sex. Nothing is more valuable than to experience the life in, and formed by love. This is the essence of a shared individual human being, “just one, known by two”, as is only created by trust in each other. By: Separating ourselves from the rest. Do you see the difference? Love and want are opposites, to a far greater degree than alike. Even though they are not mutually exclusive, in rare occurrences. So the value of love is an individual identity shared by two, that forms only one distinct reality of existence. While the value of want is recognized only by the existence of a herd, and who will follow and declare “you, are more important than us”. The constant tragedy of man is: those who want to lead, when finding they cannot do what; the crowd wants/ fail to surrender that leadership, many choose instead to create fear, so they may retain power, pride, and greed. Others hide in the constant game of “who can create a trap to distract them”!

We return to love, as the discipline of how to explain the
value of love in life?  Need is a balance
determined primarily by justice in society: 
where there is justice, want is limited. 
Because no one needs a leader to “take away this fear”, so I can be
happy.  Love is a courage, you cannot
attain it unless you are willing to risk “the securities” you have achieved or
inherited from your parents. The question begins with WHY must I risk what I
value, to reconstruct my life with someone else? WHAT possible advantage is
that? We begin with securities, and assign them as:  “I am at peace/ I am happy/ I am valued as a
person/ I have substance, from which I form a living/ I have abilities, to
offer in defense of me, you, and life itself”. 

The road to be traveled is then:  are “the crowds” of our humanity worth more,
than the path that is to love one single human being, and then grow that love “into

The crowd wants all the securities you can provide:  want means, “they lack peace, happiness, don’t
feel valued, are fighting to survive, and need a defender to make their lives

An individual love means:  
every individual security shared, makes it vulnerable to someone you
accept in the preliminaries of love;  who
can then steal it, by not returning that value to you.  What is given, is not yours anymore/ “it’s
theirs”. Which means if they don’t return it: 
you lose it, and must then fight, with life itself;  to regain what was lost.  Steal is actually not an appropriate
word:  because this was your gift to the
other.  True gifts are not stolen/ even
if, there should have been a return gift received.  You made your choice, as did they.  That is then a decision you both must live
with. Reality states, “what has value IS, hard to return”:  because it does make a difference to every
individual life!

We now ask:   is the
crowd described by want, better?  Or is
the realities of an intensity described  and created only through love, the expansion
of our ability to reach beyond time into eternity?

Want lives in “right now”/ and it exists at no other time in
real terms.  Sure, they may write your
name in a book/ but honestly “who cares”; 
that has no value to life itself, or extremely little.

Love however realizes everything that life can be, and gives
back an intensity that will not be evicted without hate. Hate forms the basis
of a barrier that grows with the loneliness it creates. Therefore hate is
isolating, because that is what you chose. Hate isolates others, because that
is what hate wants for you to be: “lonely or desperate, like me”. 

Love recognizes “ IT IS LIFE, THAT BRINGS HAPPINESS”.  Because life, even another life, has broken
down the barrier that exists between me and the love I desire to attain.  Thereby making it possible for beautiful to
enter my life as well!  Beautiful is an
occurrence that identifies, how truly gracious 
GOD  has created the potential of our
lives with order and law, to be.  So love
identifies   GOD,  and GOD 
identifies the potential of eternity, by giving us pause to appreciate
all that life is, or can be.  Even making
the reality of eternity beyond our own imagination.  We thereby see, the primary difference in want
versus love is:   want is momentary, and
sustains nothing for a future; “even destroying some with hate”.  While  love
is elemental, to the creation of an eternity shared in happiness;  by  a design
illuminated within love itself. The addition  of thought and energy complete the
assertion:  “life, is more than time”.

We again ask the question: 
if life is more than time/ do we want it?  The answer to that question is, “not without
love”!  Because life without love, is
loneliness multiplied beyond imagination as well. So then the question of being
ALIVE,  as is the substance needed to
attain eternity;  relies entirely upon
what is love within you!  Thought enters
here, as your participation in the creation of a world, that reveals the
identity you did choose.  Environmental energy
(as is the substance of a chemical body on earth), is an ability to survive
beyond time, only   GOD  can give you. 
Because the body is spiritual, rather than time.

We then ask:  what is
spiritual, and how could I possibly enjoy life, “without a body” to use,
express, and experience:  as mine?

There are clearly three separate environments of energy, that
we can understand;  here on earth.  The environment of self/ the environment of “home,
as in earth”/ the environment of an entire universe:  as in  
“GOD”  (or, more than we will ever
understand).  Each is fundamental unto
itself. What makes us an individual, is thought.  Thought constructs the recognition of life,
as well as all its relationships and realities, other than body.  Even so, without body, we are life and that
life can be recognized by thought.  IF
the body does not steal it, when it dies! 
Therefrom love “comes to the rescue”/ because if we share the existence
of life that does survive, then we can live within that shared existence until
or unless we lose that love by a reality that fails.  Every lie (your decision in want) fails/ only
truth survives beyond time! There is no barrier between truth and life,
anymore. That is both the blessing, an some will consider it a curse:  that is beyond a body.  Or more simply:  truth remains as the “body of our decisions,
that created an identity”.  Therefore an
identity does exist as your truth, plainly expressing your decisions.

The question is:  does
an identity constitute “a body of existence”? 
Or, is it an illusion, that simply suggests:  “a ghost (an environmental existence abandoned,
but simply disappearing over time)”?

What is true, is true; 
therefore an existence/ even if it is “simply a law, or a reality
defined”. Therefore truth is “a body of evidence”, that does identify by law,
what can or cannot be done within this reality.

An illusion or ghost: 
identifies what has been done by a reality no longer able to identify
itself/ therefore its truth cannot be sustained;  because it has no law from which to build.  Energy (the value of a law contributed to
life) has been lost.

We then examine the relationship that is law, to life.  Finding what binds life together with energy,
is a mutual appreciation for truth.  That
binding created from respect, elevates life to an ingredient of the law itself.
Law is, the ability to survive by order, through discipline/ when-so-ever
thought achieves balance as a necessity constructed with courage.


What we can understand, is defined by truth. When identified
as your truth, by the evidence you accept as irrefutable.
  Such as the body of life itself, is
absolutely NO ACCIDENT!
  Then that
evidence has been identified as your truth, and it becomes your faith.
  The difference is:   “a completed soul”.

It should be understood:  
that “religious belief” is likened too, 
“shutting your fears in a closet”. 
So that they need not be dealt with. 
In that way, regardless of those fears, you can choose to simply believe
your way out of any concerns you have for life or eternity.  I don’t or won’t have to deal with these
things anymore:  because I believe! That fact
isolates everything not “beautiful” in you: 
TO KEEP THEM as your truth, even in your eternity. Therefore belief in
the illusion of what you cannot understand or fear:  will die as a ghost, leaving you with less
than you could have been. 

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